We Now Understand Why Andrew Garfield Was Replaced As Spider-Man


  1. Lillian F.

    Lillian F.8 giờ trước

    yall are too mean andrew garfield is such a lil bb i love him so much

  2. Tflame Gladiator

    Tflame Gladiator3 ngày trước

    The only comic accurate version is andrew better actor as well. Had the jokes down other guys couldnt pull it off and he had a brawler fighting style was a down to earth nerd dont know wtf there talking about.

  3. Real Skitzcnt

    Real Skitzcnt3 ngày trước

    He is the best spiderman

  4. EchoQ

    EchoQ3 ngày trước

    That's true he was to cool but nowadays in our generation that's what a good spiderman is. Like spiderman ps4

  5. Salacious

    Salacious3 ngày trước

    "To cool to be spidey" I call that a dub.

  6. Ross Coe

    Ross Coe5 ngày trước

    The Japanese spiderman was far better than garfield

  7. Ghost Ninja 2

    Ghost Ninja 25 ngày trước

    Wasnt that hard to understand. Dont have to watch a video to understand that sony was rebooting spiderman and sharing rights with disney since they wanted him in the MCU so they decided a reboot was the best option for their new idea for spiderman. Not like garfield liked the role anyways. He got so much hate for his role he started to hate it himself. I liked his spiderman but not his peter.

  8. Mr. SIMMS

    Mr. SIMMS5 ngày trước

    He was dope.

  9. Hans Zimmer

    Hans Zimmer5 ngày trước

    Andrew Garfield & The Amazing Spiderman is best & incomparable .

  10. luis wayne

    luis wayne6 ngày trước

    Garfield is the best Spiderman by a landslide

  11. Edge RL

    Edge RL6 ngày trước

    Why tf don't people like him as spiderman?

  12. Dean Shaw

    Dean Shaw6 ngày trước

    Thanks looper for NOT giving me a straight answer

  13. Jiggly Puff

    Jiggly Puff6 ngày trước

    He makes me hate spider man. For a guy that we supposed to feel something for, he sure acts like a cocky dickhead.

  14. dave lightSaber

    dave lightSaber7 ngày trước

    i thought He was Good. i don’t think There’s ever been A bad Peter Parker.

  15. saraa9910

    saraa99108 ngày trước

    Honestly I loved all 3 Spider-Man’s! I think they were all good but in different ways ! 💗

  16. Roberto C

    Roberto C9 ngày trước

    Toby McGuire Spiderman is best

  17. Roberto C

    Roberto C9 ngày trước

    Because the movies were SHIT?! and he sucked/was annoying af

  18. helin temel

    helin temel9 ngày trước

    I love tom Holland and all but i think Andrew made a better sprider man. I really love his Spider-Man movie more even tho tom Holland as Spider-Man is fun to see. I love both as Spider-Man in different ways but i dont understa f how Andrew got ”fired” his movies were great

  19. LEGEND 22

    LEGEND 229 ngày trước

    Andrew best spiderman in my opinion

  20. vinutha ramnath kini

    vinutha ramnath kini9 ngày trước


  21. Timothy Wing

    Timothy Wing10 ngày trước

    Amazing Spider-Man was real good. #2 was BAD.

  22. FADED '03

    FADED '0310 ngày trước

    Best Spidey costume imo Had the best potential to be a great film Good actors And yet What happened?

  23. Gokuro Sayain

    Gokuro Sayain11 ngày trước

    I rewatched his movies in theater when it came out, the new ones that came out I regret just paying 5 bucks in theaters

  24. Gokuro Sayain

    Gokuro Sayain11 ngày trước

    Garfield was the perfect Spider-Man he made the original look like shit and the new spider man homecoming movies suck

  25. Sigit Budhi Prasetya

    Sigit Budhi Prasetya12 ngày trước

    for me Garfield was the best Spidy! 😎😎😎

  26. Roncal

    Roncal12 ngày trước

    best spooder man ever

  27. Ish Casey

    Ish Casey12 ngày trước

    No offense meant to TomHolland fans or TobeyMaguire but Andrew Garfield was my favourite Spiderman/PeterParker.

  28. Isaiah Brown

    Isaiah Brown12 ngày trước

    I thought Garfield was a good Spider-Man but not a good Peter Parker. Garfield's Spider-Man cracked jokes and was cool and not as emotional as Toby's. I grew up with both films so I know the difference

  29. Lidija Cullen

    Lidija Cullen12 ngày trước

    I f garfield is actors actor and peter parker is a nerd it should have worked perfectly.

  30. kyle marsh

    kyle marsh13 ngày trước

    bring back andrew garfield in venom

  31. lowlowseesee

    lowlowseesee13 ngày trước

    loved him in the facebook movie

  32. jakepudding

    jakepudding13 ngày trước

    Worst spider man but no hate, I actually appreciate the dude.

  33. True That Boxing

    True That Boxing13 ngày trước

    Andrew Garfield in my opinion is the best Spider-Man to date. He closely resembles the comic book Spider Man the most compared to the others.

  34. esai f

    esai f13 ngày trước

    so basically, he was “too cool”

  35. SwayWay

    SwayWay13 ngày trước

    Take out spider man 3, and Toby’s Spider-Man will never be tested. He’s such a nerd and plays a nerd so well.

  36. curry withthevans

    curry withthevans14 ngày trước

    I don’t like Tom as Spider-Man.

  37. 123darmart

    123darmart15 ngày trước

    For me he was the best Spiderman ever, i really didn't understand the criticsm to him...

  38. Frankie grimaldo

    Frankie grimaldo15 ngày trước

    I think Andrew Garfield and Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2 I think it deserves a third one it would be cool to see what happens I really like to see to see if it came up with the third one I would really like to see what happen if we fought the rhino skip Cleveland Tennessee please make you a Spider-Man fans a favor and please add a Amazing Spider-Man 3 cuz I really want to see what go he fixes next

  39. Rickey Pendarvis

    Rickey Pendarvis16 ngày trước

    Garfield... not cool. Too broody and emo for the part. The only thing I will give him on the movie was Gwen’s death. He nailed the reaction.

  40. C H I I

    C H I I16 ngày trước

    Hes a good actor with bad scripting, and his gwen death scene was amazing no argument

  41. Ghost Wolfi

    Ghost Wolfi16 ngày trước

    But still The Amazing Spider-Man movies are still my favorite Spider-Man movies. They weren't the best but they come close to the original Stan Lee comics. Andrew did his best. He couldn't do it any better. Also Tobey's Spider-Man potrayal was good too. Man, I liked all of them. Can't they make a Spider-Verse where all 3 of them come together? :D

  42. Ghost Wolfi

    Ghost Wolfi16 ngày trước

    I'm suprised that they made a video about this after all this years. Why now? Why are they talking about The Amazing Spider-Man movies now?

  43. Daniel Hero

    Daniel Hero17 ngày trước

    Wasted 5.23 minutes of my life watching this video.


    WTF_ENIGMA18 ngày trước

    Who cares how about a black spiderman Indian spiderman how about no spiderman and he act like playing a spider was oscar worthy girl bye let's bring another character out

  45. John Walker Lee

    John Walker Lee18 ngày trước

    Sony fucked up Garfield

  46. Amit Shaw

    Amit Shaw18 ngày trước

    For me,Andrew Garfield will always remain best spiderman ever and his chemistry with gwen aka emma is the best ever in any movie.

  47. Curious Hawk

    Curious Hawk18 ngày trước

    I liked andrew garfield better than toby maguire. Tom holland is my favorite spiderman though.

  48. Albreezy

    Albreezy18 ngày trước

    I like the Amazing Spider-man movies better than the Tom holland movies...the rami ones will always be the best tho

  49. Nickster165

    Nickster16518 ngày trước

    We all know that Andrew is an amazing character, it's not his fault this series flopped, it's the writing's.

  50. Corina Noble

    Corina Noble19 ngày trước

    For me he was the best Spiderman.

  51. Asad Ahmad

    Asad Ahmad19 ngày trước

    Keep talking that crap, I love him❤ loved both amazing spider-man movies and like others too but Andrew will always be my fav spider-man ❤, love you 3000x Andrew❤

  52. Caleb Adams

    Caleb Adams19 ngày trước

    Idc what anyone Andrew Garfield is the best spiderman in my opinion, I loved him as spiderman

  53. Michael Puente

    Michael Puente19 ngày trước

    Andrew Garfield has already been nominated for an academy award. He doesn't need Spider-Man.

  54. Valeria Bernal M.

    Valeria Bernal M.19 ngày trước


  55. Jackson Goss

    Jackson Goss20 ngày trước

    Garfield is a great actor too bad the script was weak

  56. Marcus Gutierrez

    Marcus Gutierrez20 ngày trước

    I liked Andrew playing Spider-Man more then Tom Holland TBH

  57. EchoQ

    EchoQ3 ngày trước


  58. Timothy Bucci

    Timothy Bucci20 ngày trước

    I think he could beat up Tom Holland. >lol< but, I will say this, I definitely liked Garfield's spider suit much more.


    PANDAPIGEONPOWPOW 3820 ngày trước

    Liked this guy much better

  60. Phil Thicc

    Phil Thicc20 ngày trước

    I look exactly like him it's scary

  61. Dakari Randall

    Dakari Randall20 ngày trước

    ......they gave another man his job because he was too cool👀 disgusting

  62. Erion Gjonpalaj

    Erion Gjonpalaj20 ngày trước

    Andrew Garfield should have been here in Marvel now instead of Tom Holland.God i would love to see him in marvel now as spider-man.

  63. Antonio Gaudino

    Antonio Gaudino20 ngày trước

    The 'cool' thing is not really his fault, it's like Aaron Paul played Spidey, it'd be the same. They're naturally cool

  64. JP Shoes

    JP Shoes20 ngày trước

    Andrews acting as Spider-Man makes it feel like Spider-Man. Him becoming Spider-Man, him actually creating the webs and everything. Tom is to young and childish and has everything given to him while Andrew in the film and mentally works for it all! Just because you’re a british stud and all the girls like you doesn’t mean Andrew should get Spider-Man ripped from him.... really wish he got atleast an amazing Spider-Man 3 or had social media so I can keep up with the amazing actor

  65. JP Shoes

    JP Shoes20 ngày trước

    He was very good in hacksaw ridge and without Sony fucking him that might’ve never happened so maybe it was a good thing even though I loved him as Spider-Man and it will be karma for their franchise 😪

  66. JP Shoes

    JP Shoes20 ngày trước

    Everyone’s saying Garfield was a good actor with a shit script and that’s correct, maybe in the future there’s a slight possibility amazing Spider-Man 3 will come! They left a huge cliff hanger for them just to go to Tom Holland 😪

  67. JP Shoes

    JP Shoes20 ngày trước

    Andrew Being a rookie actor and young asf, is legit my favorite Spider-Man out of the 3, his acting was amazing, the romance was great and it was just so good I’m so pissed Sony did him dirty, when Gwen died his acting was phenomenal!!!!

  68. JP Shoes

    JP Shoes20 ngày trước

    I wish andrew had social media so I could keep tabs on him

  69. Rocky John

    Rocky John20 ngày trước

    I think their is no amazing Spidey 3 with Garfield becoz some says Andrew Garfld insulted a japanese producer. After that his ban from sony.

  70. Urukundo Angelo

    Urukundo Angelo21 ngày trước

    This video gave me nothing, they really mentioned Garfield Spiderman was too cool?! Too cool?! I loved Toby's Spiderman but we must recognize that Garfield gave us something real, something logical. We felt it when Gwen died. They ruined it with Osborn but other than that, Andrew Garfield stays at the top in those that acted Spiderman.

  71. Noelle Davis

    Noelle Davis21 ngày trước

    He was amazing as Spider-Man but.......He was old as hell when he was shooting this

  72. Mashi Takata

    Mashi Takata21 ngày trước

    He's my fave spidey, I still have his photo with Gwen

  73. Assassin X

    Assassin X21 ngày trước

    The best thing when it came to Tobey's Spider-Man were his villains. Maybe not the second Goblin or Venom. But Dafoe's Goblin, Molina's Doc Ock and Church's Sandman were just amazing. (And J Jonah Jameson, too, if you count him as a villain. He was so good, the MCU took notice.) The best thing with Garfield's Spider-Man was Emma Stone. The best thing about Holland's Spider-Man is actually Spider-Man. And that's a good thing.

  74. Sean Fenwick

    Sean Fenwick21 ngày trước

    The best Spidey, thanks AG!

  75. Xian Trip

    Xian Trip21 ngày trước

    Lol I knew I wasn't bullshitting years ago when I said his actor was "too cool and cute" lol.

  76. Robert Edwards

    Robert Edwards21 ngày trước

    Honestly, I thought he did a great job as Spider-Man.

  77. John Carlo Estrada

    John Carlo Estrada21 ngày trước

    They should make Andrew as superior spider-man.

  78. Isaac Baldwin

    Isaac Baldwin22 ngày trước

    it is simple, He sucked as spiderman. To his defense a lot of it is probably the writing and direction given, But his scenes with Gwen make me cringe even thinking about it. AND that dunk scene was so ridiculous and irritating. Yeah....a guy leaping through the air where his feet are above the rim isn't obvious...… lol I fucking hated these movies. some cool parts. mostly all shit shit shit.

  79. Maniacal Laugh!

    Maniacal Laugh!22 ngày trước

    People always point out the fact Andrew's Peter Parker rode skateboards as en example for him being "too cool"; which I don't see how?. If for one second, we ignore the outdated stereotypes of nerds/geeks; then we realize Peter in ASM was a more modern take on this character. The whole realization and outlook of nerds in our culture, revealed that they were always or eventually be seen as "cool".

  80. s1

    s122 ngày trước

    He was my Spider-Man tbh

  81. Carey

    Carey22 ngày trước

    Is this the same situation as the Batman movies?