Will It Corndog? Taste Test


  1. Emily Bright

    Emily Bright3 giờ trước

    They spelled opossum wrong on the thumbnail.

  2. Katie Wenta

    Katie Wenta6 giờ trước

    Link: “WHY are you still happy??” 🤣

  3. not brendon urie

    not brendon urie9 giờ trước

    every nasty detail about the roadkill one told by rhett = +1 gag from link

  4. Alma beendoneit

    Alma beendoneitNgày trước

    I just discovered something new about myself. Some people hate to watch other people puke, I enjoy it 🤣

  5. Jacob W

    Jacob WNgày trước

    Y'all should sell trashcans with the design of Rhett's (10:55). I'd buy that.

  6. Lyndsi Inez

    Lyndsi Inez2 ngày trước


  7. Mirjam Nagelkerken

    Mirjam Nagelkerken2 ngày trước


  8. David Rodriguez

    David Rodriguez3 ngày trước

    Viva mexico

  9. Sissonater Productions

    Sissonater Productions3 ngày trước

    I don’t like spinach and artichoke sorry

  10. Ali Rama

    Ali Rama3 ngày trước

    Will puppy corndog?

  11. Living The Dolan Life

    Living The Dolan Life4 ngày trước

    You guys made me want a corn dog now. Or to go to the Arizona state fair for fall time 😂

  12. Tracy Dirian

    Tracy Dirian4 ngày trước

    "Je suis barell" "I am barell"

  13. Klara Gibson

    Klara Gibson4 ngày trước

    10:32 lol

  14. Lark the Lycanroc

    Lark the Lycanroc4 ngày trước

    When link spoke French he said: “I am barrel”

  15. Last Guy

    Last Guy4 ngày trước

    "edible netting", I mean intestines

  16. SpankBuda .......

    SpankBuda .......4 ngày trước

    @6:27 When a man go to urinate and this happens.

  17. Rainbow Unicorn

    Rainbow Unicorn5 ngày trước

    Link you said I am barrel not this is the bottom of the barrel

  18. Abby Liu

    Abby Liu5 ngày trước

    me getting a fitness ad after the hotdog dog

  19. TheLastKnightzGaming

    TheLastKnightzGaming5 ngày trước

    Not gonna lie, An eggnog Corndog sounds EXTREMELY GOOD!!!

  20. Jess Cuhh

    Jess Cuhh6 ngày trước

    Rhett was extra grumpy in this video. 😂

  21. _MavisTheManokit _

    _MavisTheManokit _6 ngày trước

    I swear Rhett says things just to make Link wretch and I LIVE for it

  22. a person

    a person6 ngày trước

    "You don't wanna create any gifs man"

  23. Horacio Medina

    Horacio Medina6 ngày trước

    When link sings snoop dogs song lmao3:20

  24. Horacio Medina

    Horacio Medina6 ngày trước

    Nvm 3:05

  25. Lorry Bolin

    Lorry Bolin7 ngày trước

    Rhett: "man i caught your puke" lol

  26. Deez Nutz

    Deez Nutz8 ngày trước

    I can't stand the utter stupidity after the two and a half minute mark. I can't believe this is it... it's done.. we're overwith Singlehandedly the benchmark of human stupidity, arrogance and evolutionary regression.

  27. Haunted

    Haunted8 ngày trước

    je suis barrel "I am barrel"

  28. Gabby Flores

    Gabby Flores8 ngày trước

    Link: Je suis barrel AKA-“I am barrel

  29. Alston Harris

    Alston Harris9 ngày trước

    There is other foods that you deep fry like Oreos chocolate chip cookies donuts

  30. Unknown

    Unknown9 ngày trước


  31. Hoshimaru57

    Hoshimaru579 ngày trước

    I don’t know how this didn’t make the top 10 Link Gags. Wait, no, I know: because he gags more than 10 times here alone. He throws up at least 3 times.

  32. Michael

    Michael9 ngày trước

    What was that? 13:16

  33. Leon Draw

    Leon Draw10 ngày trước

    i hate ads

  34. ᗪEᗰOᑎIᑕ

    ᗪEᗰOᑎIᑕ10 ngày trước

    “Excuse me sir, where’d you get that blimp” 😂😂😂

  35. robby burgess

    robby burgess10 ngày trước

    i just do not like arachok

  36. Alexander Mashman

    Alexander Mashman10 ngày trước

    I thought the pig tail was more disgusting than the Possum

  37. Tony Reyes

    Tony Reyes11 ngày trước

    i never tried spinach and artichoke dip is that how you spell artichoke

  38. Sara

    Sara11 ngày trước

    Rhett was trying to make him gag with the words he was saying. Which resulted in well....yeah

  39. Lilli Braun

    Lilli Braun11 ngày trước

    Rhett: This thing has been in the trash Link: GAG Rhett: This is not grain fed possum, this is pizza fed possum Link: GAG They both throw up and start talking about next corn dog Link: How are you still happy? 😝😝

  40. Bass Is Lif

    Bass Is Lif12 ngày trước

    Spinach and artichoke dip... eewww it should have never been invented.

  41. Juan Mojarro

    Juan Mojarro12 ngày trước

    Philly cheese corn dog

  42. Flare Animates

    Flare Animates13 ngày trước

    eggnog makes me almost throw up I'M SORRY:(

  43. Its Bru

    Its Bru13 ngày trước

    pig tail isnt that bad if its got the right ingredients

  44. Kevin Penfold

    Kevin Penfold13 ngày trước

    7:10. “Snails all the way down”

  45. Liam Mocs

    Liam Mocs14 ngày trước

    lol watching this 2018 in the mid o' october

  46. Liam Bridge

    Liam Bridge11 ngày trước

    Liam Mocs yes my dude

  47. tyler hoeseph

    tyler hoeseph14 ngày trước

    the more link loves a dish, the more southern his accent gets.

  48. magic glitch19383

    magic glitch1938315 ngày trước

    “Je suis Barrel” Link that means I am a Barrel....

  49. Peter Trandem

    Peter Trandem15 ngày trước

    I feel like with the possum Rhett was just making up descriptions to get link to retch

  50. Lariana Murati

    Lariana Murati16 ngày trước

    I'm sorry to any corndog lovers but to me, corndogs are the most disgusting food ever, anybody else with me?

  51. nicholas crockett

    nicholas crockett16 ngày trước

    Or a snickers

  52. _ Leah _

    _ Leah _17 ngày trước

    Link said I am barrel

  53. *_KNIGHTMARE _*

    *_KNIGHTMARE _*17 ngày trước

    Here is the cotton candy taco story from the same fair I linked. abc13.com/cotton-candy-taco-wins-most-creative-at-texas-state-fair/4069780/ Cotton candy taco named 'most creative' at Texas State Fair DALLAS, Texas - The State Fair of Texas opens in little more than a month - and while many people may be looking forward to the rides, many mouths are already watering thinking about the food. Vendors come up with some wild food concoctions and then enter them into the Big Tex Choice Awards for a chance to win Best Fair Food.

  54. *_KNIGHTMARE _*

    *_KNIGHTMARE _*17 ngày trước

    Here is the corndog beer link with the rim lined with mustard www.guidelive.com/state-fair/2018/08/02/corn-dog-beer-mustard-rim-state-fair-texas Unique alcoholic beverages have long made a showing at the State Fair of Texas' Big Tex Choice Awards. In 2010, fried beer won "most creative" in the esteemed food competition, followed by the Funnel Cake Ale in 2014 and the smoky bacon margarita in 2015. So when this year's list of wacky semi-finalists came out on Tuesday, we weren't surprised to see a few drinks. But we were equally shocked, intrigued and grossed out by one: a Corn Dog Ale. Seriously? What the heck is that?! Grant Wood, head brewer at Revolver Brewing in Granbury, says he was musing about which State Fair staples he could embody in a beer when the idea hit him. "Corn dogs! What else is quintessentially State Fair?" he tells GuideLive. (For the record, it's "corny dog," but we'll let it slide this time.)

  55. *_KNIGHTMARE _*

    *_KNIGHTMARE _*17 ngày trước

    Have y'all had that new houston rodeo corndog beer? It comes with the rim lined with mustard, it has a beautiful hint of corndog when you take a drink. It is amazing, add some texas bbq, omg. Please try it, houston rodeo and the event they held a week ago I forget the name but it's a cook off and they both always have new stuff like cotton candy tacos that has a Belgium waffle as the shell

  56. Decent

    Decent17 ngày trước

    I thoroughly enjoy that Rhett knew everytime he described the possum link would gag and continued to do it

  57. Hard Lee

    Hard Lee18 ngày trước

    Dang I want that spinach and artichoke dog.

  58. PANDA_MAN _709

    PANDA_MAN _70919 ngày trước

    I love your vids and I subed

  59. John Daniels

    John Daniels20 ngày trước

    I think Rhett enjoys trying to make Link puke

  60. KillerGymSox

    KillerGymSox20 ngày trước

    I love how Rhett was attempting to make Link lose it

  61. Eyes Cream

    Eyes Cream21 ngày trước

    The logo on the hats are so small, it's basically just a orange or gray hat with a tiny logo.... I guess that's marketing for ya right there 😆.

  62. PGM038

    PGM03823 ngày trước

    6:27 This is all kinds of wrong...

  63. Daf 47

    Daf 4723 ngày trước

    It’s funny when link says “je suis barrel” which means “I am barrel”

  64. Bonga yeet

    Bonga yeet23 ngày trước

    Dam rhett really gonna say gif like jif

  65. Pasta Movies

    Pasta Movies23 ngày trước

    They should do a top 10 grossest things eaten on Good Mythical Morning.

  66. GaMMERKitten

    GaMMERKitten23 ngày trước

    I would have enjoyed the pig tail corn dog

  67. Igam3plays live

    Igam3plays live24 ngày trước

    6:28 reminds me of my teenage years

  68. Herpa Derp

    Herpa Derp24 ngày trước

    “I am barrel”-link 2k16

  69. Zebacorn101

    Zebacorn10124 ngày trước

    I am BARREL

  70. Cole Goodrich

    Cole Goodrich25 ngày trước

    6:27 Must... resist... urge... to make... innuendo...

  71. Adam Long

    Adam Long25 ngày trước

    Gif not Jif

  72. youngbloodaj

    youngbloodaj26 ngày trước

    And I thought that it was gonna be ALL yes...

  73. HolyPastrami

    HolyPastrami26 ngày trước

    Links reaction to the corndogged possum is probably the reason why noone wants to eat possum.

  74. AlonelyFinn

    AlonelyFinn26 ngày trước

    "I am barrel" Link, 2016

  75. Gotham’s Reckoning

    Gotham’s Reckoning27 ngày trước

    I’m watching 2 grown men eating random things turned into corn dogs at 9:37 PM... my life going great, also did they seriously corn dog a hot dog... dogception

  76. Alex Walters

    Alex Walters27 ngày trước

    12:32 I heard it differently the first time

  77. Comedy Hero

    Comedy Hero27 ngày trước

    Can I ask a question what’s a corn dog don’t judge me I’m British and that I believe is American

  78. Baconbooty 19

    Baconbooty 1927 ngày trước

    2:42 well I dreamed of being a rockstar so I would like an explanation of how that happened in your mouth

  79. Maria Villanueva

    Maria Villanueva28 ngày trước

    “Excuse me sir, where did you get that blip!”

  80. Lorien Mills

    Lorien Mills29 ngày trước

    “I am barrel” is the most inelegant statement said by Link.

  81. Halen Ho

    Halen Ho29 ngày trước

    "Je suis barrel" is "I am barrel" nice job link

  82. HavenOfZayden

    HavenOfZayden29 ngày trước

    I honestly sobbed with laughter at Rhett making Link gag. Rhett knew exactly what he was doing, too. You could just tell by the look on his face. XD

  83. SlaughterDog

    SlaughterDogTháng trước

    How do you make the Egg Nog Dog? Sounds delicious.

  84. Cody Proctor

    Cody ProctorTháng trước

    Some of these needs to actually be sold at state fares.

  85. sandstorm163

    sandstorm163Tháng trước

    You literately said: "I am barrel." Je suis means "I am". lmao

  86. Reece Coder

    Reece CoderTháng trước

    i love how rhett continued talking and made link puke more :D

  87. It's ENZO

    It's ENZOTháng trước

    Je suis barrel ??

  88. Pablo Daniel Cruz

    Pablo Daniel CruzTháng trước

    Link is so nerdy 😭😭😭

  89. hrmxo

    hrmxoTháng trước

    You know when link takes his glasses off it’s serious 😂


    LOLITTA DOZIERTháng trước


  91. Ryan Jones

    Ryan JonesTháng trước

    The thumbnail implies that opossum is somehow not a delicious food

  92. Rin - Kun

    Rin - KunTháng trước

    I never had nog before

  93. Jols Ramseur

    Jols RamseurTháng trước

    Will it bake potato

  94. piercing hawk

    piercing hawkTháng trước

    Opossum is spelled with an O

  95. Willena Brown

    Willena BrownTháng trước

    I actually eat pig tail every barbq that we have plz try it grilled it reallllllly good its even better with hot sauce

  96. AGTheFunnyKid

    AGTheFunnyKidTháng trước

    Rhett really threw up with the possum! O Gosh!!!

  97. Jacob Sandvich

    Jacob SandvichTháng trước

    The street dog shoulda been filled with weed

  98. Alex Summers

    Alex SummersTháng trước

    Am I just really sick or does the corn-nog look VERY inappropriate?

  99. Melanie Crothers

    Melanie CrothersTháng trước

    When link says "Je suis barrell" 😂😂😂😂😂 i am barrell

  100. Komi Edward

    Komi EdwardTháng trước

    Link failing at saying spinach and artichoke dip cleared my acne

  101. Jim Lahey

    Jim LaheyTháng trước

    When link takes his glasses off, you know what time it is

  102. J ay

    J ayTháng trước

    They need to revisit and have a varmint edition. Link have you ever had food poisoning?