When God Declares War | Pastor Jentezen Franklin


  1. Renee Joseph

    Renee Joseph10 ngày trước

    Love your preaching and the humility with which u preach pastor. As u speak the word your face looks so radiant . Thank u pastor

  2. Isaac Escamilla

    Isaac Escamilla14 ngày trước

    I remember that song growing up as a pastors kid beautiful

  3. Ariel Laureano

    Ariel Laureano28 ngày trước

    Pastor is great preacher but he can carry a note too!!! Praise God!

  4. Roseann Gooding

    Roseann GoodingTháng trước

    Oh touching song dont give up on God oh he is able .

  5. Elissa Corrie

    Elissa CorrieTháng trước

    I know the song Pastor Franklin!

  6. Damariz Ramirez

    Damariz RamirezTháng trước

    no thats your perspective.read isaias 54-15 GOD HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THESE

  7. Lydia Tania

    Lydia TaniaTháng trước

    Here I'm use me lord!!

  8. Allen Stoica

    Allen StoicaTháng trước

    this man is a false preacher and a false prophet. I have been going to his church for the past 3 years and one time i wanted to talk to him in person and it is impossible to even get close to him. He has secret bodyguards that disguise themselves as regular people and you have no idea that they are his bodyguards. And if you get too close to him, they will put you down in the name of Jesus and bet the crap out of you. I tried to talk to him in person, but it is impossible. I kept on trying and the "so called elders" told me if i pay the 10% to the church. An from that point on they called the police and wanted to arrest me. And they told me that i can never come to that church again. And they told me that i was trespassing, even though it was service night. These people are completely too rich for a poor low Joe. But in the end, pay attention to what he preaches because most of the time he makes no sense and he keeps on repeating himself. And he is really good at charming people with his charm words and that's his biggest weapon to brainwash people. This man, as almost all of them have a common ministry which can be foung in Acts 16:16. Here it is 16., One day as we were going down to the place of prayer, we met a slave girl who had a spirit that enabled her to tell the future. She earned a lot of money for her masters by telling fortunes. You see, the bible talk about these people. so open your eyes and keep your money in your pocket.

  9. Balrog304

    Balrog304Tháng trước

    You want to serve the Lord? Quit supporting Franklin, he is a false teacher. All he does is cherry pick verses, no co-text, no context. May the Lord bring judgement down on him. What clown who is an illustration of self love....And men will become lovers of self.

  10. Leonzio Travelz Betty Rangiwai

    Leonzio Travelz Betty Rangiwai2 tháng trước

    Hope prayer thu his word the Bible thu our brothers and sisters has they wrote an all things are possible in him.. John 3v16 and great plans an he put in our pathways for my partner Leonzio.Travels an our family🇮🇹🇳🇿from his wife Betty and able too do what he said and won't ever leave uz an working on our behalf in ever trials and Yes I won't give up On😢💕 our delighted saver Jesus his promises to uz all who believes in him.. Reaching his rooms off prayers with other's thank you Jesus our beloved heart 😘🎄✨embarrassing my partner and family 😘🇮🇹🇳🇿💕💌 Thank you Pastor and use to sing when I was a kid and with my parents in church.. Lily of valley..

  11. Zaida Gonzalez

    Zaida Gonzalez2 tháng trước

    Thank you Pastor Jentezen, Love your old school principals that must never die in our churches we must never loose our perspective or our call in what service to our Abba Father really means. Shalom

  12. Madge Mutemi

    Madge Mutemi3 tháng trước

    I needed this message badly. May God keep using you mightily! Be blessed of the Lord

  13. stephanie mendola

    stephanie mendola3 tháng trước

    Pastor, i am willing to go. But i find myself ignored, i been yelled at to stop praying and to not give testimony, i been spoken to and treated repeatedly with dishonor, it all seems to a point i think im not accepted and shunned. I call and email to receive cold silence in response. When pastor asks us to buddy up to pray, others do not want to pray with me like i am poison. I am a wild eagle bird trapped in captivity. It is toxic for my walk with God. If this is how they feel about me, then why did they want me so bad in their church? And i am sure this is where God brought me to. Mixed messages. I am isolated in a crowd, hurting, and sad. I have a call on my life and a grand destiny and this is happening. What do I do? How can God use me in a crowd like this? What is going on in my Christian walk? Am i unequally yoked in this place? I sit and privately pray as much as possible. But it feels it is taking its toll. I did ask pastor if everything is okay as he sees it and he said yes all is well. What is going on?

  14. Queen Auta

    Queen Auta2 tháng trước

    Hi, nothing is wrong with you.Sometimes things like things happen for God is working but we cannot see.I went through long pray yet like no answer when I almost give up, he came in. Don't look for fame , wanting to lead yet instead work on yourself let God work in you first then start small, opportunity will come when you least expected.

  15. Knives Ronnel

    Knives Ronnel3 tháng trước

    I love God, and He is my hope

  16. Prophetess Frye

    Prophetess Frye3 tháng trước

    Amen! Preachhhhhhhhh the truth Pastor! Thank you Lord for Pastor Jentezen being bold and preaching the truth! Hallelujah!

  17. Julio Rosa

    Julio Rosa4 tháng trước

    Pastor i can feel your love sincerity and concern toward us you preach to

  18. Vonnie

    Vonnie4 tháng trước

    I love his heart.


    MISHKAN ED6 tháng trước


  20. Rutherine

    Rutherine6 tháng trước

    Wow. Great sermon.

  21. jessy9885

    jessy98856 tháng trước


  22. Iam Me

    Iam Me7 tháng trước

    If the world had its head on right, Jentezen would be a star pastor, a household name for Christ and these videos would have millions of views. This is powerful stuff to me it is like a water fountain of truth.

  23. Deborah Rivers

    Deborah Rivers7 tháng trước

    This message about offering myself to God's service is especially meaningful to during this time that I am giving everything of myself in His service, experiencing some persecution from those. who are unable to understand my purpose and free service to others less of fortunate than myself to anyone the Lord shows me what I have to offer them as His spirit leads me do what He asks to do for them. Even as I lay in the hospital from doing more I sometimes are able. I do need to be more fully equipped to handle what the Lord has created me to do. Praise God for He is Great!

  24. Carly Lau

    Carly Lau7 tháng trước

    Many thanks

  25. Pushpa Sam

    Pushpa Sam8 tháng trước

    O My Lord God l Love ❤️ this paster your umbel, talented , anointing servant who you Love ❤️ you so much Lord God .my Loving father every time when he's preaching and Teaching Your Word of God My sull and hurts rejoicing l learn so much my new Cristian life. I give thanks 🙏 glory honor praise to our God Jesus Christ Amen 🙏 God bless you paster ☔️☔️☔️

  26. Leo881971

    Leo8819718 tháng trước

    Haha..I'm a heathen.. I've never heard of the song either🤣🤔 Very funny Ps. Franklin x

  27. Leo881971

    Leo8819718 tháng trước

    Anne Narburgh Yes, definitely sicker than me.. Did you hear the laughter coming from the congregation?? U need to laugh. Oh hang on, this sermon was for You.. I'll pray for you😭

  28. Anne Narburgh

    Anne Narburgh8 tháng trước

    Am I sicker than you because I believe in God is that what you are saying. Yes I have heard of that song.

  29. Leo881971

    Leo8819718 tháng trước

    Anne Narburgh You sound sicker than me.. Have you heard of the song?? Be honest now..

  30. Anne Narburgh

    Anne Narburgh8 tháng trước

    And your are bragging about it? You poor sick soul.

  31. Mike Alexander

    Mike Alexander8 tháng trước

    Amen. God is just that good! Hallelujah. It's not ironic that Pastor Jentezen Franklin mentions getting involved in "the paddle", because he reminds me of Patrick Duffy, who played the lead role in 'The Man From Atlantis'. Also on Friday, June 1, 2018 God led me to the Chromatics' Kennedy Center Millennium Stage performance of their project AstroCapella. God is so good. He has made every star in the universe & can call each one by name. Glory Hallelujah, because he is able; & he is lord.

  32. Takudzwa Tkay

    Takudzwa Tkay8 tháng trước

    Jesus i pray that everything i do must be connected to your KINGDOM...

  33. lisha Cruz

    lisha Cruz8 tháng trước

    I heard pastor Jentezen Franklin when he preached in the Jesus Culture conference at LA, and I felt so blessed! I truly felt God talking to me through him!! God is great!

  34. Kedibone Ncobo

    Kedibone Ncobo9 tháng trước

    He is able even to the darkest situation, I praise You Lord Jesus.

  35. JWME

    JWME9 tháng trước

    My favorite preacher.

  36. jlm03722

    jlm037229 tháng trước

    I made this word mine. What a blessed word that produces blessing after blessing.

  37. Kervin Thomas

    Kervin Thomas9 tháng trước

    05/10/18 This is Kervin, I want to know, what kind of heart do you have? How much needless pain and suffering can you take? and Why? LOOK!!! You wont find this verse in the Bible. God speaking "Adam, I have someone here I want you to meet, this is Satan". Why??? Because Satan should not be here Lk. 10:18. Everyone, everyone God wanted on this earth, He made a body for them. The solution to all of our troubles is our God. Jesus Christ is the only answer. Look at Matt. 8:29. What did those devils say??? Why did they say this? Because they believed it to be true. The demons foretold their own future. Let us take what they said and use it against them. Yes, we are praying, "God cast Satan into hell today"!!! We know, God can shorten days Prov. 10:27. Let's ask God to shorten Satan's days, and cast him into hell today. Problem solved. God said nothing is too hard for Him. God said He loves us and is our Husband Is 54:5. God said He was going to do a new thing. This is it. Why should we let Satan have his way? Satan is the god of this world. Well Satan, you are FIRED!!! Ps 115:16 says the earth is ours. This means, we have something to say. Repeat after me. "No anti-Christ, No mark of the beast". "Jesus Christ is Lord, and Satan is defeated". Jesus has feelings too. Look at how many souls Satan will destroy. Wouldn't this hurt Jesus? Let's have mercy on Jesus, and save a lot of souls. Let's pray, ask our Husband to cast Satan into hell early. Today in fact. I am sure Jesus would say "I am glad you prayed that, I thought you'd never ask". He'll say "If 10 of ya'll will agree on this, I love you so much, I'll do it right now." Let's pray this paryer and have mercy on ourselves and countless millions. Also I'm starting a new saying "As for me and my country, we will serve the Lord". And "I'm a Christian and I don't care who knows about it" . What are your thoughts? I have faith, this is going to happen. Tell everybody!!! LOOK!!! Ps. 60:12 Tell president Turmp, Jack Graham, Robert Jeffress,Tony Evens, Marilyn Hickey, Jack Van Impe If I did not name you, put your name down too. Well, this is who I am. What is your opion? Thank you, and I love you.

  38. Noel Espirtu

    Noel Espirtu9 tháng trước

    triangle in the back startled me

  39. Barbara McKee

    Barbara McKee9 tháng trước

    This is a great message.. I do some things well as unto the Lord. Still working on doing stuff in the building. I am glad God uses " mouthy" people...:). And you are so right. When we become Christians we seek God on WHAT to do to honour Him. When I witness to others I pray for doers not just lip servers. Heart and Soul Salvation. And I hate it when people think they are not to contribute...especially with their money and are selfish toward the Church. Pray with me as I follow Jesus on what He wants from me. Thank you Pastor.

  40. Sunitha Yesodha

    Sunitha Yesodha9 tháng trước


  41. Mount Zion

    Mount Zion9 tháng trước


  42. Michelle Richard-Calvin

    Michelle Richard-Calvin9 tháng trước

    Hallelujah Glory to GOD HALLELUJAH Thank YOU JESUS For All You Have Done For Me 💎

  43. Grateful Princess of God

    Grateful Princess of God9 tháng trước

    You are such a good man, a man of God. Praise God! The Lord bless and keep you!

  44. Li'Zae

    Li'Zae10 tháng trước

    Thank You Lord!!!! Thank You Jentezen Franklin I've been watching you for 3years now and every sermon I watch God uses you to speak directly to me and the situation that I'm in, in that moment. I wrote you a letter but I don't know what happened to it. But that's OK because I believe that I will meet you one day and will be able to tell you all that God has shown and thought me through you! THANK YOU FOR BEING THAT WILLING VESSEL! THANK YOU ! #TOGODBETHEGLORY #GODISSOGOOD

  45. Julianna Kovacs

    Julianna KovacsTháng trước


  46. Joe Nelson

    Joe Nelson10 tháng trước

    Lord, we cry out, Abba Father, Holy is your name, Mighty Is Our God, Lord use us!!!!!!!! Oh hallelujah!!!!!!

  47. Helen Murray

    Helen Murray10 tháng trước

    Joe Nelson p

  48. Joe Nelson

    Joe Nelson10 tháng trước

    Wow!!!!! Preach!!!!! It's time to intercede!!!!!!!!

  49. Vonetta Wideman

    Vonetta Wideman10 tháng trước

    Oh one more thing...Pastor Jentezen PPPRRRREEEEAAAAACCCHHHEEDDD!! Good God!

  50. Vonetta Wideman

    Vonetta Wideman10 tháng trước

    Yes lead singer--DID THAT!!! Musicians and back up singers ON POINT and don't let me leave out that DRUMMA is KILLLLLIIIINNN!!!! geeeesh PRAISE JESUS!!!!

  51. fred hilson

    fred hilson10 tháng trước

    That brother can sanggggg! Praise the Lord! I can only imagine how much more the angels can sing smh to God be the glory! Amen & amen!

  52. Andonison Pariat

    Andonison Pariat10 tháng trước

    God is good.. ❤