When you can't understand KIM TAEHYUNG (BTS)


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    @Kaveri Patil thank you so much but you tell me in English ....😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

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    The song name is BTS Baepsae

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    What is the song name of 0.14? Please tell me

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    Hi lalisa

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    I'm confused at what is happening at 7:12.... can anyone tell me what is going on?

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    miss him

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    *wondering* what are BTS doing right now?

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    1:06 this is hilarious, he's so honest lmao.

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    5:50 did Joon said Indian man!???!!?

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    Tae is so cute..he always kills me with his cutness😘😘

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    08:28 yess he's a good dog

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    kookie isss ruudeeeee

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    whats the last video

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    Where can i find the full video? 3:25

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    촐랑거리는 뷔 너무 좋다.. 내가 이런행동에 입덕했다.

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    2:41 soooo funny

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    2:33 whhahahahaahha childish C

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    Slush up

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    he act to be ugly, but he can't wkwk

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    When I wasn’t an army, I thought that V was the serious one HAHAHA

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    Ilooove him how cute he iss

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    2:32 you kick my tae???💔💔

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    2:22 imagine just looking under your bed and seeing this

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    2:22 my fav

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    Where can I see 5:08 video ???

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    what are they singing in the beginning


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    He is not like that anymore I really miss him I ant the old taehyung back😢😭😭 The one that never failed me to smile and laugh

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    1:20 Rapmon: "why are these so many ups and downs?" V: "guess you weren't too happy when you were born?" 😂😂😂😂

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    Which video at 5:00? :)

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    The title should have been You laugh. You lose

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    The reason why I love this angel

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    The clip at 3:40 they were so done with Tae 😂

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    0:11 what song is this?

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    that last clip of tae performing cypher!!!! why isnt anybody talking about that!!!

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    4:59 what is he doing?!!!

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    Some people think he changes a lot. Nah, he's maturing but still has that weird and funny behavior. He's still the dorky boy of the group and i like it 💕

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    Awww you should've put the Taehyung "Nico-nico NEE!" part XD

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    6:37 funny how this video got me into this wonderful but crackhead fandom

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    what is this song played in the background?

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    Where can i watch this clip 0:08

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    V is so sweet omgg ❤️❤️❤️😍

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    2:29: where is this from?

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    “어떻게? 빠빠” ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 모야 진짜

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    BTS! I have a question --> you all mostly members spend time in The Hills (is a place in south Korea )? Actually! In another video a girl ( Sonal Yadav live in south Korea and makes video related to Korea )that saw us BTS Home!

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    I like how the boys take care of Tae like the maknae.

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    05:50 Indian Man😲

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    7:30 😂😂😂😆😆😆😆😆

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    4:10 - 4:27 asdfghjkl vmin always kyooottt aaaaaq

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    I gagged when he said "confidence" 😂😂😂😂

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    0:44 Koreaboos be quakingg

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    0:10 he looks like he’s a mini spy 😂

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    V 😂😍💜💜💜

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    Im just 3 months and 5 days older than Taehyungie but I feel like he's my son😂

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    Which song is this 7:10?

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    And this is how V got his role in the kdrama 3:04

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    My favorite part is from 00:00 to 10:17

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    Kim man jun

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    Kim nem joon

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    1:53 I love how Rm is not bothering to help V XD instead he is enjoying the show

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    9:07 shirtless jimin😍😍😍

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    "confidence.. confidence.. "

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    When you can't understand taehyung, watch this and you will able to understand him less 😁♥️

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    8:39 dead 💀 😂

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    Because he is an 👽

  75. I Stan Yg cause I Stan queens blackpink

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    When v did eehee I was thinking of lisa

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    We are all weird in our own ways, but tae is like REALLY weird. Wonderfully weird tho. Half the time I can't even understand what tf I'm doing lol

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    YA'LL LET'S GO!! VOTE FOR SINGULARITY AT THE SOOMPI AWARDS-- www.soompi.com/awards/2019/category/music/best-choreography Let's do it for Tae.. I PURPLE YOU!! HWAITING!!

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    It's ok Taehyung. Just be you, us Armys love you unconditionally 💜💜💜

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    He's too precious for this world 💜

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    I want bts meet again with doni n coni

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    How could a handsome boy be this extra 😂 😂

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    At 5:36 hobi's face was better and a lot emotional than jin's😂😂

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    At 5:51 the mention of India.....😍 And my Indian army heart is craving for them to come here 😭

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    But was that movie Indian?

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    1:17 is this bon boyage? or summer package?

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    Its american hustle

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    1:30 이 부분 어디서 나온거에요???

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    Taehyung V very very handsome boy 💜👼💜

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    Tae's the best 😂😂😂

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    Tae is love

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    After watching so many Kim Taehyung videos I got to know that he is totally crazy for Cypher

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    I never thought V could be as hilarious as this

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    He is a baby. Cute baby. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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    KOKOMI KPOOP3 tháng trước


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    He always makes me laugh 💜

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    2:22-2:27 my heartu😭💜

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    That piano though

  105. Aicholicious _10

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    Sometimes i just think everybody ignores V🙁🙁🙁

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    Lol no🤣

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    Lol.. No.. no one can ignore someone like him.. ❤💜

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    0:09〜0:22 What is this sung???

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