Weekend Update: Pete Davidson Apologizes to Lt. Com. Dan Crenshaw - SNL


  1. Terry Kearns

    Terry KearnsGiờ trước

    That was good stuff. But why was there no applause from the audience when Davidson apologized the first time?

  2. mira krása

    mira krásaGiờ trước

    ss totenkompf zabiju tě

  3. Erin Morris

    Erin MorrisGiờ trước

    Looks like Dan Crenshaw is Making SNL Great Again

  4. Rodney Hill

    Rodney HillGiờ trước

    That was honestly funny

  5. daviddrewmills

    daviddrewmillsGiờ trước

    Dan Crenshaw handled this whole thing beautifully. This is much better than being "triggered" and saying that Pete hates veterans. Too many people point the finger in these situations.

  6. Technology and Stuff

    Technology and StuffGiờ trước

    This was freaking hilarious

  7. T0103

    T0103Giờ trước

    Well done, SNL! This is the America we want to see! More unity than division. Thank you Lt. Crenshaw for being the bigger person to forgive and use this platform for a great message. And Pete for owning up his mistake. #neverforget

  8. MF

    MFGiờ trước

    That guy Pete is so ugly

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    sloth puppy cowGiờ trước

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  10. Kendrick Duckworth

    Kendrick DuckworthGiờ trước

    say "I" if you think this is a good ONE

  11. Antoinette Mosley

    Antoinette MosleyGiờ trước

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  12. Meg Likon

    Meg LikonGiờ trước

    “Do you know her” OMG

  13. Hannah Bug

    Hannah BugGiờ trước

    What Pete said to him after was amazing

  14. Gareth Morgan

    Gareth MorganGiờ trước

    That was cool.

  15. Leroytirebiter

    LeroytirebiterGiờ trước

    What a truly inspirational bootlicker

  16. Svlution

    SvlutionGiờ trước

    I know there’s a .001% chance anyone will see this but... I’m praying all my hard work finally gets noticed🤞🏽 and the same to everyone else!💕..

  17. Timothy Moore

    Timothy MooreGiờ trước

    class act pete, class act

  18. Brendan Ma

    Brendan MaGiờ trước

    Pete Davidson trending twice. First as a song and now apologizing.

  19. Mandy Tan

    Mandy TanGiờ trước


  20. John Kendrick

    John KendrickGiờ trước

    LoL it was funny an i hate snl for all the trump bashing but it's was funny an a joke

  21. Adam Banks

    Adam BanksGiờ trước

    Sweet revenge against that soy boy

  22. Emma Lown

    Emma LownGiờ trước

    Dan Crenshaw looks like a long lost Wahlberg brother and I’m into it. On a serious note. This is so well written and so sincere. Pete and Dan are both good men, and both have come out looking great.

  23. GCAAKI-NerdiesRule

    GCAAKI-NerdiesRuleGiờ trước


  24. Username

    UsernameGiờ trước

    Yo, this was such a smart political move on Dan’s part. No shade, it’s genius.

  25. Mister Melesh Star

    Mister Melesh StarGiờ trước

    Great idea))) Good luck friend

  26. Berserked Zirz

    Berserked ZirzGiờ trước

    The ringtone 😂😂😭

  27. Diane Peters

    Diane PetersGiờ trước

    Well done SNL & Pete‼️ Great job Dan Crenshaw 💯‼️👏🏾 Thank you LT. Crenshaw for your service and for protecting our freedom💯‼️🇺🇸 Never Forget

  28. Rikhil Venkat

    Rikhil VenkatGiờ trước

    Please show my friend VOID a lot of love as that’s his VIreporter channel

  29. Tobias The 4th

    Tobias The 4thGiờ trước

    So many people are missing the point of this video

  30. Deere 6430

    Deere 6430Giờ trước

    Pete needs to get off the meth

  31. Star Cherry

    Star CherryGiờ trước

    Mmm that eye patch does look bad ass Is he single?

  32. Bobjuniorman

    BobjuniormanGiờ trước

    “He looks like a hitman in a porno movie.” Still funny.

  33. Aaron Tinco

    Aaron TincoGiờ trước

    R.i.p stan lee 😭

  34. koalaattack714

    koalaattack714Giờ trước

    If Trump can talk shit on a war veterans then Pete can do it to fuck the world

  35. SlightlyOnTheAir

    SlightlyOnTheAirGiờ trước

    Colin Jost over there looking like a Dad in the Principal's office making his son apologize for making the substitute teacher cry.

  36. Ava Siminou

    Ava SiminouGiờ trước

    Imagine having to be Winston This post was made by the already tracer gang

  37. Julie Walters

    Julie WaltersGiờ trước

    Very cool.

  38. robsten-riot

    robsten-riotGiờ trước

    Pete is so sweet, I love his sense of humor. I think he didn’t know Dan was going to mention his dad, he looks surprised. I hope he’s doing good, I hope his mental health and desease are better. Since nobody seems to care for men feelings or mental health.

  39. Hey it’s Alex

    Hey it’s AlexGiờ trước

    1. Sub 2. Like 3. Comment done 4. I’ll do the same!😁

  40. peter hagen

    peter hagenGiờ trước

    who watches this shit lol

  41. Juan Carlos

    Juan CarlosGiờ trước

    Great job!!



    *Pete is more famous for being Adriana rhan he was before as another SNL member*

  43. Aaron Brewer

    Aaron BrewerGiờ trước

    Who had their feelings hurt today? Just shut the fuck up. What a bunch of pussies! Remember when true heros didn't need to be acknowledged every 10 seconds. It seems that society has gone from anti bullies to every weird fucked up person needs to be put on display as a hero. These freaks can be themselves, just get a job, shut the fuck up, and you can expect an asshole like me to make fun of you! A pirate politician, just imagine all the possibilities....

  44. click my picture

    click my pictureGiờ trước

    Cool they put him on, even he knows how to take a joke

  45. Bob Gardner

    Bob GardnerGiờ trước

    Poor Pete

  46. marie marq

    marie marqGiờ trước

    Lol it looks like he didn’t know they were going to play Ariana grande lol. That was good one dan

  47. john Doe

    john DoeGiờ trước

    RIP Stan Lee :(

  48. Fr0styballs

    Fr0styballsGiờ trước

    uhhhhhhh dude was is a member of a Nazi group on facebook. Fuck that one eyed nazi fuck.

  49. Darrin Gardner

    Darrin GardnerGiờ trước

    i respect that ... never forget

  50. nathaniel the gamer

    nathaniel the gamerGiờ trước

    Do you ever read a comment and say to yourself, "why didn't I think of that!"

  51. Jonathon Chavarria

    Jonathon ChavarriaGiờ trước

    Hahahahahahaha thanks for making a republican look good Hahahaha

  52. Virginia DeLeon

    Virginia DeLeonGiờ trước

    I love Pete, he's hilarious and keeps it real. This was super cool of him. I hope he can move on from all the messy stuff that's happened to him this year and just be happy.

  53. sara catherine

    sara catherineGiờ trước

    snl is garbage. pete davidson is trash.

  54. Roya Rahim

    Roya RahimGiờ trước

    love it

  55. Laisha Snyder

    Laisha SnyderGiờ trước


  56. buchertm

    buchertmGiờ trước

    The president would say Crenshaw is not a hero, because he prefers guys that didn't lose their eye to an IED. Then again, to be fair, the president probably thinks an IED is a birth control device.

  57. Kay Christoffersen

    Kay ChristoffersenGiờ trước

  58. good time jakob

    good time jakobGiờ trước

    pete davidson should apologize for saying something stupid every week. call it pete davidson’s apology corner.

  59. Felix lebron

    Felix lebronGiờ trước

    Thank you… Next

  60. Ellie Watson- Eichorn

    Ellie Watson- EichornGiờ trước

    Okay trump never apologized to Senator John Mcain for his comments so why should Pete. #whentheygolowwegohigh

  61. Dwight K. Schrute

    Dwight K. SchruteGiờ trước

    Stanley Lee just dieded, This is so sad, Alexa play Avengers Theme

  62. Johnny White

    Johnny WhiteGiờ trước

    This stupid show has been dragged on for too long. It hasn't been funny since bill Murray was on it. Just cancel this unfunny turd of a show. The only person still watching it is a lonely 45 year old virgin with a bernie Sanders bumper sticker on his bicycle.

  63. Soul Muzak

    Soul MuzakGiờ trước

    Only lazy potheads think SNL is funny

  64. Wonder Brothers

    Wonder BrothersGiờ trước

    He and snl are only sorry they got in trouble for it not for actually doing it

  65. ok then

    ok thenGiờ trước

    R.I.P. Stan Lee, you absolute legend.

  66. Wine Adventure Club

    Wine Adventure ClubGiờ trước

    wow...4,000 people who refuse to be classy...that's part of the problem.

  67. RŮDE

    RŮDEGiờ trước

    Absolutely astonishing. Thank you!!

  68. Drew Stalinsky

    Drew StalinskyGiờ trước

    LCDR Crenshaw is absolutely awesome. Wish more politicians had his leadership, fortitude, and maturity. I am from Texas and he earned my vote the moment I read he was a SEAL. It pays to be a winner.

  69. Jackson Carter

    Jackson CarterGiờ trước

    RIP Stan Lee

  70. CGF Movies

    CGF MoviesGiờ trước

    BITCH! No one cares! Stan Lee just died, get outta #1 trending!

  71. William Starenko

    William StarenkoGiờ trước

    That was 👍 nice

  72. Wine Adventure Club

    Wine Adventure ClubGiờ trước

    I had to come back and watch, again! We need MORE of this now more than ever!!!

  73. PITTSBURGH GIRL lisa ROXXI sandoval

    PITTSBURGH GIRL lisa ROXXI sandovalGiờ trước


  74. Brittany Carriger

    Brittany CarrigerGiờ trước

    sobbing and hollering

  75. Sajela_Arianator 4ever

    Sajela_Arianator 4everGiờ trước

    omgg im dyingggg i must keep breathing 😂😂😂😂

  76. Barry Allen

    Barry AllenGiờ trước

    does he always sound like he’s eating marbles

  77. Sean Colyer

    Sean ColyerGiờ trước

    Rip Stan F

  78. NoneOf YourBusiness77

    NoneOf YourBusiness77Giờ trước

    Pete lost his father in 9/11 he was 7 years old. His dad was a fireman in nyc

  79. Tyler Thomas

    Tyler ThomasGiờ trước

    Rip, Stan Lee

  80. michelle dutch

    michelle dutchGiờ trước

    Do you know her😂

  81. Fablemanor

    FablemanorGiờ trước

    This was pointless he didn't need to apologize it was joke there are no rules in comedy.

  82. SilentShores

    SilentShoresGiờ trước

    Well done by both Lt. Com. Dan Crenshaw and Pete Davidson. A lot of respect for both of you. Thankful for men and women for their service as well like Davidson's father. Never forget.

  83. Axel SD

    Axel SDGiờ trước

    RIP Stan Lee

  84. Alex C

    Alex CGiờ trước

    I'm shocked - that was really great

  85. saxytb

    saxytbGiờ trước

    You can be a immature douche bag and get away with it only for short time. Unless you are a Hollywood or TV celebrity. Don't pretend that it is your poor choice and bad decision Pete. There is an army of writers who are writing what you and others like you have to say on TV every night in order to shape our opinion. You are reading from a script even now as you are apologizing. So it is not only you who was the target of the criticism, it is your puppet master as well. He is the one who told you to apologize and you are one of many who just does what they are told, while pretending to be progressive, smart and independent.

  86. miamiwax

    miamiwaxGiờ trước


  87. Dong Johnson

    Dong JohnsonGiờ trước

    I still think Pete Davidson is a douche bag piece of shit

  88. Elizabeth Smith

    Elizabeth SmithGiờ trước

    I have so much respect for Dan Crenshaw. For his service, for his belief in Americans, and America, and for the manner in which he conducts himself. Truly inspiring.

  89. Julie B

    Julie BGiờ trước

    That was good.

  90. BoiKash Records

    BoiKash RecordsGiờ trước

    so SNL is Republican now!!! WTF

  91. Wine Adventure Club

    Wine Adventure ClubGiờ trước

    What can I say? This was a classy move...

  92. Bryanth Torres

    Bryanth TorresGiờ trước

    😂 vireporter.net/v/video-n_Kc7UIs-Pk.html

  93. Hayden Dizon

    Hayden DizonGiờ trước


  94. Goop Taco 2

    Goop Taco 2Giờ trước

    So stan Lee shouldn't be trending? Rip to a great man who did so much

  95. AP 100

    AP 100Giờ trước

    Ol Mr. Butthole Eyes

  96. Desiree M

    Desiree MGiờ trước

    Pete Davidson is a good sport. Apologizing and letting Dan make a few roasts on him. Pete is a good guy.

  97. willow

    willowGiờ trước

    Pete is more famous than Ariana. simple.

  98. Matt Newcombe

    Matt NewcombeGiờ trước


  99. Bounce Brothers

    Bounce BrothersGiờ trước

    slidee to my channel and check it out please. thanks

  100. Alaina Little

    Alaina LittleGiờ trước

    Never forget!