Week Old McDonald's Taste Test


  1. brxkenwinqs •

    brxkenwinqs •4 ngày trước

    The thriller shirt tho 😍

  2. BigPappi Bj

    BigPappi Bj10 ngày trước

    Ol Neal’s t-shirt didn’t age well...

  3. Will D

    Will D10 ngày trước

    I’m surprised that Rhett didn’t mention the apocalypse when Link talked about stock piling McDonald’s

  4. Sparky Nutters

    Sparky Nutters11 ngày trước


  5. Adog828

    Adog82812 ngày trước

    The beef is bad

  6. tanner whitacre

    tanner whitacre19 ngày trước

    Now I can’t testify to week old nuggets, but when McD’s had the 50 piece McNugget, a heated up nugget the next day was pretty good in my mind.

  7. Ryan Peter

    Ryan Peter21 ngày trước

    You fools, you must put the nuggets and chips in the oven for max retention of flavour and crispness(sincerely a student)

  8. Killswitch Kurtz

    Killswitch Kurtz23 ngày trước

    No D.. In important.

  9. Asherman21

    Asherman2124 ngày trước

    Y'all should do more videos with VIreporterrs.

  10. Francis Williams

    Francis Williams28 ngày trước

    I wonder how Rhett would feel about the Denali Mac.

  11. Taylor Willis

    Taylor WillisTháng trước

    Is it weird that I order extra nuggets just to put them in the fridge for later? I love nastingly delicious nuggets. It’s almost orgasmic to eat a 2 day old chicken nugget at 2 am after a night of drinking.

  12. Adeena Tinwala

    Adeena TinwalaTháng trước

    The way Rhett says controversial is controversial

  13. Lori Wolfcat

    Lori WolfcatTháng trước

    How did they not test the cheeseburger? The one item that supposedly doesn’t change in taste or look.

  14. Dovyeon

    DovyeonTháng trước

    The food is already decades old if it's McDonalds

  15. dj ortiz

    dj ortizTháng trước

    some of these you’re supposed to put in the toaster instead of the microwave.

  16. 429 all the way

    429 all the wayTháng trước

    It always amuses me that these men have been friends for 30 or so yrs & have done god knows what together, but they don't bite from the same place😂

  17. Forrest Dyer

    Forrest DyerTháng trước

    Why wouldn’t you re heat in the oven?

  18. Donna Carson

    Donna CarsonTháng trước

    U gotta put the nuggets in the oven same with fries

  19. ticci toby

    ticci tobyTháng trước

    Do you like McDonald's or homade nuggies? I love my grandma's homemade nuggies

  20. Brantson W

    Brantson WTháng trước


  21. Whoamiacrazerson

    WhoamiacrazersonTháng trước

    they are the same does that make you nervous?

  22. amayesan

    amayesanTháng trước

    Rhett: Is there anything better than leftovers? My brain: yes a really good book.

  23. Dat1CowboyzFanInTheCorner

    Dat1CowboyzFanInTheCornerTháng trước

    Why she this episode seem a lot more fast paced?

  24. Rishabh Kapatkar

    Rishabh KapatkarTháng trước

    By the way. Did ya know that Botox is the deadliest poison. 4-50 g could kill the entire life on Earth. And People still use it for Makeup Makeup lol. Only Conserned about the looks not health

  25. Rishabh Kapatkar

    Rishabh KapatkarTháng trước

    5.52 I liked Rhett's perspective lol

  26. Julie Buyse

    Julie BuyseTháng trước

    Link: Take a lil’ bite Rhett: *eats third of burger*

  27. Sanjar Karim

    Sanjar KarimTháng trước

    I prefer 1 hour old mcnugget

  28. Watson Property Group

    Watson Property GroupTháng trước

    Rhett's tongue making a sneaky appearance at 8:38

  29. Joaquin Correa

    Joaquin CorreaTháng trước

    Never tried McDonald’s

  30. Olly Golly

    Olly Golly2 tháng trước

    Link: Safety is important on this show. Me: U sure

  31. SaberGamer

    SaberGamer2 tháng trước

    Link with the Michael Jackson shirt

  32. Tanta_Cat

    Tanta_Cat2 tháng trước

    "Safety is important on this show"

  33. Becca Clements

    Becca Clements2 tháng trước

    RIP there stomachs

  34. Austin Solak

    Austin Solak2 tháng trước

    You guys should be doing blind taste tests

  35. infamousdrunk

    infamousdrunk2 tháng trước

    you should have done toaster oven they retain the original taste.

  36. Chris

    Chris2 tháng trước

    The reason the bun on the filet o fish got "younger" is because the filet o fish is the only sandwich at McDonald's that gets its buns steamed. From a former employee.

  37. Noah Hornsby

    Noah Hornsby2 tháng trước

    get red of that Michael jackson shirt he was a pedi

  38. Pedro Santiago

    Pedro Santiago2 tháng trước

    0:10 & 9:13

  39. The awesome gamer

    The awesome gamer2 tháng trước

    More like good mithalacal night

  40. outkast353

    outkast3532 tháng trước

    Which McDonald's? The one on western, Hillsborough st, or oberlin? One of them had an error on their online menu for a few months that made spicy bacon mcchickens free

  41. Gacha Liyah

    Gacha Liyah2 tháng trước

    i love your shirt link ;)

  42. Enshine 544

    Enshine 5442 tháng trước

    I'm not picky at all dude I love anything cold and leftover

  43. Lucy-Mae B

    Lucy-Mae B2 tháng trước

    Honestly...same. Except pizza cause the cheese has gone cold and hard

  44. Enshine 544

    Enshine 5442 tháng trước

    I love cold nuggets

  45. Yeetus Deletus

    Yeetus Deletus2 tháng trước

    I love McDonald's I get to much food so I have to microwave

  46. The Maverick Mind

    The Maverick Mind2 tháng trước

    Why is Link wearing his wife's sweater lol

  47. J B

    J B2 tháng trước

    Rhett really is a fatass at heart

  48. Metro Tmobile

    Metro Tmobile2 tháng trước

    Yayo on the table


    LORD PEWDIEPIE2 tháng trước

    Chicken nugget leftovers went bad it’s just cooking any fried chicken In microwave is horible


    AJtheJUICEMAN2 tháng trước

    Nobody: Me: Stevie can get it

  51. Gavin Mikulas

    Gavin Mikulas2 tháng trước

    This was terrifically good

  52. Jenna Lynn Bindel

    Jenna Lynn Bindel2 tháng trước

    If you’re gonna reheat fries you gotta use a toaster oven, it’s the only way

  53. Joselyn Vifquain

    Joselyn Vifquain2 tháng trước

    Were the old sandwiches boiled for safety?

  54. dunker925

    dunker9252 tháng trước

    This is flawed. The test is always that mcdonalds food holds up for a period not refrigerated. Office drawer, pocket, etc. room temp not cold.

  55. The Virtual Zookeeper

    The Virtual Zookeeper2 tháng trước

    I'm surprised that after being friends for so long they act afraid to eat after each other.

  56. The Virtual Zookeeper

    The Virtual Zookeeper2 tháng trước

    I want a big mac tho.

  57. RatBoi

    RatBoi2 tháng trước

    the beef is bad 😢

  58. L eiram

    L eiram2 tháng trước

    Mac don't crack

  59. Esteban Guzman

    Esteban Guzman2 tháng trước

    Big Mac's dont have lettuce any more(i love lettuce)(last one i ate was at San Francisco)

  60. Drake krome

    Drake krome2 tháng trước

    ok!! lol here's a poor mans experienced secret on fast food products that last days upon a week without rotting or molding! i was a super poor man at one time living from friends couch to friends couch to my car in my younger years, 2007 to 20013 and these are the foods i would eat that i noticed were still good to eat after 3 plus days of storing in a car or in boxes lol ... 1. mcdonald's hamburgers. i would buy 6 mcdonalds double cheese burgers and leave them in the bag in the floor board of my car the whole week i was working and on lunch break i would go to my car and grab a double cheese burger out of that bag and eat it for lunch i could do that for 6 days without noticing any fowl tastes from the 6 day old burger to the first day burger (mcdonalds chicken sandwiches dont last more than a day but the burgers will last up to a week! 2. mcdonalds chicken nuggets.. 2. little caesars pizza. 3. burger king cheese burgers also kept tasting good after 2 days. 4. burger king chicken nuggets as well. 5.taco bell nachos, as long as you dont get them with tomato or sour cream a nacho bell grande will last up to 4 days and still taste good without the vegetables or sour cream. 6. taco bell plain soft tacos are the same thing i could order 6 of them on monday and leave the bag in my car and eat them as snacks here and there at work in my car up to 5 days later and they still tasted the same and i would be fine afterward.

  61. Rob Keller

    Rob Keller3 tháng trước

    Josh is very rude and unprofessional get rid of him you guys don't need that

  62. my dude247

    my dude2473 tháng trước

    If the felofish is not changed then that means you shouldn't order it lol.

  63. Kate Bolling

    Kate Bolling3 tháng trước

    If you put fries under the broiler until they're hot they taste exactly the same as fresh ones

  64. Aisha

    Aisha3 tháng trước

    I wouldn’t have enough self control to keep these in a fridge for an entire week

  65. Tomasina and Estella!

    Tomasina and Estella!3 tháng trước

    You've changed, nuggets!

  66. X-Tech Gam!nG

    X-Tech Gam!nG3 tháng trước

    This video felt rushed

  67. ضاري الجبلي

    ضاري الجبلي3 tháng trước

    Food poisoning incoming

  68. Jackson Graham

    Jackson Graham3 tháng trước

    mcchicken bro

  69. Max Martin

    Max Martin3 tháng trước

    The second fish thing ret ate was the good one. I watched it over again and they did get switched

  70. Ronald Dreese

    Ronald Dreese3 tháng trước

    We shouldn't eat something that never molds. ='[

  71. Buku Duckets

    Buku Duckets3 tháng trước

    Nice shirt link!

  72. tropico boy

    tropico boy3 tháng trước

    Should have tried the mc rib

  73. Stefan Jensen

    Stefan Jensen3 tháng trước

    I miss the sound of Stevie's laughter, and the warm orange feel of the set

  74. Brandon Mead

    Brandon Mead3 tháng trước

    What’s up with Link’s new obsession with pull over sweaters? He’s looking kind of like a lesbian lately.

  75. James Morrison

    James Morrison3 tháng trước

    Try this with in and out!


    ABDULSALAM3 tháng trước

    do the oven vs the microwave for week old food which is better.

  77. suzette ortiz

    suzette ortiz3 tháng trước

    I like chicken nuggets and pizza 🍕

  78. Furry overlord josh

    Furry overlord josh3 tháng trước

    The stupid gellete ad is the only ad I get from you guys

  79. Haley Olson

    Haley Olson3 tháng trước


  80. TheENofficial

    TheENofficial3 tháng trước

    Best friends for decades, still can’t bite from the same burger

  81. TheENofficial

    TheENofficial3 tháng trước

    Toaster oven makes nuggets taste amazing

  82. Peyton Barrett

    Peyton Barrett3 tháng trước

    The chicken nuggets are my favorite leftovers because you can eat em cold and when you nuke em they taste great

  83. Peyton Barrett

    Peyton Barrett3 tháng trước

    But that's just me cuz I'm weird

  84. Brendan Dever

    Brendan Dever3 tháng trước

    Nothing worse than cold fries.

  85. Dakota Emosaurus

    Dakota Emosaurus3 tháng trước

    I use to work at maccas and there are certain things you can do to make it taste almost EXACTLY the same when re-heated. Nuggets and fries are really only good when done in an oven. The burgers need to be de-constructed with the meat microwaved / ovened first importantly without the cheese and yes this is the hardest part but makes it better once it is sufficiently warmed up put it back together and back in without the salad (so bun, cheese and meat) till the cheese is melted now just add the salad back an bam tastes 99% like the originally bought item. (However even in the oven fries usually come out like cardboard so i tend to put them in a big pile not spread out to create slight moisture for the inner ones)

  86. ジョーさん

    ジョーさん3 tháng trước

    *McDonald's has left the chat*

  87. Ashley Leblond

    Ashley Leblond3 tháng trước

    “Is there anything better than leftovers?” Yes, a really good book

  88. Tiffany Michelle

    Tiffany Michelle3 tháng trước

    I wonder if you’d air fried them if you would have been able to Tell a difference

  89. Kyle Harmon

    Kyle Harmon3 tháng trước

    The oven would have been a 1000 times better on some of those. Kind of screwed it up

  90. Tony Donahoe

    Tony Donahoe3 tháng trước

    Yeah I prefer week old buns

  91. MrNesscity

    MrNesscity3 tháng trước

    the bread on the filet-o-fish is probably filled with gas. most items that go bad delevop gases. Like bloaty dead bodies.

  92. Zyerra Walton

    Zyerra Walton3 tháng trước

    they get hi before doing these I just know it

  93. Chlamydia

    Chlamydia3 tháng trước

    Why is link dressed like a grandma with that sweater

  94. arikajoyce

    arikajoyce3 tháng trước

    microwaves make food less flavorful

  95. GAMMASTAR321

    GAMMASTAR3213 tháng trước

    This video seemed rushed dont you think?

  96. LaCy Doodle

    LaCy Doodle3 tháng trước

    Chase is so adorable 🥰

  97. Flying Penguin

    Flying Penguin3 tháng trước

    remember the big mac halloween special?

  98. Arakellian Darksun

    Arakellian Darksun4 tháng trước

    With a Rosewill infer red halogen convection oven the chicken nuggets and fries taste just as fresh as first caught your issue was microwave you ruin all the week and even fresh foods

  99. Grizzlyguy07

    Grizzlyguy074 tháng trước

    The main reason this format didn't work? They're are talking and going too fast! I looked away for 30 seconds and they had already done 3 foods

  100. g r i z z z

    g r i z z z4 tháng trước

    Oh yeah yeah

  101. Liam Matley

    Liam Matley4 tháng trước

    Link is so rough with everything he does lol

  102. Willy Reynolds

    Willy Reynolds4 tháng trước

    Brooooooo Read more