Why TXT Will Be a DARK Concept


  1. sumayo abdi

    sumayo abdi53 phút trước

    i mean honestly this is bighit we talking about one minute you think you figured the whole concept and theory, next minute your a fool who dont know what ur talking bout... I gave up after the blood sweat and tears era to all them phD armies out there thank God u exist cause I'm too dumb for this shit....😑😭


    BTS LOVE10 giờ trước

    No matter what concept they have in mind .I will stan them well I AM BTS FOREVER but i will stan them and BTS are in #1 forever . I guess i wi stan them cuz i want to stan a new group .yeah❤❤💋💋💋

  3. Matilde Ramalho

    Matilde Ramalho11 giờ trước

    Maybe its also about their dream of debuting?

  4. The Queen Natalie

    The Queen Natalie20 giờ trước

    Omg I wish but at the same time I want it to be something colorful and happy vibes like Shine for example Either concept will make me happy! 💗

  5. jisoo want chicken

    jisoo want chicken20 giờ trước

    I really want a dark concept

  6. Taehyungs Dick

    Taehyungs DickNgày trước

    After seeing the next teaser yea I don’t think so ugh

  7. Trash Can127

    Trash Can127Ngày trước

    We're still trying to figure out the Bts theory, now this. Damn Bighit trying to make me do two essays at once.

  8. Waddle Monster

    Waddle MonsterNgày trước


  9. rupaul’s best friend race

    rupaul’s best friend raceNgày trước

    whats with group names having 3 letters like bts, exo, nct, clc, ioi, aoa, ace, bap, jbj, knk, unb, sf9 and literally loads more

  10. itzel_1113

    itzel_1113Ngày trước

    if they also have a dark concept im going TO KERMIT

  11. Maria Yzabelle

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  12. Bobbi thesloth

    Bobbi theslothNgày trước

    Owh for God's sake I bought 222222 wigs already!

  13. hearts

    heartsNgày trước

    bighit is smart af

  14. Nico Brav

    Nico BravNgày trước

    Nothing is more dark that playing games

  15. Arisha Zulfikar

    Arisha ZulfikarNgày trước

    Lol it’s pronounced *text* instead of *txt*

  16. Blurry Lester

    Blurry LesterNgày trước

    I am very excited for this new group. But I've been seeing people calling TxT "the new bts" or "bts 2.0" when really thats not the case at all. Im going to love bts with all my heart. They are doing their own things and if it wasn't for army they wouldn't have gained the fame they have which they are very thankful for. We should support this new group and give them love but also if you enjoy bts remember that nothing can replace them or be a better version of them. They are bts. The new group is TxT. They are by the samr company but that doesn't mean that ones going to replace another. Sorry for ranting.

  17. Ada.

    Ada.Ngày trước

    literally no one calls them the new bts, they're known as their younger brothers tho lol

  18. just a random passersby

    just a random passersbyNgày trước

    *dreaming* 😏

  19. Devondra Phinazee

    Devondra PhinazeeNgày trước

    These theories got me shook smh

  20. Emma Mitchell

    Emma Mitchell2 ngày trước

    This is weird because WayV nct new group their most of the videos working up to the debut is called dream launch plan were all the members take about their childhood dreams

  21. Magi Vortep

    Magi Vortep2 ngày trước

    Omg I've never thought of that

  22. Adithi Ravisankar

    Adithi Ravisankar2 ngày trước

    *ARMY theory mode: on*

  23. Maryam Mansoor

    Maryam Mansoor2 ngày trước


  24. Sam Rao

    Sam Rao2 ngày trước

    this stuff's real deep. just what we would expect from bighit right? well i hope their content is just as good so i can start stanning 😏

  25. Ji-Hyeon Min

    Ji-Hyeon Min2 ngày trước

    You're overthinking things, topics are supposedly neutral but because of the ability of a human mind to separate and name characteristics of a certain topic, everybody always chooses the negative path, not only for caution but a first decision. It always takes everyone some time to think for it to look positive. You're just downgrading yourselves

  26. Ongaku

    Ongaku2 ngày trước

    Theories? Sounds like a LOOΠΔ copy.

  27. Ada.

    Ada.Ngày trước

    I know you're fucking lying lmfaoooo

  28. sinbb

    sinbb2 ngày trước

    Dang that’s just one member and you already have a theory

  29. ᄐsᅮRᄐᄂᄂA C

    ᄐsᅮRᄐᄂᄂA C2 ngày trước

    I had noticed the Morse code at the end but I was too lazy to figure out what it translated to

  30. International blink

    International blink2 ngày trước

    Do u work with Bighit. 🤔

  31. min yoongi ofc

    min yoongi ofc2 ngày trước

    Guys he just breathed😂😂 all these theories my head hurts😂😂

  32. LunaHas Love

    LunaHas Love2 ngày trước

    How about soobin?

  33. Ada.

    Ada.Ngày trước

    it fits the theory too

  34. Sia Achica

    Sia Achica2 ngày trước

    Ok these membera revealing vids starting to have deep meanings

  35. Shu Lee

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  36. Shu Lee

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  37. Gacha Ash

    Gacha Ash3 ngày trước

    OMG he looks like jisung

  38. Paloma Canedo

    Paloma Canedo3 ngày trước

    Bighit don't play

  39. Luci Official

    Luci Official3 ngày trước

    I can't wait, I'm already stanning them so much....ahhhhh Anyways back to homework

  40. Prachi Rahate

    Prachi Rahate3 ngày trước

    I guess it's trying to say that while we're leading to tomorrow we should be together. As the world is coming closer but inside we're alone. We're real but in our dreams (daydreaming). Or this sometimes gives me the vibe of the concept:- We're living in a dream or a virtual world. This world is a stimulation. 😅😅😅 Can't wait for actual video And how you decipher it.

  41. Prachi Rahate

    Prachi Rahate3 ngày trước

    Was waiting for your take on it!!!

  42. Sofia Espinoza

    Sofia Espinoza3 ngày trước

    Here we go again, I can't with all these theories y'all it was enough with all the bts' timeline, this boygroup hasn't even debuted and we're all jumping to conclusions lol my heart can't handle it

  43. PlumisPurple

    PlumisPurple3 ngày trước

    Someone did their homework.

  44. Jackie C

    Jackie C3 ngày trước

    Oooo Interesting Can u do the Soobin one too?

  45. lille asien 101

    lille asien 1013 ngày trước

    When you thought that this was the most uwuwwuuwuww debut member teaser, but you find out the... overthinking and theories and this video. welp. I love your channel, makes me clever everytime 🤪

  46. park gigi

    park gigi3 ngày trước


  47. Musa Mortel

    Musa Mortel3 ngày trước

    Reminds me of loona.

  48. Yui,bella Plays xX

    Yui,bella Plays xX3 ngày trước

    What is the other video about ( big hit made a new video and showed a new member)

  49. Ayde Montserrat Lopez Rodriguez

    Ayde Montserrat Lopez Rodriguez3 ngày trước

    The first bts song was No More Dream so bts start to with dark concept too then changed so maybe that can happend

  50. XxTaehyungxX X

    XxTaehyungxX X3 ngày trước

    You should do a video about the second member revealed(Soobin). Love your videos💜

  51. Truly Greg

    Truly Greg3 ngày trước

    I think its a cute, school, powerful concept because of the 2nd teaser, but maybe its just a dream, idk im not smart, i got 16 in math

  52. Youngjae lee jong suk

    Youngjae lee jong suk3 ngày trước

    I think their concept is just like bts

  53. 구완도

    구완도3 ngày trước

    I thought BTS had a dark timeline. I’m not ready.

  54. Jade Lacombe

    Jade Lacombe3 ngày trước

    I KNEW IT!!!

  55. KeksDieb

    KeksDieb3 ngày trước

    That's so bigbrain!

  56. Aishath Sara

    Aishath Sara3 ngày trước

    I am confused so txt is the new group then what it is about 6 aces plz help me .ANY ARMY EXPLAIN IT TO THIS DUMP ARMY

  57. Tamir Onon

    Tamir Onon3 ngày trước

    nctzens : nahhh txt means ten x taeyong

  58. Park Jimin

    Park Jimin3 ngày trước

    Ik this comment is irrelevant buts 103k viewers and 103k followers what a coincidence 😂🤣😂

  59. Yoizzi

    Yoizzi3 ngày trước

    Do you realize they're under the company that made (probably idk) BTS's storyline and it will be amazing

  60. Rome :3

    Rome :33 ngày trước


  61. ivory lemons

    ivory lemons3 ngày trước

    This just reminded me of nct album irregular regular interlude a dream within a dream and then when we soon realized it was a dream we face cold reality

  62. ; 10

    ; 103 ngày trước

    ahh, the theories hurt my head. stop it bighit. nah, jk. theories are the ones that made me fell into bts {i need u era}

  63. kewl Boi

    kewl Boi3 ngày trước

    Hmmm I know! The next member will be justin seagull and sprite

  64. thea

    thea3 ngày trước

    this is a great video,, but just wanted to share my perspective: personally, I think TXT will have a youthful, cheerful vibe. here's why-- BTS has never really been the kind of group to have a 'light' concept, as we know they have always been either hip-hop or dark/reflective (hyyh and wings storyline). however, the LY era has been significantly 'breezier' than a lot of their other eras, and ultimately the LY era is what gained them worldwide success. LY era made them complete international sensations. obviously they can't stay this 'light n happy' forever because that's not BTS's concept. bighit obviously know that this happier concept brought them success, so they're probably going to emulate that for TXT. trial and error , stick with what works. that way BTS can return to their more brooding, deep concept while TXT can take over the happier role. this is just what I believe. bighit is, at the end of the day, a corporation looking to make money.

  65. Pancakes and Jikook

    Pancakes and Jikook3 ngày trước

    I’m not really the theories gall...well I’m not a theorist at all xD but this sounds pretty interesting. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  66. Herly Jandrina

    Herly Jandrina3 ngày trước

    people are guessing and saying that 'dreaming' may be the title to their debut song and i immediately thought of bts' debut song which is 'no more dream' YA, BIGHIT WHAT ARE U IMPLYING

  67. Mimzie 2k

    Mimzie 2k3 ngày trước

    Me and my friend were literally In home room watching it when it came out at 9:15am

  68. bts is my jamz

    bts is my jamz3 ngày trước

    i really hope they would have a darker concept. i like how you thought that they could just be dreaming, but then it would cut back to reality with not so ideal conditions, it sounds like my type of thing:)

  69. Natalie V

    Natalie V3 ngày trước

    TXT can be darker than the night skies.....but they will forever be my light and happiness [even though I haven't even listened to their music]

  70. Imsippingteainyourneighborhood

    Imsippingteainyourneighborhood3 ngày trước

    Maybe a Lucid dream ?

  71. Eden Garay

    Eden Garay2 ngày trước

    Juice wrld

  72. DjLuna Yang

    DjLuna Yang3 ngày trước

    Oh my lord are you Bighit or what

  73. AnkoMitarashi -

    AnkoMitarashi -3 ngày trước

    Hmm..didnt bighit already say that TXT was going to have a bright and fresh/youthful concept?



    Is it just me or did the video abruptly just cut off at "anyway, that's not the only thing that came out.."



    I can really resonate with this concept. I feel really alone, and I try to have fun and pretend like everything's okay, but truthfully I can't escape the fact that I'm lonely. But I won't lose hope. Y'all shouldn't either if y'all in the same/similar situation :)

  76. Random Trash

    Random Trash3 ngày trước

    I keep seeing people say “ don’t like txt bc of bighit, bts, looks, or their concept” and honestly WHO CARES people can like any artist or band for whatever reason, don’t butt in and tell people how they can or how they can’t like someone. the point is that they like and support them that’s all that matters Yea it might be kinda sad if they don’t like them for them but that’s their business🗿🗿

  77. A R M Y

    A R M Y4 ngày trước

    Its bighit everything is possible....

  78. Wookielinchen Cloud

    Wookielinchen Cloud4 ngày trước

    Well it looks like Big(s)hit loves the theme "dream" for debut songs... ;)

  79. YUU

    YUU4 ngày trước

    I still cant get over how much he gave taes vibe at ezactly that second picture in the thumbnail♡😂

  80. lil playful fandom girl

    lil playful fandom girl4 ngày trước

    That would be sooo cool ^^

  81. superrgaby

    superrgaby4 ngày trước

    *wig reported found on the moon*

  82. Yoongi's *BAM!!* Destroyed my house!

    Yoongi's *BAM!!* Destroyed my house!4 ngày trước

    And I thought BTS had a darker concept of Universe.😨 Isn't it kind of the same concept? Bish it getting scary.

  83. lisa frank

    lisa frank4 ngày trước

    I just want another hella complex lore

  84. sameena khatun

    sameena khatun4 ngày trước

    Who cares about the debut? I'm just so excited for the actual debut

  85. can'tstop twerkeling

    can'tstop twerkeling4 ngày trước

    *Understandable.* :-

  86. Cassandra Garcia

    Cassandra Garcia4 ngày trước

    The teaser was literally less then 2 minutes long. How were you able to come up with such a deep and thoughtful theory just off clips of arcades and karaoke booths so quickly. This video confirms it. I’m too dumb for kpop.

  87. _._xy_

    _._xy_4 ngày trước

    Is there someone out there, who wants to cry with me? My poor grades, they will get worse again...D:

  88. hello people

    hello people4 ngày trước

    Well we'll see....I'll support them but I'm not sure if I'll stan them, we'll see

  89. BANGTANjnope e

    BANGTANjnope e4 ngày trước


  90. Loki Bloodsaw

    Loki Bloodsaw4 ngày trước

    I love darker themes

  91. Jinspoutylip

    Jinspoutylip4 ngày trước

    *cracks knuckles and gets pen and paper* Let the theories begin

  92. kristin

    kristin4 ngày trước

    holy fuck

  93. aida boj

    aida boj4 ngày trước

    I don’t want a new group

  94. Texi

    Texi4 ngày trước

    You're an actual intellectual

  95. Park Jimin

    Park Jimin4 ngày trước

    Listen. I love BTS and TXT even though I don't know them yet except for the first member. I have lots of support for them and BTS. TXT I will love them no matter what concept they have. #TXTandBTS

  96. Itzel Chavez

    Itzel Chavez4 ngày trước

    i thought of a cute or retro concept because bts has never done that before but i like this theory

  97. Alasdill

    Alasdill4 ngày trước

    I'm so freaking exited for the group regardless of the concept

  98. J-hope Fully

    J-hope Fully4 ngày trước

    DaYdReAm Oh DaY- DaYdReAm

  99. ɨȶʐʍɛɦ_ռǟɛռǟɛ

    ɨȶʐʍɛɦ_ռǟɛռǟɛ4 ngày trước


  100. strawberry rose

    strawberry rose4 ngày trước

    I think txt is a colorful concept while bts is .......

  101. *Once you rapmon you cant rapoff

    *Once you rapmon you cant rapoff4 ngày trước

    I already like them to be honest

  102. Olivia Michael

    Olivia Michael4 ngày trước

    WhA,, daebak,,, you awesome,,, yoi are a big hit

  103. Just Happy

    Just Happy4 ngày trước

    I just thought the introductions were them dreaming of becoming Idols

  104. Delia Simon

    Delia Simon4 ngày trước

    This is an awesome concept I hope it's TRUE. I have never seen a kpop group with a dark concept. Well besides the run analysis where Jin was dead, but who knows it's just cool theory.