Week Old McDonald's Taste Test


  1. Eliza Iszlaub

    Eliza Iszlaub2 ngày trước

    Claps for Chase.

  2. QuacktheSir

    QuacktheSir2 ngày trước

    That Big Mac story sounds a lot like Julien Smith “Waffles”, or is that just me?

  3. CaptainBed - Gaming and more

    CaptainBed - Gaming and more2 ngày trước

    I love the big mac

  4. ScrunchieSockSister

    ScrunchieSockSister5 ngày trước

    Teacher-"did y'all do the homework?" Me- 0:13

  5. john ransdell

    john ransdell5 ngày trước


  6. BestBroseph

    BestBroseph5 ngày trước

    Filet o fish buns are steamed when you order it, that's why it was wrinkly

  7. Aloysius Fisher

    Aloysius Fisher6 ngày trước

    I still get bothered that these two have been friends for sooo long but still get bothered by eating the same food

  8. goatie

    goatie7 ngày trước

    i recommend freezing them first but if you reheat leftover mcdonalds french fries in the oven for 10 minutes at 425 fahrenheit then throw them on a pan with 1-2 tablespoons of cooking oil for 5 minutes and turn them over every minute then add salt they'll be exactly the same as they are fresh up to 2 weeks old. microwaving them makes them disgusting and rubbery/soggy because of the oils on the fries from the deep frying. microwaves aren't able to create the crisp that ovens can because they don't have enough heat, but reheating them in the oven then refrying them a bit in a saucepan really gives you that crispy flavor and golden color back, especially if you freeze them first.

  9. Jade Tyrant

    Jade Tyrant8 ngày trước

    the filet-o-fish sandwich looked younger with time because the bread dried out. it's wrinkled because the buns get lightly steamed before they put the fish on. just a random piece of information lol I used to work at mcdics.

  10. Michael Liberian girl

    Michael Liberian girl8 ngày trước


  11. archermax34

    archermax348 ngày trước

    Is there anything better than left over yes a really good book

  12. Sydnie Sturgeon

    Sydnie Sturgeon9 ngày trước

    Why does the week old one look like it’s the more fresh one in thumbnail 😂

  13. Gracie Colvin

    Gracie Colvin10 ngày trước

    3:23 “two continental shelf’s meeting” I think it’s continental plates or tectonic plates or continental crust or something 😐 😐 idk 😂 😂 😂 lol

  14. Gracie Colvin

    Gracie Colvin10 ngày trước

    They didn’t say “ Good mythical morninggggg “ Or “ let’s talk about that “ 😢😢😢😢 #DinkitandSinkit #LetsTalkAboutThat #GoodMythicalMorning #MythicalBeasts #WowThatsAlotofHashtags

  15. Katie Price

    Katie Price10 ngày trước

    In the uk McDonald’s is all fresh food, so our McDonald’s would not be ok to eat after a week. It’s All those preservatives keeping the food ok after a week. If I tried that here I would get mad food poisoning 😂

  16. animal lover

    animal lover11 ngày trước

    i *LOVE* egg biscuits aka Egg McMuffin

  17. Anastasia Busacco

    Anastasia Busacco11 ngày trước

    TOASTER OVEN!!! Look i have a culinary degree AND work at McDonald's. THE TOASTER OVEN IS YOUR FRIEND. Toss left over nugs or fries in A LITTLE, just to make em whiney, bit of oil and pop those babies in your TOASTER OVEN OR OVEN at about 400-450 till they are sizzling and warm again. Enjoy :)

  18. Anastasia Busacco

    Anastasia Busacco11 ngày trước

    Shiney** NOT WHINEY

  19. Stella Christiani

    Stella Christiani12 ngày trước

    Rhett's face at 8:38 😂

  20. Dale Marx

    Dale Marx13 ngày trước

    gotta say, the mcdonalds breakfast burrito both stays exactly the same over however long you keep it and tastes the best- really think yall missed out! (sad to say there were a lot of re-heated mcdonalds burritos when I lived in california) love the show!

  21. Kenesu Gruezo

    Kenesu Gruezo13 ngày trước

    "Leave me some Regi" "Love me some Regi" Only LoL players will know HAHAHHA

  22. Jharad Cumberbatch

    Jharad Cumberbatch14 ngày trước

    I love how little ahead link thinks... live in the moment my man

  23. Discordia Wonders

    Discordia Wonders14 ngày trước

    Putting fried food in the toaster oven is the way to go.

  24. Josh Berry

    Josh Berry14 ngày trước

    Should have done this by warming the food in a toaster oven.

  25. Patrick Day

    Patrick Day15 ngày trước

    You gotta heat the nuggets in the toaster oven🙃

  26. hidayah sabtu

    hidayah sabtu15 ngày trước

    Rhett gang for fillet o fish lover

  27. markus Howard

    markus Howard17 ngày trước

    This episode seems rushed

  28. Ethan Andrade

    Ethan Andrade17 ngày trước

    Is it just me or does the editing in this video seem off?

  29. Chunky Coffee

    Chunky Coffee17 ngày trước

    It's because they steam the filet o fish bun. That's why it gets somewhat wrinkled and then puffs out after a while.

  30. curtislee

    curtislee18 ngày trước

    I Like the hot floppy ones fresh

  31. 2Kaka2Kaka

    2Kaka2Kaka19 ngày trước

    Lol in thumbnail week old looks better

  32. Erin Malfoy

    Erin Malfoy19 ngày trước

    McDonald's is way better in England my nuggets last longer I can eat the 20 box threw out 1 or 2 hours

  33. AMJava

    AMJava20 ngày trước

    I’d love to see how much a difference using a toaster oven instead of a microwave would make on the reheated food. I’m positive the fries and chicken nuggets would fair way better. It’d be interesting to see if the rankings would change.

  34. Average Mom

    Average Mom20 ngày trước

    You guys waste a lot of food

  35. Christopher Kimmel

    Christopher Kimmel20 ngày trước

    Leftover pizza is great

  36. Space Racer26

    Space Racer2620 ngày trước

    Chick fil las chicken nuggets are good after microwaving

  37. J GamerZ

    J GamerZ21 ngày trước

    Your the funniest 40 year old men on the planet

  38. xydoit

    xydoit21 ngày trước

    Toaster with a door called Toaster Oven.

  39. FinBoyTV

    FinBoyTV21 ngày trước

    That fish bun had that Benjamin button disease

  40. *Aries the zodiac* *

    *Aries the zodiac* *21 ngày trước

    when they said the bread gone bad it reminds me of that vine that says " the milks gone bad" and then it shoots people

  41. nadine alva

    nadine alva21 ngày trước

    Im hungry after watching this

  42. i am da meme 123

    i am da meme 12323 ngày trước

    I like the good flopiness in french fries its delicious

  43. X7 coop788

    X7 coop78823 ngày trước

    If you put a fillet a fishOut for 15 years that’s back as a fresh try it

  44. Michael Stoyles

    Michael Stoyles23 ngày trước

    The beef is bad lol

  45. David Pineda

    David Pineda25 ngày trước

    I've ate 1 day old nuggets

  46. Jacob Davis

    Jacob Davis25 ngày trước

    So, basically normal McDonalds?

  47. Soul Evans

    Soul Evans25 ngày trước

    Chase the real MVP!!!

  48. LiveAction Link

    LiveAction Link26 ngày trước

    Never microwave leftover nuggets lol. Always put them in a toaster oven. They turn out great

  49. Scarlet Phoenix

    Scarlet Phoenix26 ngày trước

    I think this is one of the most useful video that you guys have made. Relative to myself atleast. You guys should do other fast food places too.

  50. Mike Wilbur

    Mike Wilbur27 ngày trước

    i ate a few days old mcnugget that was sitting in my friends car i didnt know it was old and it tasted like stale movie popcorn

  51. Senia Foster

    Senia Foster27 ngày trước

    ᴛʜᴇ ᴄʜᴇᴡɪɴɢ

  52. Letsplaygames 11

    Letsplaygames 1128 ngày trước

    I love how he leaned close to the nugget and said what happened

  53. Bethany Faith

    Bethany FaithTháng trước

    Eating a leftover whopper as I watch this

  54. Sam McGuire

    Sam McGuireTháng trước

    Do this with BK or arbys

  55. Me Three

    Me ThreeTháng trước

    Mc fish has had Mc Botox XD

  56. James Miller

    James MillerTháng trước


  57. Brooklyn Lovato

    Brooklyn LovatoTháng trước

    This is potentially very dangerous.

  58. Maurice Lushwena

    Maurice LushwenaTháng trước

    Link has gone mad with power

  59. Bran’s mEmEtAsTiC Factory

    Bran’s mEmEtAsTiC FactoryTháng trước

    I Remember my Teacher telling me back when he was in College Him and his Friends Would Go To Burger King For the 2 Whopper’s for The Friday Deal and They Would Buy 30 Something of them and then Put Them In the Freezer and Then eat Them a Month Later

  60. Lorraine Carroll

    Lorraine CarrollTháng trước

    Nuggets the next day are so freaking good

  61. rhett&leek

    rhett&leekTháng trước

    Slow it down to 0.25

  62. B.G. Beats

    B.G. BeatsTháng trước

    i love letting my McDanks nuggers get cold, they taste much better

  63. DJisaBaker667

    DJisaBaker667Tháng trước

    I worked at Burger King for 6 years, the big fish was always my favorite, but it always tasted way better when the patty was sitting in the heat tray for way too long. Also my daughter Jocelynn wanted me to let you know, she likes the floppy fries too.

  64. Rocket Turtle

    Rocket TurtleTháng trước

    Come to Australia our filet o fish buns are exactly like the week old one

  65. Mia Kelly

    Mia KellyTháng trước

    Why does link’s eating face look so scared

  66. kenny esmailian

    kenny esmailianTháng trước

    Cake after a party left over night in the fridge and you eat it in the morning, best leftover tastes better than when you got the cake

  67. Antonio Ditaranto

    Antonio DitarantoTháng trước

    I just watched two adult people eating week old fast food. That's weird if you think it that way.

  68. NessMasterGengar! !

    NessMasterGengar! !Tháng trước

    So weird without the crew constantly being heard in the background

  69. ItzPharoah

    ItzPharoahTháng trước

    Well it was probably already over a week old, I doubt it will be very different

  70. The Dude

    The DudeTháng trước

    The week old nugget looks just like the nugget they sell where I'm from in MacDonald's.

  71. keegan cook

    keegan cookTháng trước

    U went to my cousins school in year 7 and bought in a 15 year old burger

  72. Jivan Grewal

    Jivan GrewalTháng trước

    McDonalds reheated is probaly fine (haven't really had American McDonalds). Try Jack in the box fresh vs day old. In particular try the burgers. There's a huge difference and youll come back and rate these items much higher.

  73. Morgan Dickie

    Morgan DickieTháng trước

    I absolutely loved links T-shirt 😍😍

  74. Aliyah hey

    Aliyah heyTháng trước


  75. Chandra N

    Chandra NTháng trước

    Damn ice cream machine broke again?

  76. sneakerheadjt

    sneakerheadjtTháng trước

    Guys... I swear to you that mcdoubles are actually better refrigerated then microwaved than fresh. (No onions or pickles because those don't last). Some one try it. You will be amazed! I've been saying this for awhile and I've only come across a couple folks on the wave

  77. ShinebugVlogs

    ShinebugVlogsTháng trước

    Did you know McDonald food is edible soft plastic? (Sorry if I ruined you’re favorite food)

  78. ShinebugVlogs

    ShinebugVlogsTháng trước

    Did you know McDonald food is edible soft plastic? (Sorry if I ruined you’re favorite food)

  79. Natasha Oliver

    Natasha OliverTháng trước

    When Rhett just wants everyone to be as hyped as him and the only one playing along is chase

  80. The Canine Nutritionist

    The Canine NutritionistTháng trước

    I think the Chicken Nuggets can hold up a while if you put them in the oven instead of the microwave. Every experience I had with pre cooked fried food in the microwave has always been a sad experience and makes the breading soggy

  81. JL Sagely

    JL SagelyTháng trước

    Wait....”Good floppiness”? What?!?!?

  82. D. M.

    D. M.Tháng trước

    Fries have a brief window where they can improve your life. After that window? Evil incarnate.

  83. Benny JT

    Benny JTTháng trước

    I wouldn't eat a week old cooked egg..... from a chefs point of view, i'd rather not get salmonella lol

  84. Evan joseph

    Evan josephTháng trước

    A week refrigerator is not safe lol

  85. Angelina Ribaudo

    Angelina RibaudoTháng trước

    Shows you how bad there food is

  86. Kaitlyn J.

    Kaitlyn J.Tháng trước

    "Oh hold on it had to be... your talkin about 4 for a dollar?" "Yeah, they did a 25 cent big mac special because i got 12 of them." 😂😂

  87. supreme gay lvl. 21

    supreme gay lvl. 21Tháng trước


  88. supreme gay lvl. 21

    supreme gay lvl. 21Tháng trước

    _”i love a smooth bun”_

  89. Johannes Brahms

    Johannes BrahmsTháng trước

    5:27 "I love a smooth bun" ~Rhett McLaughlin 2018

  90. Lilly Schmid

    Lilly SchmidTháng trước

    Shoot dig stupid native manner English man switch foreign.

  91. angryhobo212

    angryhobo212Tháng trước

    Rhett: "The old ones got taut!" Link: (talking to filet-o-fish) "What'd ya learn?"

  92. Kheldaurus

    KheldaurusTháng trước

    Bic mac is clearly the worst hamburger of those big chains' signature burgers. It's just not good with the mustard mayo. And egg mcmuffin is the worst thing in the world.

  93. Carlie Hedrick

    Carlie HedrickTháng trước


  94. Jeremiah Rodgers

    Jeremiah RodgersTháng trước

    Love the thriller shirt tho

  95. Nicolas Montiel

    Nicolas MontielTháng trước

    “It got whiter” *immediately turns to Michael Jackson*

  96. reese collier

    reese collierTháng trước

    Let us see behind the scenes and how the show goes down

  97. Bonnie Z

    Bonnie ZTháng trước

    I remember that Big Mac story from another episode, a way older episode.

  98. Jade Williams

    Jade WilliamsTháng trước

    I've never had the fillet o fish 👀

  99. Brian Philip

    Brian PhilipTháng trước

    I think the Filet o Fish bun changed because it was put in the microwave

  100. kyle cornelius

    kyle corneliusTháng trước

    Be glad you didn't do fries Edit. Nevermind

  101. George

    GeorgeTháng trước

    Man these guys are the best