What's The Secret To Arm Wrestling? Devon Larratt with Skip Bedell


  1. Al Cubz

    Al Cubz2 giờ trước

    Never seen grown men hold hands this long before.. soo gay

  2. ustinkyfoo

    ustinkyfoo2 ngày trước

    what muscle is that? brachioradialis?

  3. Kal Val

    Kal Val2 ngày trước

    Good video but the audio is kinda fkd up

  4. cleonriize

    cleonriize2 ngày trước

    2:30 "I wanna stretch you out" tf

  5. Eric Fisher

    Eric Fisher3 ngày trước

    That Devon guy seems super passionate about arm wrestling. I mean like he just wants people to participate and have fun with it.

  6. Andrew Neri

    Andrew Neri4 ngày trước

    He reminds me of roddy piper

  7. SYF_Gaming

    SYF_Gaming4 ngày trước

    You can just keep on rollin’

  8. Bob Vila

    Bob Vila4 ngày trước

    Devon has savage animal strength!

  9. Nakadu

    Nakadu4 ngày trước

    I have no idea how I landed on this video but it was very good.

  10. The Men's Manual

    The Men's Manual4 ngày trước

    Nakadu We’re glad you found it! Please subscribe and stay tuned for more great content. (We will have more armwrestling videos in the future with some big names!)

  11. Jonathan Taing

    Jonathan Taing4 ngày trước

    My uncle is a ups driver and lifts heavy packages for the past 10yrs. I cant even budge him lol. I’ll see if he let’s me use these techniques lol

  12. Taki Papadopoulos

    Taki Papadopoulos4 ngày trước

    Gonna use these tips next time I'm at a truck stop

  13. Glacial Relic

    Glacial Relic4 ngày trước

    really would like to see what his power is like if he hit someone with those arms

  14. Pleroma

    Pleroma5 ngày trước

    The cranker is his key to success

  15. Pleroma

    Pleroma5 ngày trước

    Da hell was that inside devons arm yo. That's crazy

  16. larry45044

    larry450445 ngày trước

    im older but i always thought john bersink was the king!!-i saw this guy devon go against bersink once and he lost to bersink-but this guy devon younger back then-can anybody bring me up to date though??

  17. I Q

    I Q6 ngày trước

    Ppfffttt! I could beat Devon...albeit not at armwrestling, but I bet he totally sucks at chess. :-P

  18. Mustajab Imtiaz

    Mustajab Imtiaz6 ngày trước

    Host has nasty nails 😂

  19. pizzaDhut

    pizzaDhut7 ngày trước

    Look at the length of his arms, like an orangutan

  20. Numinous

    Numinous8 ngày trước

    Arm wrestlers are often all biceps and forearms; no triceps. But I guess it makes sense, since they train for their sport, and those are the primary muscles involved.

  21. Veggie Ready

    Veggie Ready8 ngày trước

    i have 6 inch wrists, try me bro. lmao *snap*

  22. cbr1thou

    cbr1thou8 ngày trước


  23. Elsa Debroglie

    Elsa Debroglie9 ngày trước

    1:19 Did Devon turn into a retard for a moment here? lol!

  24. Nemo7The7Pirate7

    Nemo7The7Pirate710 ngày trước

    the secret is to have bigger hand.

  25. Motivation of the Man

    Motivation of the Man11 ngày trước

    Thank you Larratt and also fuck you too Yesterday I beat the school bully in arm wrestling 3 in a row with these techniques, for a split second I was the man at school with everyone cheering me right before he slapped me with his left hand and everyone started laughing He’s way bigger than me, but I’m still the champ in my school thou Learning MMA now so I can defend myself when I beat him again End of the year I’m planning my revenge #gonnafuckenkickthisbulliesass4realz

  26. Jackson Explores

    Jackson Explores11 ngày trước

    Devons a freak them arms belong to a primate

  27. martin southard

    martin southard11 ngày trước

    Technique beats strength,thank you.

  28. Robert Langdon

    Robert Langdon3 ngày trước

    Lol it's not like he's humanly strong tho

  29. Nicholas Lopez

    Nicholas Lopez12 ngày trước

    That was good info

  30. Jimbo Lawless

    Jimbo Lawless13 ngày trước

    Wish I'd seen this video during my 20's and 30's at the height of my bar drinking, rather than now when I'm an old man and past all that lol...

  31. Race Bannon

    Race Bannon13 ngày trước

    I use to be a pretty good arm wrestler, but this guy is an arm wrestling guru. He has turned it into an art form. I wish I'd met him when I was young.

  32. Fabian R.

    Fabian R.13 ngày trước

    Be a freak!

  33. OneButton Dash

    OneButton Dash13 ngày trước


  34. Michael Supradyn

    Michael Supradyn14 ngày trước

    Tip Nr 1: Be stronger and have bigger arms ! Hahaha. !!!!!

  35. Nic A.

    Nic A.14 ngày trước

    Everyone's talking about Devon's biceps, but have you even seen those forearms?! They're the size of calves

  36. Tom Steel

    Tom Steel15 ngày trước

    Being tall obviously help = you can build bigger muscles on long lanky arms. Plus use your bodyweight too

  37. Mudk1p28518

    Mudk1p2851815 ngày trước

    Where's the disclaimer? "Be careful not to break your arm." It happens all the time.

  38. Mudk1p28518

    Mudk1p2851814 ngày trước

    i'm sure they are just hoping they would mention something about it

  39. Matthew Craig

    Matthew Craig14 ngày trước

    Mudk1p28518 Arm breaks are easily avoidable.

  40. Douglas Goulartt

    Douglas Goulartt15 ngày trước


  41. Autistic Anime Girl

    Autistic Anime Girl15 ngày trước

    Damn his arms look like they're about to burst without having to look like he has the inflatable arms from that spongebob episode

  42. jamesEboi

    jamesEboi15 ngày trước

    Gay overtones. Now close your eyes and re-listen to this audio with that in mind. xD xD

  43. ISMAEL Suarez

    ISMAEL Suarez17 ngày trước

    That dude is strong as you wouldn't believe, yet he so humble

  44. Rahul Benny

    Rahul Benny17 ngày trước

    Devon larrat is superman!!

  45. jake meyer

    jake meyer18 ngày trước

    Larrats hands are absolutely massive.

  46. BAGTAS

    BAGTAS18 ngày trước

    Devon Larratt talking about his weakness.

  47. Alan H

    Alan H19 ngày trước

    NOW I like Devon.

  48. X-Tech Gam!nG

    X-Tech Gam!nG19 ngày trước

    The tips, AND the arm wrestling tips, as well!

  49. X

    X20 ngày trước

    he look like superman

  50. j a m a i c a n d o n d a d a

    j a m a i c a n d o n d a d a21 ngày trước

    Gonna fuck my mates at school now thanks Devon

  51. Matthew Craig

    Matthew Craig21 ngày trước

    j a m a i c a n d o n d a d a Better get consent first. You don't want a rape charge.

  52. YELLOW08Z06

    YELLOW08Z0621 ngày trước

    Devon was a beast from birth. I've heard him talk about doing a thousand push-ups with ease. He's all around amazing

  53. Sean Barker

    Sean Barker22 ngày trước

    That guys broceps are on another level

  54. Jonathan Messer

    Jonathan Messer22 ngày trước

    bro he looks like he took steroids big time

  55. Tony Kart Racer

    Tony Kart Racer23 ngày trước

    Geezus... that other guy's hands are like toy doll's compared to Devon's.

  56. Sebastian

    Sebastian24 ngày trước

    Arm wrestling is a martial art LOL Ok then join the UFC Chief !

  57. Dragon 67

    Dragon 6724 ngày trước

    Total machine.

  58. Ruben N

    Ruben N24 ngày trước

    Simply The Best Ever.

  59. Luka Lukic

    Luka Lukic25 ngày trước

    wow this fkin guy can explain and has some kind of charisma. such a soothing voice too lmao sick

  60. fat bo

    fat bo25 ngày trước

    I'm sure I'm missing some muscles.

  61. yaggle fraggle

    yaggle fraggle25 ngày trước

    That one muscle is probably why he wins so much I've never seen that before

  62. TucoChannel

    TucoChannel25 ngày trước

    That guy, big arms, stick legs.

  63. Charlie Day

    Charlie Day25 ngày trước

    that whole falcrum

  64. Kordel Maguire

    Kordel Maguire26 ngày trước

    5:13 major voice crack XD

  65. Shawn Jarman

    Shawn Jarman26 ngày trước

    I beat this guy with my weak arm! 🤥

  66. The brotherhood of the wolf

    The brotherhood of the wolf26 ngày trước

    Not only are his arms big and muscular, but they are also long. 💪

  67. Jack Hill

    Jack Hill28 ngày trước

    5:48 sid vicious has aged alot in recent years

  68. Promothash Boruah

    Promothash Boruah29 ngày trước

    Nice tips :)

  69. Matthieu LAVAGNA

    Matthieu LAVAGNATháng trước

    He looks like tom cruise

  70. Simon Medenilla

    Simon MedenillaTháng trước

    Thats why he's the goat. He's very cerebral.

  71. ian vosik

    ian vosikTháng trước

    my cranker is stiff

  72. NorCaLove1

    NorCaLove1Tháng trước

    I feel like I can best anyone in arm wrestling now

  73. Cat and Tom

    Cat and TomTháng trước

    Devon Larratt and John Brzenk are my favorite pullers

  74. I Q

    I QTháng trước

    4:50 - Larratt "And now you don't even have to do it right away." - Yeah, right. When you face Devon Larratt, you had damn well do it right away or you're toast. Dude has endurance for miles.

  75. enednas801

    enednas801Tháng trước

    dammit! im watching learning videos a lot but everytime i take a arm wrestling fight I just use what i feel is my power but its right where everyone has that regular same power and its just a toss up who wins. elbow in tight,regrip and climb to open the hand? forgets it all xD

  76. Darkest Grim

    Darkest GrimTháng trước

    I thought he was the guy in dog whisperer😂

  77. David Johnson

    David JohnsonTháng trước

    That freaking muscle.. wow!

  78. Allan McGarry

    Allan McGarryTháng trước

    Was that Sid Vicious at 5:48? lmaoooo

  79. Mike Justice

    Mike JusticeTháng trước

    Badass interview! Fucking loved it.

  80. The Men's Manual

    The Men's ManualTháng trước

    Mike Justice Glad you enjoyed it! Please subscribe and share so you don’t miss all the great content we have coming up. We will be doing some more arm wrestling videos in the future!

  81. puhgeh

    puhgehTháng trước

    His fucking arm is bigger than my thigh!

  82. Doug Stillborn

    Doug StillbornTháng trước

    A really strong biceps and technique

  83. Joseph Zoumadakis

    Joseph ZoumadakisTháng trước


  84. Rex

    RexTháng trước

    “I want to stretch you out”

  85. Rory Fraser

    Rory FraserTháng trước

    Guys hands are massive

  86. Watch This

    Watch ThisTháng trước

    Close your eyes... listen.,..

  87. JMan

    JManTháng trước

    I recently competed in my first arm wrestling tournament and this video helped me out a tonne. I placed 3rd in the amateur 201lb+ division.Thanks Devon!

  88. RazorSharp Shooter425

    RazorSharp Shooter425Tháng trước

    omg I kinda didn't understand ;(

  89. RazorSharp Shooter425

    RazorSharp Shooter425Tháng trước

    0:53 is that why I lose to taller people with longer arms

  90. Provat Ahsan

    Provat AhsanTháng trước


  91. Mike Barrett

    Mike BarrettTháng trước

    I like this channel my man - keep posting

  92. The Men's Manual

    The Men's Manual13 ngày trước

    Thank you Mike! We will keep posting! Appreciate the support. Please follow us on Facebook too! facebook.com/TheMensManual/

  93. waynester71

    waynester71Tháng trước

    Best..ever.. period

  94. skirts365

    skirts365Tháng trước

    Connective tissue problems? Either get it healed or stay away from this activity.

  95. The Adventures of Pico and Guac

    The Adventures of Pico and GuacTháng trước

    Devin looks like Superman. Right? Edit: I guess every on else sees it too?

  96. The Hypertrophy Scientist

    The Hypertrophy ScientistTháng trước

    Host,, go easy on the juice bro,,, your blood pressure looks through the roof

  97. Dirk Plankchest

    Dirk PlankchestTháng trước

    That was the best singular description of the art of pulling I've ever heard.

  98. Jordan Derrick

    Jordan DerrickTháng trước

    All of his future opponents watching this video and they still won't be able to beat him😂

  99. Anthony Pascale

    Anthony PascaleTháng trước

    secret is yo stop him cheating and outing his body behind his arm so you push his,atm down because his body and hia,weight are in the way male him stand square at the a wresting station instead on almost conpletely on the side....

  100. Matthew Craig

    Matthew CraigTháng trước

    Anthony Pascale Nothing cheating about it. Why don't you try that bullshit you just said with me first. Let's see how that works out for you.

  101. Michael

    MichaelTháng trước

    That was such a great freaking coaching session!

  102. 120starter

    120starterTháng trước

    To be the first person in the gay ass "sport" and set it so that it's a race to start. Be sure to have 15 false starts before you actually time it right and win. Also be sure the refs always call false start if you're going to lose...

  103. Kazuhira Miller

    Kazuhira MillerTháng trước

    wery informativ devon is a grate guy

  104. Mike Fu

    Mike FuTháng trước

    You need strong Lats to Lock the upper body too.

  105. Shifu Careaga

    Shifu CareagaTháng trước

    Art of war wins again

  106. GoXR3Plus Studio

    GoXR3Plus StudioTháng trước

    That biceps 💪 👹

  107. Admiral General Aladeen

    Admiral General AladeenTháng trước

    bro that dirty nails lol

  108. Admiral General Aladeen

    Admiral General AladeenTháng trước

    Devon sounds so cool a kind of teacher you could listen all day. lol living legend!