Week Old McDonald's Taste Test


  1. Farras AM

    Farras AM2 giờ trước

    "We learnt alot havent we? havent wee??!" 😂😂😂 wkwk that one week old fillet o fish must be so good for Rhett

  2. Blacktops8893

    Blacktops8893Ngày trước

    I like McDonald's to be a day old xD

  3. Kate Gunn

    Kate GunnNgày trước

    I could never be on GMM or a crew member...as much as I love Rhett and Link there are too many "Normal" foods that I won't put in my mouth and even retch thinking about let alone Will It and an challenge...so I could never do any type of food challenge...I'd love to be on the crew cause I love you guys but I wouldn't make it...unless you want someone who spews at even the thought of tasting some of this stuff but Chase is a hottie...i may be able to be swayed ;-)

  4. motherly pasta

    motherly pasta2 ngày trước

    link looks like a snacc sksksks

  5. TarikGotaPie

    TarikGotaPie3 ngày trước

    Use and over or toaster oven or heat up the nuggets and fries. Maybe all.

  6. KittyCatCrazy

    KittyCatCrazy4 ngày trước

    Why did you make this...? Are you bringing it to court...????

  7. hardrockinhere

    hardrockinhere4 ngày trước

    Chicken in general is not a very good leftover, especially when kept that long. So i predicted right off the bat that the nuggets weren't gonna do well.

  8. naruto chick

    naruto chick4 ngày trước

    The filet of fish is on a steamed bun normally so that's why its all wrinkled. As far as how it tastes a week after idk. Never had one.

  9. Aabha Mathews

    Aabha Mathews5 ngày trước

    Why do they get two of each to store for a week and just one fresh one...? Why? Why?

  10. Drew Winchester

    Drew Winchester5 ngày trước

    This channel is so addictive

  11. slipsizemo

    slipsizemo6 ngày trước

    Dude a damn carls jr commercial came on before this video!!

  12. Lonna Skinner

    Lonna Skinner8 ngày trước

    Link, can I please have your shirt?

  13. Fidget Spinner Rocks

    Fidget Spinner Rocks8 ngày trước


  14. Jay M. Summers

    Jay M. Summers9 ngày trước

    You guys are McCrazy heee heee

  15. Charles Dunn

    Charles Dunn10 ngày trước

    Link: "It's like bad tofu." Me: Wait...there's good tofu?

  16. Muddy Husky

    Muddy Husky11 ngày trước

    I would throw that jacket out🤢

  17. Anya Schneider

    Anya Schneider11 ngày trước

    8:08 omg link’s face

  18. Ayse LT121

    Ayse LT12111 ngày trước

    Link link link ........ I LOVE YOUR SHIRT

  19. Arianna Prieto

    Arianna Prieto12 ngày trước

    Last time I reheated McDonald's, I threw up. No joke

  20. Julie Harden

    Julie Harden12 ngày trước

    I wish you guys would do a follow video on how you felt several hours later.

  21. RedSA

    RedSA12 ngày trước

    Silence* *The beef is bad.*

  22. That Guy

    That Guy13 ngày trước

    I did a bet with my brother for 200 I said a mcdonald burger wouldn't get moldy. I lost. I cried.

  23. Big NIBBA

    Big NIBBA13 ngày trước

    I love the nuggets cold.

  24. Mr. Man Guy

    Mr. Man Guy14 ngày trước

    Hey, can anyone give the time for when they say it’s gross so burger king won’t kick me out of their store? Please?

  25. Great Bread

    Great Bread14 ngày trước

    The problem is microwaving. Use a toaster oven or GoWise Air Oven.

  26. Mikelle Mefford

    Mikelle Mefford15 ngày trước

    It's 4 am but now I want McDonalds.

  27. Chaz Tdfhdftj. O

    Chaz Tdfhdftj. O15 ngày trước

    *kills nuggets*

  28. Mr. Puffin

    Mr. Puffin15 ngày trước

    Rhett takes the biggest bites I’ve ever seen

  29. Jellyfish Joker

    Jellyfish Joker16 ngày trước

    Thanks Chase Nooooo

  30. N VG

    N VG16 ngày trước

    This episode seems rushed! Please don't let that happen because it feels like we would miss out on any conversational side tracks that make this show great!

  31. Nefarious Productions

    Nefarious Productions17 ngày trước

    You could tell by look and sound of when they bit into it the nuggs and the fries were not as good anymore😂

  32. Rsquare 21

    Rsquare 2117 ngày trước

    Ur not supposed to microwave the fries or nuggets cause it makes hem saggy, if u buy them fresh and then microwave it instantly it’ll taste crappy

  33. JMAT

    JMAT17 ngày trước

    Rhett looks like he’s wearing a hospital shirt

  34. Karp

    Karp17 ngày trước

    Filet o fish is the best!!!!

  35. Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM

    Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM18 ngày trước

    Rhett says " well the egg mc muffin, and filet of fish could use sriracha sauce."

  36. rachel.doremi

    rachel.doremi18 ngày trước

    They didn't actually throw that food away....

  37. Trinh Hieu

    Trinh Hieu18 ngày trước

    Life's formula: Step 1 Filet-o-Fish Fries Coke Maybe some nuggets Step 2: ORDER THAT SHIT

  38. Cheesyguy 24

    Cheesyguy 2418 ngày trước

    I love leftover chicken nuggets 🤤 But microwaved

  39. No Body

    No Body18 ngày trước

    McDonalds fries are NOT famous for staying unchanged at all. They need to be fresh or they're disgusting

  40. Eliana Strong

    Eliana Strong18 ngày trước

    How come all of those bread items looked so perfect

  41. Mia Konidaris

    Mia Konidaris18 ngày trước

    Link rockin’ that cardigan

  42. Bryce Moore

    Bryce Moore19 ngày trước

    On the nuggets I just wanted Steph (from GTlive) to pop out and start talking in the nugget voice. Who else?

  43. Monae Solomon

    Monae Solomon19 ngày trước

    This is disgusting

  44. Segment

    Segment19 ngày trước

    Nice shirt, Link. All you need to finish the set are the shoulder pads.

  45. Jeremy Salazar

    Jeremy Salazar20 ngày trước

    Filet o fish gets younger lmfao

  46. Taynimations

    Taynimations21 ngày trước

    I don't know why, but this video feels a little lazy, it just seems they didn't edit it at all.

  47. riley purdy

    riley purdy21 ngày trước

    5:37 Rhett has seen some weird things

  48. Catcool 1

    Catcool 121 ngày trước

    Who noticed link had a Micheal Jackson Shirt on

  49. Michael Fazzina

    Michael Fazzina21 ngày trước

    Since when was tofu ever good

  50. Frank 2014

    Frank 201421 ngày trước

    I have a theory! You are not Mat Pat, Link!!!

  51. Adam 23

    Adam 2322 ngày trước

    Fresh Mc Donald's that's an oxymoron.

  52. CinnamonTen4565

    CinnamonTen456522 ngày trước

    -bad- good week old food

  53. Jeff Green

    Jeff Green22 ngày trước

    The microwave ruins food do this again but bake them in a toaster oven to reheat.

  54. Elephant Lover

    Elephant Lover22 ngày trước

    I love links shirt

  55. hugo brutus

    hugo brutus23 ngày trước

    This episode feels rushed

  56. Alpha Romeo

    Alpha Romeo23 ngày trước

    McDonald's food is terrible anyway, whether it's "fresh", a week old, a year old, or 15 years old. If you don't believe me, read "Chew On This" by Eric Schlosser and Charles Wilson.

  57. Rocket Pickle

    Rocket Pickle24 ngày trước

    So if you leave it out long enough it will become a fish and wheat right?

  58. Aaron Arnedo

    Aaron Arnedo24 ngày trước


  59. Joe O'Rourke

    Joe O'Rourke25 ngày trước

    I want to see the same test, but reheat the week old food in a microwave vs. an Air Fryer. Air Fryer is amazing for leftovers! Crisps everything back up to standard!

  60. Chase Butt

    Chase Butt25 ngày trước

    I’m so happy cuz my name is chase

  61. Frankie Warman

    Frankie Warman25 ngày trước

    McDonalds doesn't just remain unchanged. It dries out before mold can form, becoming mummified from lack of moisture not from mass preservatives.

  62. Frankie Warman

    Frankie Warman25 ngày trước

    Also thats why it tasted different then you remember Rhett, you refrigerated it which allows it to dry out making the beef bad. But if you freeze it like you did in college then its still moist.

  63. Matthew Haislip

    Matthew Haislip26 ngày trước

    The chicken nuggets are awful even at the idea stage at McDonald's.

  64. BRokCrowleySheppardDavyCook megafan

    BRokCrowleySheppardDavyCook megafan26 ngày trước

    Lmao did u botox this bread lmao rhett!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

  65. BRokCrowleySheppardDavyCook megafan

    BRokCrowleySheppardDavyCook megafan26 ngày trước

    Link - leave me some Reggie lmao

  66. Gunnar Reynir

    Gunnar Reynir26 ngày trước

    I knew about the mcnuggets from experience

  67. Emily , But basically a trash can

    Emily , But basically a trash can26 ngày trước

    havent eaten mcdonald's food in 2 years, except drinks. I'm happy bout that now.

  68. Gnarly Erixk

    Gnarly Erixk26 ngày trước

    Were they boiled for safety

  69. RhythmicRascal

    RhythmicRascal26 ngày trước


  70. Muhammed

    Muhammed27 ngày trước

    Every single component for making the burgers at mcdonalds is at least already 1 or 2 weeks old

  71. imLazy 720

    imLazy 72027 ngày trước

    I love the Filet O Fish with Sweet N Sour

  72. Adam Tang

    Adam Tang27 ngày trước

    Boiled for safety?

  73. iiBlurry face

    iiBlurry face27 ngày trước

    Someone get chase a trophy 😂

  74. Pink Diamonds

    Pink Diamonds27 ngày trước

    It's not real food smh

  75. #queens Bee

    #queens Bee27 ngày trước

    You posted this on my birthday!!!! Thanks GMM

  76. Phunky towel

    Phunky towel28 ngày trước

    Pre- cooked then re-heated fish. Roll the dice and take your chances, lads.

  77. Prissy Felicity

    Prissy Felicity28 ngày trước

    So glad they don't do these type of episodes anymore, they were so rushed!

  78. oooh shes a queen now

    oooh shes a queen now28 ngày trước

    Reggie? Don't cha mean Jughead?

  79. rony vlogs !

    rony vlogs !28 ngày trước

    Astronaut kid 🔥🔥🔥

  80. crusty volvo85

    crusty volvo8529 ngày trước

    I'm sitting here eating left over KFC lol

  81. Blake

    BlakeTháng trước

    Rhett looks like a fish

  82. Amy Fish

    Amy FishTháng trước

    They've been friends forever, yet they won't eat after each other....

  83. J0K3

    J0K3Tháng trước

    I get that double quarter pounder meal everytime I go. Topped off with a frap😂 if it's taco bell then, 5 layer burrito and a Baja freeze.

  84. Nicholas Sharron

    Nicholas SharronTháng trước

    Link's dead stare after that toaster bit XD

  85. Tituobaklat

    TituobaklatTháng trước

    God I’m hungry

  86. pinkfluffyunicorns'

    pinkfluffyunicorns'Tháng trước

    What happened nugget D:

  87. Vike

    VikeTháng trước

    Just the idea of a reheated filet o fish maked me puke in my mouth

  88. Hannah Truesdale

    Hannah TruesdaleTháng trước

    Yall just wanted to eat a ton of mcds😂

  89. yuri

    yuriTháng trước

    yes, a really good book

  90. Cryth

    CrythTháng trước

    I can just imagine Rhett shoving a big Mac into a toaster

  91. Makiko ___

    Makiko ___Tháng trước

    I'd there anything better than leftovers? Yes a really good book EEEEEEEEER

  92. Leon Roche

    Leon RocheTháng trước


  93. Trista Sayers

    Trista SayersTháng trước

    If chase ever leaves gmm, is there really any point in watching?

  94. Frizzz Ace

    Frizzz AceTháng trước

    so much of waste food

  95. Boku no Hero!

    Boku no Hero!Tháng trước

    Soon that fillet a fish will be in egg and some wheat

  96. nicole penkava

    nicole penkavaTháng trước

    Love the MJ shirt link is wearing from the thriller album (rip)

  97. Natilee Rae

    Natilee RaeTháng trước

    LOVE THE MJ SHIRT!!!!!!!

  98. Siberian Husky

    Siberian HuskyTháng trước

    Burger’s older than me. Wow.

  99. Lucinda Mobley

    Lucinda MobleyTháng trước

    5:51 Bread Bread Wiiiiiiiiiiine.

  100. jack turner

    jack turnerTháng trước

    I ate four big macs in 15 minutes

  101. Priscilla Johnson

    Priscilla JohnsonTháng trước

    They've been friends since they were 8, yet they can't bite off the same side of an Egg McMuffin...........