Will It Butter? Taste Test


  1. It's Thinzy

    It's Thinzy6 tháng trước

    will it stop my heart

  2. HiCludo

    HiCludo3 ngày trước

    Will it give me a shield oot

  3. N Valiente

    N Valiente8 ngày trước

    Will it premature death

  4. poké dragneel

    poké dragneelTháng trước

    Will it yes it will

  5. Z Peterson

    Z PetersonTháng trước

    It's Thinzy “ *YES!* “

  6. James Hanvey

    James Hanvey14 giờ trước

    rhett and link, i bet the starburst candy company would cut a deal with you... starburst butter is a genius idea.

  7. Anne Mac

    Anne MacNgày trước

    They should have used a Culver’s Butterburger for the burger butter.

  8. Madhu Krishnan

    Madhu KrishnanNgày trước

    I have been enlightened on the basis of cow gut butter, thanks Rhett and Link, for your noble sacrifice.

  9. Kyle Cook

    Kyle CookNgày trước

    Do “Will it Oreo?” Try new and exotic cream fillings!

  10. Hamnster209

    Hamnster2092 ngày trước

    Thank you for choosing: Exotic Butters

  11. Marius Groth

    Marius Groth2 ngày trước

    You have to do "will it mayo", where you try it with fries

  12. FozzieatDetour BillNye

    FozzieatDetour BillNye2 ngày trước

    Where can I find some of that Starburst butter?

  13. Acejal 6625

    Acejal 66253 ngày trước

    Did ya get a butter bite buddy only real ones will get it

  14. HiCludo

    HiCludo3 ngày trước

    The 2k dislikers disliked cos Rhett didnt dink it

  15. Ephraim Adedokun

    Ephraim Adedokun3 ngày trước


  16. Momo Maruto

    Momo Maruto3 ngày trước

    Looks like pâté more than butter :v

  17. B-Series

    B-Series4 ngày trước


  18. Brando H

    Brando H4 ngày trước

    Utter butter naaah GUTTER BUTTER!

  19. CITRON

    CITRON4 ngày trước

    You should sell these on your tours


    GABRIEL FELICIANO4 ngày trước

    Thats what daddy needed👌

  21. Daniel Turchan

    Daniel Turchan5 ngày trước

    6:00, it’s thick Thick and hardy make you ... farty?? 😂😂😂😂

  22. Lexi Kay

    Lexi Kay5 ngày trước

    The fact that the smell of intestines is “familiar” 😂

  23. pittkendoka

    pittkendoka7 ngày trước

    Marijuana. Will it butter? Yes!

  24. N Valiente

    N Valiente8 ngày trước

    Sometimes they do/say things that make me think “these guys are definitely dads”

  25. Mochi V

    Mochi V8 ngày trước

    all I see is that *relax* sign in the back and i-

  26. Quazzy Modo

    Quazzy Modo8 ngày trước

    5:40 Link is truly unhappy hahaha

  27. Fatih Çelik

    Fatih Çelik9 ngày trước

    Hi guys Don't miss this free Bacon & butter deal! bit.ly/2M3h1XO

  28. Alayna Cunningham

    Alayna Cunningham9 ngày trước

    Will it tea?

  29. Madison Barnhardt

    Madison Barnhardt9 ngày trước

    This could have been the perfect chance to make blood butter. They could’ve called it BLOOD BUTTERS (like blood brothers)

  30. Kyle Johnson

    Kyle Johnson10 ngày trước

    5:40 Me when I can't get to sleep

  31. Elle White

    Elle White11 ngày trước

    6:24 made me feel some type of way

  32. Quart D

    Quart D11 ngày trước

    If it smells like s#%t, then you are eating s$%t. People eat intestines and you know you have to clean it first, right?

  33. Kaitlyn Melia

    Kaitlyn Melia11 ngày trước

    Curious to try the starburst one xD idk about pop corn but yeah..

  34. Kaitlyn Melia

    Kaitlyn Melia11 ngày trước

    Curious to try the starburst one xD idk about pop corn but yeah..

  35. Randall

    Randall12 ngày trước

    marijuana will it butter?

  36. Sapp Cheng

    Sapp Cheng13 ngày trước

    Lol u guys love hotdogs which is also in an intestine. But hated the actual idea that it is poop tunnel.

  37. Essel Mcdonkor

    Essel Mcdonkor13 ngày trước

    will it make cheese

  38. munchin

    munchin14 ngày trước

    I didn't know they were in the Marines

  39. Cameron Radaszewski

    Cameron Radaszewski15 ngày trước

    You wasted that lobster on wax you BASTARDS!!!!!

  40. Butter

    Butter17 ngày trước

    Nu butters were hurt in the making of this?

  41. Carson Smith

    Carson Smith17 ngày trước

    “You’ve ruined the experience for me”

  42. Mr.Defaul7

    Mr.Defaul718 ngày trước

    They should’ve made butter with cow balls and called it “nutter butter”

  43. Kaarlina

    Kaarlina18 ngày trước

    In other words you guys are trying different types of Patte 😂

  44. Jay Anderson

    Jay Anderson19 ngày trước

    Because they said never again I feel like your team should do a worst of the worst and best of the best video... Make them decide which is the worst and best things the ever ate on the show.. Jay Anderson Brisbane Australia.

  45. SQU1RT5

    SQU1RT520 ngày trước

    If the "&" sign were on the "Sink It" cup, I'd buy them.

  46. John Chơi Game

    John Chơi Game21 ngày trước

    Will it makes me less depressed?

  47. Sophie Grace

    Sophie Grace22 ngày trước

    "biscuits" - here in the UK those are scones, and biscuits would be like a cookie but not quite. Damn cultural differences, 😂😂

  48. Grant Mcneley

    Grant Mcneley22 ngày trước

    did he just say "you can really tell that it's an insect" when he was looking at the lobster? lol

  49. Mr. Flat Earth

    Mr. Flat Earth23 ngày trước

    Thick and hearty make you farty

  50. Hannah Taylor

    Hannah Taylor23 ngày trước


  51. Hannah Taylor

    Hannah Taylor23 ngày trước

    Is link getting old or is it hair dye

  52. ThePlatGamer

    ThePlatGamer24 ngày trước

    “Familiar intestine smell”

  53. Hunter x craft

    Hunter x craft29 ngày trước

    Waste of a good lobster

  54. Polar702bear

    Polar702bear29 ngày trước

    I'm on my way to Carl's Jr right now lol

  55. fem wynn

    fem wynnTháng trước

    that's not cornbread....

  56. SB 50cal

    SB 50calTháng trước

    12:20 that’s what she said

  57. malakh000yishai

    malakh000yishaiTháng trước

    dannerloo vireporter.net/v/video-qLbaUGnEApw.html

  58. Luna Park

    Luna ParkTháng trước

    10/10 on those Rhett sounds after he eats the Gutter.

  59. Reznov 11982011

    Reznov 11982011Tháng trước

    “That’s what daddy needed.”

  60. 20kitkat

    20kitkatTháng trước

    For the first few butters, I started to believe that 'hey, maybe today'll be the day that everything will butter'... But then...nah boi...WHY GUTTER WHY

  61. Covey Carter

    Covey CarterTháng trước

    Rhett finally admitted to being a bird

  62. Nero Mauritzen

    Nero MauritzenTháng trước

    *Buys shotgun and waits for Thanksgiving/Rhett hunting season🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃*

  63. kadijah adams

    kadijah adamsTháng trước

    I enjoy this show way more than I should !!

  64. FFX Skipity

    FFX SkipityTháng trước

    “Will it butter my crossaint”

  65. Nishtha Sinha

    Nishtha SinhaTháng trước

    Exotic Butters :)

  66. Nero Mauritzen

    Nero MauritzenTháng trước

    Erotic Butters... 😆

  67. SUBSCRIBE Just for fun

    SUBSCRIBE Just for funTháng trước

    Rewatching this the camera looks so much crisper then now

  68. Yasmin Seah

    Yasmin SeahTháng trước

    Did Rhett say lobsters are insects? Aren't they crustaceans?

  69. Jay Harv28

    Jay Harv2816 ngày trước

    Part of the same phylum

  70. Dan Hemsley

    Dan HemsleyTháng trước


  71. Breanna Kittle

    Breanna KittleTháng trước

    Exotic butters.

  72. Leo Moore

    Leo MooreTháng trước

    pickle butter? anyone

  73. Nero Mauritzen

    Nero MauritzenTháng trước

    Yes! Made from those big pickled cucumbers

  74. deveros dev

    deveros devTháng trước

    maybe will it soap ????

  75. Screaming Phoenix

    Screaming PhoenixTháng trước

    Bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh, did these dudes deadass just eat the poop chute and the milk fat in one go

  76. Vania Pinedo

    Vania PinedoTháng trước

    I would like ingredients and instructions and a detailed courseso on how to make the baked beans butter, the burger butter and the starbursts butter 😊😊 by the mythical crew😁😁

  77. Frankenwolfer Guy

    Frankenwolfer GuyTháng trước

    Will It Ketchup

  78. Imane Ben

    Imane BenTháng trước

    Will it waffle?

  79. Destyni Cannon

    Destyni CannonTháng trước

    Will it soup?

  80. bananabuttersomethin

    bananabuttersomethinTháng trước

    Wow, almost everything buttered.

  81. Trinity Gutteridge

    Trinity GutteridgeTháng trước

    I feel like a lot of the will it's are less will it become something and taste good than they are will they go with something.

  82. MissAbiDoe

    MissAbiDoeTháng trước

    so it's hagus butter ?

  83. Ramsher Felix

    Ramsher FelixTháng trước

    Prediction. Everything butter's, because butter.

  84. Carson Thiel

    Carson ThielTháng trước

    "Well, bring him down from the mountain top buddy because we gotta keep this in the pantry" -Link Neal


    TTG GAMINGTháng trước

    I thought this was going to be a will it full house! But then they tried the last one

  86. Ari Mato

    Ari MatoTháng trước

    Find the difference 😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😸😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺

  87. Soul Productions and Film

    Soul Productions and FilmTháng trước

    Watching this while I make my morning toast! Thanks Rhett and Link!

  88. Marco

    MarcoTháng trước

    The last one is just pate xd

  89. Nuno Silva

    Nuno SilvaTháng trước

    They'll eat crayons butter but not cow butter... Logic!

  90. Laura Bird

    Laura BirdTháng trước

    Please please please upload a video on how the ButterBurst was made! 😋❤️

  91. Danny Adams

    Danny AdamsTháng trước

    i had to look up if crayons are safe to eat i was scared

  92. Folkert Veenstra

    Folkert VeenstraTháng trước

    Why don’t you try Carolina Reaper Butter?

  93. blob14343

    blob14343Tháng trước

    Why dont they ever use the pun "rhettches"

  94. Isela Díaz

    Isela DíazTháng trước

    Bean butter? That's exactly what us mexicans need!!

  95. TidalTV

    TidalTVTháng trước

    Baked Beans are always a win!

  96. xiTzSpooder

    xiTzSpooderTháng trước

    Should've done a nut butter, butter that was made out of animal nuts 😂

  97. Li Shaoran

    Li ShaoranTháng trước

    6:38 you can tell he REALLY liked that. 😂

  98. Jesses

    JessesTháng trước

    Will i die at 40?

  99. Hannah Louise Seifert

    Hannah Louise SeifertTháng trước

    The cheeseburger butter looked like liver paté 🤢

  100. Cream Supreme

    Cream SupremeTháng trước

    You: Intestines Me (an intellectual): *Poop tunnel*

  101. Bradly Moss

    Bradly MossTháng trước

    how did you make starberst buder

  102. Jay Harv28

    Jay Harv2816 ngày trước

    Probably melted it and then mixed with milk and churned it



    4:37 he looks like a kid

  104. Aidan Wissinger

    Aidan WissingerTháng trước

    Bring Irish Rheet back

  105. mestavros

    mestavrosTháng trước

    "Why do we eat so many poop tunnels?" -Rhett 2018

  106. Gamer Girl Bri

    Gamer Girl BriTháng trước

    “Thick and hearty, make you farty” - Link Please make a collage of Link saying funny things please 😂🤣😭

  107. Parker Edwards

    Parker EdwardsTháng trước

    Link: we have some cornbread to put on it Rhett: well I was gonna put it on the cornbread Link: *pretends to not hear it* Me: that was shade 😑😑

  108. iggy the fox 2.0

    iggy the fox 2.0Tháng trước

    Hopefully that's non toxic crayons....

  109. Corinne Veach

    Corinne VeachTháng trước

    Will it McDonald's Will it tocobell Will it get OVER9000