We Now Know Why Peyton List Left Disney Channel's Bunk'd


  1. Brooklyn Stetz

    Brooklyn Stetz10 giờ trước

    Why was Elena Gilbert Nina Lou

  2. Skippy Bleu

    Skippy Bleu11 giờ trước

    Whoever made this video you are so rude

  3. Pablo Arroyo

    Pablo Arroyo16 giờ trước

    bunk'd was funny for the 1 and 2 season bc of the funny jokes but now all of the funny poeple keep leaving and the people that watch the show are going to be kids that grew up watching jessii and the main plot of the show was the ross kids going to summer camp but half of the cast from the 1 and 2 season are gone

  4. Siphokazi Cele

    Siphokazi Cele17 giờ trước

    This is a lie 🙀

  5. ks Gaming

    ks Gaming17 giờ trước

    Irk its seems like we just lost 3 more great stars. You know Jessie was the best you know all I'm swaying is we lost sky Peyton Karn 3 great ppl that have been with us this long but they wanted to move on and we have to go with it or maybe they will com back for just a 1or episodes that would be the best pls come pet on sky and kran we miss you already.

  6. Chris Carpenter

    Chris Carpenter22 giờ trước


  7. dejanay shelton

    dejanay shelton23 giờ trước

    disney wont be the same without cameron :(

  8. Myrna Dunn

    Myrna DunnNgày trước

    And yes because she is happy

  9. Myrna Dunn

    Myrna DunnNgày trước


  10. Renny Suárez

    Renny SuárezNgày trước

    Disney also will not Be the same with Debbie Ryan and Cameron Boyce

  11. Clay Hansen

    Clay HansenNgày trước


  12. puppies play tag

    puppies play tagNgày trước

    stop with this stuff cameron and now her

  13. Kb and Jb

    Kb and JbNgày trước

    I used to love bunkd but now it doesn’t feel right she didn’t make the right decision we miss all of the Ross kids can you do more vids like this for the other Ross kids

  14. Camri Tolbert

    Camri TolbertNgày trước

    Dang she left us like that

  15. Alaysia Marshall

    Alaysia MarshallNgày trước

    I miss the old emma

  16. Richelle Culver

    Richelle CulverNgày trước

    I love bunk d Emma you are my favorite person

  17. Amanda Bocox

    Amanda BocoxNgày trước

    I love light as a feather

  18. Amanda Bocox

    Amanda BocoxNgày trước

    She played Olivia on light as a feather

  19. Maria American Girl dolls and more

    Maria American Girl dolls and moreNgày trước

    I have a twin too I’m a girl and my twin brother is a boy

  20. The Epic!!

    The Epic!!2 ngày trước

    I miss camron and no affects when you played Emma you were dumb

  21. payton anderson

    payton anderson2 ngày trước

    My names Payton!

  22. Prophet onterrio Harvey

    Prophet onterrio Harvey2 ngày trước

    I am sad about that Cameron Boyce is gone 😥😥😥😥

  23. Aranzacomeplay S

    Aranzacomeplay S2 ngày trước

    Peyton no u and dove Cameron are who I look up too :(

  24. Bunnyplayer

    Bunnyplayer3 ngày trước


  25. Jerry Freudenburg

    Jerry Freudenburg3 ngày trước

    you forgot to mention her time on Cobra Kai.

  26. CeCe Vlogs

    CeCe Vlogs3 ngày trước

    The only good thing about Bella Thorne did when she left was Duff and her episode in Tales

  27. estherorogun

    estherorogun3 ngày trước

    payton list you choose the wrong dicision.

  28. Whydon'twe 2k19

    Whydon'twe 2k193 ngày trước

    She is also in a series called Cobra kai S2

  29. Kalie Stoll

    Kalie Stoll4 ngày trước

    Hopefully I'm not the only who was watching this video and then Nina dobrev's picture popped up and this boy says Nina lu. I'm over here like wtf😵wrong person dude.

  30. Anahi Segura

    Anahi Segura4 ngày trước


  31. RayRay Playz

    RayRay Playz4 ngày trước

    She done the right thing bruh she made cobra kai 2x better

  32. Besties 4L

    Besties 4L4 ngày trước

    Disney channel isn’t the same without Cameron Boyce

  33. GamerDiamond

    GamerDiamond4 ngày trước

    6:33 IS THAT BRENT RIVERA?! Like if u know him

  34. bby__ Kimberlyy

    bby__ Kimberlyy4 ngày trước

    The new season is wackkkkk the episodes are so wack (new ones)

  35. Tauren Clark

    Tauren Clark4 ngày trước

    Disney Channel will never be the same😲😶😦😩😔

  36. yow itsmeYein

    yow itsmeYein5 ngày trước

    when cameron died. it's like the good cast also died :((

  37. Gabriel Smith

    Gabriel Smith6 ngày trước

    The nina lu is ifferent from the picture??...... that is Nina Dobrev in the picture, they can sometimes be confusing?😊😉😄

  38. Gabriel Smith

    Gabriel Smith6 ngày trước


  39. Isabela Bolanos

    Isabela Bolanos6 ngày trước

    lol it was last year didnt mesna to upste popel

  40. Janet Mata

    Janet Mata6 ngày trước

    I wanna be a actor but it's hard I can't even keep a straight face in sac and serious moments

  41. iiSpxtifq /RxseQueen

    iiSpxtifq /RxseQueen7 ngày trước

    she probably also left because of the memories of Cameron that makes her cry. (that is thought of another reason it might not be right though.)

  42. Gacha_Milo Animations&Gaming

    Gacha_Milo Animations&Gaming7 ngày trước

    Disney sucks anyway All the good shows are over

  43. Addison Vandine

    Addison Vandine7 ngày trước


  44. Gabe Garcia

    Gabe Garcia7 ngày trước

    Look how her reflection is on 2:46

  45. Salty Desire

    Salty Desire7 ngày trước

    She was like my childhood crush when I was like 7

  46. I love Tom holland

    I love Tom holland7 ngày trước

    Zendaya does her own make up

  47. Jadyn Cormier

    Jadyn Cormier7 ngày trước

    I am sad she left Jessie ❤💙💚💛💛💛💜💜💜💜🖤 I love you so much emma

  48. peydon Black

    peydon Black7 ngày trước

    I'm a kid and my name is peydon but not petyon

  49. CatLover

    CatLover7 ngày trước

    0:39 if you look at the water closely you'll see things 😱

  50. Adrianna Dadoll

    Adrianna Dadoll7 ngày trước

    All the people that were on Disney are growing and getting away everyone is growing up and it’s so sad 2006-2014 we miss you 😢😢

  51. samantha badon

    samantha badon8 ngày trước

    I don’t think she did to be honest I think 💭 she was fine there and she was spreading lots of joy but some people can’t watch scary stuff so that’s my point

  52. Charlie Wenck

    Charlie Wenck8 ngày trước

    A TWIN!!!!!!!

  53. Fun with Friends !!

    Fun with Friends !!8 ngày trước

    Guys I don’t know if you know this but Skai Jackson is 17

  54. G.O.A.T5

    G.O.A.T58 ngày trước

    We love Cameron!

  55. tolu tills

    tolu tills8 ngày trước

    I feel like the whole point of bunk'd was the Ross kids so now that they aren't there it doesn't feel right

  56. FBI

    FBI8 ngày trước

    Honestly I never knew she left lol

  57. Kaliya Marley

    Kaliya Marley9 ngày trước

    Am I the only one who noticed they put up Alana from vampire dairies when they said nina lu😂😂

  58. Kaliya Marley

    Kaliya Marley7 ngày trước

    @emely ____ thank you

  59. emely ____

    emely ____7 ngày trước


  60. YaddaYadda Whatnot

    YaddaYadda Whatnot9 ngày trước

    Zendaya is the most successful former Disney channel star.

  61. little ren

    little ren9 ngày trước

    And she probably was tried of Disney

  62. little ren

    little ren9 ngày trước

    I would leave Disney channel to because it's so boring like its not how it was in 2011 or 2012 its trash

  63. IHatePeople AllOfThem

    IHatePeople AllOfThem9 ngày trước

    My mom said I smiled right after i was given to her in the hospital bed.