What's The Secret To Arm Wrestling? Devon Larratt with Skip Bedell


  1. kyle warmerdam

    kyle warmerdam9 giờ trước

    I'd love to meet devon one day, seems like a good guy and a great teacher, makes me feel proud that I'm also canadian

  2. Muhammad Faisal

    Muhammad Faisal14 giờ trước

    Awesome dude

  3. Jonathan Pabs

    Jonathan Pabs19 giờ trước

    Oh wow

  4. Kristen Curry

    Kristen CurryNgày trước

    5.45..in to be exact

  5. Kristen Curry

    Kristen CurryNgày trước

    Did anyone else see Sid Justice in this video??? Just asking....around 6 min or so..

  6. Solarstone Grim

    Solarstone Grim2 ngày trước

    Larratt seems like a decent guy. What really makes you like anyone whom is good and that is whether in sports or professional jobs when they are good at what they do ..yet hambled, that's what shows true character, win or lose and still a nice guy. Good example was Georges St-Pierre truly nice and very intelligent person I loved his personality, to bad his career went down due to personal issues.

  7. Robert Gibson

    Robert Gibson4 ngày trước

    I wanna stretch you out lol 😂

  8. HUNter

    HUNter5 ngày trước

    Ah yes. A handshake and arm wrestling. The only way two dudes can hold hands without seeming gay.

  9. KHUx_X*€*N*♡

    KHUx_X*€*N*♡5 ngày trước

    He actually has the perfect teaching method. Smooth, nice, encouraging and super knowledgeable. I learned a lot just from this video to win $200 bucks

  10. PaulMasterPro

    PaulMasterPro5 ngày trước

    I'm going to be like Devon Larratt one day

  11. zdrgdr

    zdrgdr7 ngày trước

    This is stupid because there is too many ways to cheat and there is no true way of telling who is stronger unless it's a big diference

  12. Matthew Craig

    Matthew Craig6 ngày trước

    Not true at all. You just know nothing about arm wrestling. You should step to the table before you make dumbass comments like that.

  13. Shadow Noob

    Shadow Noob9 ngày trước

    Pro fortnite player: U need to get the high ground

  14. Jfdas 123

    Jfdas 12310 ngày trước

    2:31 "I wanna stretch you out" woah slow down there Skip we're arm wrestling here

  15. prudiceflc

    prudiceflc11 ngày trước

    so awesome so much knowledge given by Devon)))) ty)))) btw 6:39 wtf xD

  16. BIG DAWG

    BIG DAWG12 ngày trước

    What a guy and personality he has! top bloke respect 🤜🏽🤛🏽👌🏿

  17. Max Longo

    Max Longo13 ngày trước

    Tough Canadian there... Would love to see him vs that Russian guy with big hands, I don´t remember his name...

  18. Matthew Craig

    Matthew Craig12 ngày trước

    +Max Longo He's pulling Denis too.

  19. Max Longo

    Max Longo12 ngày trước

    No, not him. The Russian guy with very big hands. Denis C. That´s the guy !

  20. Matthew Craig

    Matthew Craig13 ngày trước

    His name is Oleg. Devon beat him once, and they pull again next month

  21. KyChupLoL

    KyChupLoL15 ngày trước

    I can't wait to stretch and extend guys out

  22. خالد الفليج

    خالد الفليج15 ngày trước

    devon looks like “Dante” from devil may cry ✔️😁

  23. Insane in da Membrane

    Insane in da Membrane16 ngày trước


  24. Kushagra Gupta

    Kushagra Gupta17 ngày trước

    Christopher never died... All thanks to his Kryptonian technology that he became Devon larret!

  25. ll_sch1Zophr3ni4_II

    ll_sch1Zophr3ni4_II20 ngày trước

    I hope soon we have dick wrestle :)

  26. kevin leigh

    kevin leigh20 ngày trước


  27. Nate one

    Nate one21 ngày trước

    Arm wrestling is not "a mini martial arts... or sport"

  28. Matthew Craig

    Matthew Craig15 ngày trước

    Are you saying that because you're weak and lose at arm wrestling?

  29. David Bardock

    David Bardock21 ngày trước

    jesus did u saw that forearm muscle on Devon, insane

  30. Yu shi

    Yu shi22 ngày trước


  31. Nenad IC XC Shuput

    Nenad IC XC Shuput23 ngày trước

    When I was growing up that's cheating. There has to be No movement.

  32. Matthew Craig

    Matthew Craig15 ngày trước

    No, arm wrestling was the same when you were growing up. You just never really arm wrestled.

  33. f44had

    f44had24 ngày trước

    Not sure how I stumbled onto this but what a legend seems a great guy.. Now I want to be an arm wrestler lol

  34. ZType

    ZType24 ngày trước

    Im just looking at That arm and thinking ”Nope”

  35. Manuel G.

    Manuel G.24 ngày trước

    Thanks, my grandmother doesn’t stand a chance!

  36. Dmitry Zakharov

    Dmitry Zakharov25 ngày trước

    one word - fun

  37. felipebrasil5

    felipebrasil526 ngày trước

    beware the cranck ! weinwein lol

  38. Yung Cons

    Yung Cons26 ngày trước

    You can just keep on rollin

  39. Pradyut Tarafder

    Pradyut Tarafder26 ngày trước

    Thanks for you suggestion. 😎😎

  40. HideYourLife

    HideYourLife27 ngày trước

    5:01 *Woof*

  41. Steve Harding

    Steve Harding27 ngày trước

    Saw him lose to that cheat that went under the table and had a straight arm.

  42. Matthew Craig

    Matthew Craig15 ngày trước

    The Kings move is beatable. Not cheating at all.

  43. Lunes de comida

    Lunes de comida27 ngày trước

    Thats cool

  44. 64kdwg

    64kdwg27 ngày trước

    Canadian Special Forces, Devon is a bad MF.

  45. VarinderSidhu ROMANS6

    VarinderSidhu ROMANS628 ngày trước

    Why do they pull with their body weight? ? I thought you are not suppose to lean.

  46. Matthew Craig

    Matthew Craig15 ngày trước

    It's not bodyweight. Bodyweight doesn't just transfer to your hand with your elbow on a pad. You can lean however you like.

  47. Michael Christiansen

    Michael ChristiansenTháng trước

    that dude's life saving goes to his watch

  48. (ChildrenOfBlueMoon)

    (ChildrenOfBlueMoon)Tháng trước

    Most of the idiots I arm wrestle try to make up ridiculous rules...

  49. Joe Johnson

    Joe JohnsonTháng trước

    Such a great video. Devon is an excellent instructor!

  50. Sami Ullah

    Sami UllahTháng trước

    He's a nice cool beast

  51. closinginonclosure

    closinginonclosureTháng trước

    I applied these techniques to masturbation. I’m busting harder and faster than ever before. Thanks Devon! Hoping to compete in N.U.T. 💦 Someday. National Underground Tuggers. 💪🏻

  52. Virgin Tarian

    Virgin TarianTháng trước

    but todd beat him by squatting 24/7 damm

  53. Caligreen420

    Caligreen420Tháng trước

    This was awesome 👏👍🙌👊

  54. blech71

    blech71Tháng trước

    What a good Dood! I bet if he played WoW he would play Tauren Warrior... forearms for sure

  55. dutchmountainsnake

    dutchmountainsnakeTháng trước

    He looks like john maus

  56. bharat thapa

    bharat thapaTháng trước

    5:38 the other guy said, there was almost no pussy

  57. bry99str

    bry99strTháng trước

    2:30 "I wanna stretch you out." While making strong eye contact too.

  58. hsa Soe

    hsa SoeTháng trước

    That guy turned red just from thinking about the situation..... Lol

  59. Sbct172

    Sbct172Tháng trước

    My gosh, arm wrestling champion. Moving up in life.

  60. Eclipse Solar 83

    Eclipse Solar 83Tháng trước

    Looks like Christopher Reeve.

  61. Snap-off

    Snap-offTháng trước

    I've been watching arm wrestling videos for years, Brzenk, Bagent, ETC. Learned more from Devon in this one video than all of that. Great teacher.

  62. I am what I am

    I am what I amTháng trước

    weird audio... “oh wow...wow...oh wow...incredible handjob...oh wow...that was incredible man”

  63. Iversonwings

    IversonwingsTháng trước

    Devon is an amazing teacher, but 5:16 PAUSE

  64. Abu Ali s

    Abu Ali sTháng trước

    Is it right to make your secrets public when you are still in the field?!

  65. LJ-B

    LJ-BTháng trước

    Some one is getting arm wrestled tonight. My wife better be ready

  66. Alexander B.

    Alexander B.Tháng trước

    Did he really say that he never got used to use his full strengh? Oo

  67. Joe Barry

    Joe BarryTháng trước

    WTF bro..i think I have a man crush on Lairatt 😍 .I'd do his dishes and say yes sir

  68. Enio Jurko

    Enio JurkoTháng trước

    I literally think these are the best arms in the world! Larratt is just inhuman!

  69. Daz555Daz

    Daz555DazTháng trước

    I uses to have a good laugh arm wrestling friends from time to time until the day my football club had an arm wrestling competition. I will never forget the sound when my mates upper arm snapped......

  70. nougatbitz

    nougatbitzTháng trước


  71. Lance Love

    Lance LoveTháng trước

    So i watched devon earlier today...yeah I thought he was a college boob...nope...hes pretty much indominable and the only guy who does it right...except his leg thing...he lifts his leg and turns and pins it to the table...thats kinda wierd...i would think theyd not allow that...but they do....i think his height is a huge factor here....nobody any shorter than devon is gonna beat him...hes the perfect height to get into the table without compromise...his arms are also long enough to not have to reach and extend his laterals....so i think he is luckily built super perfect for arm wrestling...and i think hes a bit smarter than I think...he kinda says it too...dudes try to get into the "bone" zone...its not strong if you break the arm...its wrong...on devons part too..and you dont wanna help your opponent be wrong and get hurt...so do it right and if youre just that lucky to be built tall enough with a reach like devon and some muscle and confidence and know how..youre set and in the right place to be a champion.

  72. wegf rheA

    wegf rheATháng trước

    This was.. hot..

  73. jesus himself

    jesus himselfTháng trước

    Bruh one paper cut and he dead

  74. Black Pill

    Black PillTháng trước

    looks like mads mikklesen on roids

  75. Aleksandr Vostrov

    Aleksandr VostrovTháng trước

    look how devon's elbow closer to the body than the other guy's is. Damn, if other guy could learn like a kid....



    not my proudest fap

  77. Ross

    RossTháng trước

    Devon from northern Ontario, though he talks sometimes like American.

  78. Tim Shobo

    Tim ShoboTháng trước

    Bill Hader ripped

  79. STORMINORM Tharp

    STORMINORM TharpTháng trước

    I could beat him.

  80. Matthew Craig

    Matthew Craig15 ngày trước

    Good luck with that

  81. Franco Machado

    Franco MachadoTháng trước

    Me gustaría saber todo lo que dijo 😒

  82. SkrrBom

    SkrrBomTháng trước

    Imagine Devons whip with those forearms

  83. Firdaus 2707

    Firdaus 2707Tháng trước

    Nombor 1 TRAINING Nombor 2 STRENGTH Nombor 3 TECHNIQUES/SKILL Nombor 4 TYPE OF YOUR BODY/SIZE/ FINGER/HAND If you have full techniques/skill but don't have training/strengths... You will never win too...

  84. Noah Desimone

    Noah DesimoneTháng trước

    Falcrom punch!

  85. C1N3M4T1x

    C1N3M4T1xTháng trước

    Huge ass forearms, huge ass biceps, and triceps.. mehhh btw flex at 0:42

  86. jamming Martin

    jamming MartinTháng trước

    great video, but spitting ghost pepper in the eyes works pretty good also, but its hard to see the handshake afterwards.

  87. majasterkowicz

    majasterkowiczTháng trước

    Bigger James May

  88. luke dawson

    luke dawsonTháng trước

    Great and generous teacher.

  89. Techno Classic

    Techno ClassicTháng trước

    ларрат и цыпленков ноябрь 2018!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. Miki Miyazaki

    Miki MiyazakiTháng trước


  91. anthony serrato

    anthony serratoTháng trước

    This guy is one of thee strongest men in the world.

  92. Turbo Yess

    Turbo YessTháng trước

    Is that tom cruise

  93. James Phillips

    James PhillipsTháng trước

    bloke needs to clean his nails

  94. Maaquchi

    MaaquchiTháng trước

    im 4'11 and 89lbs... will these techniques help me beat all the guys at the bar...? xD lmo

  95. Barry Barry

    Barry BarryTháng trước

    Twist their wrist anti-clockwise and down, like your trying to tear it off... master 'wrist strength' and they all fail!!!

  96. Vorndo Hvendsson

    Vorndo HvendssonTháng trước

    Sounds like Devon Larratt is baby talking him.

  97. A Tem

    A TemTháng trước

    they should have spar at the end, just for entertainment.

  98. jherrenor

    jherrenorTháng trước

    I have none of those muscles. Why did this get recommended to me?

  99. Mike Fitzsimons

    Mike FitzsimonsTháng trước

    I'd whup Devon's ass in arm wrestling Said no earthly motal ever!

  100. tim livingston

    tim livingstonTháng trước

    His hands are fucking huge omg 😮

  101. Taterz

    TaterzTháng trước

    laratt may not be a huge ass dude but goddamn those arms are ripped.

  102. Thunda1986

    Thunda1986Tháng trước

    theres alot they have to think about in such a small amount of time

  103. The Old One

    The Old OneTháng trước

    Ken andrews looking motherfucker

  104. SCman1337

    SCman1337Tháng trước

    Did he just say falcrum?

  105. Maximo Rodz

    Maximo RodzTháng trước


  106. Hans Glück

    Hans GlückTháng trước

    That's the way, men should respect eachother.

  107. Bilal Patel

    Bilal PatelTháng trước

    Nice Rolex

  108. Ismael Ramos Silvan

    Ismael Ramos SilvanTháng trước

    It seems Devon loves what he does and I respect that. What a master class here.

  109. sandy orencia

    sandy orenciaTháng trước

    Hollywood should hire Devon to be Actor as Superman. He is look alike Christopher Reeve.