Will It Birthday Cake? Taste Test


  1. Odd Stories for Odd Children

    Odd Stories for Odd Children6 giờ trước

    Will it ...Beer?

  2. guineapig_ slimes

    guineapig_ slimesNgày trước

    Will it Wax?

  3. Joy Karalyn Cosmetics

    Joy Karalyn CosmeticsNgày trước

    Nooooooooo! They used my blessed e.l.f. in the makeup cake!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭

  4. Ginger Flynn

    Ginger Flynn3 ngày trước

    I was eating steak while watching the placenta cake and that was a HUGE mistake

  5. Haylee Beish

    Haylee Beish3 ngày trước

    vomit cake wishes it could be this gross

  6. Adam johansson

    Adam johansson3 ngày trước

    Over 1k people didn't have a good birthday cake as a child.

  7. Abyss-Walker750

    Abyss-Walker7504 ngày trước

    I cannot for the life of me remember what,"I'm the greatest. No I'm the greatest. We're both great." Was from. I think it was some video you guys watched a while ago and reacted too, but I can't remember what it was about. Can someone help me out?

  8. some random name

    some random name5 ngày trước

    *B I R T H C A K E*

  9. Jaketheboiii22 4

    Jaketheboiii22 45 ngày trước

    How creative Harley OH GOSH BLOW IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. John White

    John White5 ngày trước

    Link: I'm gonna cut it! Rhett: No you're not. *Rhett instinctly snatches the knife away*

  11. Louis Milo

    Louis Milo5 ngày trước

    duiqs ni dise ym sas ehlo

  12. compilation-queen 1221

    compilation-queen 12217 ngày trước

    Their wives are like great they are wearing makeup again

  13. Chem1cal HaZ3

    Chem1cal HaZ38 ngày trước

    God... The placenta one almost made me throw up 😂😂

  14. UnitedDiamond91

    UnitedDiamond918 ngày trước

    Liver cake

  15. Vilay Phianesana

    Vilay Phianesana9 ngày trước

    Who ate all the leftovers?

  16. Malay Shekhar

    Malay Shekhar9 ngày trước

    4:50 you don't know the power of the dark side.

  17. The Nicky Chronicles

    The Nicky Chronicles9 ngày trước

    Will dehydrated scorpions and crickets cake?

  18. The Thanos

    The Thanos10 ngày trước

    I watched this while eating cake and drinking hot cocoa. Cool

  19. Zy hatcher

    Zy hatcher10 ngày trước

    You guys should totally make another song

  20. lechatnoir

    lechatnoir11 ngày trước

    Well at least one of these kinda birthday caked.

  21. Zevix

    Zevix12 ngày trước


  22. Mitch Aquino

    Mitch Aquino12 ngày trước

    Man... Link is squeamish. Haha.

  23. codiene

    codiene12 ngày trước

    Cant believe emt loves gmm.

  24. Amber Shumway

    Amber Shumway13 ngày trước

    You guys should react to your very first video ever made!

  25. Nathan Young

    Nathan Young13 ngày trước

    Worst I had was scorpion pepper. It was a lot worse than ghost pepper and it felt like bee stings.

  26. Outlawed

    Outlawed14 ngày trước

    lol and I thought shane dawson's food videos were entertaining

  27. LiebeAlle

    LiebeAlle15 ngày trước

    Where does Link get his t-shirts??! I want them all!

  28. Amina Altaf

    Amina Altaf15 ngày trước

    my b-day is coming yay!!!! ;)))))

  29. The Silent GamerXIII

    The Silent GamerXIII16 ngày trước

    Gimme that Carolina Reaper cake....

  30. Ariana Capraro

    Ariana Capraro16 ngày trước

    I'm glad they didn't knife the uterus cake, just watching them stab it with forks made me cringe

  31. Shay Wisdom

    Shay Wisdom16 ngày trước

    Links face at the placenta... Man

  32. Sammie Sweater

    Sammie Sweater17 ngày trước

    I find it funny how they didn't let Link handle any knife the whole time

  33. Bastien

    Bastien17 ngày trước


  34. ZRoyal

    ZRoyal18 ngày trước

    Let’s talk about that

  35. Wendy Santos

    Wendy Santos18 ngày trước

    my birthday is today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Elli Hatfield

    Elli Hatfield18 ngày trước

    Does this series make you constipated?

  37. Colin Martorell

    Colin Martorell19 ngày trước

    I fell asleep while watching VIreporter and while on auto play and when the video started and the into had an alarm in it and almost gave me a heart attack and thought it was Monday but I was relieved to find out its Saturday.

  38. Hunter Mears

    Hunter Mears19 ngày trước

    The pepper cake looks like a carrot cake

  39. Demolished Rainbow

    Demolished Rainbow19 ngày trước

    *golly intensifies*

  40. Yoshi2121YT

    Yoshi2121YT20 ngày trước

    road to 2,100 episodes!

  41. Just Kittens Being Kittens

    Just Kittens Being Kittens20 ngày trước

    Where the heck do they even get these ingredients???

  42. NoCreativityWhatsoever

    NoCreativityWhatsoever21 ngày trước

    Why did i decide that eating while watching this was a good idea

  43. Minnesota Guy

    Minnesota Guy21 ngày trước

    Oh that great smeared stretchiness. 10:32

  44. Grizzly

    Grizzly21 ngày trước

    Will it beer! Or will it soda!

  45. jacqueline garcia

    jacqueline garcia22 ngày trước

    *Ugh cow paslentla*

  46. swamninja

    swamninja22 ngày trước

    Do a funnel cake taste test

  47. Deb Brzozowski

    Deb Brzozowski23 ngày trước

    now i know why you guys are skinny

  48. Snas Skelefu

    Snas Skelefu24 ngày trước

    I'm jealous of how good Rhett looks with lipstick tbh

  49. Rebecca Pelfrey

    Rebecca Pelfrey25 ngày trước

    I love Rhett's hair😍

  50. Anthony Williams

    Anthony Williams25 ngày trước

    i ate yak penis...i ate bull testicles hi mom!!!!

  51. Joshua Andrews

    Joshua Andrews25 ngày trước

    COME ON NEAL!!!!

  52. najie mimo

    najie mimo25 ngày trước

    I feel bad for them they have to eat this shit almost every episode

  53. Deanna Bailey

    Deanna Bailey26 ngày trước

    🎵 "Butter, flour, baking powder, sugar, eggs, vanilla, salt" 🎵 Studio C anybody??

  54. Shannon M.

    Shannon M.27 ngày trước

    Hey, when y'all reach 1400, will you offer the shirt again? If not, maybe 1500?

  55. Josh Silva

    Josh Silva27 ngày trước

    Harley looks like he just woke up orrrrrrrrrrr is coming off a 72 hour meth binge.

  56. crepuscule

    crepuscule27 ngày trước

    wrong time to eat noodles

  57. TheSparkyWriter

    TheSparkyWriter27 ngày trước

    Holy cow. Good Morning Chia-Lincoln. That’s only be forever ago. Oh my precious Lord nooooo not the birth cake

  58. Read more

    Read more28 ngày trước

    *AREn'T FreiEnDs GrEAt?*

  59. Emma Hayes

    Emma Hayes28 ngày trước

    "Sorry I took French" I can actually relate...me too!!

  60. Megan Harris

    Megan Harris29 ngày trước

    Knock up in that context means put together, like hammering nails to 'knock up a shelf'. They defs didnt mean get pregnant.

  61. Saint_tlonewolf

    Saint_tlonewolf29 ngày trước

    out of all the nasty things I have seen consumed on will it, out of all the things I have seen Rhett and Link gag on... the birth cake is the only one that made ME feel queasy watching them eat it

  62. phil

    phil29 ngày trước

    L: I can taste, that it's about to hit hard R: uh-oh L: There it is!

  63. Marsha Hernandez

    Marsha Hernandez29 ngày trước

    Puerto Rican blood sausages is awesome!!!

  64. Rebecca H

    Rebecca HTháng trước

    Sean Evans 😂 I love him.

  65. Irma

    IrmaTháng trước

    They should made both of their favorite cakes... combined... a beans and peanutbutter cake

  66. Just MyOpinion

    Just MyOpinionTháng trước

    *WILL IT GUMMY / JELL-O????*

  67. Re3ck6le0ss

    Re3ck6le0ssTháng trước

    Man Duff Goldman mustve talked for like 30 minutes just to get his idea out. It had to be edited atleast 5 times

  68. Damier too funny

    Damier too funnyTháng trước

    Will it dipping sauce

  69. Sleep Mastery

    Sleep MasteryTháng trước

    I remember you guys celebrating the 100th episode, I was in fourth grade 💕 Congrats love you guys

  70. Joshie On Dat Toast

    Joshie On Dat ToastTháng trước

    How Dare Those Americans Disrespect Our Own British Breakfast Cake!!!!!!!!

  71. Logan Vahey

    Logan VaheyTháng trước

    Someone please tell me why link can’t use knives?!?!?!

  72. Fun Gamer

    Fun GamerTháng trước

    I've been watching u guys since 2016

  73. Jack ranbbit Raptor

    Jack ranbbit RaptorTháng trước

    He says now out thirteen hundred candles me rip the gmm studio

  74. David Dowlen

    David DowlenTháng trước

    just discovered you guys last week, congratulations.

  75. Individual Spirit

    Individual SpiritTháng trước

    after all you guys have eaten, how are you not dead

  76. Nedmac05 Love4Bricks

    Nedmac05 Love4BricksTháng trước

    Do an episode were you take certain items and try to make popcorn in it or on it and see how it taste

  77. Kailey Kuntz

    Kailey KuntzTháng trước

    Why can't link use a knife

  78. Michael Exman

    Michael ExmanTháng trước

    I used to eat the German blood sausage with my grandmother we both loved it.

  79. Rahil Sethi

    Rahil SethiTháng trước

    Birthday happens once in a year! These people are really old for blowing 1300 candles! :-D

  80. QuantumBraced

    QuantumBracedTháng trước

    Do all British people look like hobbits?

  81. The Quibbler Podcast

    The Quibbler PodcastTháng trước

    Will it waffle or will it pancake!!!

  82. firemage2840 Minecraft and more

    firemage2840 Minecraft and moreTháng trước

    It’s my birthday

  83. Zach Morrison

    Zach MorrisonTháng trước

    Someone should do a compilation of all the reactions to the gross or weird food they have to eat

  84. ConnorTheCrash

    ConnorTheCrashTháng trước

    Just in case anyone was wondering, the term 'knock up'/'knocked up' isn't commonly used in the UK to refer to getting someone pregnant (Most of us watch enough American shows to know the expression so it is sometimes used that way here, it's just not how we use it most of the time). It's more common for us to use the term 'knock up' as a way of saying "put together" or "make", though typically we use it to refer to putting something together quickly (or sometimes, with little effort applied).

  85. Tinker Tulip

    Tinker TulipTháng trước

    This episode 🤢 ‘shivers’ AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHGGGGHHHH !!!!! Wow. Good for them for actually eating that.....cake...

  86. Alaeddine Moalla

    Alaeddine MoallaTháng trước

    They barely ate the grass cake and Link looked like the ice cream taster meme.

  87. StompMe 03

    StompMe 03Tháng trước

    Celebrate 1400

  88. miLanWF

    miLanWFTháng trước

    That Harley Guy looks like he hasnt slept for years

  89. Hammy Kilpatrick

    Hammy KilpatrickTháng trước

    Has anyone else noticed that Link always waits for Rhett to take his bite first lol

  90. Gommie

    GommieTháng trước

    "Thirteen Hundred" Even the londoners are using american terms...The innter Brit in me is crying inside at the failure of the london people...

  91. john smith

    john smithTháng trước

    " VIreporter original "

  92. 🥀 CuteDragon🥀

    🥀 CuteDragon🥀Tháng trước

    Why do I feel like my womb is being eaten? 😂😂

  93. 🥀 CuteDragon🥀

    🥀 CuteDragon🥀Tháng trước

    Oh my! I ate blood pudding as a child, tried it once. It really is like eating a blood transfusion bag. 🤔

  94. 🥀 CuteDragon🥀

    🥀 CuteDragon🥀Tháng trước


  95. The Boss Warrior

    The Boss WarriorTháng trước

    Plz make more of these

  96. ethereal_ amber

    ethereal_ amberTháng trước

    At 12:51 when it cuts back to Rhett and link was priceless😂 never laughed more

  97. JustAnotherYoutuber

    JustAnotherYoutuberTháng trước

    Nothing like watching two middle age guys putting on make up for each other lol

  98. William Robertson

    William RobertsonTháng trước

    I’ve been watching since good morning chia Lincoln

  99. caboodel of nonsense

    caboodel of nonsenseTháng trước

    Its fondent not foundont

  100. Dee Tess

    Dee TessTháng trước

    Will it Patè? Especially for Rhett. :)