VELVET BUZZSAW (2019) Ending Explained


  1. Jenny Adam

    Jenny Adam2 ngày trước

    Unrelated to the video but Your cat is frickin adorable

  2. iRate News

    iRate News6 ngày trước

    This movie sucked I’m sorry

  3. gjh

    gjh6 ngày trước

    Toni Colette said she didn''t want to horror so she does this and Hereidtery which she was amazing in

  4. Austin Flores

    Austin Flores9 ngày trước

    What is that movie to the left of May on the shelf behind him? It’s white with a wolf on it. Someone please tell me what it’s called!

  5. Stephen Jacewicz

    Stephen Jacewicz9 ngày trước

    I enjoyed this one, it had great imagery, fun kills, good scares, and fun, quirky characters. AND YES TONI COLLETTE WAS ROBBED AT MOST OF THE BIG AWARDS FOR HERIDATARY.

  6. Varaydein

    Varaydein11 ngày trước

    Donnie Darko in the back OMG!!!!

  7. Kittyslap Lavender

    Kittyslap Lavender13 ngày trước

    "Dont follow cats" ... *FOLLOWS EVERY CAT I SEE*

  8. White'n Black

    White'n Black15 ngày trước


  9. It's not what you think

    It's not what you think17 ngày trước

    I abuse Deez every night.

  10. Heaux Pas

    Heaux Pas22 ngày trước

    Am i the only one waiting to hear Deez Nuts?

  11. CosmicWo1f

    CosmicWo1f22 ngày trước

    I love your cat it’s so cute

  12. love Sherman

    love Sherman27 ngày trước

    This movie was a piece of shit!

  13. love Sherman

    love Sherman27 ngày trước

    Dease loves a sweaty male meat!

  14. love Sherman

    love Sherman27 ngày trước

    You forgot the scene with the naked black guy jumping in the water! The great gay scene! Just brilliant then he has sex with the women.

  15. MrRin213

    MrRin21328 ngày trước

    But Jon Dondon was so rad.


    SEAN DIEGOTháng trước

    Jake who ???

  17. Subscribe to SCRUBY

    Subscribe to SCRUBYTháng trước

    Your cat is cute and fat 👌🏻

  18. Erik Truchinskas

    Erik TruchinskasTháng trước

    I gotta be honest I thought this was gonna be a 2 hour lead up to a deez nuts joke

  19. Tiffany Seaton-elliott

    Tiffany Seaton-elliottTháng trước

    reminds me of Duma Key by stephen king

  20. Justin Thomas

    Justin ThomasTháng trước

    All these characters are just that one kid in school who acts deep,pretentious n acting as though they have all the answers...

  21. Heed My Warning

    Heed My WarningTháng trước

    That Darn Cat. Clever Disney plug.

  22. Crimson Tiger

    Crimson TigerTháng trước

    That's a fat cat! Like this video just for the cat.

  23. Average Joe

    Average JoeTháng trước

    The minute the homosexual crap started, I stopped the movie. A fully naked black man walks into Jakes room and then goes out to a pool with a long shot of his “backside”. There is a lot of nudity in this film which ruined in for me. I wanted it to be a horror film, not disguised porno.

  24. BenjiMan

    BenjiManTháng trước

    His cat is an adorable chonk lol

  25. alexa leckey

    alexa leckeyTháng trước

    me chasing down the stray cats in my neighborhood: "i may die but it will be worth it to pet the kitty!"

  26. Orson Abram

    Orson AbramTháng trước

    Dang the piece that Morf claimed Hoboman is a rip-off of actually exists....the writer of that scene knows his stuff I guess

  27. Dymond Davis

    Dymond DavisTháng trước

    In the art world, there is no place for greed

  28. Ya Boi

    Ya BoiTháng trước

    deez n-

  29. miner69erher

    miner69erherTháng trước

    ah yes, modern art, where shitting (literally) on a canvas could be considered a masterpiece

  30. Tavi T

    Tavi TTháng trước

    DAVEED DIGGS.. lafayette.. mai boi😭

  31. Garrett Anderson

    Garrett AndersonTháng trước

    I hate how that bitch didnt die

  32. Scp-001 Archangel

    Scp-001 ArchangelTháng trước

    Are we cool yet movie

  33. PiranhaCupcake

    PiranhaCupcakeTháng trước

    "The point of art is art itself, not making a profit from it." Ya hear that artists? Also, the point of construction is the building process itself, not making a profit from it. Ya hear that builders? Also the point of cooking is the cooking process itself, not making a profit from it. Ya hear that restaurateurs? And don't even get me started on the medical field... ;)

  34. Sky Archer

    Sky Archer2 tháng trước

    You have a kitty?! We are kindred spirits! Xxx

  35. oljenka88

    oljenka882 tháng trước

    I didn't watch the trailer, so didn't know what to expect. If it was indeed advertised as a horror I get why people got disappointed. For me though interesting plot and just moments of horror really worked and I found the movie great.

  36. Lindsay C

    Lindsay C2 tháng trước

    More cats please 😍💕💕

  37. Hayumi

    Hayumi2 tháng trước

    so 97% of the video is a direct summary of the movie and 3% analysis of the movie. That's exactly what I was looking for.

  38. ZaphGaming

    ZaphGaming2 tháng trước

    *luscious scarf*

  39. sherolled 27

    sherolled 272 tháng trước

    i wonder who painted all the art?

  40. PleaseDontSubscribe

    PleaseDontSubscribe2 tháng trước

    Mysterio? Is that you?