We Now Understand Why Andrew Garfield Was Replaced As Spider-Man


  1. Goat.shooter -

    Goat.shooter -3 ngày trước

    Andrew garfield was amazing The amazing spiderman is the best of all spiderman movies

  2. Ahmed Medhat

    Ahmed Medhat3 ngày trước

    Garfield only got 2 movies not like Tobey and Holland

  3. Bernie Bernie

    Bernie Bernie4 ngày trước

    The only thing I can say is that Garfield fit the physical description of Spider-Man from the early comics which is 'lanky'. He made an excellent college Spider-Man. And the entire Gwen love story is closer to the comics than Peter Parker knowing MJ from childhood which is ridiculous.

  4. Bernie Bernie

    Bernie Bernie4 ngày trước

    Garfield's character was good. I liked it. He was a different type of Spider-Man like the tall handsome 1990s Spider-Man Saturday morning cartoon. The movies were just bad. Nothing Garfield could do.

  5. noah mc

    noah mc4 ngày trước

    Andrew Garfield is my favourite Spiderman actor.

  6. Lunnel Paloma

    Lunnel Paloma5 ngày trước

    *One More One More*

  7. AB

    AB7 ngày trước

    They just wanted to take tom holland in, so they just changed half of the genre of this legendary character

  8. Maiisha Rahman575

    Maiisha Rahman5757 ngày trước

    Andrew Garfield always my fav!!!!

  9. John Ismail

    John Ismail8 ngày trước

    You guys are saying Spider-Man would spend all his life in high school, why not call him spider boy

  10. The SPECTRE Nepal

    The SPECTRE Nepal8 ngày trước

    anyone who's a billionaire here plz buy sony and bring back andrew plllleeeaseu.

  11. Xkvng savageX -

    Xkvng savageX -10 ngày trước

    i feel like there should be a spiderman movie where tobey maguire, andrew garfield and tom holland should meet each other in new york and they have to fight old enemys (just like spiderman into the spiderverse)

  12. Teal Frosty

    Teal Frosty10 ngày trước

    am i the only one who loved these 2 movies

  13. Kiri Bakugou

    Kiri Bakugou10 ngày trước


  14. Jayden Sanchez

    Jayden Sanchez11 ngày trước

    SO your saying ironman is the real or first avenger. Bc marvels made ironman(tonyStark movie) in 2008 while they made captain America movie in 2011. Tho before 2012 they used movie years which put Steve Rogers(Captain America) in the 1940's with his dad Howard Stark. But after 2012 they started to go by real years. Bc in avengers infinity wars Tony said he been afraid of Thanos since he sent an army to kill his city in 2012. He said that six years after it happens. Which tells u that it goes by yeares now. Just in case People were wondering its facts do the watching and movie math!!!!

  15. Thomas iPad

    Thomas iPad12 ngày trước

    The only real Spider Man was from the original series of 3 movies: Tobey Maguire!!!!! That whole 3 movies were great and all the newer incarnations cannot compete at all! The newest movies with Holland are simply bad Teeny comedian movies, nearly unbearable!

  16. Alvin Niel

    Alvin Niel12 ngày trước

    I'd like to see Andrew Garfield take on the role of Johnny Storm in the MCU adaptation of the Fantastic Four

  17. Eddie Marin

    Eddie Marin13 ngày trước

    Garfield was the best Spider-Man Toby is the best Peter Parker Tom Holland is the best balance of Parker and Spider-Man

  18. SUB ZERØ

    SUB ZERØ14 ngày trước


  19. rzzq 39

    rzzq 3914 ngày trước

    He can't be spiderman because he is too cool

  20. The Crown

    The Crown15 ngày trước

    This guy is dismissing his acting in hacksaw ridge. He was a good casting but the directors and the set team didn't help him like they helped Tom Holland

  21. Mark Angelo

    Mark Angelo17 ngày trước

    My favorite spiderman actor is Andrew Garfield

  22. Amal B

    Amal B17 ngày trước

    To be honest Tom holland’s character has taken individuality away from the Superhero(Spider-man) character.

  23. Amal B

    Amal B17 ngày trước

    Why do you guys HAVE to rank people who played spider-man god damn it let it be

  24. Fein Ray

    Fein Ray19 ngày trước

    Tobey’s Spider-Man should crossover with the original six avengers and old X Men. Only Tobey’s spider man can meet Iron Man on equal terms.

  25. Nile Horuseus

    Nile Horuseus19 ngày trước

    Tobey Maguire is the best Spider-Man

  26. NJTDover

    NJTDover19 ngày trước

    Garfield should've never played Spidey at all. He looked awful and the script suck big time as well as the CGI. Both Maguire and Holland are the best representation of what Stan Lee had in mind to represent his superhero.

  27. The Flash

    The Flash21 ngày trước

    Andrew Garfield is my favorite Spider-Man

  28. kenny ttt

    kenny ttt23 ngày trước

    Garfield version was the best ❤❤❤

  29. Emma Contreras

    Emma Contreras24 ngày trước

    I actually loved Andrew Garfield as Spiderman the best

  30. Niknak

    Niknak24 ngày trước

    Andrew was definately too cute and smooth to be Peter.

  31. begone GTPS

    begone GTPS25 ngày trước

    Gartrees was cringe

  32. Sean Parsons

    Sean Parsons26 ngày trước

    Because he didn't age well?

  33. The_33player 1

    The_33player 126 ngày trước

    He was just a shit spiderman but a good peter

  34. Big Will

    Big Will28 ngày trước

    I actually liked the quiet smart kid take of Garfield better than Maguire and definately better than Holland.

  35. The Whiz Kid

    The Whiz KidTháng trước

    Short??? He played in two of the Spider Man films. I thought he was fine.

  36. nan

    nanTháng trước

    I feel bad for Andrew bc this was his dream too. And he's such an amazing actor. But I don't know if he should feel offended by being hated as Peter Parker. I mean, everyone was always like, "You're not Peter. You're too cool and attractive and suave!". Imagine that.

  37. AL Basketball

    AL BasketballTháng trước

    What about hacksaw ridge one of my favorite movies

  38. Lavz _Venice

    Lavz _VeniceTháng trước

    I dont understand why Spiderman maij character always changes unlike Stork and hulk.. Are they saving money so they always chnages and pick lesser famous celeb

  39. Roman Fedotov

    Roman FedotovTháng trước

    Those times i was so upset about cancelled 4th raimis movie that ive boycotted garfield one

  40. Deejames daboss

    Deejames dabossTháng trước

    He was the best one ... most believable