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US (2019) Ending Explained


  1. Pablo Trump

    Pablo Trump4 giờ trước

    Why am i watching this alone with people screaming outside sounding like whistling and i can hear someone walking around my house

  2. Tendai Ball

    Tendai Ball16 giờ trước

    I think because she is the double that’s how she tanked the stab wound when red cut shanked her

  3. Maddie Barnes

    Maddie Barnes20 giờ trước

    the reason why Adelaide gets out the car to comfort the daughter and why she tries to stop the boy walking into the fire is because they’re actually her children. Also the reason why red has a croaky voice is because she was strangled by her doppelgänger

  4. brooke haws

    brooke haws21 giờ trước

    Gust asking have you seen the movie War with Jet li and jason statham really good move the ending thow me off maybe out dated but yea awsome movie

  5. D R

    D RNgày trước

    I believe she was lost in the start of the movie for 15 minutes not an hour.

  6. Eddie G

    Eddie GNgày trước

    Video: “Alexa call the police” Me: “Oh crap, Alexa no, Alexa end, Alexa Hangup” Alexa: “Hmmmm I don’t know that one”

  7. Zary Photography

    Zary PhotographyNgày trước

    She was a child when she did it though so it IS her life. The double earned it.

  8. Caleb Huskey

    Caleb HuskeyNgày trước

    Is it just me or was this movie extremely overrated? I mean he did a phenominal job on Get Out, but that was a rather original idea that was executed nearly perfectly. Idk, something about Us just seems very lazy compared to his previous film.

  9. the real zeldamaster of minecraft

    the real zeldamaster of minecraftNgày trước

    Jordan recently said that US is a sequel to Get out and he is making a third movie in his what he calls the bloody trilogy

  10. Joanna Christy

    Joanna ChristyNgày trước

    Anyone find it weird how fake Adelaide comforted the girl when she was mangled in the tree? And visibly upset when the boy walked into the fire?

  11. Getty Touchstone

    Getty TouchstoneNgày trước

    Noooooo I Got 5 On It is too popular now :(( Also its a song about pooling money together for weed, like the least creepy setting ever lmao

  12. PhillyDealy 69420

    PhillyDealy 69420Ngày trước

    The switch was apart of the experiment. How too diminish a natural soul, and acquire one. Red(OG Adelaide) had a complete set of family too. How are the clones constantly being produced beside the birth she's given? And wouldn't the government just terminate all failed experiments? Why would they risk this potential out break. How could they not see a revolution forming under ground. How exactly are clones made and how are they continuing to be made?

  13. Baby Girl

    Baby GirlNgày trước

    12:28 look at zoras shirt

  14. AshStorm

    AshStormNgày trước

    Twist was disappointing 😕

  15. Mark Marra

    Mark MarraNgày trước

    LMAO 9:59 Come on now, we are going to let movie writing sink to that level where holes that big are acceptable smh..

  16. Yung Tee

    Yung Tee2 ngày trước

    She snapped so offbeat that I thought the acting was just bad 🤦🏾‍♂️ now I understand that the freaking double couldn’t hold a beat and couldn’t dance 🙄 that’s why she finally stopped dancing all in all ...... it’s such Genius that I somehow think I owe Mr. Peele an apology 😂😂 that’s also why she was the only one that could talk , I thought that they just threw that in there off faith that we would understand it 💀 this movie gets a 10/10 💯 the messages are so in your face you totally eclipse them Another thing , when Adelaides daughter threw her clone into the woods with the car , she got out and checked on the girl ..... when she walked up to her she could’ve finished her off but instead looked as if she felt bad because she knew that the clone was more of herself than her actual children since she was once part of the “Tethered” ....... fast forward to when her son’s clone was walking backwards into the fire she screamed “NO!!” As if she didn’t want the clone to die 🤔 clear references to her being the actual double that we obviously missed 🤦🏾‍♂️ this movie was too Genius 💯 And the man that was carted off into the ambulance at the beginning was the first victim of the tethered’s slaughters , that’s who was standing on the beach with the bloody hands

  17. MrSterlinJ87

    MrSterlinJ872 ngày trước

    Can u do the movie Seven In Heaven

  18. Kaj Elenius

    Kaj Elenius2 ngày trước

    what about the painting above the fireplace. it was red and her family.

  19. H I

    H I2 ngày trước

    I don’t know if it’s just me but I feel like this movie just doesn’t have an origin and isn’t even at all. I mean it’s creepy sure bat just not scary

  20. Liam R

    Liam R2 ngày trước

    bruh its jason not jordan

  21. 8 Ball856

    8 Ball8562 ngày trước

    The whole movie was in the trailer

  22. CWC

    CWC2 ngày trước

    It’s jacen, not Jordan


    SHYGIRL GAMER2 ngày trước

    How tf is it April and I'm just now seeing this when it was made in march😂

  24. Ethan Le

    Ethan Le2 ngày trước

    Adelaide’s husband: *Literally does nothing* Me: Fa-Tha!! Ya-hu-hu!! Fa-Tha!! Ya-hu-hu!!

  25. cntipede

    cntipede2 ngày trước

    Movie sucked

  26. Renée Bennett

    Renée Bennett2 ngày trước

    the boy's name is Jason not Jordan

  27. Mark Moreiras

    Mark Moreiras2 ngày trước

    Ok my issue is where are the other survivors? Anyone with a gun can easily kill their doppelgänger Not to mention army and police

  28. Darien Darkhouse

    Darien Darkhouse3 ngày trước

    I think The Tethered didn't have an inability to go to the surface, they just didn't think to because they were feral, basic, and lacked the vision to do it. They required someone who could come up with such an idea to lead them.

  29. Zack Roberts

    Zack Roberts3 ngày trước

    Here’s my question So the government made a clone of EVERYONE in the world right? What about children being born every minute almost? Does a new clone suddenly get created and teathered to that newborn? What about the children that the clone gave birth to? Where did their clones come from? Were they suddenly born from the non clone? Were they created?

  30. Alex Summerson

    Alex Summerson3 ngày trước

    Notice the sign on the food truck at the end when she's back on the beach going to get her son down the rabbit hole. It says Tater Twists and not Tater Tots! 😯

  31. Jaleel Byars

    Jaleel Byars3 ngày trước

    You can notice hints to the movie in the beginning when she's watching tv. You see movies off to the side, one of them is C.H.U.D..

  32. A S S H O L E

    A S S H O L E3 ngày trước

    That mask was sick asf.

  33. HarmHasPotato

    HarmHasPotato3 ngày trước

    “ReGaRdInG tHe ReAl MeAnInG oF tHe StOrY”why his voice go up and down?

  34. Aidan Spiderman

    Aidan Spiderman3 ngày trước

    I totally didn't pick up on the fact that they were clones.

  35. Chari Rose

    Chari Rose3 ngày trước

    The rabbits in the beginning to me was a dead giveaway. They looked like science experiments.

  36. Anthony M

    Anthony M3 ngày trước

    I think you explained more than the ending

  37. Tywan Williams

    Tywan Williams3 ngày trước

    I think the reason Jason managed to have direct control over Pluto is because somehow they're both clone hybrids. Think about it, technically Jason's mom is a clone and his dad is human, while Pluto's mom is human and his dad is a clone. The same could be said for the daughter but I believe age might also play a factor. Because Jason's and Pluto's mind aren't as developed as everyone else's, it makes Pluto more susceptible to being controlled.

  38. Tlmoty Lli

    Tlmoty Lli3 ngày trước

    I thought natural light was the way Pluto was controlled

  39. Ari Michelle

    Ari Michelle3 ngày trước

    I knew something was up the moment the white lady's double seemed like she physically couldn't kill Adelaide. My boyfriend also said he thought it was strange that Adelaide said "I just have a hard time...speaking" after he realized that the doubled couldn't talk.

  40. TheRussianChild

    TheRussianChild4 ngày trước

    So all the doubles from underground were victorious?

  41. Shynon Macklin

    Shynon Macklin4 ngày trước

    Also... Since Red was the Real Person thats why she could move so smooth when kicking her ass in the "rabbit hole" at the end. The clone had such a hard time keeping up

  42. Chari Rose

    Chari Rose3 ngày trước

    Yes she was proper with them moves. The fake mom was literally kicking her own ass. Because the real kept them swift dance toes.

  43. Father Periodic

    Father Periodic4 ngày trước

    An interesting detail is all of the reds can’t speak except for the “evil” Addie. You can notice that since the real Addie and clone Addie were switched, “Addie” in the above couldn’t speak. It wasn’t because of the trauma, it was because she has never spoken before and is technically learning. The real Addie, trapped underground, has no one to talk to and spends years without hearing another voice. After speaking for the first time in decades, the Addie in red’s voice is raspy and hoarse. I goddamn love these little details.

  44. K maz

    K maz4 ngày trước

    Yewh no for real they let us live in the sewerget out is no really this thing is pretty absurd not going back to jail willingly nor sure why grandfather is here the half-bloods are really useful perhaps we look at my family bloodline and where the feathered came from and hpw they came to be dove-proboas on ABC bsby gets here way.....

  45. Swing Sisters

    Swing Sisters4 ngày trước

    Slowly dying that I know her name is Adelaide My name is Adelaide.

  46. Star Fly

    Star Fly4 ngày trước

    Whenever I hear the song from "Us.", I just think of memes.

  47. Star Fly

    Star Fly4 ngày trước

    My life is sad.

  48. FriendsAreAss

    FriendsAreAss4 ngày trước

    I think they are all the bad parts of the person (SPOILER) when kitty died (the rich family wife) she smiled when her husband died showing deep down she hated her husband Ps: the cops never came

  49. Sios

    Sios4 ngày trước

    Get Out was definitely better. In my opinion “Us” was a bit of a let down. The twist at the end was cliche and problematic. The movie was unclear about how the clones behave. It has a good message but the story itself has many plot holes. Overall it’s still a good movie just not as good as Get Out.

  50. Taurean Smith-Partee

    Taurean Smith-Partee4 ngày trước


  51. vazak11

    vazak114 ngày trước

    Woah those were a lot of twists!

  52. Michael Stone

    Michael Stone5 ngày trước

    One of the worst movies I have ever seen

  53. Bow Vlogs

    Bow Vlogs5 ngày trước

    Lol it’s Jason not Jordan

  54. Lovely Alyssa

    Lovely Alyssa5 ngày trước

    I wonder if Santa Cruz is going to start playing this movie on the beach, like they do with Lost Boys (since they have summer movie nights)

  55. Verse Jumper

    Verse Jumper5 ngày trước

    Woof, glad I didn’t buy into the hype or spend $ on this.

  56. Spaced Out

    Spaced Out5 ngày trước

    Jordan Peele has created a universe between 'Get out' and 'Us'

  57. Spaced Out

    Spaced Out5 ngày trước

    I loved this movie, I literally watched it 5 times. It's just that good

  58. Never Too Old Gaming

    Never Too Old Gaming5 ngày trước

    Us is what happens when you think you are Gods gift to cinema. Sloppy is a word I would use to describe this movie. Overrated and fucking awful are the ones I use primarily however. Quite the fall from "Get Out", but hey let's continue to to cram how bad life is right now for everyone. Not Peele of course, he is a part of the elite 1% and a multi-millionaire lol, but everyone else's life is pretty awful. Guess he feels the need to remind everyone of that.

  59. 8 Ball856

    8 Ball8562 ngày trước

    Never Too Old Gaming he was like maybe I could put all these hidden messages in the movie, it’ll be a good movie (even tho the whole movie was in the trailer)

  60. Ben Fletcher

    Ben Fletcher5 ngày trước

    Just realised how the clouds looked kind of like rabbits when the lightning struck at the start of the movie

  61. SCP-049 Plague Doctor

    SCP-049 Plague Doctor5 ngày trước

    *I love how FoundFlix make's a ending for his video that matches the Movie he is doing*

  62. Kitty Kat

    Kitty Kat5 ngày trước

    man we can't win with religion can we?

  63. Mr. Bixby

    Mr. Bixby5 ngày trước

    God no singing also the monsters are racist just saying

  64. Batmans Protege

    Batmans Protege6 ngày trước

    It was an alright movie, but I called the ending

  65. Batmans Protege

    Batmans Protege3 ngày trước

    +Massive Douche aw dude u got me 🙄😂👌

  66. Massive Douche

    Massive Douche4 ngày trước

    no you didn't

  67. Jimmy Awad

    Jimmy Awad6 ngày trước

    TBH saw the movie as a comedy as a opposed to a horror 😂

  68. 不注意Careless

    不注意Careless6 ngày trước

    So they cloned the bunny’s ?

  69. Kalli Holmes

    Kalli Holmes6 ngày trước

    Wrong. Lol he’s not wrong about EVERYTHING but the important parts went right over his head

  70. EchoReaper

    EchoReaper6 ngày trước

    stop yelling

  71. lila sophmore

    lila sophmore6 ngày trước

    this is my question, if real adelaide killed the clone adelaide, would she kill the clone family or the real family. i hope this makes sense.

  72. Fatimatou Wade

    Fatimatou Wade6 ngày trước

    lila sophmore She wouldn’t kill the « real » family because those are her actual children and her actual husband. She chose to kill the clone family but she really had a hard time doing so because she knows they’re from the same place and has empathy for them. That’s why when Zora’s clone was ejected, ending on those branches where she was agonizing, Adelaide went to her and kind of « shushed » her and was gentle when she just could’ve finished her off with that weapon. That’s also why she gave a hand to Jason’s clone, the who likes to burn stuff up, instead of just killing him off.

  73. Beca Coelho

    Beca Coelho6 ngày trước

    I've watched the movie twice and still am trying to understand why the mother said that she gave birth to a monster while refering to her daughter? Am I thinking too far? Above mom and copy mom both look more attached to their sons tho. I don't know if I missed a detail or if it doesn't really mean anything in the movie.

  74. Alexander Chen

    Alexander Chen7 ngày trước

    "There are thousands of underground unused tunnels in the us today" The facilities were interconnected, and this was why the copy could move.

  75. rwatt5931

    rwatt59317 ngày trước

    Jordan Peele is a racist.

  76. Mattock 123

    Mattock 1237 ngày trước

    I always thought that the real Adelaide (Red) simply gathered all the materials needed in her quest for vengeance an that she simply would sneak out an provide all the materials I dont remember it being stated either which way

  77. Kampfarsch

    Kampfarsch7 ngày trước

    so red is the real one but she still copied the movements when the double danced that doesnt make any sense

  78. Genevieve McGinnis

    Genevieve McGinnis3 ngày trước

    Kampfarsch I thought the same thing.

  79. Jesper Steira Ward

    Jesper Steira Ward7 ngày trước

    If the main person really is the double why would she get those flashbacks at the beach

  80. Voids Fox

    Voids Fox7 ngày trước

    Yaaaa I don't like this movie

  81. Amena

    Amena7 ngày trước

    ok this guy keeps calling jason “jordan”

  82. PSCGaming 7600

    PSCGaming 76007 ngày trước

    That bible verse 11:11 is just the cherry on top of the scary cake monster thing.

  83. Life with LO

    Life with LO7 ngày trước

    I can finally watch this now lol !!

  84. Danielle

    Danielle7 ngày trước

    Tex is the name of the guy who helped Charles Manson. It also ties into the beach boys which was playing in the background as the real life tex personally knew the beach boys

  85. Paradon Clan

    Paradon Clan7 ngày trước

    No hate but I ain’t it Jason not jordan

  86. Lazy Beams

    Lazy Beams7 ngày trước

    Why’d you have to go and use the King James Version, broski?

  87. Nick Arcana

    Nick Arcana7 ngày trước

    To answer question on how come the dopples can go to surface. You never said when the timeline of when the government stopped producing the doubles. Plus with all those rooms that we didn't get to see into could explain the suits and scissors. The fact that the doubles aren't being watched anymore now they have a way to move and go to the surface. Also to your question on how there could be a double of someone who was not in Santa Cruz. I feel that is answered by the government cloned them then sent them to the facility in Santa cruz. Then you also get that the clones pair up and have kids that match the respective originals.

  88. bye

    bye7 ngày trước

    I was happier not knowing anything about this movie. I wish i stayed ignorant

  89. Josh

    Josh7 ngày trước


  90. Thatdeal79

    Thatdeal797 ngày trước

    I just realized why the clones sound the way they do. The movies is called “Us”. I’m certain it’s a shout out to “The Last Of Us”. They both have “Us” in the tittle. I’d almost pay money that was intentional.

  91. Lae Lay

    Lae Lay7 ngày trước

    The lil guy is not jordan.. its jason lol

  92. The Black Identity

    The Black Identity7 ngày trước

    lol. who cares about who made the red costumes? great explanation though.

  93. Ebony Govender

    Ebony Govender8 ngày trước

    I actually loved that movie

  94. jonny barnard

    jonny barnard8 ngày trước

    "Get out" of the "U.S." illuminati lizards

  95. Jami Wright

    Jami Wright8 ngày trước

    7:55 Jordan’s Double???😂

  96. Julia Dollmetsch

    Julia Dollmetsch8 ngày trước

    i think the reason why not all the "clones" mirrored the movements of the "real" people is that they are grown. Young children do copy the actions / language they see in their parents and as older as they get the less they "copy". Therefor only the youngest "clone" mirrors the actions of his doublegänger 1 by 1 while the older doubles only mirror some movements (like the thing with Abraham and the glasses). The thing that doesn't make sense is that in the flashbacks you can clearly see that at one point the ALL the clones copied the movements of their doppelgängers 1 by 1 without even seeing them. But the answer could be that from time to time they lost the connection or didnt care anymore. But also they didnt mirror the movements all the time so maybe the clones can decide if they want to mirror the actions or not? Idk

  97. Blck Ntrovert TV

    Blck Ntrovert TV8 ngày trước

    movie was trash

  98. Sub To VaggieGaming Not me

    Sub To VaggieGaming Not me8 ngày trước


  99. i like tacos

    i like tacos8 ngày trước

    It was more like 15 minutes not an hour but okay

  100. Arjun S

    Arjun S8 ngày trước

    Why did u recap the whole movie. Just explain

  101. Leon Lomax

    Leon Lomax8 ngày trước

    I get why she mourned the supposed copies of her son and daughters death....cuz she was the real mother.

  102. amac

    amac8 ngày trước

    What a cool concept! I can't wait to rewatch US and Im SO excited to see what else Jordan Peele comes up with in the future

  103. r3a1ityGamezZ

    r3a1ityGamezZ8 ngày trước

    I thought it was obvious from the very beginning that they swapped places

  104. Josh Nesbitt

    Josh Nesbitt8 ngày trước

    i was disappointed in this when coming from get out

  105. Ana-Maria C

    Ana-Maria C8 ngày trước

    Dude 90% of this video is just you describing what happens in the movie... i don't need 13 minutes of that i just saw it, that's why i'm looking for extra explanations ....

  106. mya groves

    mya groves8 ngày trước

    lol wasn’t the son’s name Jason?

  107. Anas Elabbas

    Anas Elabbas8 ngày trước

    Us is probably one of my favourite movies!!

  108. Having Tea With the Devil

    Having Tea With the Devil8 ngày trước

    Well. I’ve never seen that movie, but that was a hell of a plot twist.