Will It Corndog? Taste Test


  1. Rosie Taylor

    Rosie Taylor7 giờ trước

    *Did you pull out* ? *Yea for sure* *6:20*

  2. XpiXiepX

    XpiXiepX12 giờ trước

    I am barrel 😂😂😂

  3. Dustin Pardo

    Dustin PardoNgày trước

    I wonder if mozzarella will corn dog

  4. Burnie Burns

    Burnie BurnsNgày trước

    Will it Corndog: Gyro Fettuccini Alfredo Funnel Cake Potato Salad Stuffed Pepper Stuffed Pasta Shells Hamburger Helper Sushi Roll Breakfast Burrito

  5. Burnie Burns

    Burnie BurnsNgày trước

    I want the mythical rooster spewing fire on a beanie! Love the merch!

  6. Just Cat

    Just Cat2 ngày trước

    I was eating a hot dog while watching Link gag 😂. My best decision in life? Well maybe no

  7. haley herboth-wright

    haley herboth-wright2 ngày trước

    They should have fried them longer

  8. Cynnamo

    Cynnamo4 ngày trước

    *I am barrel*

  9. Some Body

    Some Body5 ngày trước

    I am barrel - Link 2016

  10. deep fried milkshake

    deep fried milkshake5 ngày trước

    Will it milkshake?

  11. Mike Wasowskayy

    Mike Wasowskayy6 ngày trước

    How to make the Rhett-dog :Put a hotdog on a skewer :Fry the hotdog :Cover the hotdog in batter :Fry the hotdog again :Enjoy

  12. Peder sundström

    Peder sundström6 ngày trước

    Taurin is from a bull not a cow.. it comes from the word Taurus aka bull.. lots of amino acids good when you’re training ;-)

  13. Sally Otley

    Sally Otley7 ngày trước

    "Excuse me sir, where did you get that blimp?"- Link 2016

  14. Sally Otley

    Sally Otley7 ngày trước

    "All your wildest dreams just came true in my mouth"- Rhett 2016

  15. diamondassassin215

    diamondassassin2157 ngày trước

    It's a dicknog


    ISABEL CAPIO8 ngày trước


  17. nicklas abrahamsson

    nicklas abrahamsson9 ngày trước

    Please put a pornhub icon next to rhett pushing the eggnog out 😂🤣

  18. Long Live Animals

    Long Live Animals9 ngày trước

    Will it drink? Idk

  19. siriacha hot sauce

    siriacha hot sauce10 ngày trước

    I would kill to get 100 likes

  20. Jack Carmichael

    Jack Carmichael11 ngày trước

    I want that nog dog so badly

  21. Eugene Luster

    Eugene Luster11 ngày trước

    👀. 👅

  22. uncooked pizza dough

    uncooked pizza dough11 ngày trước

    Will it PIE? Please do it.

  23. Ruqayyah Khan

    Ruqayyah Khan12 ngày trước

    9:56 is just pure entertainment

  24. Rammed Bull

    Rammed Bull13 ngày trước

    Are the gay (there is nothing wrong wit it)

  25. ToBeYourself

    ToBeYourself13 ngày trước

    Link is the weakest link.

  26. Theresa Tran

    Theresa Tran14 ngày trước

    Y'all need to make a recipe book of the foods that will

  27. Lium Heart

    Lium Heart14 ngày trước

    14:10 someone go to that girls house n' shoot her please

  28. Princess Messa

    Princess Messa14 ngày trước

    Rhett and link are going on tour on coryxkenshin b-day

  29. mati_works

    mati_works15 ngày trước

    Cheese dog

  30. Spirit of the night

    Spirit of the night15 ngày trước

    Rhett can make Link gag by describing the food...

  31. Miss Disbeliever Has A Channel Whoa

    Miss Disbeliever Has A Channel Whoa16 ngày trước

    8:25 Link just said “I am barrel” At least I think so

  32. The animation station

    The animation station16 ngày trước

    i dont like what they are insinuating with that eggnog corn dog

  33. Red_Master PlaysYt

    Red_Master PlaysYt17 ngày trước

    Why is the chewing so vicious? LOL

  34. TheRisenEmerald | Fortnite

    TheRisenEmerald | Fortnite18 ngày trước

    10:04 Click here to see Rhett torture Link.

  35. Matías Infante Melloni

    Matías Infante Melloni18 ngày trước

    i loved how the wheel had "Gift" written in every sinlge gap

  36. Kellie Jones

    Kellie Jones18 ngày trước

    I dont like spinach and artichoke dip.

  37. Jack Huskamp

    Jack Huskamp18 ngày trước

    How do I get recipe

  38. Sierra Stoner

    Sierra Stoner19 ngày trước

    "I am Barrel"

  39. Qwerty Bear.

    Qwerty Bear.20 ngày trước

    When I saw the pig tail one, I was expecting the word penis to show up.

  40. Uni Pusheen

    Uni Pusheen20 ngày trước

    I never tried the spinach and artichoke dip before

  41. Jmotocross #36

    Jmotocross #3620 ngày trước

    U should of done funnel cake

  42. BluEyedWonder 87

    BluEyedWonder 8721 ngày trước

    I always feel so bad for Link when he gags. But then I realize that he did this to himself.

  43. Aiden Rees

    Aiden Rees22 ngày trước

    Will it frosting(put it on a cake🍰) or will it cake🍰

  44. TheNoobPlays

    TheNoobPlays23 ngày trước

    Video starts at 1:11

  45. Kiet Nguyen

    Kiet Nguyen23 ngày trước

    I would like to make a prediction. Not to far future from now. Investors will sign a deal with these guys. A new franchise restaurant. Serving only selected food that’s consumed on their show. All the odd food tasted and hand selected by them that are weird but extremely good. The name of restaurant is GMM. If I have money I’ll have all kinds of ideas for this restaurant. I can bet it will be a huge success.

  46. Matt Cox

    Matt Cox24 ngày trước

    I thought I could watch this without getting hungry. I was wrong.

  47. Ben Kesman

    Ben Kesman24 ngày trước

    "yours has been compromised"

  48. evan henson

    evan henson25 ngày trước

    When they were eating the nog ones all I could think about was the scene from Van Wilder with the dog.

  49. MrArticwolf1

    MrArticwolf126 ngày trước

    Lol guys almost throws up every time he explains something

  50. ArGamer1102

    ArGamer110226 ngày trước


  51. Rachael Cox

    Rachael Cox26 ngày trước

    The only bad thing about corn dogs is all the memes that can be made of you while eating it

  52. Hillary Cheng

    Hillary Cheng27 ngày trước

    Rhett's gotta admit that, at the possum one, he continued describing it on purpose at some point in time just to see Link's reaction in making sure he doesn't vomit. XD

  53. Jimin's Ass

    Jimin's Ass27 ngày trước

    I'm Canadian. I don't speak much French. But I know for a fact. That is not how you say "this is the bottom of the barrel".... . . Way to go Link

  54. tylon walsh

    tylon walsh27 ngày trước

    Will it music

  55. Cottonpicker Boi

    Cottonpicker Boi28 ngày trước


  56. ST.Darian Delaney

    ST.Darian Delaney28 ngày trước

    i dont like spinache and artichoke dip .-.

  57. Jeffrey Fisher

    Jeffrey Fisher29 ngày trước

    Saw Rhett at Disneyland eating a corndog. Decided to finally subscribe. It was great standing in front of you in line.

  58. BANESSA Duran Severino

    BANESSA Duran Severino29 ngày trước

    Idk about them but I ate pig tial and its really good..smh

  59. Aleks Aldous

    Aleks AldousTháng trước

    Did he say "I am barrel?"

  60. Red_Crysis

    Red_CrysisTháng trước

    I am barrel

  61. Harrison Smith

    Harrison SmithTháng trước

    i cant stop laffing

  62. jot toor

    jot toorTháng trước

    8:25 Je suis Barrel Translates to I am a barrel

  63. Jeremias Estepan

    Jeremias EstepanTháng trước

    Wanted to join your show to eat until it got to the snails

  64. wbkussmaul

    wbkussmaulTháng trước

    So now watching the new hot dog episode where they chose the best hot dog style, the first corn dog was a danger dog lol

  65. 4d722e2052656473746f6e65 - Komentování

    4d722e2052656473746f6e65 - KomentováníTháng trước

    6:38 did he say JIFS?! PITCHFORKS OUT!

  66. LPS Cookie Productions

    LPS Cookie ProductionsTháng trước

    I've never had eggnog xD

  67. allidrinkisicecoldbleach

    allidrinkisicecoldbleachTháng trước

    This is pretty much will it fry

  68. Europa

    EuropaTháng trước

    link shouldnt drink alcohol lol not with that gag reflex

  69. Reeve

    ReeveTháng trước

    Rhett: “this is the bottom of the barrel” ... Link: “I am barrel.”

  70. Lil STD

    Lil STDTháng trước

    I love escargot

  71. ViperLee 44

    ViperLee 44Tháng trước

    Why didn't they do snake?

  72. Art Lovver

    Art LovverTháng trước

    are these people just waisting food by talking a couple of bites and throwing it out??

  73. Vasa Mladenovic

    Vasa MladenovicTháng trước


  74. NekoDemon

    NekoDemonTháng trước

    Link: *holds nogdog over, with intense just dink it already look*

  75. Kumamon Satan :3

    Kumamon Satan :3Tháng trước

    I never had a corn dog

  76. Dan the Dude

    Dan the DudeTháng trước

    6:34 reminds me of something 😏😉🙃

  77. Gloria Chen

    Gloria ChenTháng trước

    Been a fan since 2015? 2014? Ever since this channel began

  78. Gloria Chen

    Gloria ChenTháng trước


  79. Psychotic Foreplay

    Psychotic ForeplayTháng trước

    Did the corn nog give anyone else flash backs from van wilder😂😂

  80. Shy Feline

    Shy FelineTháng trước

    Aaaaaaaannd Rhett just said jif... unsubing. ' ' 'JK

  81. Allen Iverson

    Allen IversonTháng trước

    It's nutdog

  82. mincraft lover

    mincraft loverTháng trước

    My favorite part Rhett: (silence.....) There's a gelatness to it! Link: (gags loudly) Rhett: (starts to laugh!)

  83. hamster heaven

    hamster heavenTháng trước

    wait link is a barrel dafuq

  84. Rage

    RageTháng trước


  85. Flobber Top

    Flobber TopTháng trước

    Honestly UK here, don’t understand the corn dog 😳

  86. Haytrix

    HaytrixTháng trước

    Never laugh like i do when i see Link dryheave. SO EPIC :DDD

  87. Benjamin Bullington

    Benjamin BullingtonTháng trước

    You dont want to create any gifs...

  88. Pocket_Knife

    Pocket_KnifeTháng trước

    is rhett related to a singing teacher in england and born in scotland

  89. Pocket_Knife

    Pocket_KnifeTháng trước

    mmm, the possum looks delicious!

  90. Gryphon Taylor

    Gryphon TaylorTháng trước

    I’m offended a wee bit, my family is from Guiana and we make a dish called cook-up rice and we add salted pig tail and it’s one of the best parts. Don’t knock it till you try it right.

  91. Ma Martin

    Ma MartinTháng trước

    Not the opossums

  92. lowkey Sad

    lowkey SadTháng trước

    Pig tail is actually pretty good in Chinese style soup

  93. Marine Eagle

    Marine EagleTháng trước

    Do a fish and chips corndog

  94. MOD ERN

    MOD ERNTháng trước

    The Mythical everlasting Con Dog

  95. Hello There

    Hello ThereTháng trước

    I am barrel..

  96. justin bordeaux

    justin bordeauxTháng trước

    When Rhett gags you know there is a problem

  97. Broderic Kartholl

    Broderic KarthollTháng trước

    "Looks like grey matter" Rhett.

  98. Dennis Hillberg

    Dennis HillbergTháng trước

    ive never had a corndog im 16

  99. Remy Horror

    Remy HorrorTháng trước

    It's funny that Rhett is being a butthole to Link...trying to get to him to throwing up,but it IS hilarious,and THAT'S what BEST FRIENDS do.

  100. Kiro Haas

    Kiro HaasTháng trước

    See, pork and beef tails are great... if you cook it for hours and hours and hours.