Why I'm So Scared (being myself and crying too much)


  1. Hady lanipse

    Hady lanipseGiờ trước

    Honestly bunny is the one of the VIreporterrs I would loveeee to meet. She seems so genuine and kind and someone who isn’t materialistic, she shows an imperfect and unique side of youtube that I love.

  2. Aurora Gorgol

    Aurora Gorgol2 giờ trước

    I didn't exactly leave but i did stop watching the videos as much as before. I enjoy watching bunny though, i mean i've been at work and just sayin sippy sippy AH! you do you gurl!

  3. ccolover1

    ccolover12 giờ trước

    Bunny, you are so incredible. Shane was right: you flourish when you make other people who are alone, not feel alone. I watched your videos constantly during a bout of 4 major surgeries. I stopped watching your videos when I felt better, but you are still family for that. So thank you! Thank you for being yourself and letting us help you feel less alone too.

  4. Sasha Bilodeau

    Sasha Bilodeau2 giờ trước

    This is probably the first time I’ve ever commented on one of your videos, but I’ve been watching you for a LONG TIME! And I still do. I know I don’t know you personally, but I consider you one of my friends.... I myself don’t have any that I can really turn to. You’re one of the people I look forward to seeing most during my week, even if it is just one video. And let me tell you this. There’s no one better to be than yourself. It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks or says. I’m sure you already know this deep down.❤️❤️❤️

  5. Ms.WolfGirl

    Ms.WolfGirl3 giờ trước

    Bunny just know im here with you if you ever want to talk to us we are OPEN we are so confident in you and i hope that you sucseed doing every thing you do Love , Your fans

  6. Katy Tickle

    Katy Tickle3 giờ trước


  7. TD Brienzi

    TD Brienzi3 giờ trước

    I love you no matter what you do

  8. Traci Houchin

    Traci Houchin3 giờ trước

    I've been here since the beginning. You're one of the most sincere, down to earth, and nicest VIreporterrs that I have watched for a long time. Bunny, you're an awesome person. Your channel is my favorite channel. I can't watch all of the time, because the internet in my state sucks for off the grid living. Never quit, never give in to those negative emotions, never take the negative Nancy comments to heart. There will always be troll subs or even just members of VIreporter. Keep your head up, Girl. Be yourself all the time, especially when you feel that no one wants to see it.

  9. Cintia Espinoza

    Cintia Espinoza3 giờ trước

    I come from Shane’s channel ! Good luck girl

  10. The Smith Family

    The Smith Family3 giờ trước

    Love you Shane!!! Love you Bunny!!!

  11. Harmony Davis

    Harmony Davis3 giờ trước

    I love you Bunny! Just the way you are!

  12. Alessandra Somera

    Alessandra Somera4 giờ trước

    BUNNY!! You are not alone in your struggle with anxiety and depression, seeing you do a self health evaluation and using it to power through and become a better version of yourself, that is inspiring! You are a wonderfully beautiful human being and I look forward to seeing you persevere on your channel and in LIFE! There is a HUGE audience out there interested in solely YOU, run with it! Sending all the positive energy in the world!

  13. Maggie Malec

    Maggie Malec4 giờ trước

    i used to watch her videos 4 years ago for like 2 years long and then i got tired of her and she was getting so fake wacky and now i’m so HAPPY that she is being her self!!💘

  14. Fancy Fossil

    Fancy Fossil4 giờ trước

    Never unsubscribed... here for you through Thick n Thin

  15. Kinley Patterson

    Kinley Patterson4 giờ trước


  16. Analise Crawford

    Analise Crawford5 giờ trước

    I'm so proud of you for how incredibly brave you are in being so vulnerable to us. It is so refreshing to see you being raw and authentic and real; it makes all of your fans love you even more. Keep crushing it, girl. We love you, we're here, and we are still watching.

  17. Angela DeMeo

    Angela DeMeo6 giờ trước

    I've been with you through it all. I understand what is happening but I also don't feel like if a You tuber such as yourself wants to keep their private life private its okay too. I'd never leave because I feel like your not sharing your personal life situations. Most people subscribed for the "does this thing really work" and all the other quirky stuff so not sure why they needed more so badly. I am glad that you are finding yourself again though. Rock on girl.

  18. Angela DeMeo

    Angela DeMeo6 giờ trước

    I've been with you through it all. I understand what is happening but I also don't feel like if a You tuber such as yourself wants to keep their private life private its okay too. I'd never leave because I feel like your not sharing your personal life situations. Most people subscribed for the "does this thing really work" and all the other quirky stuff so not sure why they needed more so badly. I am glad that you are finding yourself again though. Rock on girl.

  19. TrademarkTM

    TrademarkTM6 giờ trước

    I left because I lost the pass to my other account and forgot about all my subscriptions. I didn't mean to leave it jut happened :/

  20. Madyson Barber

    Madyson Barber6 giờ trước

    I’ve been watching since I was in middle school and you first started “does this thing really work” and you first left the paranormal stories behind. I have watched every video since then and excitedly awaited you posting. I could tell you were growing more and more sad which made me upset and I’m so happy Shane was able to help you get back to where you were. To me you’re family (even though I don’t really know you). You’ve gotten me through 2 suicide attempts and years of self hatred. Thank you for everything and I’ll always be part of the swamp family. I love you Bunny, we all do!!

  21. Ceara Bostick

    Ceara Bostick7 giờ trước

    *I NEVER LEFT YOU BUNNY* I always wanted to be there for you, through good and bad, that’s what a true swamp family member would do! I’ve just always wanted to support you, because even though you weren’t making the best content that I know you could, and we’re slowly slipping away from who you were when you started.. I know that you were still working so hard, and probably even harder than ever and to see how hard you were working and still failing I wanted to be one of the ones that tried to keep you going and keep positivity in your life!! I LOVE YOU ❤️🤟🏼

  22. Emma Patterson

    Emma Patterson7 giờ trước

    Well I did leave for a couple of years but I was only like 7 or 8 and one day I was thinking what was that youtube channel that I used to watch ALL the time lol but I looked it up and I subbed and turned post notifications on and I never want to see any sad and I just love her channel and i left not bc I got tired of her channel but i didnt have my own phone and so I just didnt get a phone to what her channel on so I just forgot and i hope she sees this coment bc I just love bunny so much

  23. makashii ★

    makashii ★7 giờ trước

    this makes me so happy! i'm not here for the "old" bunny, but the new bunny that's yet to come! i've loved you for so long, and i'm so happy to be back in this lovely community. swamp fam forever!!

  24. Noc Nurse

    Noc Nurse7 giờ trước

    Bunny! You're all over the place! You have the best heart and you are such a sensitive soul! I don't like to see you cry and be upset. I don't think making videos makes you happy anymore. Maybe you should take a break from all of this and get off VIreporter for a while. Seems like this is making you nervous, anxious, upset. It's not worth your mental health hunny❤️💜💕

  25. Diana Savage

    Diana Savage8 giờ trước

    also you need to realize ... people move on and change ''taste'' in videos don't fret there is new people coming old ones moving on to different things. i didnt watch your videos for 2 years cause i have now 2 kids i got in to aquarium hobby i i was obsessed with videos about that. every once in a while i go to your channel and i binge watch as much as new videos of yours as i can. JUST BE YOURSELF YOU NEED TO RELAX MORE. i am suffering mentally same as you anxiety and depression are ass**es and you just need to work on it and don't allow yourself to get down.

  26. Diana Savage

    Diana Savage8 giờ trước

    you made it! you are not bragging you are growing and succeeding in life with your talent and charm ! there is nothing wrong showing your success as this is inspiring . you are pure , you are good person and people see that your subscribers will be happy!!! enjoy your life! i am very proud of you too trust me i have watched you and the way you talk makes me connect with you so i am happy as if you were my real life friend and people who matter will be too.

  27. Bantha Worship

    Bantha Worship8 giờ trước

    I'll be honest, one of the reasons I stopped watching was because it started coming off as inauthentic. Like Bunny the actor not Bunny the person -- who was why I subbed. So I am excited for this candidness.

  28. Amanda Cox

    Amanda Cox8 giờ trước

    I had seen your videos before but had never been too interested in them until now. This is literally the most raw and beautiful thing ever. So many people struggle with anxiety and depression and it can be debilitating. I hope you are feeling better and know you have a whole army of people here who love you and want to see the real you. I totally subscribed after this video and will continue to watch. You do you girl.

  29. Sandi F

    Sandi F9 giờ trước

    Bunny, I am a fairly new subscriber, but I think you are being too hard on yourself, everyone has different sides of aspects to their personalities, some days we are sad, some days we are silly, I have enjoyed all of your videos, because of you, no matter if you are laughing, being silly, excited about a handbag, and even when your sad, although of course I hate that your sad, but hey, thats life, sometimes we are just sad, and when your putting out so many videos and putting your life out there, then yes we are gonna see all that, because its you, and thats why I watch. And like everyone, we grow, we change, we get new interests, our tastes change, you are just showing us all you are normal, just like all of us, which makes you much more real, so although I don't know you personally, speaking for myself, be yourself, do you, do what you love and what makes you happy, your a real person, not a robot, and that is what I appreciate, wishing you all the best, and keep moving forward, and be happy ❤ #notgoinganywhere #heretostay

  30. sedgeflower

    sedgeflower10 giờ trước

    Also remember that we are taught aggressively in tv movies and media that characters have a simple clear story arc, where they learn a lesson and everything is okay by the end of the episode. But you're a person, not a tv character. Keep being 'you', whatever that is. Sending love.

  31. Laurey Stahelin

    Laurey Stahelin10 giờ trước

    I made a huge change for myself by stopping the negative self talk. I stopped berating myself when I made mistakes and I will catch myself saying Im stupid but I go back and say, "No you made a mistake and everyone makes those." I just wanted you to know, Bunny, that I have like mirror Synesthesia and I feel what other's feel and what I connected with about you were your earlier videos, where you are more yourself, more authentic, because I could feel you. All the overly "grav3yardgirl", silly over the top stuff, I personally never liked. And I didnt unsub but I stopped watching because I wanted to connect with you but you were not sharing that much anymore, if at all. Im so glad you are rising from those ashes and redefining yourself. You can always change if you dont like who you are at any given moment but the decision is always yours. Be the kind of person YOU like and the right people will find you and like you, also. I will always watch videos where you are real and where you reach out to connect. Just so you know what I love about you: You're from Pearland (I grew up in Houston) and watching you reminds me of home, you make me feel like we would be friends if I were back there. You remind me of everything I like about myself. You make me want to be more of an outward person, you make me want to be seen because I know there will be someone out there that will connect. Anyway this is long and scatter-brained. Thanks for reading, if you did. You're like the sweet little sister I never had. Im cheering for you, a Texan in Quebec.

  32. Lailim guillotte

    Lailim guillotte10 giờ trước

    It s nice to see you back

  33. WARRIORS Spottedleaf

    WARRIORS Spottedleaf10 giờ trước

    I’ll admit that I left, but I want you to know that I never unsubscribed. I would love to sit and watch you show everything that you have worked hard for. It’s incredibly inspiring. This is the side of you that I have always been interested in watching!

  34. Celina Lok

    Celina Lok10 giờ trước


  35. Kyeraxan Wyrick

    Kyeraxan Wyrick11 giờ trước

    Never unsubscribed but I did start to slowly stop watching your videos. But from time to time I did watch your videos but I am so glad that your starting new things ❣️ so happy for you!!!!

  36. CJ the Wolf

    CJ the Wolf11 giờ trước

    The whole series made me so happy, sad, cry, overwhelmed, and just everything...bunny... I’ve Missed you so much!

  37. C A

    C A11 giờ trước

    I've always loved you Bunny.

  38. Darcy Lewis

    Darcy Lewis11 giờ trước

    I love this. I'm so happy to see you throwing your passion and emotion into youtube again. I love you. Please talk to us, please don't be afraid to be who you are, I'm so excited for what is to come. xx

  39. SimplyJustWeird -

    SimplyJustWeird -11 giờ trước

    Bunny I Ducking love 😤♥️♥️♥️♥️ i would catch a grenade for you girl I would stay with you forever

  40. Llyrra Treks

    Llyrra Treks11 giờ trước

    I feel your emotions in this video so much. I'm bipolar and I also have an anxiety disorder. I know so well the superstitions that come from feeling anxious and the self-loathing/negative self talk that's so relentless it becomes your reality. I know that frantic, negative energy and I know the depression that saps you of your passion. I loved the collab with Shane Dawson and I'm so glad it was so helpful and healing for you. I didn't leave, but I have felt a kind of distance in your videos for awhile. I'm really happy that you're reconnecting with sharing your authentic self. Please don't ever feel that you have to talk about things you aren't ready to talk about, though. You can be genuine and authentic even if there are things you aren't ready to talk about or that are too private for you to be comfortable sharing with the entire internet. All it takes is not hiding how you're truly feeling or your true personality (which can look different on different days! No one is exactly the same all the time). I wish you well and I'm so looking forward to this new era of your channel. :)

  41. Joey C

    Joey C12 giờ trước

    If a suggestion would help: I think you could balance your wanting to share your current obsession/not wanting to swamp (ha) us with the same videos by having one or two Megahaul videos? If that makes any sense. I didn't know I missed you so much, and I'm so excited to see you back.

  42. Lianni

    Lianni12 giờ trước

    Shane is such a beautiful person and he deserves the absolute best

  43. Julia Rose

    Julia Rose12 giờ trước

    I am so sorry I left... To be honest I didn't even realize I stopped watching you but I am so glad to be back and see more of the real you! Cannot wait

  44. Olivia Olejniczak

    Olivia Olejniczak13 giờ trước

    I know everyone is saying, “I didint leave” but I’m just letting you know that I really never ever left your side. I really think you can change everyone’s lives by being so positive. But sometimes you need to let your emotions out to make sure people know the real you! You work so hard and I love you. And everyone loves you! Shane did the right thing to help you. Truly a magical experience to watch you become who you are today. Thank you for being yourself bunny. I love you❤️🤗

  45. Meilani Cheung

    Meilani Cheung13 giờ trước

    Been here since day one and haven’t left. I am so proud of you Bunny. You are so inspirational and when you opened up in Shane’s videos, it made me love you even more. How real, sincere, and relatable you were. Agh, I can’t really word out this. I am just so happy for you. You do you Bunny. As long as you are happy, I know how cliche that sounds, but seriously. Absorb that. Be happy. I know that is hard to do and hear - trust me I know. Like what Boogie said, we’re all a mess, so it’s okay. :D

  46. Jinan Abdulelah

    Jinan Abdulelah13 giờ trước

    I have never heard of you before, Soo u have a new crowd👏🏻👏🏻

  47. Hazel Juanita Millan-Hoffman

    Hazel Juanita Millan-Hoffman13 giờ trước

    Bunny Never forget you and Dogman are Loved by so many people. All of us go through those same feelings of is this it, my purpose in Life is complete now. It's just a valley in our lives when something like that happens. We have to remember that and believe we won't stay down in the valley forever. I never left, I just was really busy with my son. He was going through a dark time as well. Makeupbysheaa has been battling Cancer, she would be a great person for you to talk with a get to know. Depression is a very real battle, high anxiety, manic moments. Never feel like your alone Bunny. You just do you...have fun with your channel. Give Dogman a hug from us, when he hugs you back, know that is a hug from us....still rooting as you find your way out if your valley back up a hill..😃💖🌹 Oh and gorgeous home...enjoy the fruits of your labor. Your hard work got you there, never be embarrassed by that. Hugs!!!!

  48. Erica Anderson

    Erica Anderson13 giờ trước

    I have missed you so much, Bunny. THANK YOU for deciding to talk about it! The stigma around mental illness needs to be gone, and you’re helping that. Be raw. Be honest. Be YOU, every single ounce of yourself, because we love YOU.

  49. EnneSicksTeaPhore

    EnneSicksTeaPhore13 giờ trước

    I unsubscribed several years ago because yeah, the "stereotypical youtuber" facade really got to me. Your youtube used to be fun, I liked your make up and your ootd's and the reviews you did like of the strange perfumes/scents of whatever like the book smell, Or going over some of the oddities you had in your collection, your paranormal videos and stuff. I do genuinely hope you come back in your best way.

  50. Jamie Johnson

    Jamie Johnson14 giờ trước

    Also! This is exactly my season as well! Finding the person I lost somewhere along the way and combining her with all I’ve learned in the last year! ❤️

  51. Jamie Johnson

    Jamie Johnson14 giờ trước

    Seasons of life! ❤️Bunny! Hope you are finding the you that you need to be.

  52. Adam Cobb Playz

    Adam Cobb Playz14 giờ trước

    Bless you ♥️

  53. jebby joevax

    jebby joevax14 giờ trước

    I am happy to see that you have your spark back... 😊😊😊 ..... I wish you all the best...

  54. HilaryLoveify

    HilaryLoveify14 giờ trước

    You got me back Bunny!

  55. Briana Peterson

    Briana Peterson15 giờ trước

    Hi bunny, just want to give swamp family love, u think too hard on yourself, I have loved every single one of ur videos even if u had done them in excess...like that would be my only complaint was that I couldn't keep up with u or that u go through phases of vids and then I miss the old stuff, u know? But that's just my honesty and that's what's u asked for, but in all seriousness I think ur one of the best and most popular VIreporterrs on VIreporter. I like your future plans of change, I support, and I suggest as a fan that u do more follow me arounds, what's in my bag, and mystery boxes...those are my absolute faves from u besides the 90s and DTTRW...keep up the content cuz I can't live without your vids in my life!! And merch is a perfect idea!. Don't forget to make a t-shirt about sippy sippy on a frappalulu!

  56. kalayla clark

    kalayla clark15 giờ trước

    I know youll do great

  57. Sirena Spades

    Sirena Spades15 giờ trước

    Bunny, you are amazing! We love you, no matter what.

  58. Wolves 4ever

    Wolves 4ever16 giờ trước

    Through all the amazing positivity, there are still ignorant people in the comments, just thinking that Bunny is a fake person. I don't know how they do not understand that she is trying, and showing her feelings

  59. Miko Umagat

    Miko Umagat16 giờ trước

    You’re so amazing! I understand so much more now and I’m so excited for what’s to come. 😍

  60. Sammm Brown

    Sammm Brown17 giờ trước

    I am so happy for you that your finding yourself again

  61. Melanie Frei

    Melanie Frei18 giờ trước

    This Video just made me so happy ❤ And no worries, we will be patient while you're finding out what you wanna do and what makes you happy 🙈

  62. Allison Cornelisse

    Allison Cornelisse19 giờ trước

    I absolutely love you! I actually saw the thumbnail for this video and I'm like why is she crying? shes always so in your face and upbeat. This is great though, it shows how real you really are!

  63. coleycoley

    coleycoley20 giờ trước

    you are so beautiful and kind and sweet and such a good role model for young girls.

  64. Jeneca Laplant

    Jeneca Laplant21 giờ trước

    What that guy said. do what you want bunny just open up more like Shane said

  65. Billy Butler

    Billy Butler21 giờ trước

    OMG how many of these videos are you going to do before you get back to business?

  66. Kaytlynn Lacy

    Kaytlynn Lacy22 giờ trước

    Hey bunny I'm super happy for you that you are finding yourself again! Fun fact tho your cousin Tiffany langwell your cousin was my chemistry teacher last year and I was talking about you to her and I was schooled bc I love you so much you used to make me laugh so hard I would cry you have such a happy soul!

  67. Symber Saxon

    Symber Saxon22 giờ trước

    Just wanted to come on here & say, I absolutely love you & you're literally my inspiration to become a VIreporterr and when I found out you're from Pearland as well it was like F A T E. Keep doing you 🐇❤

  68. Theodora Elena

    Theodora Elena22 giờ trước

    You were always in the back of my mind Bunny! I could feel you weren't doing well, I'm so happy to see you're back at it! To be honest I left too but I never un-subbed. A world without a happy Bunny... it just isn't that good. I'm so excited for what's to come for you. Love you! Take care

  69. Sophie Jensensophie

    Sophie Jensensophie23 giờ trước

    Everyone i think deserves a second chance, so don’t doubt your self your so talented and hilarious and don’t worry everything will be fine💘

  70. Pleasant Grove

    Pleasant GroveNgày trước

    Crazy! I was sitting here thinking"WOW, I ddnt know her channel was dying" then I thought well "how the hell was I supose to know that if I haven't been watching! " And BAMMM it hits me, that IM one of the people from the group that's killing her channel by not watching! Crazzy! Because I like her before videos and I still stopped watching, so weird!

  71. youveronicatube

    youveronicatubeNgày trước

    I love bunny more than Shane and I love Shane to death so bunny you need to keep doin you hunny bcuz you’re my favorite

  72. Taylor Britt

    Taylor BrittNgày trước

    I'm so excited for the growth of your channel. I've heard about you before but never really decided to check out your channel, although I'm not really sure why. Regardless, I'm glad I'm here now. And one thing I very much wanna say is that yes, as an entertainer and content creator, seeing the wants and needs of the audience is important, but so is making sure that you're still loving what you're doing. Don't make videos /only/ because you think they'll be liked by us. Do things you think will be liked AND things that you love. It will make content creation for you that much more enjoyable, and if you're having fun, so will we as your audience because that energy will radiate from you and resonate with a whole lot of people. So make sure you keep that balance of keeping the audience (ie us) entertained but also keeping yourself happy and enjoying what you're doing. I'm standing with you the whole way ❤❤❤

  73. kaneay

    kaneayNgày trước

    You're amazing Bunny

  74. TheAlyssa458

    TheAlyssa458Ngày trước

    I love you so much Bunny. I’m so glad you’re sharing more with us. I know this video/process was difficult, but I’m so excited for the future! You are amazing and so so so so so loved 💕

  75. kaalikääryle

    kaalikääryleNgày trước

    I love your fumny personality, and the phases that you stick to for a while💕

  76. Mary Raderstorf

    Mary RaderstorfNgày trước

    I watched it all tonight. It was raw and real and I liked it. Do you!

  77. Erin Barr

    Erin BarrNgày trước

    I love you Bunny...you are unique, loving, vulnerable , endearing, unique again, caring, hilarious, adorable...and so many more things. I adore you and I hope you know how special you are. You are you are you are...dare to be you free from judgement free from expectations. Be yourself it is the thing that drew us all to you in the first place. Celebrate diversity celebrate yourself. Love you 😘

  78. Embrey Flener

    Embrey FlenerNgày trước

    I think we all love you so much because of your unique personality. Maybe we don’t all like the same stuff as you or have the same personality, but you have proven that any of us who feel ostracized due to our own quirks are never really alone ❤️ we love you Bunny!!

  79. andrea summers

    andrea summersNgày trước

    Hi Bunny! You cannot make everybody happy. You are not a taco. As long as you enjoy making content, we will enjoy watching it. I hope you feel better and build a more positive mentality.

  80. Destiny Marcum

    Destiny MarcumNgày trước

    I like when you have dogman in your videos

  81. Cadie Johnson

    Cadie JohnsonNgày trước

    😍❤😍❤ raw Bunny is the best!

  82. Zoe Newbold

    Zoe NewboldNgày trước

    I love this so much❤❤❤

  83. Sandy

    SandyNgày trước

    I enjoyed Does This Thing Really Work. Gave us a heads up on whether a product is worth buying. Sad to see it gone. Will have to search else where. Good luck Bunnie.

  84. Claire Foster

    Claire FosterNgày trước

    ive always loved you and your videos. I was gone but im back now.

  85. Marissa Ward

    Marissa WardNgày trước

    I would love to see you do a wish haul!

  86. Marissa Ward

    Marissa WardNgày trước

    I've fallen in love with your channel all over again.

  87. Ana Hart

    Ana HartNgày trước

    I just love the beauty blender tear wiper 😂😂😍😍

  88. Pixie Dust

    Pixie DustNgày trước

    Hi bunny, I'm not a super old fan like I haven't been here more than like 2 or 3 years. This whole journey has been so interesting to me. I felt like I watched your videos still even when they were less diverse just because I like listening to you talking haha but I never felt you weren't being genuine. It's so interesting because you're realizing all of these things but I feel like I've been seeing that this whole time.. your frustrations and fears and insecurities have been popping up again and again whenever you just let yourself ramble and I think if you go back and watch some of that you'll see it. I'm sorry you felt that way and am so happy you're now excited for your future and your channel. Talk about your life girl don't worry about the haters. A good person will know you're not flexing. It would have to be someone who is prone to jealousy or envy to take your videos as flexing. You're such a warm hearted and down to earth person... You're of course not showing off. I wish I could give you a big hug but I'm all the way in Toronto so *hugs from toronto* Stay you and stay beautiful because you are inside and out ❤

  89. Hubble's Girl

    Hubble's GirlNgày trước

    So glad to have been introduced to you Bunny! I came here from Shane's channel and I’m so happy I did! I can’t wait to get to know you through your videos. Keep being yourself. The world needs honest wackiness. Be yourself and the good people will love it!

  90. Franchesca Gabriel

    Franchesca GabrielNgày trước

    My 12 year old sister is greatly impacted by your story in the most positive way. Your essence has created a bond between us because we both, me 28 and her 12 can relate to you. I want you to know that while this has been an emotional ride, we have smiled and Lol so much throughout this all. Good luck on your future endeavours. I went to subscribe and was already subbed ha, I turned the bell on! You make us smile, your comedian stance provides that sense of relief after a long day at work. Don't change who you are, just upgrade

  91. jayree Phillips

    jayree PhillipsNgày trước

    Bunny you are soo insperational and you have inspired me to start my own channel and I love you and me and my sister both lpve so much we have whatched all your videos but I will admit I did leave for like a month but I NEVER unsubbed I love you, you are so beautiful!!💜💜💜💜💜💜😘😘

  92. Dayna Johnsen

    Dayna JohnsenNgày trước

    I’m in love with bunny. I’ve been with you since the beginning and I haven’t left. Love you, stay strong swamp family❤️

  93. Stalin

    StalinNgày trước

    I don't think you'll see this, but I think that you could learn a lot from Jenna Marbles. In so many of her videos she says "No one wants this but me," and those are always her best videos. Doing what you're passionate about and want to do is so incredibly valuable, especially in an entertainer. We might want a specific type of video, but we don't want it the way that you'll make it if you don't also want to make it, and only do it because it's what people want. Tldr, passion is better than popularity.

  94. Cayce Funderburk

    Cayce FunderburkNgày trước

    I honestly think there needs to be a sector of psychologists that branch out and work specifically with social media personalities. I really just cannot imagine the stress of having your work life/personal life so intertwined with social media and the world at large. I think the depression and anxiety you are feeling is completely understandable. Just remember, you are not your youtube channel. You are you, Bunny.

  95. Stalin

    StalinNgày trước

    I'm really excited. I unsubscribed a while ago because you uploaded so much content. Not all of your content is really for me, and I mostly just subscribed for your style and personality, so I'm excited to see what you'll do with your channel if you decide to take more time to produce your videos.

  96. Stalin

    StalinNgày trước

    Wow, that's so incredibly ironic. In trying to become the correct graveyard girl, you stopped being graveyard girl.

  97. Wanda Loca

    Wanda LocaNgày trước

    I love you Bunny!! you are doing so well!! I love the earings ;)...

  98. 1cingSugar

    1cingSugarNgày trước

    Bunny, I do hope that you read this because I do see there are so many comments. I'm so glad that you're back and you want to be yourself. I first started watching your videos to giggle along with DTTRW, but then I realized that there was this person that I honestly felt like, man, I want to be her friend she loves weird spooky stuff, being mega silly, and shes just unique. I'm so glad you're back. I'm glad we're still friends.

  99. Beth-Ann Fanella

    Beth-Ann FanellaNgày trước

    i cant wait to see more Bunny IRL

  100. Candance Brunyate

    Candance BrunyateNgày trước