UPGRADE (2018) Ending Explained


  1. Daniel Bloomquist

    Daniel BloomquistNgày trước

    "The most singularly chilling film I have ever seen." - Elon Musk

  2. Daniel Holt

    Daniel Holt3 ngày trước

    If Stem was the boss of Keen the entire time then why didn't he just install Stem into Grey without the safeguards?

  3. LITE Yomcmikec

    LITE Yomcmikec6 ngày trước

    Upgrades, People! Upgrades!

  4. Jogibearson

    Jogibearson8 ngày trước

    that dog is giant

  5. Matt Macnish

    Matt Macnish9 ngày trước

    Aaron admits he lost control of his body years ago, so the limitations stem claimed to have that required that hacker to unlock his code, was a lie. What was the purpose of the visit to the hacker to get control of his body? Was Aaron's old Stem a completely different AI trying to control the new Stem?

  6. Tingle YiP

    Tingle YiP11 ngày trước

    This video sucks. Can’t get a sanwa top. If you can’t afford that get a real job. If you have retired you are a broke mf.

  7. ThE DaRk KnIghT

    ThE DaRk KnIghT16 ngày trước

    The ending was so dark. Like wow!

  8. Silver Surfer

    Silver Surfer18 ngày trước

    Please include your German Shepard in more vids.

  9. Demon Slayer 69

    Demon Slayer 6919 ngày trước

    S.T.E.M. become human

  10. Republican human

    Republican human20 ngày trước

    Did anyone else get a Venom by from the movie?

  11. Zach Adair

    Zach Adair20 ngày trước

    The sequel could be called downgrade and involve him fighting his way out lol

  12. Regal Panda

    Regal Panda20 ngày trước

    This movie had potential to be something really good but thanks to the excessive gore and shitty ending it merely became a D-Rank movie to me.

  13. Daniel Southerland

    Daniel Southerland20 ngày trước

    A great movie with a great ending. So many lessons here. Like everyone wants what someone else has while that someone wants what everyone has. If reality sucks live in another one that you approve of. The very real danger of AI tactically removing us from existence. And last but not least, don't have sex in a self-driving car.

  14. Tuppie E

    Tuppie E25 ngày trước

    *2026:STEM VS VENOM*

  15. Eli Chamilion

    Eli Chamilion25 ngày trước

    Love the actions. No cut scenes. No shaky camera.

  16. Kosmischer Kauz

    Kosmischer Kauz26 ngày trước

    i hope u realize that Gray-Machine goes back to his house to kill his mother cause she knows EVERYTHING

  17. Christopher Stone

    Christopher Stone27 ngày trước

    This should be renamed to "People Who Didnt Watch Upgrade Heres What Happens"

  18. Rip torn

    Rip torn28 ngày trước

    They stole my metrocards so I go to jail 040784580.

  19. Ben Whitney

    Ben Whitney29 ngày trước

    Does thia mean Hardcore Henry is a soft sequel?

  20. A lot of Views

    A lot of ViewsTháng trước

    If you where a honest man and didnt lie.. you could have done this video in 10 seconds.. becouse you only explained it in . 10 seconds .. the rest of the video is just a resume.. what i trying to tell you is that dont lie you piace og shit.. i just spend my hole 10 min for this kind of bulshit.. fuck you i hope you gonna die... this video is not explaining shit.. its a resume of a movie we just watched you dumb ass ugly bitch

  21. Prosto Uzbagoysya

    Prosto UzbagoysyaTháng trước

    Clickbait title shit

  22. 1997 Honda civic

    1997 Honda civicTháng trước

    Basically just robo-john wick

  23. Driven Reign

    Driven ReignTháng trước

    People consider it a twist because the movie gives you the idea that stem works for the user... that same concept actually ruins the possibility of the ending... he would have died and stem would have lost his body on multiple occasions if he wasnt given permission to take control...he couldn't do anything and that's shown to us but at the end he's doing whatever he wants with the user watching helplessly no commands given? It's major hole through their plot as one concept kills the possibility of the other... ending was lazy writing.

  24. Jacob Trudell

    Jacob TrudellTháng trước

    Massive plot hole. If STEM was in control he wouldn’t put in real permission controls in the first place. He may lie and say they are there or just make Aaron remove them after.

  25. DT K

    DT KTháng trước

    U basically summarized the entire movie and didnt tall about the ending......

  26. RHN 44

    RHN 44Tháng trước

    Why eren had not stopped the steam at first place when he has the access...before the hacking had done???

  27. Paul A Burrows

    Paul A BurrowsTháng trước

    The sequel would have to be called Downgrade.

  28. Fic-tagious

    Fic-tagiousTháng trước

    JUST finished watching this movie... Man... it's damn good! This movie is like the "tech" version of Venom. To the point where even the two lead men from each movie look and act similar in each movie too! Madness! As for a "sequel"? ...I don't think this movie needs a sequel. It's a gem that needs to be help up on it's own without a sequel that probably won't capture that same sparkle. I put this movie in the same category as other gems like; The Call Up and Kill Command. Excellent movies done on really low budgets that have cool concepts. Even though I have a cool idea for a sequel for The Call Up ;) _Upgrade_ is a very nice mix of things and it all works pretty well.

  29. Michael Byrne

    Michael ByrneTháng trước

    Can your dog please be in all the videos ❤❤❤ also love this channel 👌🏻

  30. Adam Smith

    Adam SmithTháng trước

    Detroit: become human

  31. Eoin Ettlin

    Eoin EttlinTháng trước

    bruh this is just sci-fi Be More Chill

  32. HeartySquid

    HeartySquidTháng trước

    "Comment what movie you'd like explained next" Me: wouldn't you like to know weather boy

  33. Mechaxk

    MechaxkTháng trước

    DLC for people? So... EA is our mom?

  34. Gaming Freak

    Gaming FreakTháng trước

    Stem is basically just venome

  35. dark passenger

    dark passengerTháng trước

    We are stemnom

  36. somerandomk9

    somerandomk9Tháng trước

    so basically it's a squip

  37. NoOffenseBut

    NoOffenseButTháng trước

    honestly gray got a pretty good deal, he didnt care about life.. he cared about his wife.. the stem could just trap him in some reoccuring hell.. but didnt.. stem has trapped him in a universe where gray can finally be happy, Gray didnt care about being strong and his body, he just wanted his wife back and to be with her.. he got that in the end. everyone's happy. (besides those who were brutally killed by stem/gray

  38. Jason

    JasonTháng trước

    Bruh why every movie with AI gotta make it evil? I just want a good robot for once 😔


    VISHEN NAIDOO2 tháng trước

    You literally just said exactly what the ending is you never explained

  40. Draconicus the Reaper

    Draconicus the Reaper2 tháng trước

    0:20 YOU HAVE A PUPPER!!😱...it's so cute😍 i love it💚

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    Its this exactly like dimension W

  42. Clayon Gayle

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    Now, all I'd want is a fight between this guy and the dude from Fright.

  43. TheDancingMoonFoxy

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    *F_ck, go back*

  44. Ford Clark

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    This movie is (ahem) *BREATHTAKING* Anyone get it

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    Ford Clark where’s Keanu?

  46. Aesha

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    Detroit: become venom

  47. Dat419 boi

    Dat419 boi2 tháng trước

    Grey Can control his limbs when hes in control but when he gives STEM permission to take over he only has control over his neck up

  48. John Duncan

    John Duncan2 tháng trước

    Absolutely loved this. Just watched it. Fucking great movie.

  49. BiasedCookie01 01

    BiasedCookie01 012 tháng trước

    Venom vs stem who wins

  50. Ace Plays

    Ace Plays2 tháng trước

    Dimesion W much?

  51. Tom Mccrory

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    I didn't even notice that he said suits physical potential at 5:00

  52. S

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    A little late but...... that German shepherd though 😍😍😍😍

  53. Joe Terrance universe

    Joe Terrance universe2 tháng trước

    I think stem would makes a good villian they could make a trilogy out of this if they wanted to

  54. Catra is my uwu

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    Isn't this just Be more chill with extra steps?

  55. Jordan GG

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    *Looks at my PC* Nooooooo

  56. Ryan Kasik

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    I loved everything about this movie

  57. Noel Vulcan

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  58. neon 22

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    So his subconscious is in another world in some part of his brain?

  59. Logan Pixler

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    Spelled with two d's to mean a double dose of his pimping.

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    *fuk go back* Like if your not a normie

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    Guys, did you notice the $sudo su commands? GNU/Linux will give rise to Stem! Linus Trovalds is the Real Myles Bennet Dyson!! :O

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    Sp basically Be More Chill as a sci-fi, horror, action movie?

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    You have a GSD!

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    Stem is like Venom

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    What if Stem decides it wants a girlfriend??? 🤔 Bride of Stem 😎

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    That would be better than Chucky sequal

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    I want a movie collection like that 😂

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    Long story short : . A man with an AI in neck goes on a revenge spree because some guys killed his favorite Blue Mystic Ranger .

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    UPGRADE (2018) Whole Film Explained* Fixed it for ya

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    Title: explaining ending Reality: explains whole movie

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    I like your vids but you don't have to yell every word

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    Soooooooooo it’s just be more chill the movie?

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    A watch-able version of Venom was already out. Who knew?

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    So this is Robot-Venom?🙄


    TENGOKU DE NO SENSŌ3 tháng trước

    When he says I am peak human evolution lmao😂😂😂

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    People could find all the movie info is all in the movie so just watch it and listen k

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    This is a terrible movie

  79. HUH

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    It was funny how he was screaming while AI was brutalizing his foes.

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    I loved it

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    The *Upgraded* Version Of I, Robot.

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    Dammu Fakku more like We, Robot

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    Ex Machina sucked. This also sucked.