Will It Birthday Cake? Taste Test


  1. Rainbow Unicorns

    Rainbow Unicorns13 giờ trước

    Just why Duff? Really?

  2. Nanami Suzuki

    Nanami SuzukiNgày trước

    Will it pudding?

  3. alucardfu2

    alucardfu2Ngày trước

    6:57 How creative Harley thank you, OH GOSH BLOW IT OUT!

  4. Sir Charlie

    Sir Charlie3 ngày trước

    Cow plaslensal, do will it sandwich or will it filling or will it dip or will it cake

  5. Michael Joe’l

    Michael Joe’l4 ngày trước

    5:01 He could fight crime as the Iron Lung

  6. Chantal Ward

    Chantal Ward5 ngày trước

    “Just keep chewing and stop thinking.” That should be on a t-shirt.

  7. Red Dead Oejay

    Red Dead Oejay5 ngày trước

    10:34-10:50 Close your eyes and use your imagination

  8. Sully Walker

    Sully Walker5 ngày trước

    They should have done a worm jolly rancher gusher cake

  9. Larissa Stevenson

    Larissa Stevenson6 ngày trước

    2:04 Rhett looks so stoned!!!! LMAO!!!!

  10. Los.Trevor SanAndreas

    Los.Trevor SanAndreas7 ngày trước

    I wanna see them do a Will It Cookies and Cream? Who else wanna see that?

  11. saturin

    saturin10 ngày trước

    As a makeup wearer... ive eaten a lot of makeup..... yikes

  12. Corisu

    Corisu12 ngày trước

    They put on makeup with no mirror better than me and I am jealous about it.

  13. Kristers Feldmanis

    Kristers Feldmanis13 ngày trước

    Teen girls with too much make-up are essentially the living equivalent of the Make-up Cake.

  14. Marc Lima

    Marc Lima13 ngày trước

    Will it spicy curry?

  15. jennabob.

    jennabob.14 ngày trước

    "your mouth nose" 😎

  16. DJisaBaker667

    DJisaBaker66715 ngày trước

    Don’t tell me you made a poop cake !💩+🎂 =(CENCERED)🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮

  17. DJisaBaker667

    DJisaBaker6675 ngày trước

    Sorry, this was my 8 year old daughter lol

  18. C4M37ON

    C4M37ON5 ngày trước

    thank god you cencered that.

  19. Wolf Girl

    Wolf Girl15 ngày trước

    omg u guys r awesome keep making vids

  20. Eddie Liang

    Eddie Liang16 ngày trước

    you ate blood finally

  21. Trey Malley

    Trey Malley17 ngày trước

    What about Will it smoothie?

  22. Anthony G

    Anthony G17 ngày trước

    If anyone earns their money on VIreporter it's these guys. Not trying to be funny, they have definitely earned their money.

  23. Chris Moon

    Chris Moon17 ngày trước

    OMG... *green face* lol... You guys... I dunno... I had to watch this one before I watched your newer episode this morning!!!


    BILLY BOOGERS17 ngày trước

    How about a vomit cake with poop icing?

  25. Ibrahim Mubarak

    Ibrahim Mubarak17 ngày trước

    They forgot Trinidad moruga scorpion pepper

  26. DNX ACHO

    DNX ACHO17 ngày trước

    Can you do “will it pickle”

  27. twodazzlings

    twodazzlings17 ngày trước

    "I like your profile, it reminds me of your daddy." "Hi mom."

  28. deflated marshmellow

    deflated marshmellow17 ngày trước

    How I describe this: educational yet disturbing

  29. Gd MrRiceAndBeans

    Gd MrRiceAndBeans17 ngày trước

    The age old question

  30. Ricki-Sue King

    Ricki-Sue King18 ngày trước

    The chia Lincoln cake looks amazing. Obviously gross but it looks very well done

  31. morgan hilfiger

    morgan hilfiger19 ngày trước

    These cakes were beautiful

  32. Emily Tyner

    Emily Tyner20 ngày trước

    12:47 and this isn’t a great idea😂 13:13 why wtf is wrong with y’all 😂🤔❤️

  33. mckell shio

    mckell shio22 ngày trước

    Sean got his plug!

  34. 396phickman

    396phickman23 ngày trước

    rhett has that puffy face of an alchy. how hungover were you on this episode rhett?!

  35. Haley Kirouac

    Haley Kirouac24 ngày trước


  36. Matthew Music

    Matthew Music25 ngày trước

    The cake is a lie

  37. Masked Man

    Masked Man25 ngày trước

    Getting more and more PG13 then gonna be Rated R


    XENOMEX25 ngày trước

    hmm uploaded on my b-day, will it b-day cake, and it's the 1300 episode... coincidence... i think not!

  39. Adaline Scarlet

    Adaline Scarlet26 ngày trước

    I was drinking soda and spit it out from laughing so hard when link said “we’re not friends” during the Carolina reaper birthday cake.

  40. Esme M.

    Esme M.26 ngày trước

    I love how the makeup cake had vegan makeup but then they go to the next cake and it’s the uterus with placentas 💀💀💀

  41. Hardcore Trippy

    Hardcore Trippy26 ngày trước

    15:03 dude just spit it out

  42. Ailee Marie

    Ailee Marie26 ngày trước

    Will it Skittle?

  43. Daniel DiPaolo Jr.

    Daniel DiPaolo Jr.26 ngày trước

    imagine them eating the whole spicy cake

  44. Baleigh Nielsen

    Baleigh Nielsen26 ngày trước

    7:41 your welvome

  45. Baleigh Nielsen

    Baleigh Nielsen26 ngày trước

    My b-day is on thanks giving

  46. Christopher Valerio

    Christopher Valerio14 ngày trước

    Shut up nerd

  47. Johnny Topside

    Johnny Topside27 ngày trước


  48. Nico Di Angelo

    Nico Di Angelo27 ngày trước

    I would have made them eat shoes

  49. CashmereBlac

    CashmereBlac27 ngày trước

    Hi mom!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  50. Deth exe

    Deth exe28 ngày trước

    you guys need LA beast on here

  51. Carson Necessary

    Carson Necessary28 ngày trước

    I just eat birthday cake

  52. Luke Mettam Gaming

    Luke Mettam Gaming28 ngày trước

    Knock up usually means create in the uk.

  53. Coffee bean

    Coffee beanTháng trước

    I was eating cake while watching this video lol

  54. Coffee bean

    Coffee beanTháng trước

    My dogs would love that make up cake

  55. R-Cade

    R-CadeTháng trước

    Cakes Can Be T H I C C

  56. Ava Cash

    Ava CashTháng trước

    “Hi mom! Aren’t you proud?”

  57. Kamerin Covey

    Kamerin CoveyTháng trước

    Link- "Did he just say knock up a cake?" Rhett - "Yes he did, I was trying to ignore it. 🙄" Link- "depends on how much we like it"

  58. Insatiabilis

    InsatiabilisTháng trước

    7:00 where are the BACON STRIPS?!!

  59. Fiona Patterson

    Fiona PattersonTháng trước

    That 1st cake looks so pretty

  60. joshua hugnight

    joshua hugnightTháng trước

    These guys do this everyday, I kinda feel bad for them.

  61. Huntergamer 2981

    Huntergamer 2981Tháng trước

    I am good cooker. So what about a fried rice cake in your 2600th episodes.

  62. Vista Ninety-Eight

    Vista Ninety-EightTháng trước

    0:52 to this day, this s so surreal

  63. WalkingTurtle Jones

    WalkingTurtle JonesTháng trước

    I’m glad you guys don’t have to eat nasty things anymore 👍

  64. Jennifer Wiemeier

    Jennifer WiemeierTháng trước

    target shirt?

  65. Annie Bug

    Annie BugTháng trước

    My dad would love the pepper cake. He loves spicy anything lol

  66. vincent Bertucci

    vincent BertucciTháng trước

    link spit the cake out...........why am i not surprised

  67. mariethesizzler 9492

    mariethesizzler 9492Tháng trước

    The pepper cake is beautiful

  68. Gipglorp Alien Friend

    Gipglorp Alien FriendTháng trước

    Rojo is spanish not french same with amarillo is not french

  69. Dillon

    DillonTháng trước

    dude, its sean evens

  70. MrTonlo

    MrTonloTháng trước

    Babby 😀

  71. Chocolate Chippy

    Chocolate ChippyTháng trước

    At 4:30 it sounds like Hamilton and if only you put in the song where it says Elizaaaa it will be perfect

  72. Dan Fowler

    Dan FowlerTháng trước

    6:57 rhett watches, mesmerized, as his cake slowly burns

  73. Zac Elbourn

    Zac ElbournTháng trước

    genuinely curious to now why they dont let link use a knife

  74. The soccer Master

    The soccer MasterTháng trước

    You guys should do a will it pancake

  75. Mike Murdoch

    Mike MurdochTháng trước

    it was my birthday yesterday

  76. Erich Chaplin

    Erich ChaplinTháng trước

    A friend of babish is a friend of mine

  77. Dirty Dan Dirty Dan

    Dirty Dan Dirty DanTháng trước

    7:58 Cutting your grandpa a piece of cake

  78. Kay Blessed

    Kay BlessedTháng trước

    Link your shirt looks like a store bag i forgot what store tho

  79. Denzix

    DenzixTháng trước


  80. Harlen C

    Harlen CTháng trước

    thank god filthy frank didnt recommend they try a human cake

  81. Skee_da _Whaledog_ Animations

    Skee_da _Whaledog_ AnimationsTháng trước




    HAPPY LATE B-DAY GMM and u guys should do a game with weird stuff like u have to pick a tray, try and figure out wut its made of and make a name trying to sell it to ppl

  83. Punkette•Partyrose•Liar

    Punkette•Partyrose•LiarTháng trước

    *15:12** that's a neck*

  84. Ollie Carter

    Ollie CarterTháng trước

    I imagine every Brit sighed on the miscommunication of 'knock up' a cake

  85. MrLeChef

    MrLeChefTháng trước

    funny enough, the german word for placenta is mothercake...

  86. RustLegion 428

    RustLegion 428Tháng trước

    How do they get some of the ingredients they use on this show

  87. Alma beendoneit

    Alma beendoneitTháng trước

    1300th episode and i am barely finding out about this 🔥🤪🤯🤯 you guys are soo downn 🤣🔥

  88. IsisV33 Alternative Studios Alexandria L.L.C.

    IsisV33 Alternative Studios Alexandria L.L.C.Tháng trước

    I feel sick just watching you guys eat that food.. 🤢 Ehhh. My daughter likes eating grass... Gross

  89. Yesits Kam

    Yesits Kam2 tháng trước

    To everyone who bad mouths this show you have no taste in humor and your just someone who is trying to need negative

  90. xydoit

    xydoit2 tháng trước

    I love hot food.

  91. Odd Stories for Odd Children

    Odd Stories for Odd Children2 tháng trước

    Will it ...Beer?

  92. pale_nail_art palenails

    pale_nail_art palenails2 tháng trước

    Will it Wax?

  93. Joy Karalyn Cosmetics

    Joy Karalyn Cosmetics2 tháng trước

    Nooooooooo! They used my blessed e.l.f. in the makeup cake!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭

  94. Ginger Flynn

    Ginger Flynn2 tháng trước

    I was eating steak while watching the placenta cake and that was a HUGE mistake

  95. Haylee Beish

    Haylee Beish2 tháng trước

    vomit cake wishes it could be this gross

  96. Adam johansson

    Adam johansson2 tháng trước

    Over 1k people didn't have a good birthday cake as a child.

  97. Abyss-Walker750

    Abyss-Walker7502 tháng trước

    I cannot for the life of me remember what,"I'm the greatest. No I'm the greatest. We're both great." Was from. I think it was some video you guys watched a while ago and reacted too, but I can't remember what it was about. Can someone help me out?

  98. Virgin Drill Sergeant

    Virgin Drill Sergeant2 tháng trước

    *B I R T H C A K E*

  99. Jaketheboiii22 4

    Jaketheboiii22 42 tháng trước

    How creative Harley OH GOSH BLOW IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. J Box

    J Box2 tháng trước

    Link: I'm gonna cut it! Rhett: No you're not. *Rhett instinctly snatches the knife away*

  101. Louis Milo

    Louis Milo2 tháng trước

    duiqs ni dise ym sas ehlo

  102. compilation-queen 1221

    compilation-queen 12212 tháng trước

    Their wives are like great they are wearing makeup again

  103. Chem1cal HaZ3

    Chem1cal HaZ32 tháng trước

    God... The placenta one almost made me throw up 😂😂