What is The Creeper? Complete Mythology + Breakdown (JEEPERS CREEPERS Trilogy)


  1. He-man Master of the Universe

    He-man Master of the UniverseNgày trước

    i don't conider JC3 cannon

  2. •Juicy Peaches•

    •Juicy Peaches•2 ngày trước

    *reads title* Well sir the creeper is a green Minecraft zombie that explodes when you hit it


    ANIME IS LIFE3 ngày trước

    How did jeeper still alive i tho his dead in 2 so how???

  4. TreeFiddy

    TreeFiddy4 ngày trước

    So Creeper is the cousin of Pennywise with a Tesla CyberTruck from 2030, with some mods.

  5. This Skrub

    This Skrub5 ngày trước

    Aw man

  6. Chicken Power

    Chicken Power7 ngày trước

    Creeper awww man

  7. Flash Bastard

    Flash Bastard7 ngày trước

    I grew up watching Jeepers Creepers. I used to 'play' it in preschool ahaha

  8. Justin Flora

    Justin Flora9 ngày trước


  9. Justin Flora

    Justin Flora9 ngày trước

    I'm not a huge horror fan (I scare easily) but I'll watch every one of this guy's videos cause the creativity is still interesting. Just can't handle the movie itself

  10. Tsumi Fukuhara

    Tsumi Fukuhara9 ngày trước

    Creeper! Awwwww man

  11. James Trueblood

    James Trueblood12 ngày trước

    Isn’t he loosely based on the West Virginia Moth Man ?

  12. Unpretty Cortez

    Unpretty Cortez23 ngày trước

    He was probably some psycho farmer who made a bad deal with the devil maybe 🤷🏻‍♀️

  13. isis odonis

    isis odonis24 ngày trước

    Why wear a suit and hat? He needs to be nude, TOTALY nude😉

  14. Aryo Seno

    Aryo Seno25 ngày trước


  15. Angel rojas

    Angel rojas25 ngày trước

    What if the creeper eats somebody with aids tho?

  16. Levera Heart

    Levera Heart29 ngày trước

    Follow my best friend "MidnightMoon8888" on Wattpad to read her book! "Jeepers Creepers Boyfriend Scenarios"!!!

  17. Hunter Craig

    Hunter Craig29 ngày trước

    Maybe. It's from another planet! Could explain the scales on his torso. And he came to earth to harvest humans to get stronger and or experiment to eventually kill off mankind and his kind take over earth. Idk. It's hard to make sense of. Probably a demon too.

  18. Edna Prayer

    Edna PrayerTháng trước

    If y'all think about it penny wise is the same way they both were brought up before time and man itself they both feed on fear and they both goes into hibernation for a certain amount of yrs comes back to feed for a certain amount of days now the difference is that the creeper isn't able to be killed and he eats ppl to rebuild himself Penny wise : effected by not being believed in Able to be killed by words that makes him feel small

  19. vinohn

    vinohnTháng trước

    Creeper's Van was like, maxed level, fully ascended, has full set of +25 legendary artifacts, and has been imbued with mythical grade essence. Then a bunch of lvl 3-10 humans trying to mess with it.

  20. Kenny Craig

    Kenny CraigTháng trước

    I think the creature has ah-little of my Ex-Wife mixed in It too.

  21. The REAL Mr. Gates

    The REAL Mr. GatesTháng trước

    The actual origin of The Creeper was a man from the 17th century who was dying of liver disease. Not wanting to die, on the 23rd day of Spring, summoned a demon thru acquired ancient texts. Thinking the demon would save him from death, the demon instead stole the mans soul and fused with his vessel. Needing a new liver, The "Creeper" would go out and eat that part for replacement and various other parts as they withered with time.

  22. Ultraman Explained

    Ultraman ExplainedTháng trước

    I feel like the creature is some sort of god of deaf or babylonian god.

  23. Phuck Off

    Phuck OffTháng trước


  24. Phuck Off

    Phuck Off20 ngày trước

    T OB and the creeper is real?

  25. T OB

    T OB21 ngày trước

    I don't think it was a wendigo because wendigo turns out are not to be real...no, this thing is something else altogether.

  26. Ghostcat ,

    Ghostcat ,Tháng trước

    This means at some point he had to eat dick

  27. Truth of 73

    Truth of 73Tháng trước

    The scene in Creeper 3 where the creeper sees the sign left by his hand should have said, “I know what you are. AND I’m not going to tell the audience”.

  28. Javier Wavey

    Javier WaveyTháng trước

    The creator of The Creeper said he himself didn't know what The Creeper is but it's not a demon or an alien. He said he was once human so I say he is either cursed or turned into a monster. My theory is The Creeper is a Male Succubus, a Wendigo, or Cain from the Bible since praying did stop him from killing the psychic from the first movie.

  29. Steven Heaton

    Steven HeatonTháng trước

    The creeper is obviously Jesus Christ.


    I NEED MONEYTháng trước

    Still not over the third one man. Shit hurt my soul.

  31. chevelle olivarez

    chevelle olivarezTháng trước

    I just wanna know where tf he comes from and what's his back story

  32. False  Alias

    False AliasTháng trước

    There is a comic that mostly explains what it is

  33. Kirandeep Kaur

    Kirandeep KaurTháng trước

    Creeper? awwwh man!

  34. Piscean Dreams

    Piscean DreamsTháng trước

    He is Freddy Kruger's dad!!!

  35. Eyepatch Bunny

    Eyepatch BunnyTháng trước

    Money Bear approves. NOSFERATU!

  36. Marcus Reading

    Marcus ReadingTháng trước

    Hey, heres a scary thought. What if the Creeper was somehow related to IT? Maybe one of its offspring that is still in a larval stage and thus, doesnt have all the crazy powers IT has?

  37. Daniel Fedor

    Daniel FedorTháng trước

    Hey everyone it's Kylo Ren's little brother.

  38. LAMLM24/7/365

    LAMLM24/7/365Tháng trước

    Michael Myers, can kill creeper. Jason vs Creeper vs Alien, vs Predator, vs Highway serial killer vs Truck driving serial killer vs Freddy vs Nuclear bomb so they can be incinerated.

  39. i Am WoKe

    i Am WoKeTháng trước

    The fact that he can fly makes everything so much more scary🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪😱😫😩

  40. the real RORSCHACH Dotcom

    the real RORSCHACH DotcomTháng trước

    👨‍🌾🐛🐝😇👽🤴 Vs... 🤬👹💩 🛎.

  41. Seven Star's Girl Cave Live

    Seven Star's Girl Cave Live2 tháng trước

    Now how can you modify a truck like that when you only have 23 days to eat every 23 years? Doesn't that take alot of time? Isn't he hungry?

  42. Voracious T

    Voracious T2 tháng trước

    The creeper would be a great dlc character for mortal kombat

  43. The Sourest Lemon

    The Sourest Lemon13 ngày trước

    Or maybe dead by daylight

  44. Tylan Smith

    Tylan Smith20 ngày trước

    Yup you right