What's The Secret To Arm Wrestling? Devon Larratt with Skip Bedell


  1. Ellis Turnell

    Ellis Turnell15 giờ trước

    2:31 wow I know he’s a good teacher but no need for that

  2. Dylan Silvester

    Dylan Silvester20 giờ trước

    You wanna be hayer.

  3. jbsosa100

    jbsosa100Ngày trước

    Wow. Great instuctor. Mr. Larratt looks fuckin' intimidating just standing there. 0:07 I like how he made the explosion noise when his fuckin' biceps exploded! He almost looks like me! lol

  4. Mathieu Fredette

    Mathieu FredetteNgày trước

    I lost at arm wrestling all my life. I got strong biceps but little wrists. Today at work a young buck was asking me if i thought that a guy in his twenties was stronger than a guy in his fourties. We decided to settle this with a arm wrestling match. I felt like he was stronger than me but i followed your tips as i watched many of your videos and i beat him kinda easily on both arms. Felt really good. He said that i was stronger than him but little did he know, i just had better technique. Thank you Devon !

  5. Jose Antonio Fernandez

    Jose Antonio FernandezNgày trước

    This guy is so generous and great with his teaching

  6. Supreme Alpha Male

    Supreme Alpha Male2 ngày trước

    But can he beat Bull Hurley?

  7. 219Tucker

    219Tucker2 ngày trước

    My mom watched this before me and I didn't know, the cast comes off in 6 weeks.......sigh

  8. loudy loudy

    loudy loudy2 ngày trước

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  9. donlitos

    donlitos3 ngày trước

    "Every battle is won before it is fought." Devon right here.

  10. lol king

    lol king3 ngày trước

    But john is the best

  11. daniel jones

    daniel jones3 ngày trước

    Who wins him or the schoolboy??

  12. Christopher Brunelle

    Christopher Brunelle4 ngày trước

    Calling this a martial art.......is just.......yikes man. Your arm wrestling.....lmfao.

  13. Bob Sneider

    Bob Sneider4 ngày trước

    what a nice dude!

  14. MrPorkrolleggNcheese

    MrPorkrolleggNcheese5 ngày trước

    So when is bill hader going to roid up his arms and play this guy in a movie ?

  15. southern kratom

    southern kratom5 ngày trước

    yeah whoever has a longer arm/is TALLER (taller forearm) has a HUGE leverage advantage against a shorter person... it's basic physics.. Thats why u should stack a book under the shorter person's elbow to even the height of the hands, otherwise arm wrestling a short person is just not fair, and i get tired of seeing the cheap unfairness of uneven forearm heights arm wrestling against each other (basic stuff no one thinks about when arm wrestling)

  16. Flornmonk

    Flornmonk3 ngày trước

    +southern kratom That technique you're describing is called a toproll. Longer arms are usually better at toprolling and shorter arms are better at hooking. They both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Search for a guy named "Sasho Andreev" here on youtube and you'll find a dude with a really short arm absolutely DESTROYING longer armed people.

  17. southern kratom

    southern kratom3 ngày trước

    Flornmonk hey thats a good point too. So much physics and techniques lol. But the taller arm will hook over the shorter arm/hand, so the taller arm will be over and hooked over the shorter hand easier

  18. Flornmonk

    Flornmonk5 ngày trước

    That depends. A longer arm will never be as strong at hooking as a shorter arm. Just try this as an example: Firstly, put a ruler flat on your table so that about 90% sticks out freely in the air . Now, press down on the side that sticks out of from the table. Notice how easy it bends? Now try the exact same thing but with about 10% sticking out from the table and you'll see that it is MUCH harder to push and bend the ruler. The same rule applies to arm-length as well. My point is - having a long arm isn't always an advantage in this sport.

  19. Nathan Trevis

    Nathan Trevis6 ngày trước

    I arm wrestle a lot with my buddies and as I am watching this I do most of this stuff without even realizing it going back on it just because I do it so damn much xD

  20. Fred Zeppelin

    Fred Zeppelin6 ngày trước

    You can also hide under the table and rely on dumb referees.

  21. Corvette Shorts

    Corvette Shorts6 ngày trước

    This seems like the last great macho sport where studies havent killed the fun with concussions etc etc.

  22. mickeyfinn80

    mickeyfinn807 ngày trước

    Now I understand . Amazing !!!

  23. Ronnie James Osbourne

    Ronnie James Osbourne8 ngày trước

    "What's The Secret To Arm Wrestling?" One word... "Leverage."

  24. SuperUsefulMan

    SuperUsefulMan9 ngày trước

    what's your number one tip "jerk off jerk off jerk off"

  25. Mark S

    Mark S9 ngày trước

    "the first thing we want to work on is how to extend guys" Yeah, that come out wrong.

  26. Chad Hay

    Chad Hay9 ngày trước

    i would think bigger hands would help with the leverage

  27. Jordan Keene

    Jordan Keene10 ngày trước

    1:35 - 1:42 When you asks how she wants it...

  28. John J III

    John J III10 ngày trước

    Steroids are a helluva drug

  29. Cody Morrissey

    Cody Morrissey11 ngày trước

    big hands. simple

  30. Michel G.

    Michel G.12 ngày trước

    Sometimes we're born in the wrong era. My Grand-dad and his brothers, were fur trappers and traders with the Indians during the winter months and lumberjacks during the summer months (northern Quebec), this would have been back in the 1930s and 40s... he would've ripped Devon's arm off. I saw him do things at the age of 80 that blew my mind. No disrespect at all to Devon as he could certainly rip mine off lol What a match up that would have been.

  31. Nooban World

    Nooban World12 ngày trước

    a dude u dont have to promote is larrat, everybody knows him for his skills , even tho he got devil eyes...

  32. Nguyen thanh binh

    Nguyen thanh binh12 ngày trước

    Love his passion and honestly sharing knowledge

  33. HansNature

    HansNature13 ngày trước

    Great teacher.

  34. Jonathan Plechaty

    Jonathan Plechaty14 ngày trước

    He stretched him out

  35. Eric Faulk

    Eric Faulk14 ngày trước

    This guy is the MFing Bruce Lee of arm wrestling.

  36. Baz Evans

    Baz Evans14 ngày trước

    The proper way to arm wrestle is not to arm wrestle. People break their arms doing it all the time, even with “proper” technique.

  37. Flornmonk

    Flornmonk5 ngày trước

    The pros rarely break their arms. If you're new to the sport then yeah. It happens.

  38. Floridabum1

    Floridabum114 ngày trước

    He has the arms of Doomguy.

  39. John Marzelli

    John Marzelli15 ngày trước

    Michael Todd is better.

  40. R Hugh Sirius Ph.D.

    R Hugh Sirius Ph.D.15 ngày trước

    He'd have no chance against Goldblum in The Fly.

  41. Salvador Aguilar

    Salvador Aguilar15 ngày trước

    very good buT Denis Cyplenkov its the best

  42. stu pid

    stu pid17 ngày trước

    It's 6am, who can I call at this time to arm wrestle

  43. Nectarios Petropoulos

    Nectarios Petropoulos17 ngày trước

    The forearms forearm!

  44. Séamus Meally

    Séamus Meally17 ngày trước

    how many men admired Devon's bicep , go on be truthful , i know i did

  45. world Winer2

    world Winer218 ngày trước

    Am 15 and I have a unbreakable winning streak from 6 different schools including 1 high school

  46. RedSkull 1776

    RedSkull 177618 ngày trước

    First Vid for the new year... This must be my calling

  47. Reno2324

    Reno232419 ngày trước

    is that a two tone rolex or an invicta?

  48. Max Vancamp

    Max Vancamp19 ngày trước

    "sport" lmfaaaaooo wuuuuuut

  49. Michael Park

    Michael Park19 ngày trước

    Even when he's not flexing his biceps are the size of an infant's head.

  50. Thera Pist

    Thera Pist20 ngày trước

    One of my forearms is much bigger than the other

  51. Art Morgan Alcalen

    Art Morgan Alcalen22 ngày trước

    RF and Scratchy sound Audio...

  52. Robert Smith

    Robert Smith23 ngày trước

    he's giving away his championship secrets

  53. R Montana

    R Montana25 ngày trước

    Been having trouble lately, just wondering how I can get a few extra strokes in without switching hands.

  54. Jon Con

    Jon Con25 ngày trước

    2:31 you don't say that to a dude.

  55. cheesegyoza

    cheesegyoza25 ngày trước

    At 5:48, was that Sid Vicious in the back ground? I read some comments lower than mine and found out that it was not.

  56. outofthisswirled

    outofthisswirled25 ngày trước

    So I go where Devon is weak to beat him, got it...... I'm out.

  57. Sergeev

    Sergeev25 ngày trước

    He is a great arm wrestler, but our Ciplenkov ate him for breakfast.

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    My psn is Da_Matorix This is also my epic games26 ngày trước

    When you want to be popular at school You learn how to arm wrestle

  59. Truth Hurts

    Truth Hurts27 ngày trước

    Devon is awesome

  60. Shipmate

    Shipmate28 ngày trước

    Devon needs to use better hair shampoo. But man, his hands are massive.


    JJY REACTS28 ngày trước

    I did this technique today.. It went great! It beat my friend at arm wrestling (even though he is tstronger than me) but I still won,I didn’t even have to use muscle, I just had to stay at the sameposition

  62. backwoodsbully

    backwoodsbully29 ngày trước

    His arms are crazy!!! He is truly Jedi

  63. gixxerboy555

    gixxerboy55529 ngày trước

    Devon is a Legend

  64. Yun Li

    Yun Li29 ngày trước

    I've been doing it wrong my whole life...

  65. Garry Superales

    Garry SuperalesTháng trước

    His arm is friggin huge just like from 2000 video games.

  66. MrIvanbeats

    MrIvanbeatsTháng trước

    Devon looks like a praying mantis

  67. oddessy2g

    oddessy2gTháng trước

    That dudes been trying to pin him since he grabbed his hand. Lol while Devon wasn't even trying

  68. Edward Martinez

    Edward MartinezTháng trước

    What about keeping your arm/tricep/elbow portion of the arm close and tight to the body?? Wouldn’t keeping it tight be a key component for maintaining a dominant posture and help the overall techniques applied?

  69. Drxk0 14

    Drxk0 14Tháng trước

    Alright now arm wrestling is a sport now?

  70. Paul Davis

    Paul DavisTháng trước

    I saw him with a Superman T-shirt on and thought to myself how much better he would have made a Superman compared to the last two actors who played him. I think he has the looks and Charisma to pull it off.

  71. zawar salim

    zawar salimTháng trước

    I wished that there were yt when i was a kid. I had destroyed some adults haha

  72. josh gill humanitarian/comedian

    josh gill humanitarian/comedianTháng trước

    Devon is awesome 👍😁

  73. Al Rivers

    Al RiversTháng trước

    Who's dying to arm wrestle somebody right now?

  74. GearrahHereMan

    GearrahHereManTháng trước

    His Forearm had a Forearm.. Geez!

  75. MadMan

    MadManTháng trước

    wow he is such a nice person, he shares all the tip sand knowledge

  76. Apocalypticus Maximus

    Apocalypticus MaximusTháng trước

    Devon is a real man, with a very, very huge hearth. Devon, one question, ... Did you take the blue, or red pill?

  77. Diesel TK

    Diesel TKTháng trước


  78. papa Ji

    papa JiTháng trước

    Secret ??.....steroids

  79. Diesel TK

    Diesel TKTháng trước

    Nah he's clean

  80. maxter gate

    maxter gateTháng trước

    they fingers and hands looks like a womens,so gentle and small

  81. maxter gate

    maxter gateTháng trước

    I TRAIN my arms so much and so craizy that no human or beast can defeat me

  82. dai

    daiTháng trước

    a miniture martial art

  83. totalpkg69

    totalpkg69Tháng trước

    Not too many guys willing to share as honest as devon

  84. christopher russell

    christopher russellTháng trước

    Very cool guy and a great teacher

  85. BernRex

    BernRexTháng trước

    great teacher

  86. Jakub Dušánek

    Jakub DušánekTháng trước

    5:35 his shoulder crunched.

  87. Ali Raza

    Ali RazaTháng trước


  88. errol gasparini

    errol gaspariniTháng trước

    Over the top

  89. nandoss oss

    nandoss ossTháng trước

    that guy very humble shhhdong

  90. Wiegman 4x4

    Wiegman 4x4Tháng trước

    Devon is the King!!

  91. tahir khan

    tahir khanTháng trước

    This man devon should have been superman in supeman movies..

  92. Isaac Hurd

    Isaac HurdTháng trước

    I’m pretty sure if Devon arm wrestled the hulk he would win. Haha

  93. secrated

    secratedTháng trước

    Dennis got tips in here and defeated devon

  94. benvad123

    benvad123Tháng trước

    Can that young Russian American boy beat him?

  95. Diesel TK

    Diesel TKTháng trước


  96. Clint Wilson

    Clint WilsonTháng trước

    He said "I wanna stretch you out" lol

  97. James Crawford Jr

    James Crawford JrTháng trước

    I love Devon.

  98. highjim

    highjimTháng trước

    someone get this guy the suit! this IS christopher reeve 2

  99. Gamers Tomb

    Gamers TombTháng trước

    I'm fat.

  100. Joe throgmartin

    Joe throgmartinTháng trước

    You can tell by the shape and cut of his bicep and the solid width and length even when arms extended really puts him at an advantage very good arm wrestling muscles

  101. starchild

    starchildTháng trước

    secret?? STEROIDS

  102. Diesel TK

    Diesel TKTháng trước


  103. Dodi abdelhadi

    Dodi abdelhadiTháng trước

    can you like this comment

  104. DavidCamili4K

    DavidCamili4KTháng trước

    Jesus, that guy is if Testosterone was a person.. !

  105. Z Oidberg

    Z OidbergTháng trước

    Devon is like a gentle giant lol, I totally get why a lot of people respect this guy

  106. Brady Norris

    Brady NorrisTháng trước

    The “cranker” muscle he shows at the end is called the Pronator Teres. It turns the palm downward.

  107. Deakin Carrow

    Deakin CarrowTháng trước

    This is a real sport!? NICE

  108. gmoney 80

    gmoney 80Tháng trước

    I want to stretch you out