We Transform Into Pinup Models • Ladylike


  1. Andrea Bradics

    Andrea Bradics17 giờ trước

    Shoots like these makes me want to work at BuzzFeed

  2. Riley’s Dog House

    Riley’s Dog House3 ngày trước

    I think Chantel did great, that is just the look she wanted! Everyone else did great too!

  3. Bruce ree

    Bruce ree3 ngày trước

    I always get a kick out of girls claiming performing sexually is “owning it” yet it’s is usually during the process of selling it. Not sure if anyone else is clear on terms ownership lol

  4. Sikhod Lubis

    Sikhod Lubis3 ngày trước

    Devin here is made my day, she is so funny!

  5. Baguette Baguettes

    Baguette Baguettes4 ngày trước

    I feel that Chantel really missed the mark here

  6. Mikrokosmius Bangtan

    Mikrokosmius Bangtan5 ngày trước

    Devin was MADE for this era

  7. Genevieve and Nika

    Genevieve and Nika6 ngày trước

    Me hearing Chantel's description: *Nooo* Me seeing Chantel's hair: *nooooo* Me seeing Chantel's photos: *nooooooo*

  8. Isabella Lombardo

    Isabella Lombardo7 ngày trước

    that’s what we call a buckle bunny

  9. Potato God

    Potato God7 ngày trước

    Just complement the people you want to complement Stop being rude okay

  10. Potato God

    Potato God7 ngày trước

    Can everyone just be kind in kind in this comment section, just but be kind.

  11. Luna Marie Sørensen

    Luna Marie Sørensen7 ngày trước

    I think that woman rigths is awesome and all but I feel like this photoshoot was just for fun and for the Ladies to play around in diffrent outfits

  12. Baby Yoshi :D

    Baby Yoshi :D9 ngày trước

    Everyone stop hating! You could said it in a nice way at least!Instead or hating, you could have educated them!

  13. Mary Cahill

    Mary Cahill13 ngày trước

    devin looks like princess dianna

  14. Makayla Hall

    Makayla Hall15 ngày trước

    She was jelly”yes”

  15. Gacha Menuette

    Gacha Menuette16 ngày trước

    Kristin in the intro looks like shes drunk

  16. Elensila2718

    Elensila271816 ngày trước

    Dude, Devin is legitimately great at this! I love how completely not self-conscious she seems! I really wanted a red lip, though.

  17. BW0 23

    BW0 2321 ngày trước

    I see where chantel was coming from and I am a feminist myself but the point of pinup is feminine, and submissiveness, etc. I think the ladies did an amazing job with this and I enjoyed this video but I was less impressed with channels piece

  18. Trixie harding

    Trixie harding23 ngày trước

    Kristin hair looks like young Dj Tanner from Full House

  19. Rachel Stocker

    Rachel StockerTháng trước

    Devin is the only one who really nailed this

  20. Faith DiMuccio

    Faith DiMuccioTháng trước

    Freddie is my Fav!♥️😵

  21. stray kids enthusiast

    stray kids enthusiastTháng trước

    Freddie is basically wearing the outfit James Charles wore to coachella 7:10 7:10

  22. self345

    self345Tháng trước

    Kristen's intro was hilarious and the reason why I watched the whole thing. She is a national treasure.

  23. Elsie Randeris (2027)

    Elsie Randeris (2027)Tháng trước

    Freddie’s tho

  24. Alisas Dreamworld

    Alisas DreamworldTháng trước

    Is that what Chantel did even a pin-up Style?... I mean,isn't pin-up something where women dress kinda exposing and feminist?

  25. Sally Versace

    Sally VersaceTháng trước

    Chantel is acting like a whiney 16 year old that just learned about feminism and refuses to wear the prom dress her mother just bought her but still insists on going.

  26. Alexia C

    Alexia CTháng trước

    Pinup was an 40-50's fashion ... Someone PLEASE tell me what the heck is "pinup" about a cowboy and spacey outfit. I find this degrading to the whole pinup culture.

  27. Lauren Bettis

    Lauren BettisTháng trước

    Freddie is giving me icy girl vibes and I am here for it.

  28. Clara Hutchings

    Clara HutchingsTháng trước

    why is everyone making fun of chantel she just wanted to have fun in the vid jeez

  29. Feline Dreamer

    Feline DreamerTháng trước

    Before (when I was like 15) I thought Pin up girls were just .... h*es... and that it was just over-sexualizing women, supported unrealistic body standers and even supported r*pe culture.... Now has a 19 year old... I will say that these are actually amazing! Not only is it artistic but women can feel beautiful and empowered by doing this... It can actually build self-confidence. All these ladies LOOKED BEAUTIFUL! (Thought has a bigger girl seeing Kristin do it made me feel so happy). Also just a think but maybe they should have based Chantel's outfit on like game alien girls (I know my friend internet I know there are sexy alien ladies out there XD or even the example would look great!). She still looked gorgeous thought...all of them did XD. Sad to not see Jen thought I know she probs wouldn't be comfortable doing this type of photoshoot.

  30. Rosedragon 01

    Rosedragon 01Tháng trước

    Everyone here keeps talking crap about chantel and a little about Freddie. They said they were going to do their OWN VERSION of pinup. I think they all look amazing and did a great job at pinup. Plus they do this for fun too, not for your approval!

  31. heymimi1990

    heymimi1990Tháng trước

    Devin and Kristen killed it! 😍🙌🏽

  32. Jedediah Larson-Poeschl

    Jedediah Larson-PoeschlTháng trước

    Devin is giving hardcore queenie from fantastic beasts vibes

  33. Lauren Ashley

    Lauren AshleyTháng trước

    AHHH, Freddie should have used chocolate milk for the second look......but honestly Dev and Kristen have my heart.

  34. EllieTheDigitalArtist XD

    EllieTheDigitalArtist XDTháng trước

    Devin’s photos are so amazing she looks so beautiful ❤️

  35. krazy Katlady

    krazy KatladyTháng trước

    They all looked BEAUTIFUL!! No matter if they were classic pin up or not!

  36. Emily-Jane Brown

    Emily-Jane BrownTháng trước

    I love Kristin in this, she's just so happy it makes me happy 😁

  37. Sally Versace

    Sally VersaceTháng trước

    She was really on a roll in this video and it was great

  38. Annie Tumanyan

    Annie TumanyanTháng trước


  39. brinley wilson

    brinley wilsonTháng trước

    Little did they know we're starting ww3

  40. ๖ r ໐ k ē ຖ

    ๖ r ໐ k ē ຖTháng trước

    chantel wasn't pinup at all

  41. Gacha Spot

    Gacha SpotTháng trước

    chantels hair looks like giorno giovannis from jojo

  42. Jitka Laurynová

    Jitka LaurynováTháng trước

    Someone has a good taste there

  43. Aurora Dalton

    Aurora DaltonTháng trước

    90 percent of the comments: Chanel didn’t really do pinup and shouldn’t be in the video 10 percent:they missed the point of pinup Me: I like the video

  44. Clio Grondahl

    Clio Grondahl10 ngày trước


  45. Aurora Dalton

    Aurora DaltonTháng trước

    From now on when I think of pinup I will think of this video

  46. poppi

    poppiTháng trước

    Devin's face at 14:36 😂

  47. Badmansband

    BadmansbandTháng trước

    The black chick is FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE!!!! They all went into this "feminism, patriarchy, it's just for the guys, women are treated like a piece of meat", all except the brunette who is usually hot came out of it, "this was pretty damn fun and I felt great and sexy"...

  48. sanzbozo

    sanzbozoTháng trước

    You all must love your jobs! That was fun, thank you.

  49. Katholeen Love it

    Katholeen Love itTháng trước

    Why is Jen not in this?! Im so confused as to how Chantel is a part of this group of ladies. No shade she just isnt as fun or positive. I straight up avoid videos with her in it.

  50. Armyqueenjas 18

    Armyqueenjas 18Tháng trước

    Katholeen Love it I feel like Jen wouldn’t be comfortable with wearing something revealing maybe that’s why but I wish she was in it

  51. D.N.C Inc

    D.N.C IncTháng trước

    They all looked so good! I can't though!!

  52. Averybun_ 19

    Averybun_ 19Tháng trước

    Devon and Kristin nailed it. Freddie definitely tryna and succeeded to a certain extent cause she actually was into it....now chantel.....I......I just.......NO

  53. Divya Panicker

    Divya PanickerTháng trước

    Y’all can stop with the hate about chantel I think she looked great

  54. Kash K.

    Kash K.Tháng trước

    People are hating on her attitude towards pin-up

  55. Bianca Lobsinger

    Bianca LobsingerTháng trước

    Omgosh, I’m so sick of feminism being brought into everything!!!😒🙄

  56. Violet Diamond

    Violet DiamondTháng trước

    Is it just me or, does Chantel not get the concept of Pinup?

  57. Devin Hemmings

    Devin HemmingsTháng trước

    Chantel’s look like a Halloween costume more than an actual pinup, Freddie’s costume maybe could have a little less fabric in some places, then Kristen and Devin were good but quite similar in design

  58. Sade Galbreath

    Sade GalbreathTháng trước

    Come on why is everyone hating on Chantal so what she didn't look like a pin up model? Why hate on her for it she has her own ideas of what she wants to do and so do we. Why say she wasn't trying. You don't know that? Were you there? Are you her? If you answered no to one or more of those questions please keep your opinions to yourself and stop hating on a video that has nothing to do with you. She had creative liberty and i think her outfit looked outstanding! So continue with your amazing day and stop ruining that amazing day for others

  59. Genevieve and Nika

    Genevieve and Nika2 tháng trước

    Chantel . . . . no

  60. Felix Felicis

    Felix Felicis2 tháng trước

    kristen or devin? like- devin comment- kristen

  61. The Fandom Queen

    The Fandom Queen2 tháng trước

    I like that Freddie reused the hoops from her icy video

  62. The Fandom Queen

    The Fandom Queen2 tháng trước

    Devin like genuinely killed it, she captured the vintage pinup

  63. Laura Ann Callaway

    Laura Ann Callaway2 tháng trước

    Freddie is sssooooo pretty. A perfect little pin-up pixie.

  64. Morgan V.

    Morgan V.2 tháng trước

    That intro of Kristen was me

  65. Abby Egan - Green

    Abby Egan - Green2 tháng trước

    Honestly, why was Chantel there? She kept trying to make this video and pin up something that it's not