WILL IT INK?! - Catching an Octopus


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    Porr trapped shark lol

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    Quien de ustedes habla español?!

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    my question in every single video you post *_Does It Bite!?!_*

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    What are your intentions with my daughter? 9:14

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    Yea, Southern coast of Africa... Why????? Because the world renowned tide pools of the Californian coast are all dead... DEAD... 99% DEVOID OF LIFE DUE TO THE POISONOUS AND DEADLY RADIATION THAT HAS DESTROYED THE PACIFIC OCEAN... SO YOU DON'T WANT TO BELIEVE ME,,, EDUCATE YOURSELF... REMEMBER, THE NUCLEAR CRIMINAL CRIME SYNDICATES WILL NOT GIVE YOU THE TRUTH,,,, THEY ALL SAY THE SAME THING, WHICH IS NUCLEAR ENERGY IS A CLEAN AND SAFE FORM OF CHEAP ENERGY... LIES FROM LIARS... THERE IS NOTHING SAFE OR CLEAN OR CHEAP ABOUT NUCLEAR ENERGY.... THE CALIFORNIA TIDE POOLS ARE ALL DEAD... THANKS TO GENERAL ELECTRIC, ALSTOM/AREVA, CHICAGO BRIDGE, THE FUKUSHIMA DAIICHI NUCLEAR POWER PLANT... CANCER RATES HAVE SKYROCKETED, ESPECIALLY LEUKAEMIA TYPES, Educate yourself... And pray that the nuclear industry is outlawed everywhere on this tiny little planet, that poison is wrong... Wrong... NO NUKES, so that the tide pools and all other life here on this planet can survive the impact that we "smart humans" have bestowed on this once pristine paradise....

  7. Cooper Logn

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    "The waves made of water are warm." What else are waves made of?

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    Hey look it is a octoling in the form of a octopus from splatoon

  10. Stella Gilder

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    At 0:49 pause the video and you can see a shark in a water pool

  11. siva siva

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    octopus ...best fish bait.....

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    Imagination entire none cover force head risk intensity double dancer

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    I thought about Hank from finding dory the whole time 😂

  14. keira and kendra Blanco

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    0:50 ɩى tɧat a ىɧaɾk at tɧҽ bɷttɷm tɷ tɧҽ ɭҽʆt😰

  15. crocs have gone savage

    crocs have gone savage17 giờ trước

    Octopussies are venomus?

  16. crocs have gone savage

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    Mr krabs is one thicc bihhhh

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    very good video an entertainment like this will increased longer

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    Steven share is the best

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    How do you make an octopus laugh? Ten tickles

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    Sorry to bother y'all but what backpack does coyote use

  22. more Hassan tube

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    Replace it's head with a tree with a face and you get a monster from my singing monsters


    KEVIN SALAZARNgày trước

    booooo if your so brave let is BITE YOU with its beak :).

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    I seen a eye it look like a rish

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    Are squids as smart and intelligent as octopuses?

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    There's squiderd


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    Yay im ready for squid dinner dad

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    wow cool

  31. I like

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    why does it sometimes feel so scripted?

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    IN one of the ponds I saw a baby shark

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  34. Echo The Fox

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    I like the new Octo expansion trailer

  35. Pete Wolanski

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    Cutest booger ever. -_-

  36. Alpharcher010 V2

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    0:48 Did anyone see a shark or am I crazy?!?

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    0:48 can you spot it?


    MR. LOLOLOL2 ngày trước

    It is octopi

  40. Daantjee

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    if you go to 0:49 you can see a shark in a little pool

  41. Maxa Million

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    0:49 like this comment if you saw the shark

  42. Oscar Contreras

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    vaya matao, me voy yo con el cubo y la pala y me hincho...

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    0:49 is there a litile shark on left side?

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    Khe verga?

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    Haw do you get bit by a bug or a seemonster

  46. sooperman hegmen

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    So mutch

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    octopuses have 3 hearts

  48. alex rainflake

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    i for one welcome our cephalopod overloards!

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    2:54 2 fast 4 u

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    Sssooo what kind of crab was that?

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    Can this octupos be a delicious Sushi

  53. Techno Porrim

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    Don't get cooked, stay off the hook!

  54. Mr Jammers

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    Octopus are so cool my second favorite after the seal

  55. Janelle Canovas

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    What about olms

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    Anyone see the shark at 00:48

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  58. cayden Claxton

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    2:39 - 2:45 how can it be a decent sized crab but also little?

  59. Ashton Hines

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    Bruh you dead now the have sharp beaks on the bottom of there tentacles

  60. Judah Cole

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    He said octopuses but it’s octopi

  61. Fauranus

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    that is crazy

  62. D T

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    Fact: the correct plural usage of octopus is octopodes. Not octopi.

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  64. Free Range

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    3:20 he must be going deaf

  65. Lucas Pelletier22

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    you say octopi

  66. Aaron  Johnson

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    I absolutely love octopi. They are one of my favorite animals. There’s one at an aquarium near me that high fives me.

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    2:55 mission failed we'll get em next time.

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    You should try to catch something in spanish springs Nevada, I love near a common area and I find many things like frogs, tadpoles, snakes, coyotes, and many more

  69. The santanas

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    I spelled some things wrong

  70. Giosue Iglesias

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    did any of you guys see the shark towards the bottom left at 0:50

  71. jekblom123

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    How in the *hell* did he spot that?

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    مايخاف لله

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    He’s so childish and up beat XD I love it

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    First it was small then big?

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    I love your videos I subscribe and tern on the bell 🛎 sooo cool

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    r u saying blue ring octopus are diffirent?!Q

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    7:15 wtf was that

  78. FootballHal HD

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    RsFrosty breathing

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    RsFrosty octopus

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    U guys are brave

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    I saw a baby shark In the water😮

  82. Javier Gomez

    Javier Gomez3 ngày trước

    Just some small critiques for an otherwise cool and informative video. The voice tone is exaggerated and ineffective, since you abandoned the crab you were trying to identify, even after escaping once, for the octopus. You were hyped for both apparently, but one clearly stole the attention, the other was casted. Next is choice of words. Octopi regrow lost limbs, which I think refers to regeneration, but I heard you say rejuvenate instead, which is not the correct term for that process. Awesome vid nonetheless.

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    thats cool

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    I jumped when the crab ran xd

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    Wow that's lit

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    who else saw the shark at 0:47 ?

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    dont press read more told you not to come on keep going your almost there I lied when ur almost there ill say so jk almost there the end jk lmao bet ur just speeding through k im done last text after this i like poop ok it was fun while it lasted xD

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    You are so brave

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    Yes I did

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  91. tracey burk

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    is that a water proof wach

  92. Sarafina Collura

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    2:52 reminded me of that meme where the man in the zoo is talking in front of a rhino saying "even the babies are dangerous so I built this cage to- OH MY GOD."

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    Don't mess with animals. What did they do to you

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    And I saw the shark at the beginning of this video

  97. Lightning Blue Schark

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    Nice shark you encountered after this video! That was amazing

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    I like this gai

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    0:47 there was a shark on the bottom left of the screen

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  104. I see it like this I feel like

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    😂 - an Australian