What is The Creeper? Complete Mythology + Breakdown (JEEPERS CREEPERS Trilogy)


  1. Martin Lavender

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    Creeper? Aw Man

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    aww man

  3. Wesley EP

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    Hes a metaphorical manifestation of a sick man-child's self-projected pedophilia🤷‍♂️

  4. quangtran527

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    I wonder which hidden ninja village Creeper is from

  5. Goenawan Arief

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    The homing crap from the creepers truck that will release the gas that will explode upon contact with intended target...LOL..just remember the mario kart race

  6. Bri Paiz

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    Do mortuary please

  7. Joker_ Views

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    To me, the creeper was always a demon in human form, which is why he returns every 23 years in a cycle. Made sense since the second film

  8. AtlasDaGod

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    You should do more of these my guy

  9. Simone Rodgers

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    Jeepers Creepers is hands down one of the scariest scary movie monsters.

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    BUSY BOI 😂 love it

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    Creeper.... Awwwwman

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    Why 23 Cause He’s The Goat Like Michael Jordan !!!!

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    I thought it from minecraft Lol

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    Aww Man

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    Dude the Creeper is one of the scariest movie monsters of all time..he's the one that scares me the most, in real life he'd be a serious threat and the one I'd never want to fight

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    aww man

  17. Tim Cameron619

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    Its an alien stranded on earth for thousands of years. His people come to earth to rescue him, but the military shoots down the craft. Now there are five more creepers stranded here and they are pissed.

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    Aww man

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    This guy didn't read the comic

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    The creeper should be in Dead By Deadlight

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    Aw man.

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    So it but no shape shifting and vice versa

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    Overabundance of "creeper, aww man" comments incoming.

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    3 could of easily been so much better

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    Anyone trying busting a load on his face to defeat him and give him jock itch on his special vagina nose

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    Hes a demon

  29. Richie Alvarado

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    had nightmares when i was a kid now if i really came into contact id just throw hands

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    Maybe It is related to this guy

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    Creeper? Awwww man

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    “Creeper” Awww man

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    Jesse Davis so we back in the mines...

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    Jeepers creepers 3 was a utter failure i was so disappointed that i broke down and cried 😢😭😭😭

  36. Ladies Love the Moon Knight

    Ladies Love the Moon Knight21 ngày trước

    Apparently there was a comic book issue released last year about the Creeper. Just Google Jeepers Creepers comic. Someone told me his origins is explored a little bit in the comics. Well I think it's just a story 1000s of years ago about the Creeper. It does dwell on the origins since he was a live for a whi

  37. Cris James

    Cris James22 ngày trước

    Part 2 has show that the cervical part of the creepers spine hosts the adopted human remains of his victims. He could be an alien from earth. Almost like the plague from RE4 or the host aliens from dead space. They almost look and act alike. The creeper is a parasite.

  38. Axel Ded

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    Creeper? *Aww man*

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    In other words you know nothing about him.

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    My first visit- your breakdown was Exquisite bro- fantastico!! Thumbs up!👍

  45. Layah Jhene

    Layah Jhene27 ngày trước

    It’s simple. He’s a evil representation of Jesus Christ. All 3 movies hint to it. Hell Jeepers Creepers means Jesus Christ in the dictionaries origins. So his origin is simple. They don’t even have to say it. The movies drop clues on its own

  46. Audi Driver

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    His nose looks like a vagina

  47. Audi Driver

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    I don’t know why but the creeper van annoyed the fuck out of me lol. Like it’s bullet proof and how it bounce rock.

  48. Mellow Caramel

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    Man I love this funny movie review guy, his raspy clear voice, long hair, and insightful thoughts on movies literally bring me so much peace and joy 👏🏼✨

  49. ellieysama

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    The Creeper is suited up to be one dangerous DOMESTIC terrorist XD ancient skinwalker demon that must of escaped Area51 in the late 50s

  50. morshell0911

    morshell091129 ngày trước

    Its just now occurring to me that the creeper is very similar to the being IT. Also, the kids name from the first movie is Derry? I mean I'm not saying it's the exact same, it's just interesting to see the possible influence here

  51. PizzaMafioso

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    The creeper vs Batman Thats all I want to see bevor i die

  52. Paul's Parlour

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    You need to do endings explained on Jeepers Creepers .Episodes 1-2

  53. Kira Ford

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    Jcreeper is an artist. ❤

  54. suddenimpactut

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    JC3 was a steamy pile of shit.

  55. Brandon Sutton

    Brandon SuttonTháng trước

    Why don't the ghosts I mean since they can warn their loved ones tell the loved ones what the creeper is and where it came from? Doesn't make much sense to warn your sister watch out he's coming and that's it, I would give her a way to beat him since I know or share the soul and mind of the creeper.

  56. Henley Su

    Henley SuTháng trước

    I tried to watch the first one. Couldn't get through the bad acting and dialogue

  57. Seth Houser

    Seth HouserTháng trước

    I know what it is. It is a gargoyle. Lol! Na! He is a demon of course.

  58. rome Medina

    rome MedinaTháng trước

    Ok. So the Creeper skinned that guy at the end of #1 to heal. Wondered on that since childhood.

  59. Brianna Carmenita

    Brianna CarmenitaTháng trước

    I have an amazing theory about the creeper that I’m too scared to share because I’m currently writing about it and I don’t want someone to be like nope it’s my theory now

  60. Brianna Carmenita

    Brianna CarmenitaTháng trước

    Therock Vikram it’s a really long theory and it’s mostly just cause I’m writing a fan fiction but it makes sense. I would post it here but it’s super long. Did you have an email or anything I can send it to?

  61. Therock Vikram

    Therock VikramTháng trước

    Please tell me , what r u writing ABT Creeper guy , I got a good story too !

  62. Unknown Asian

    Unknown AsianTháng trước

    Imagine creepers jeepers eating a person with brains cancer

  63. Dr Leak

    Dr LeakTháng trước

    Jeepers creepers 1 timeless classic with a hint of love craftian horror. jeepers creepers 2 its alright. Jeepers creepers 3 complete garbage horse shit.

  64. F3AR

    F3ARTháng trước

    A creeper is those green bastard if u get close to them they blow u up

  65. TheFallen2022

    TheFallen2022Tháng trước

    the creepers mobile homing mines in realistic terms would throw so much shrapnel when exploded that's how it can launch cars so far.

  66. Rhiannon Gray

    Rhiannon GrayTháng trước

    I like the theory that he's from another planet like predators and his hunting is an initiation ritual

  67. The Office

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    Yeah sounds right

  68. Drum Monkey

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    Lol, these movies were awful!!

  69. Jesse LaChat

    Jesse LaChatTháng trước

    I'd say this guy is 100 Percent Tzimisce if he weren't so... ya know, sun proof. His demeanor, physical state, even the whole going into torpor for 23 years at a time.

  70. Pennywise the clown

    Pennywise the clownTháng trước

    I love the first movie he dope af

  71. Dead Fxsh

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    When all you can expect in the comments are minecraft jokes but get nothin 😔

  72. MIGUELITO 23

    MIGUELITO 23Tháng trước

    Also the creeper is also a racist. When he sees African Americans as his victim he gets more aggressive.

  73. Mohamed Medhat

    Mohamed MedhatTháng trước

    Hes a freaking monster how the fuck is he racist he isnt even a human

  74. Jay Moose

    Jay MooseTháng trước

    They’re just enchanted they’re most likely normal material.

  75. 666 DEATH 777

    666 DEATH 777Tháng trước

    Foundflix,I recommend watching whatisantilogics “why does the creeper kill” on VIreporter,it might help

  76. ron horne

    ron horneTháng trước

    It's a Demon l think, so it stands to reason it has an equally powerful Nemesis. Could be great Sequal. Clash Titans type of thing

  77. Havickk

    HavickkTháng trước

    I thought I'd learn something new. But you know what I know, lul.

  78. Christian Mendez Chaidez

    Christian Mendez ChaidezTháng trước

    I disliked the 3rd one.. it wasn't good at all. Specially those bombs that come out his truck, Mario kart shit right there lmao

  79. Hans Ruhlmann

    Hans RuhlmannTháng trước

    My personal theory is that he is the tortured soul of a criminal! A pedophilic creep (based on the creator: Victor Salva😏) from the old west (because there was a deleted scene where it did actually speak in an old western accent, which maybe also explains his clothes🤔) who got captured by 23 parents of his victims (23: does only hunt every 23 springs, 23 days to live in) and got liquidated in the hands of the furious vengeful parents of his victims (much like Freddy Krueger) by getting crucified (don't ask my why exactly that, i just thing it's a good reference to Jeepers Creepers 2: Bat out of Hell) and got chopped to dead by the crow's peaks. However, in hell The Devil wanted to make a deal with him to bring him back to life with immortality! However, he should for the rest of his life live as a hideous creature that feasted on humen flesh to survive, and would only live every 23 spring and had only 23 days to hunt and kill on and the crows would forever follow him (explaining why the crows appear in the most movies of the franchise so far). However, he could only feast on them who showed fear for him. He gladly accepted it though. When he returned from literally hell he took a brutal revenge on his killers (again, much like Freddy Krueger) and continued his new life. Some years after he finded a church which he lived in in long time, and also got a truck. What do you guys think about this theory? I would like to hear, and what is your theories? Hansie out😊!

  80. Ghetto Obi wan

    Ghetto Obi wanTháng trước

    Nah my boi jeepers creepers is just trynna get some ass

  81. Apex _

    Apex _Tháng trước

    The "True face" when he opens the fangs on his head could be a few things, a threat display, similar to lizards when defending territory, OR it is a sign of distress/anger/etc.

  82. Paradise Lost

    Paradise LostTháng trước

    He is a messy mix of everything but honestly it ends up being his own trademark he is axtually interesting and theyre missing a big opportunity in keep the mystery since the franchise aint new


    SABRINAKIDTháng trước

    havent seen the movie in yearsss but you would never forget the song...

  84. lakhdare naceur

    lakhdare naceurTháng trước

    Maybe this is thé grue form of dragon in the movie univers

  85. GermanMartin MB

    GermanMartin MBTháng trước

    Dude, he is based on a factual creature in Florida referred to as Jumpin Jack. It is a demonic creature that is known throughout the highway of Florida. People have disappeared. I would do my research better. No offense. Secondly, these movies are based on the creature, and its origin, look it up. It also has various names.

  86. Titaniam_w0lfie123 AJ gaming

    Titaniam_w0lfie123 AJ gamingTháng trước

    The creeper reminds of SCP 076. Able