We Competed To Make The Best Grilled Cheese • Ladylike


  1. Ladylike

    Ladylike4 tháng trước


  2. sarah Cunningham

    sarah Cunningham26 ngày trước

    It looks awesome. i think jen will win but both grilled cheeses look 👍

  3. A world with creativity

    A world with creativity28 ngày trước

    Beautiful. I have no more words.

  4. chaudhry Chaudhry

    chaudhry ChaudhryTháng trước

    AND JEN!!!

  5. nutella1204

    nutella1204Tháng trước

    Ladylike you have my respect, you’re using Irish butter

  6. Katy Anderson

    Katy Anderson9 giờ trước

    Best part of the vid? Jens face as she picks up the hot grilled cheese and puts it on Kristin's plate without wincing

  7. Samantha Skenandore

    Samantha Skenandore10 giờ trước

    Looooove these 2 together.

  8. Amelia Folkmire

    Amelia FolkmireNgày trước

    kitchen: one of your babies has to DIE mike: oh no

  9. Lejindary Potaeto

    Lejindary Potaeto2 ngày trước

    Don't worry Jen, I would've picked yours. It's beautiful :)

  10. mrs11w

    mrs11w3 ngày trước

    why are the bread slices wrapped, though?

  11. Barry Crappers

    Barry Crappers3 ngày trước

    That sound kristen makes at 9:50 couldn't stop laughing 😂🤣😋

  12. Aubrie Parker

    Aubrie Parker4 ngày trước

    "just let it go ya know" :'D

  13. so very sh00k

    so very sh00k4 ngày trước

    no-one : Absolutely no one : Mike : the winner is this one Jen : >:(((((

  14. Marley Yeager

    Marley Yeager4 ngày trước

    Kitchen and Jorn!!

  15. Elizabeth Borkland

    Elizabeth Borkland4 ngày trước

    I really like this

  16. link breath_ of the_ wild

    link breath_ of the_ wild5 ngày trước

    I literally made a grilled cheese sandwich 😂

  17. Zita Kovács

    Zita Kovács5 ngày trước

    Poor Jen never wins, I can relate... xd

  18. itz_kylie Playz ROBLOX

    itz_kylie Playz ROBLOX6 ngày trước

    I hope you like losing Totally me: well I do sooo

  19. J. Lisette

    J. Lisette8 ngày trước

    I want a grilled cheese now 😂

  20. Selenius Designs

    Selenius Designs8 ngày trước

    Kristin: now we get to eat all the ingredients! Devin: *sinks into the floor*

  21. Lillie Zimmerman

    Lillie Zimmerman8 ngày trước

    12:36 mood

  22. Weird1Too

    Weird1Too8 ngày trước

    Jen's grilled sandwich looked so goooood!

  23. Jenchantments

    Jenchantments9 ngày trước

    More please! Burgers? Easy bake oven? Smoothies? Salads? Paninis?

  24. sarah Cunningham

    sarah Cunningham10 ngày trước

    both. Grilled cheeses look good

  25. Clara Srour

    Clara Srour10 ngày trước

    12:13 jen is a mood

  26. Maria Macaluso

    Maria Macaluso10 ngày trước

    Did anybody else die of laughter at 9:22 when Kristen said “love that ooozzzeeeeee” 😂😂😂

  27. Kate Gordon

    Kate Gordon12 ngày trước

    I'm am rather dumbstruck by Jen ghhhhhh, such a stud! 😍😍

  28. that one weird kid _

    that one weird kid _13 ngày trước

    Jen is so cute when she's competitive 😂

  29. Tamara Smith

    Tamara Smith13 ngày trước

    I ❤ a classic grilled cheese but Jen's actually sounded better to me!!!🙂

  30. Invincible Beauty

    Invincible Beauty13 ngày trước

    My grilled cheese is bomb asf!! I like potatoe bread with Munster cheese. Mmmmmm omg. I make all kinds.

  31. mackenzie fowler

    mackenzie fowler14 ngày trước

    I kinda want a grilled cheese now

  32. Pix Nation

    Pix Nation14 ngày trước

    I love the way how Jen's face turn in to a total mad face and that part I just burst out laughing

  33. Abi Reese

    Abi Reese14 ngày trước

    “I don’t know much, but I know how to make cheese taste good.” -Kitchen

  34. Elisa Frost

    Elisa Frost14 ngày trước

    You should try using mayo instead of butter, it does a realllllyyy good job, and it doesn’t taste like mayo!

  35. Adalynn Logan

    Adalynn Logan14 ngày trước

    I just made a grilled cheese in my waffle iron with herb butter, provolone cheese and a tomato soup on the side because of this... this made me really want a grilled cheese so I stopped mid video and went next door to get bread so I could make one lol


    CHIM CHIM15 ngày trước

    Jen & kristin - gets a lot of food Me - get bread and cheese

  37. Amy Dacus

    Amy Dacus15 ngày trước

    You guys are using the wrong types of knives for like everything you’re doing

  38. Creative Caroline

    Creative Caroline15 ngày trước

    I love how Jen is in a coat and scarf, and how Kristin is in a spaghetti strap dress. 😂

  39. Look Outside Your Window

    Look Outside Your Window15 ngày trước

    OK Ladylike. Don't ever think of splitting this dynamic duo up. Or even trying to pair one with someone else ever again. If you're thinking about it - Stop.

  40. Megan Stacy

    Megan Stacy18 ngày trước

    Y’all making paninis 😅😂

  41. Bergen Kludt-Painter

    Bergen Kludt-Painter21 ngày trước

    Name a better duo... I’ll wait

  42. Philipp Fuchs

    Philipp Fuchs22 ngày trước

    Oh Kristin Knows a little bit of German that’s awesome!!!

  43. Lily Johnson

    Lily Johnson22 ngày trước

    I love a good George Foreman grill moment and I can’t stop thinking about the office when Micheal burned his foot on his grill😂😂😂

  44. Ashley Lopez

    Ashley Lopez22 ngày trước

    12:20 i died when jen did that face 😂

  45. Lara Lashus

    Lara Lashus22 ngày trước

    how do you mess up a grilled cheese ladylike: yes

  46. keeponsmiling

    keeponsmiling23 ngày trước

    I love the little jen and kristen iconic duo

  47. Kendal Lavigne

    Kendal Lavigne23 ngày trước

    kristin and jen are the cutest ladylike couple change my mind

  48. Amy McCarthy

    Amy McCarthy24 ngày trước

    All grilled cheeses is the best grilled cheese!

  49. Samantha Zoromski

    Samantha Zoromski24 ngày trước

    Me as a grilled cheese juge: *tastes grilled cheese* you both win

  50. MABEL mabella

    MABEL mabella25 ngày trước

    The best positive people I watch here are Jen n Kristen 😍so happy n entertaining

  51. Rachel Chewning

    Rachel Chewning25 ngày trước

    I’m literally in love with Jen 😂

  52. RilesSweetPea

    RilesSweetPea25 ngày trước

    Lol tho the Apple and tomato XD

  53. dcheng

    dcheng26 ngày trước

    lmao how much money has buzzfeed (specifically ladylike) given to trader joes

  54. Pink Wave

    Pink Wave26 ngày trước

    No body: Jen “ I love that ooze” 9:22