What's The Secret To Arm Wrestling? Devon Larratt with Skip Bedell


  1. Ismael Ramos Silvan

    Ismael Ramos Silvan10 phút trước

    It seems Devon loves what he does and I respect that. What a master class here.

  2. sandy orencia

    sandy orencia3 giờ trước

    Hollywood should hire Devon to be Actor as Superman. He is look alike Christopher Reeve.

  3. Flo

    Flo5 giờ trước

    omg. Devon looks like Jigsaw just noticed

  4. Nipps nipples

    Nipps nipples16 giờ trước

    ya its all about form like anything

  5. Nokia 3310

    Nokia 3310Ngày trước

    Devon's triceps are way small compared to his biceps.

  6. Papa Bear

    Papa Bear2 ngày trước

    1:26 did you claw your way out of a collapsed cave?

  7. verzurhs nn

    verzurhs nn3 ngày trước

    What a fun guy😂😂

  8. Jake George

    Jake George3 ngày trước


  9. Tiger Tiger

    Tiger Tiger4 ngày trước

    Devon is awesome!! A great entertainer too! 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  10. James Cater

    James Cater4 ngày trước

    Fulcrum, not falcrum. Thanks! o.O

  11. Женя Засиенко

    Женя Засиенко6 ngày trước

    Красава респект таким людям , добряк и учитель

  12. The Comedian

    The Comedian6 ngày trước

    You can tell that guy had no FN clue what he was saying ...

  13. Willdabeast

    Willdabeast6 ngày trước

    That's the yanker muscle


    I AM SECOND6 ngày trước

    THE G.O.A.T

  15. christjohn2

    christjohn26 ngày trước

    I try to this my brother and he just punch me in the head

  16. Vortex

    Vortex7 ngày trước

    Anyone who thinks arm wrestling is a test of strength, you are a fucking idiot.

  17. beceronero

    beceronero9 ngày trước

    That's the forearms forearm 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣❤️

  18. Lee

    Lee9 ngày trước

    Great interviewer, great interview. Great guys. Forearm on top of the forearm. Yes, I would run away.

  19. Lee

    Lee9 ngày trước

    Love Devon.

  20. Craig Harrison

    Craig Harrison9 ngày trước

    this dude has freakish biceps

  21. robin holth

    robin holth9 ngày trước

    Bro he sounds like sylvester stalone

  22. mike w

    mike w10 ngày trước

    Da Cranker!!!

  23. Etan Plan

    Etan Plan10 ngày trước

    I arm wrestled a much bigger kid than me senior year of high school and it was an intense match ad right when I went to beat him his arm snapped and I havent arm wrestled since knowing it could be me lol

  24. Matthew Craig

    Matthew Craig10 ngày trước

    Etan Plan Just keep your eyes glued to your hand.

  25. Randy Vinson

    Randy Vinson10 ngày trước

    the dudes arms look like bridge cables that dissent happen over night

  26. Farris TheLaggy

    Farris TheLaggy10 ngày trước

    Devon seems like that cool smart gym teacher you rarely have.

  27. Bitcoin Broker

    Bitcoin Broker10 ngày trước

    If you can crush the fingers you win…. a ticket to jail.

  28. Hugh James-Berry

    Hugh James-Berry11 ngày trước

    this guys a genius!

  29. Snotlingschleuda

    Snotlingschleuda11 ngày trước

    Devon Larett, the new Wolverine!

  30. Blackbird InTheSky

    Blackbird InTheSky12 ngày trước


  31. Hernan Saavedra

    Hernan Saavedra12 ngày trước

    Devon time will come someone will destroy you! u cheated all the time

  32. Matthew Craig

    Matthew Craig10 ngày trước

    Hernan Saavedra No he doesn't. You just know nothing about arm wrestling

  33. Ferdinand Ico

    Ferdinand Ico12 ngày trước

    The goat

  34. Stalin s

    Stalin s12 ngày trước

    His hand is fucking huge

  35. Chris Perez

    Chris Perez12 ngày trước

    Man that was a cool vid. Awesome guys

  36. The Men's Manual

    The Men's Manual12 ngày trước

    Chris Perez Thanks Chris! Please subscribe and stay tuned for more great content like this! We’re on summer break now but will have a new video out really soon!

  37. Josef Žoček

    Josef Žoček12 ngày trước

    4:48 Nick Nolte

  38. Chan Bros

    Chan Bros13 ngày trước

    That forearm is insane.

  39. R Y S J

    R Y S J13 ngày trước

    So in a contest of strength, people found ways to gain an advantage, eh? So you just wanna lie your way through life, is that it?

  40. Volodia Arnaud

    Volodia Arnaud14 ngày trước

    fuck there really is a technic for everything in this world

  41. Tonko

    Tonko14 ngày trước

    Well that was very helpful now when someone challenges me to arm wrestling he is in trouble.

  42. charlie saville

    charlie saville15 ngày trước

    He's probably the best thing that's ever happened to the sport.

  43. Dont Blow It Keep It Simple Count Your Money

    Dont Blow It Keep It Simple Count Your Money16 ngày trước

    This dude just loves the sport

  44. Jack Mcgready

    Jack Mcgready16 ngày trước

    Great arm wrestler, pitty travis bagent beat him

  45. The Men's Manual

    The Men's Manual16 ngày trước

    Jack Mcgready Check out the video we did with Travis

  46. Leon Anderson

    Leon Anderson16 ngày trước

    Conor Murphy’s dad?

  47. Shin Chan

    Shin Chan17 ngày trước


  48. fazy lucker

    fazy lucker17 ngày trước

    From house make over to arm ripping muthafcka

  49. Gibbet Hoskins

    Gibbet Hoskins17 ngày trước

    It amazes me that this dude is not even that big but he just smokes big dudes that look twice his strength

  50. Markus

    Markus17 ngày trước

    Gibbet What is even more amazing is that he also beats guys that are on PEDs while he is one of the few that is clean. Although it's 60 % technique and 40 % power and strength it's still a special feat. Don't forget his background though. Special forces acquire a certain mindset ;)

  51. J C

    J C17 ngày trước

    This dude is bleeding at his wrist wtf

  52. Lil Shawn

    Lil Shawn17 ngày trước

    Steroids, enough said

  53. Markus

    Markus17 ngày trước

    Lil princess 85 % is on PEDs in armwrestling. Guess what, Larratt is one of the 15 % :)

  54. Hydra Inarms

    Hydra Inarms17 ngày trước

    Here is a better method so that you can take guys that are twice your size down n out. When gusts are locked instead of taking his arm down pull his fist toward you and use your body wieght to take your opponent down once mastered it becomes really affective. When sitting down apply same method but open your left leg where your knee is facing out ward and again use your weight to bring him down not your arm but your body weight. Pls sub to my channel and I'll sub back cheers.

  55. Al COD

    Al COD18 ngày trước

    Uhhhhh, fulcrum?

  56. select20

    select2018 ngày trước

    Such a cool guy

  57. T.I.M. music

    T.I.M. music18 ngày trước

    Did he said martial art...train thai mate...

  58. Dill Thomas

    Dill Thomas19 ngày trước

    Where is his triceps? ??

  59. Guinea54

    Guinea5419 ngày trước

    He looks like clark kent super man.

  60. Seth Womelsdorff

    Seth Womelsdorff19 ngày trước

    Second best in middle school only beaten by someone who beat or was even with all past school highscores for physical feats

  61. Victor Matas Mendoza

    Victor Matas Mendoza20 ngày trước

    How do you train that forearm muscle?

  62. Lee Fosbrooke

    Lee Fosbrooke21 ngày trước

    Has Devon ever lost?

  63. Noyan Ozkan

    Noyan Ozkan21 ngày trước

    does he ever thinking about braking his arm?

  64. Nicolas Dornblüth

    Nicolas Dornblüth21 ngày trước

    The end of the video with Devon's forearm is hilarious

  65. Jimmy V

    Jimmy V21 ngày trước

    I want to see him take on that 17 yr old kid that is killing everyone.

  66. Jimmy V

    Jimmy V21 ngày trước

    He seems super cool and friendly. Also seems to have a massive hand.

  67. Luigi Manzelli

    Luigi Manzelli22 ngày trước

    very cool video, the only thing i'm missing to know now is how to resist someone who wants to pin you down early and you don't have the time to "play" with your hand, i think you should try to lock the hook but i'm not too sure about it.

  68. Dex

    Dex22 ngày trước

    Great teacher but good student as well. He didn't talk over Devon at all. Great video.

  69. Da man Alexander

    Da man Alexander22 ngày trước

    He probably makes every beer bottle a twist off with those forearms.

  70. First Last

    First Last22 ngày trước

    This shit started to sound gay

  71. dutchschaefer

    dutchschaefer22 ngày trước

    How is dropping your whole body weight arm wrestling?

  72. Grey Reviewer

    Grey Reviewer22 ngày trước

    That forearm tho

  73. Руслан Кулиев

    Руслан Кулиев22 ngày trước

    Плохо что я по английски ни Бом Бом было бы очень полезно послушать советы а так лайк люблю и болею за Ларрата что то в нем есть притягивающее

  74. Vegeta Dbiop

    Vegeta Dbiop22 ngày trước

    4:13 that sounds kind of gay

  75. Goratchthemule

    Goratchthemule24 ngày trước

    5:13 that's what Neymar's mum said to

  76. Goratchthemule

    Goratchthemule24 ngày trước

    Einstein of arm wresling

  77. khoirom Milton

    khoirom Milton24 ngày trước

    Devon knows well he is gifted with strength and endurance,and even if he teaches all his tips and tricks ,he will still win,coz he is beast.

  78. khoirom Milton

    khoirom Milton24 ngày trước

    The other guy had some orgasm.

  79. Kid Basic

    Kid Basic25 ngày trước

    So the advice to beginners is get with the club and arm wrestle? What a fck genius never thought it would help me to practice arm wrestling if i want to get good at it, dang this guy smart.

  80. Gomer Styles

    Gomer Styles25 ngày trước

    The jacked total opposite Bill Hader. There is no denying he’s exactly that.

  81. SagMoeTv

    SagMoeTv25 ngày trước

    Thanks, now i have to finish off my friends, Haha.

  82. Mycus Fernandez

    Mycus Fernandez26 ngày trước

    0:25 where all the people go ?

  83. Jonas Scheuer

    Jonas Scheuer26 ngày trước

    step 1: inject testosterone

  84. Ernesto Dorado

    Ernesto Dorado26 ngày trước

    Arm wrestling is not a real sport it’s all stupid.

  85. Dem

    Dem27 ngày trước

    i didnt think there was so much to arm wrestling this is neat, thank you

  86. Grim Reaper

    Grim Reaper28 ngày trước

    My forearms make this guys look like pipe cleaners

  87. Matthew Craig

    Matthew Craig27 ngày trước

    Grim Reaper I'm sure. That must be why you hide behind a fake name and have no content on your channel. Because of your massive forearms.

  88. Stefan Frisk

    Stefan Frisk28 ngày trước

    The fuck... they should have done a match.

  89. Kevin Kostyk

    Kevin Kostyk29 ngày trước

    Steroids are also part of the secret.

  90. Sumit Sharma

    Sumit Sharma29 ngày trước

    Devon reminds me of jim carry

  91. 3Loki

    3Loki29 ngày trước

    I wonder if Larratt could have beat Lincoln Hawk in his Prime.

  92. KingTen91

    KingTen91Tháng trước


  93. KingTen91

    KingTen91Tháng trước

    So glad to get those tips from you... I really appreciate those arm wrestling tips as well!! Were there other tips he was giving him beside arm wrestling tips? 5:47

  94. Nawaz Pasha

    Nawaz PashaTháng trước

    Nice guy awesome legend

  95. hasan pekcan

    hasan pekcanTháng trước

    Devon should be a general at battle field :D

  96. Matthew Craig

    Matthew Craig27 ngày trước

    hasan pekcan He was. Special Forces Commander and Combat veteran.

  97. Zira Qdust

    Zira QdustTháng trước

    Thats pronator muscle

  98. Justin Reily

    Justin ReilyTháng trước

    Devon "Orangutan Arms" Larratt

  99. justen sr

    justen srTháng trước

    5:47 dog the bounty hunter making a cameo?

  100. maciejl20

    maciejl20Tháng trước

    great, so let's cheat and win the match soooo fucking lame you should always fight fair without those tricks btw thanks mr obvious for telling us it is all about "lever" and "physics"...i will never find this out dude...what an discovery...

  101. Matthew Craig

    Matthew Craig27 ngày trước

    maciejl20 Nothing cheating about it. Your arm still has to be stronger than your opponent's. Why even make that comment when you know nothing about arm wrestling?

  102. Ze _Jeff

    Ze _JeffTháng trước

    What an amazing accent.

  103. Mark Adto

    Mark AdtoTháng trước


  104. Alexander O

    Alexander OTháng trước

    huuuuge arms maaan

  105. J C

    J CTháng trước

    Why is Skip bleeding at his wrist tho....

  106. Alex Lozanov

    Alex LozanovTháng trước

    "arm wrestling is a miniature martial art" no, it's not

  107. zakhil Amin

    zakhil AminTháng trước

    Holy fuk larrat has lumberjack arms

  108. Supreme Peasant

    Supreme PeasantTháng trước

    The guy toldDevon I wanna stretch u out lol 😂 💀 2:32

  109. p1t

    p1tTháng trước

    how bad of a disadvantage is having thin wrists?