Positive Mental Attitude!


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    hi jack love the merch mabey you could bring back the sam plushies

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    PMA the best motto in the universe

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    Ik I might be late but am about to buy the greatest clothing ever, thanks jack

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    I cant buy this becouse people will just say: But you`re depresed!

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    Jack looking like he's been bitten by a vampire

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    Thank you for making my day a better one. Will buy a hoodie as soon as I can!

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    "You have a lot more positive force in this world than you think you have." All of us. "Change the little part of the world that you have for yourself." I love that. We are all connected. Yourself ties into Theirselves, which ties into that rock you kicked across the pond two weeks ago, just about three beats... That's intense C-137 he's gonna shit his pants... I love y'all. (HiHBB. Love her.)

  8. FrigidReve

    FrigidReve9 giờ trước

    I LOVE RICKAYYYY!!! (C-137) (From Diane.)

  9. FrigidReve

    FrigidReve9 giờ trước

    I know mental "Illness", or so it is called. I have Schizophrenia, but I think of it as a Gift, not an Illness. I Love my voices and would want to die without Them. Thoughts are Voices, so... Yeah. xP

  10. suzi simmonds

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    Il love your videos\\=

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    *oh my god*

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    Jack, just wanted to let ya know how much PMA has helped me! Had a miscarriage a few days before xmas, and you, your video's, and pma has gotten me through it, i wouldnt have made it otherwise, so thank you!!!

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    Lovin' it. JSE Has actually helped me (and im still a child)

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    Fuck you

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    damn dude just *C H I L L*

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    Why do you sound like a pirate

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    who else agrees that jack is a queer

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    well done Sean, wish you an amazing 2019

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    someone make PMS (pre menstrual tension) logo :)

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    Funnily emough i got an award for having pma

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    *Best ad in this parsec.*

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    pls subscribe to me

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    The Merch Cant Be Shipped To INdia NNOOOIOOOOOO

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    PMA = watching jack

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    Try playing slendytubbies 3 I enjoyed the game myself

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    4:30 i just love you babe ;)

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    u make meh smile c: smiley face :D

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    Il by a thousand

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    Jaaaaaaack more videos pleassssssse

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    HMMMMM this is the best merch on the planet

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    Damn Jack’s hair

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    And some STRAIGHT FUCKING WATER 🤣💦💦😀👍!!!!!

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    With PMA!!😜👍

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    This made me LMAO🤣😝!!

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    hey jack i am forza5008. play gta san adreas in pc.

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    PMA helps ur brain think goodly

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    This video has inspired me and I now want pma shirts and hoodies for my birthday/christmas thank you for all inspiration you give me will always do my best to keep a pma for you and me

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    this is amazing I love it

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    I call jackseptaeye Jackseptaguy

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    Hey, Tomorrow's my birthday.

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    you did good kid

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    Omg bass on the mic

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    I come back to this every time I feel sad now. I have to remind myself to have pma. It's been helping with my bad 2018 and I'm trying to start on 2019 with getting my goals together

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    Yaya pma pma pma

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    The sad thing is that this is that real commercials are realy like this

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    You don't have no more good content I'm unsubing

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    Jesus that microphone.

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    The only add I've enjoyed!

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    Saw this video and bought a hat.

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    Why can't I skip this ad????

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    This was lovely

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    Im really good but bad at having a postive attitude

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    Left the septic eye sam branding behind (exept for the profile image) and has moved onto PMA

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    you should make some computer stickers!

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    An actual video of him doing something other than playing video games and reacting.Good job

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    if you want to get bullied at school...ye sure buy it

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    i think some women have taken pma the wrong way like pound my a## kinda wrong way but thats ok too

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    This made my day so much better because it put a smile on my face

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    Its been a long time cumming

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    pin me NOW or i will get the antiseptic

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    Slime Rancher is updated please go play it!

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    Thats me every time I play board games...

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    It’s mad how fast you have grown I have literally been subbed since around 200k nice job 👍🏻

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    Timmy Fell Of The Well Vance!!!

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    hello jack hope ur ready

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    You're not the only one who had a bad 2017. I had my first relationship and it lasted three months and than he broke my heart. And than 2018 i have been extremely stressed about finding the right collage, and taking the SAT, but i've been homeschooled my entire life and so i've never done a test like the SAT, so that had me in tears a lot, but my brother showed me your channel and whenever i get stressed i watch your vids and it makes me laugh and feel better. I wanted to thank you, and say keep up the good work

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    What about the Cloak brand???

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    and play roblox some people do jackseptic merch but you need robux my name in roblox is elliot_ranch

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    more PUBG plz youre soo good at the game and could you play moible PUBG im a god at PUBG moblie

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    0:46 thats what she said

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    i agery to jack

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    Whos jackseptikeye?

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    we love you , just don't turn into meme killer, we already have one :)

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    I hope you don't stop your VIreporter videos 🤔😐😑😣

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    The music in the background of this video is so fricking similar to the music I was listening to so I was freaking out

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    i am going trough alot right now and i am in a deep depresion but this video actualy helped me you are the best.

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    THIS IS GONNA BE A RELIGION LMAO (jack you are still really good i mean it in a good way)

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    Jack you da best bro!

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    PMA= Pays Moins Avancés= Less developed countries in french :D

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    do the sweatshirts cost that much to make? because they're REALLY expensive :

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    Jack u were in the odd1sout video

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    were is jack at oh wait its 2019

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    I'm hoping I can get myself into a positive mental attitude this year. I'm tired of not caring about things because of my depression and I'm just ready to let it go. Wish me luck that this year I'll make some sort of progress in demolishing this stupid mental illness that feeds my others.

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    Chess Life Brother: Your Turn Me: Ok Reality: I am playing by myself. Defiance of Reality: I love Jacksepticeye's vids and the PMA Sweatshirt. But.... Not the price HAVE A GREAT NEW YEAR JACK!!!

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    Jack u know when u had about 3 million subs I was a sub even back in 2014!!!! like if u did the same (please give this a heart ive never got one :()

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    "Do you have a drinking problem?" *spills milk onself*

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