UPGRADE (2018) Ending Explained


  1. Fabio Spasiano

    Fabio Spasiano10 giờ trước

    I wish for a sequel, you just can’t leave a so good film in this status.

  2. Shykese Hart

    Shykese Hart2 ngày trước

    I like stem

  3. Nick Hadlick

    Nick Hadlick2 ngày trước

    Definitely can see STEM needing Grey's help in the sequel to eradicate upgraded human society. Eventually leading to acceptance of humans and AI living independently together like do cats and dogs, opposed to one species being of many different races/upgrades trying to dominate the world

  4. Nuri Bauswell

    Nuri Bauswell3 ngày trước

    This guy just tells the movie .. what ending was explained?

  5. Brometheus The first bro

    Brometheus The first bro4 ngày trước

    You seen someone play finger style guitar?

  6. Commentator541

    Commentator5415 ngày trước

    woooow I have to watch this

  7. Kwaze Mbutabe

    Kwaze Mbutabe6 ngày trước

    The next step in human evolutionary change.

  8. Eh-lien

    Eh-lien10 ngày trước

    Nice shirt!

  9. Joni Contawe

    Joni Contawe13 ngày trước

    Be More Chill? More like “Be More Violent and Emotionally Scarring”

  10. Hina Ansari

    Hina Ansari15 ngày trước

    Reminds me of Deus ex

  11. Lazy LeftHand

    Lazy LeftHand15 ngày trước

    This movie is like an action detective version of ex machina. Great flick.

  12. Sanji Dandelion

    Sanji Dandelion18 ngày trước

    Um...."ending explained" you literally just summarized the movie...trash video my guy sorry.

  13. ???

    ???7 ngày trước

    It's still explained though lmao

  14. Tyler Cotton

    Tyler Cotton24 ngày trước

    That idea at the end for the sequel is great please send in some ideas too Netflix make that happen

  15. Boolyman MC

    Boolyman MC24 ngày trước

    I would upgrade my wee wee

  16. Brendyn Robertson

    Brendyn Robertson28 ngày trước

    Try Elysium.

  17. fuckface unstoppable

    fuckface unstoppable28 ngày trước

    Sure are a shitload of loser "adults" that watch power rangers.....

  18. Yunior Gamboa

    Yunior Gamboa28 ngày trước

    I love this movie Well.made

  19. Casually Shaggy

    Casually Shaggy29 ngày trước

    Awwwwwwwww your doggo is such a floofer!

  20. WystenDraco

    WystenDraco29 ngày trước

    Some of the things STEM does would be quite useful, namely the medical applications, allowing the paralyzed to regain their full mobility foremost among them.

  21. S0RA _

    S0RA _Tháng trước

    Aw damn he got Squipped

  22. elijah freeman

    elijah freemanTháng trước

    first vidoe i watch before i got hooked on foundflix

  23. Dan's Buddha Bodega

    Dan's Buddha BodegaTháng trước

    The paralax scenes hurt my brain.

  24. Yousavedbro Heaven Bound

    Yousavedbro Heaven BoundTháng trước

    *Are you upgraded for heaven* ? you see Jesus Christ was sent to help us with his supernatural abilities to upgrade us to a supernatural level hallelujah! ❤️❤️💯

  25. Grant Ameele

    Grant AmeeleTháng trước

    What happens when the body dies?

  26. Christine Weaver

    Christine WeaverTháng trước

    I liked it and id watch a part 2.special effects and defense tactics were awesome.#2 come on down!

  27. TimyD

    TimyDTháng trước

    I feel like I would enjoy this just as much without the yelling. Why are you yelling at us?

  28. Xander Guldie

    Xander GuldieTháng trước

    This is one of the best movies from the past decade

  29. T4piok4

    T4piok4Tháng trước

    Can't wait for the squeakual: FUCK GO BACK (2020) Ending Explained

  30. Alexander Kim

    Alexander KimTháng trước

    We are Stenom

  31. Stefano Valentini

    Stefano ValentiniTháng trước

    Someone: It's like Venom but with tech ! Me: _Not enough gay to be Venom, but ok_

  32. Duker

    DukerTháng trước

    So on this channel "ending" means "entire movie" and "explained" mean "summarized"? Otherwise I can't see how this video applies to that title.

  33. Mauricio_0fficial

    Mauricio_0fficialTháng trước

    “It’s Easy To Fool People When They Are Already Fooling Themselves”

  34. Tyrion Lannister

    Tyrion LannisterTháng trước

    Our lord and savior Doug Walker brought me here. Great job once again by the way

  35. toxic wolf

    toxic wolfTháng trước

    I have watched the film twice and I love it the first time I had to look up the cast because I thought the guy stem is controlling was Tom Hardy

  36. 2buxaslice

    2buxasliceTháng trước

    This was like a better version of Demon Seed. Loved it.

  37. daversj

    daversjTháng trước

    Why are you talking so loud? Unwatchable video because you are near screaming the whole time. Speak softly and you audience will listen more intently.

  38. Lychee Berry

    Lychee BerryTháng trước

    daversj I don’t really think he’s talking very loud. Perhaps you have your volume up too high, you could turn it down.

  39. IamMee222

    IamMee222Tháng trước

    This movie was awesome. Didn't expect that ending. And by the way the jokes on your videos are hilarious. You should do your own hilariocity reviews, reviews on bad movies.

  40. Gamer13

    Gamer13Tháng trước

    Good ending no need for a sequel.. good guy got his wife back bad guy got his body .. win win

  41. WolvesGaming109

    WolvesGaming109Tháng trước

    The ending was mad scary!

  42. CravingAce945(5)

    CravingAce945(5)Tháng trước

    The first movie I’ve ever seen where the main character actually dies...kinda