Whiskey Basics | Being With Babish Double Feature


  1. Binging with Babish

    Binging with Babish4 tháng trước

    Get your balls checked by a doctor, fellas. Sawyer is my attorney, which it turns out, does not qualify him.

  2. Paul Davidson

    Paul Davidson6 ngày trước

    So.... Sawyer is a lawyer?

  3. Corey Reid

    Corey Reid22 ngày trước

    [no comment] :)

  4. Chef Evan

    Chef EvanTháng trước


  5. Chef Evan

    Chef EvanTháng trước


  6. SheyD78

    SheyD78Tháng trước

    Strange, I'd think it often seems like your lawyer has you by the balls.

  7. Chhuti Maiti

    Chhuti Maiti11 giờ trước

    I'm a non drinker. I don't know how peope can taste fruits and spices in their drinks? I can't even get over the weird smell and then the bitter taste. For me that's so unbearable, there's nothing more to it.

  8. Darth Dapor

    Darth DaporNgày trước

    If you find time to do the "Here's to surviving another day" cocktail from National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon

  9. SupremeV1King

    SupremeV1King2 ngày trước

    "Ballcheck with Babish"

  10. Ryan Shep

    Ryan Shep7 ngày trước

    When are you gonna make Tom’s Snake Juice from Parks and Rec!?

  11. XD memes

    XD memes8 ngày trước

    Cancer is the we world's shittiest things in the world

  12. sirgaz

    sirgaz9 ngày trước

    I like whiskey but I don't drink enough of it to be a connoisseur and generally can't tell you much about any whiskey other than weather I like it or not. If I where rich, I'd be a whiskey connoisseur.

  13. Tyler Condiff

    Tyler Condiff9 ngày trước

    Ahhhh are we not going to address the fact that the host of the distillery and the guest look exactly alike??

  14. Chalk Eater

    Chalk Eater10 ngày trước

    Almost makes me think alcohol would taste any better than it has any time I’ve tried it.

  15. S. Nifrum

    S. Nifrum11 ngày trước

    Drinking with banish

  16. S. Nifrum

    S. Nifrum11 ngày trước

    Babish goddamnit autocorrect

  17. Jet Umbranox

    Jet Umbranox11 ngày trước

    Dammit Andrew, why ya gotta make me cry like that?

  18. Sidds

    Sidds14 ngày trước

    6:40 He looks like Ben afleck with just a hint of Ryan reynolds.

  19. atavax311

    atavax31114 ngày trước

    as a whiskey lover that finds most bourbons a little too sweet, that tends to drink scotches and ryes primarily any tips for bourbons that are a little less sweet than the average bourbon?

  20. Austin Foreman

    Austin Foreman14 ngày trước

    Been watching Binging With Babish for a minute, but this is the first Being With Babish I’ve seen. I’m from Louisville, so naturally I loved it. Keep it up, man.

  21. Luke Brubaker

    Luke Brubaker17 ngày trước

    Know this will not be near the top but don’t care. These are videos I care about and why I watch certain VIreporter creators. I love your videos but love it more that you did this. I hope you do 50 more of these

  22. Om Mahajan

    Om Mahajan18 ngày trước

    I would confuse him with Drake.

  23. Khorne Flakes

    Khorne Flakes21 ngày trước

    I saw Monkey Shoulder in that B roll shot. Shame you didnt highlight it. Its a personal favorite of mine

  24. Ben P

    Ben P21 ngày trước

    It just struck me that Babish looks likes a less-punchable keemstar

  25. Joshua Hartford

    Joshua Hartford22 ngày trước

    How good is angels envy cus im a whiskey man but im a limited jack daniels kinda person nd i wanna go further from therr

  26. Greg Walker

    Greg Walker22 ngày trước

    @Binging with Babish. What are your thoughts on Larceny Bourbon? That's my favorite

  27. Senpai

    Senpai22 ngày trước

    Mark if you see this you're fat and gay

  28. blank soupcostume

    blank soupcostume22 ngày trước

    Some people in here cry in the shower while they get ass play and 40 ass rammers preformed by gayquin

  29. Tai Lopez's Lamborghini

    Tai Lopez's Lamborghini22 ngày trước

    Turner Wilcox ism sold that “$2000” “jacket” for crack

  30. Turner Wilcox

    Turner Wilcox22 ngày trước

    Tai Lopez's Lamborghini with ism

  31. Tai Lopez's Lamborghini

    Tai Lopez's Lamborghini22 ngày trước

    Turner Wilcox I saw shortylifts last week behind a taco bell dumpster smoking crack at 3 am

  32. Shorty Lifts

    Shorty Lifts22 ngày trước

    Mark gets his ass eaten viscously by Joaquin Meza and Issac Ortega

  33. Mike Hofer

    Mike Hofer23 ngày trước

    Kentucky straight BOURBON whiskey is the King! Evan Williams and Elijah Craig are noteworthy!

  34. CoreyJay

    CoreyJay25 ngày trước

    This is the most wholesome and uplifting show of all time

  35. Almighty _GVN Lucifer

    Almighty _GVN Lucifer25 ngày trước

    Dean Winchester from the best horror thriller ish show in the damn universe would love to be this video

  36. Lindsey Simmer

    Lindsey Simmer26 ngày trước

    That's hot you fucking idiot. Love to buy you a whiskey sometime.

  37. laughoffLiam Gaming

    laughoffLiam Gaming28 ngày trước

    No jameson smh

  38. David Potts

    David Potts28 ngày trước

    🎵Don’t mess with Mr. Booze🎵

  39. tsumi mjk

    tsumi mjk29 ngày trước

    'well crap yeah let's do it' in the nicest and softest voice ever LOL

  40. Tyler Sanders

    Tyler SandersTháng trước

    is it bad to love whiskey at 15 specialty Jack Daniels

  41. Nicole's take 1 pag

    Nicole's take 1 pagTháng trước

    Your a total inspiration, you've renewed my hope in people

  42. Nicole's take 1 pag

    Nicole's take 1 pagTháng trước

    Hey Babish I think it's Glenfiddich not blue label that's Archers whiskey

  43. Ivan Herrera Espinoza

    Ivan Herrera EspinozaTháng trước

    Coke and whiskey 👌

  44. jodi louise

    jodi louiseTháng trước

    Can't believe he didn't go further into scottish (or more specifically ben nevis distillary) single malt whiskey, I can almost assure you it's better than any of this american piss XD

  45. Tom Kearns

    Tom KearnsTháng trước

    Great episode gents. Great thing you’ve done, something someone will never forget


    HAPPY CLOUDSTháng trước

    Dang should’ve visited my high school

  47. Dale Lott

    Dale LottTháng trước

    Does anyone know the name of the whiskey they were drinking at 5:41

  48. Αλκης Τσαλδαρης

    Αλκης ΤσαλδαρηςTháng trước

    please explain me why would you press dislike , who are you hitler ?

  49. FallToRemains

    FallToRemainsTháng trước

    That ball check was absolutely hilarious

  50. Summer Juvik

    Summer JuvikTháng trước

    I love how Andrew honestly has such a genuine care for his viewers and he uses his platform to spread incredibly positive messages. 😃

  51. Regina G

    Regina GTháng trước

    I think it's totally adorable how Babish never thinks anyone is going to recognize him, even the people who, y'know, made a special effort to write to him. Dude, face it, you're kinda famous.

  52. Jamey Todd

    Jamey ToddTháng trước

    How is Andrew not blasted by now

  53. Atticus Lee

    Atticus LeeTháng trước

    I hope you make a stop by the Whisky Tribe in Austin TX and meet those two. Would be the best colab out there now that Greg and Leandro have teamed up.

  54. HaWkHunter

    HaWkHunterTháng trước

    When cancer doesn't kill you then whiskey sent by Babish will

  55. Sir Yolo

    Sir YoloTháng trước

    Instructions not clear. Accidentally made moon shine.

  56. cris rodriguez

    cris rodriguezTháng trước

    Thanks so much for this episode. I've always wanted to understand whiskey more (as it's my drink of choice) and a nice story in a time where I only here the bad.

  57. gabriel revell

    gabriel revellTháng trước

    bruuuh you were in Louisville n i didnt know it :(

  58. ScottCunningham96

    ScottCunningham96Tháng trước

    Just want to take a moment to appreciate Babish's pronunciation of Glenfiddich

  59. Watson Delmick

    Watson DelmickTháng trước

    You're missing your gibsons irish whiskey, where the hell is the 40 creek ?? Best whiskey on the fucking planet. Makes jack Daniel's look like piss

  60. Clobercow1

    Clobercow1Tháng trước


  61. Monsieur Couchy

    Monsieur CouchyTháng trước

    It's like the make a wish foundation for adults.

  62. MusicDoesChange

    MusicDoesChangeTháng trước

    babish is so charming, such a nice guy

  63. Dramamine

    DramamineTháng trước

    making this vid sponsored felt scummy

  64. Adam Mark

    Adam Mark2 tháng trước

    As a confirmed bourbon drinker, this is just definitely good clean fun. Enjoy!

  65. Caleb Shepard

    Caleb Shepard2 tháng trước

    Greg is the G.O.A.T.

  66. Kylan Sewell

    Kylan Sewell2 tháng trước

    You are the F$&@€£# Tits BaBish

  67. Sam Varley-Stephens

    Sam Varley-Stephens2 tháng trước

    Fun fact: Islay is pronounced Isle-ah

  68. KitsChannel

    KitsChannel2 tháng trước

    That was incredibly wholesome

  69. C B

    C B2 tháng trước

    I work at a Canadian Whisky Distillery so this was especially awesome to watch! Good on you Babish, what a cool thing to do for Greg. Cheers!

  70. Kraig Miller

    Kraig Miller2 tháng trước

    Congratulations on being cancer free!!!!

  71. Chris Tanner

    Chris Tanner2 tháng trước

    Are the guys in the olive shirt and the white shirt w/ green leaves the same person?