What's The Secret To Arm Wrestling? Devon Larratt with Skip Bedell #armwrestling #devonlaratt


  1. Jeremiah Johnson

    Jeremiah Johnson3 ngày trước

    Did you see the dad move happening?

  2. Reid Jackson

    Reid Jackson3 ngày trước

    I had to watch this video twice because I was to distracted with his mountain of a bicep...

  3. james mcguinness

    james mcguinness5 ngày trước

    Devon is on juice,big time..

  4. blatchford11

    blatchford115 ngày trước

    John brezink gang gang



    Who are these daddies ?

  6. B Pet

    B Pet6 ngày trước

    Boring video About a stupid “sport”

  7. Matthew Craig

    Matthew Craig4 ngày trước

    +B Pet Obviously not nearly as important to you as crying like a bitch from your online safe space in hopes of feeling better about your own inadequacies, but yes winning is important.

  8. B Pet

    B Pet4 ngày trước

    +Matthew Craig sooo important too win at armwrestling....hahahahaha

  9. Matthew Craig

    Matthew Craig4 ngày trước

    I'm sorry you're weak and lose at arm wrestling.

  10. Quel Tale Bano

    Quel Tale Bano9 ngày trước

    Why has Hannibal lecter become an arm wrestler?

  11. ronnel laurente

    ronnel laurente10 ngày trước

    Is it just me or does Devon look a bit more leaner in this video?

  12. Martial Matters

    Martial Matters10 ngày trước

    What you're seeing is 17.4 inches of only biceps.

  13. Cliff Roberts

    Cliff Roberts15 ngày trước

    This was great

  14. Chris Curtis

    Chris Curtis16 ngày trước

    Larratt may be the coolest dude on the planet.

  15. Night Dark

    Night Dark17 ngày trước

    He looks like Clark Kent without his glasses, or Superman without his suit.

  16. omega

    omega18 ngày trước

    It's hilarious how he misunderstands the phrase "where I'm weak." Weakness in a mechanical sense, genius

  17. omega

    omega18 ngày trước

    I just watched this dude beat the mountain, and I picked up on a lot of this just by sight. It is a martial art, as douchey as that sounds, cuz that's why I was able to understand it. The mechanics are the same in everything. It's amazing to watch him break it down piece by piece, I certainly didn't catch it all the first time watching.

  18. Titus Monk

    Titus Monk19 ngày trước

    5:48 - When Sid Vicious appears over your right shoulder.

  19. Caleb Wuehler

    Caleb Wuehler19 ngày trước

    Just a good excuse to hold hands

  20. linus 7

    linus 719 ngày trước

    Cristopher reeves alive!!

  21. Brad Pierson

    Brad Pierson20 ngày trước

    I challenge every single person who commented here

  22. Erick-Emil Szelitzky

    Erick-Emil Szelitzky20 ngày trước

    Oh boy ur gonna get rekt.

  23. Azir Besim

    Azir Besim21 ngày trước

    When you using good tehnik and you opponent using the same thing only better strength cen make you win

  24. Marius Talent

    Marius Talent21 ngày trước

    Just like this

  25. Mika S

    Mika S22 ngày trước

    So gooooood

  26. Daniel Bonner

    Daniel Bonner22 ngày trước

    Lol at the cleaning guys in the background patiently waiting

  27. Ken A

    Ken A22 ngày trước

    If beating off is training, put my right arm in coach.

  28. D P

    D P27 ngày trước

    He kinda reminds me of rowdy Roddy piper😁

  29. MultiMerky

    MultiMerky27 ngày trước

    Who came here after seeing this guy whoop the mountain?

  30. H8Beats

    H8Beats28 ngày trước

    i like that Guys he seems nice

  31. Exit Ghost

    Exit Ghost28 ngày trước

    He's the Bruce Lee of Armwrestling.

  32. Dunky Juky

    Dunky JukyTháng trước

    How to win to that guy in your class: 1 - Grip deep and high of his wrist 2 - Lean forward and bring the enemy hand to you 3 - Outer elbow in the max stance he would not notice your cheating Good luck :D

  33. David Gonzalez

    David GonzalezTháng trước

    These two can make anything sound interesting haha

  34. David Gonzalez

    David GonzalezTháng trước

    @2:31 "I wanna stretch you out"

  35. Mohamed Ashraf

    Mohamed AshrafTháng trước

    Is it me or is the guy on the left looks like Artie from the sopranos

  36. Shubhang Jain

    Shubhang JainTháng trước

    Man is so chill

  37. Joseph G

    Joseph GTháng trước

    Was that psycho Sid that stood behind Devon at 5:48..? I think it was?

  38. John Kenny

    John KennyTháng trước

    HER:come over DEVON: I cant I'm arm wrestling HER: my parents aren't home DEVON:6:45

  39. TightSqueezes

    TightSqueezesTháng trước

    Good lesson.

  40. 어엿먹

    어엿먹Tháng trước

    I feel like he's arm wrestler version of that 'masked magician'. giving away all the secrets. haha.

  41. Vitor Henrique

    Vitor HenriqueTháng trước


  42. Miltiadis Kyvernitis

    Miltiadis KyvernitisTháng trước

    Arm wrestling today is stupid. I grew up arm wrestling with my arms, not using upper body weight to bring the opponents arm down.

  43. Matthew Craig

    Matthew Craig27 ngày trước

    Arm wrestling has been the same since long before you were born. The weak bullshit you think is arm wrestling uses way less arm power and is a great way to break your arm. Learn something before you make idiotic comments like that.

  44. universalchiro

    universalchiroTháng trước

    I came to this video with low expectations, but I was blown away. His hands are huge.

  45. EJB313

    EJB313Tháng trước


  46. anzac forever

    anzac foreverTháng trước

    Over the top

  47. Walter Schopf

    Walter SchopfTháng trước

    Biceps are sick, triceps are lacking lmao

  48. Erick-Emil Szelitzky

    Erick-Emil Szelitzky23 ngày trước

    He can't straighten his arms to work his triceps.

  49. Alfredo Montero

    Alfredo MonteroTháng trước

    Skip to 2:30 "i wanna stretch you out" 😂😂

  50. Dusan Veselka

    Dusan VeselkaTháng trước

    So I want to reduce the angle of my elbow AND shoulder as well? what I mean is, is it better to keep my elbow close to my chest as well?

  51. Think Tank

    Think TankTháng trước

    That dudes got ape arms.

  52. Baby Shark

    Baby SharkTháng trước

    2:30 "I wanna strech you out"

  53. Taygun

    TaygunTháng trước

    How old is Devon here? Looks so young compared to now days. Probably just well groomed 🤔

  54. stuart bailey

    stuart baileyTháng trước


  55. Okaa

    OkaaTháng trước

    The most intense hand hug ever

  56. Brian C

    Brian CTháng trước

    Legends say the guy in the back is still listening

  57. Lupton Pittman

    Lupton PittmanTháng trước

    Skip bring back to catch a contractor

  58. Blaine Meyers

    Blaine MeyersTháng trước

    He is absolutely right about arm Wrestling !!!!

  59. Tyler Boos

    Tyler BoosTháng trước

    Just once I'd like to go up against him just to feel the power

  60. MrCarnutbill67

    MrCarnutbill672 tháng trước

    He can teach you everything he knows for hours on end and still tear your damn arm off. The guy is a beast.

  61. umar khan

    umar khan2 tháng trước

    The real question is ...how u get so much strength in vascularity or lean muscles

  62. Derek Holyfield

    Derek Holyfield2 tháng trước

    Devon is technically amazing but also stronger than anyone.

  63. Master Chief

    Master Chief2 tháng trước

    This guy needs to teach me maths I’d listen to him all day

  64. emperor butts

    emperor butts2 tháng trước


  65. rick grebenik

    rick grebenik2 tháng trước

    If a person is strong enuff, it won5 matter what technique your opponent has cuz power crushes skill

  66. uhmz1212

    uhmz12122 tháng trước

    Nodice how devon mentioned in a certain position you cannot use your strenght to defend yourself! So skill > strenght. But both help you win consistant. Skills are easier to learn then strenght imo! Have a good day!

  67. Нажимидин Кожошов

    Нажимидин Кожошов2 tháng trước


  68. sconri2

    sconri22 tháng trước

    Just listen to the audio without watching, narrative to a gay porn yeah?

  69. Forever Crazy Family

    Forever Crazy Family2 tháng trước

    5:46 looks like Sid Vicious is going through hard times.....lol

  70. Aleasha Jackson

    Aleasha Jackson2 tháng trước

    Pull not push

  71. David Gaskey

    David Gaskey2 tháng trước

    nice triceps

  72. Ariel Luna

    Ariel Luna2 tháng trước

    He's such a great coach. I love watching this man teach.

  73. jeffrey Giles

    jeffrey Giles2 tháng trước

    This video should be re titled “Two Secretly Homos Holding Hands”

  74. Dark Matter

    Dark Matter2 tháng trước

    Wish devon was my fucking dad hahaha how sick

  75. richard V.

    richard V.2 tháng trước

    A forearm in a forearm...

  76. T800 Virus

    T800 Virus2 tháng trước

    He looks like a jacked up Edward Furlong

  77. KAMEI Gaming

    KAMEI Gaming2 tháng trước

    I am gonna break someone's arm today

  78. The Gaming Arceus

    The Gaming Arceus2 tháng trước

    Main thing is to hav arm strength lol

  79. Bole Perishon

    Bole Perishon2 tháng trước

    The dude is so zen!

  80. firewarrior 725

    firewarrior 7252 tháng trước

    I think strength works Better with technique, if someone knows the same you know just work out or try to get the good position and grip by also getting away with it? I thinkthats good right?

  81. Mach1Airspace

    Mach1Airspace2 tháng trước

    Love the way he has little girl triceps and Godzilla sized biceps 😉

  82. J B

    J B2 tháng trước

    2:30 "I wanna strech you out." That escalated quickly.

  83. Sam Khan

    Sam Khan2 tháng trước

    That's some next level homo shit.....

  84. Classic Hmong Music Productions

    Classic Hmong Music Productions2 tháng trước

    Man I agree with many here on how he resembles Superman. Dang. He should put on the suit for fan sake. LOL. Would be a crazy post.

  85. This is the best name I could come up with

    This is the best name I could come up with3 tháng trước

    The guy on the left looks like Sylvester Stallone's brother

  86. Your Name Here

    Your Name Here3 tháng trước

    Devon “busts nut with 1 stroke” Larratt

  87. Zechariah464

    Zechariah4643 tháng trước

    I’m litterally so week lol, I one arm wrestled with my friend at school and he literally beated me with 2 fingers while I was using my whole hand

  88. Zechariah464

    Zechariah4643 tháng trước


  89. MrCwhitt75

    MrCwhitt753 tháng trước

    I'll snap this motherfuckers arm like a stick!

  90. Diesel TK

    Diesel TK2 tháng trước


  91. Benny Kyle

    Benny Kyle3 tháng trước

    I want to stretch you out. Lmao so gay

  92. ziggityfriggity

    ziggityfriggity3 tháng trước

    Christ it’s just arm wrestling !

  93. M.R.N

    M.R.N3 tháng trước


  94. Jon Snow

    Jon Snow3 tháng trước

    lol...arm wrestling is a miniature martial art. No, is not. Sport, yes.

  95. John Rider

    John Rider3 tháng trước

    So in other words the one that knows cheats

  96. Alinutz Alin

    Alinutz Alin3 tháng trước

    aham, so arm wrestle with the friends who know this trick will make them cheaters hmmm now I'm a cheater as well O _O hell yeah!

  97. Luke Haworth

    Luke Haworth3 tháng trước

    Man needs to do some work on those triceps!

  98. d

    d3 tháng trước

    Who cares so stupid

  99. John Timms

    John Timms3 tháng trước

    Fuuuuuucccccc"........that was the best!!!! Thank You

  100. Николай Сизоненко

    Николай Сизоненко3 tháng trước

    Говорила мама,учи языки((((

  101. solarr

    solarr3 tháng trước

    Awesome video, thank you👍🏻

  102. Bradley S.

    Bradley S.3 tháng trước

    ear to ear right now... man devon has just turned into such fun to watch. so glad he is the champ

  103. Charlie Bevinio

    Charlie Bevinio3 tháng trước

    How is Devon not in movies

  104. Jello

    Jello3 tháng trước

    OH! YEAH THATS FEELS GOOD BRO!! LMAO im not saying the word but the seem very VERY! HAPPY!

  105. Jordan Ellington

    Jordan Ellington3 tháng trước

    Stephen Malkmus got huge

  106. my username sucks

    my username sucks3 tháng trước

    I want him to be my physics teacher

  107. cust ard

    cust ard3 tháng trước

    Seems like a nice bloke

  108. Ethan Aubuchon

    Ethan Aubuchon3 tháng trước

    So when do they makeout

  109. alxk78

    alxk783 tháng trước

    The only move I know is " over the top". Thanks to Lincoln Hawk