Why I'm Coming Out As Gay


  1. Lemelia Johnson Bonner

    Lemelia Johnson Bonner3 giờ trước

    I'm really confused. Why did I think he's always been out and everyone already knew he was gay?

  2. Abigail Snook

    Abigail Snook3 giờ trước

    Eugene you are truly inspiring

  3. Aaliyah Kaululaau

    Aaliyah Kaululaau3 giờ trước

    I love you Eugene I’m so proud of you 🏳️‍🌈

  4. Koreenth

    Koreenth5 giờ trước

    Being gay here is different from how gene is. So idk what exactly is gay?

  5. Hi Y'all

    Hi Y'all5 giờ trước

    I'm happy that he's happy

  6. Hello Kitty1015

    Hello Kitty10155 giờ trước

    He truly has a great mind. I have much respect for this man. Personally coming from an Asian background, I understand all the restrictions and beliefs we have to go through. And I’m a straight girl!! I can’t imagine the pain he had to go through. I applaud and look up to this man. Good Job Eugene!! 👏👏

  7. Eric Tang

    Eric Tang7 giờ trước

    I support you

  8. Ultra Instinct Warrior

    Ultra Instinct Warrior8 giờ trước

    I saw this coming and happy that he finally opened up

  9. Melissa Moore

    Melissa Moore9 giờ trước

    "Young Me would definitely think that Current Me is in a good place, and that's good to remember." - Eugene

  10. redhatgnome

    redhatgnome10 giờ trước

    This is all so beautiful

  11. Mary Pienkos

    Mary Pienkos11 giờ trước

    im proud. i am lgbtq+ its hard but worth it

  12. James Flames

    James Flames11 giờ trước

    This day and age, being gay is glorified, so therefore, FUCK YOU.

  13. James Flames

    James Flames8 giờ trước

    @dad fuck you in the ass, being gay is so cool these days it's ridiculous, like a grand new gender that can't be criticized or you are a homophobe, not like 10 years ago when gay was normal, but today it's like a counter culture when coming out of the closet is like the bravest thing you can do. THAT IS A FUCKING JOKE. Are you even synchronized with the shit news spew out these days?

  14. dad

    dad8 giờ trước

    James Flames no it’s not because there’s shitty ppl like you who will bully gay ppl for no reason other than their sexuality. until homophobia is no longer accepted, being gay is for the most part stigmatized

  15. GG

    GG11 giờ trước

    proud of him. so proud of him. the actual video was complex, it was beautiful. also, cool how he referenced buzzfeed videos multiple times as an inspiration.

  16. doombuggy123

    doombuggy12312 giờ trước

    Eugene needs his own channel, or like his own production company. I feel like he’s really outgrown this VIreporter nonsense. He’s a big fish in a pretty big pond. Which just speaks to his talent and drive.

  17. Witch

    Witch12 giờ trước

    It was a shock to me when he came out. Because I literally thought he was always gay

  18. Jxggukk

    Jxggukk13 giờ trước

    i don’t know if you’ll ever see this,but i’m so proud of u

  19. Shakeh's World

    Shakeh's World14 giờ trước

    He turns gay on my brother's birthday, great.

  20. Atticus Jackson

    Atticus Jackson14 giờ trước

    Haven’t watched the video yet but let me take a crack at it is it because... you’re gay (If there’s some deeper meaning don’t come for me it was a joke)

  21. Sophie L.

    Sophie L.14 giờ trước

    Thank you!

  22. GreenEcheveria

    GreenEcheveria15 giờ trước

    Jesus christ Eugene is so professional and talented, things are going to get even better I can feel it. I can't wait to see what he does in the coming years.

  23. Vega Janda

    Vega Janda16 giờ trước


  24. i love gay meatballs :3

    i love gay meatballs :317 giờ trước


  25. Kpoplover Forever

    Kpoplover Forever19 giờ trước

    You go egunue💖🌈

  26. RingAroundTheRosies

    RingAroundTheRosies20 giờ trước

    I love that the black clothing represents the good and loving side while the white clothing represents the bad and repressive side.

  27. The Solid Gamer

    The Solid Gamer21 giờ trước

    ive always known he was gay

  28. Little Sunflower

    Little Sunflower22 giờ trước

    18:28-18:31 Did y'all see where his eyes were 😋(the boy Eugene was dancing with)

  29. Electra

    Electra23 giờ trước

    Because absolutely everyone on the internet already knew and keeping up the facade of "is he or isn't he" is unnecessary at this point.

  30. tyler fun

    tyler fun23 giờ trước

    The brutality of honesty can rip us apart. Being brave enough to make this video is worthy of Pride. I hope love surrounds Eugene and all of you. If I deserve happiness so do you. Find your family and hold them dear and close to your heart.

  31. Destiny Leah

    Destiny Leah23 giờ trước

    I think that’s the first time I’ve ever seen Eugene WILLINGLY hug someone.. and Zack non the less

  32. M0cnas

    M0cnasNgày trước

    these kind of people whom im hunting first on apocalypse

  33. Shanez Veganess™

    Shanez Veganess™Ngày trước

    We love you Eugene ... and we already knew you were gay :) xo

  34. FungalCrayon

    FungalCrayonNgày trước

    This video had me in tears, not just from hearing about his struggle, but also relating to maybe a little too much of it. I've never struggled with my sexuality, for the most part I've always known myself in that regard. I was never raised with expectations of who I could or couldn't love. Rather, I was raised with expectations about how I should behave. I was constantly told I was too open, too emotional, too erratic. It was difficult to keep up with me and so my step father tried to hammer out my excitability and my emotional vulnerability, and it worked far too well. By the time I was 9 I was incredibly closed off from my peers and I had no outlets so I ended up bottling all my distress and lashing out at the people around me and I hated it. My step dad had ingrained in me that there was something wrong with me and he used so much emotional manipulation that I began thinking that I was an evil person. That train of thought was furthered by my treatment of people and it wasn't until about three years ago that I realized it wasn't me who was wrong, but the people around me. That realization marked the beginning of my healing process, and knowing that other people have gone through something near identical is both heartbreaking and strangely comforting.

  35. TheShadowKing

    TheShadowKingNgày trước

    It was to obvious

  36. Sabrina Santiago

    Sabrina SantiagoNgày trước

    I felt this so hard. Im Still in the closet.

  37. Sabrina Santiago

    Sabrina SantiagoNgày trước

    I cried my eyes out again 😭😭😭😭😭😭 Can't stop crying over this and the coming out video!!! 💖💖💖

  38. Melinda Palmer

    Melinda PalmerNgày trước

    that video helped me come put to my mom and dad

  39. Clara Winecka

    Clara WineckaNgày trước

    I'm so proud, Eugene!! 🌈

  40. Samantha Caamano

    Samantha CaamanoNgày trước

    Eugene I'm crying??? This was beautiful and I'm so glad I was born in a generation of change.

  41. Piddly Wink

    Piddly WinkNgày trước

    I'm a new Try Fan, and I'm slowly making my way through all your vids. Gotta say Eugene, we all knew already and support you. Your story made me cry a little.. and your ass made me question myself a little ;)

  42. Angie LuvsAnime

    Angie LuvsAnimeNgày trước

    I think i get you... I'm 13 and i think i feel the way you felt as a child and still feel. So i guess i kinda get it in some ways. Only i'm not asian. Though i think i understand how you feel... Also, god damn the symbolism is amazing once you actually understand it.

  43. Annabel Lundgren

    Annabel LundgrenNgày trước

    Me to me: am I crying to much? Me: noo the world is still fucked cry all you want.

  44. Annabel Lundgren

    Annabel LundgrenNgày trước

    I don't know what I am (except a person). That doesn't bother me. I not scared to come out if I ever want to thanks to people like you Eugene. Thank you 🏳️‍🌈

  45. MintoToffee

    MintoToffeeNgày trước

    This is VERY emotional Eugene. You did so well on this! I cant believe that people cant accept others for who they are! Doesent matter if you are gay, straight or whatever, as long as each individual being is happy. Keep making yourself happy. Your letter from your former self hit me hard. But in a Good reflective way

  46. Belen Ortiz

    Belen OrtizNgày trước

    Dear Eugene, I'm so proud of Eugene coming out! I love you Eugene like always, also don't be sad be happy of who you are! Sincerely, THE TRY GUYS BIG FAN

  47. George Costarica

    George CostaricaNgày trước

    You don't have to come out. It was obvious from the begining

  48. Tabletcasa Casa

    Tabletcasa Casa11 giờ trước


  49. L1PTON

    L1PTONNgày trước

    used to be the only guy i liked in this boring group. But now i fucking hate all of them.

  50. FungalCrayon

    FungalCrayonNgày trước


  51. Billie Fingers

    Billie FingersNgày trước

    I love Eugene's choreography! I've seen his try guy videos before but finding out he's also an incredible dancer and choreographer blew me away.

  52. C Az

    C AzNgày trước

    I am not surprised. There has been signs since day one of Try Guys. Just glad the weight is off his shoulder but sad he took so long. Imagine the stress he has going through that. At least he will have loving and supporting people around him. Take care and much love.

  53. Matei Corjos

    Matei Corjos2 ngày trước

    Is he really gay?

  54. FungalCrayon

    FungalCrayonNgày trước

    Nah, all of this is just a really late April Fools joke. Why would he lie about this?

  55. Daniel Budik

    Daniel BudikNgày trước

    No, he's lesbian

  56. Danica Born

    Danica Born2 ngày trước

    As a Korean American who has thought every single one of these thoughts, let me just say thank you, Eugene. You've helped me a lot to come out to my parents, and this video gave me a push towards making plans for coming out to my more traditional Korean family. Thank you so much. You deserve happiness and I hope you soon find it.

  57. Danica Born

    Danica BornNgày trước

    @Daniel Budik Bitch wtf get out with your racist ass

  58. Daniel Budik

    Daniel BudikNgày trước

    Ni hao 🙏👲🐕🍽