Will It Nugget? Taste Test


  1. lisavdbeek

    lisavdbeekNgày trước

    Is the slug nugget not just a "slugget"?

  2. Silver Fox

    Silver FoxNgày trước

    Isn't will it nugget technically just a "Will it fry"? Not that I'm complaining. Only so many "Will it's" you can come up with. Just make a part 2. Figured that works just as well

  3. Space Ninja

    Space NinjaNgày trước

    Sour nuggets

  4. Daniel

    Daniel2 ngày trước

    isn't Will it nugget and Will it corndog basically the same thing? Both ingredients fried, love the videos. Keep it up!

  5. NinjaPenguin

    NinjaPenguin2 ngày trước

    How did they miss the opportunity to name it the “slug nug”

  6. BIK3 F0R LIF3

    BIK3 F0R LIF32 ngày trước

    When you eat a testicle its like an animal just nutted in your mouth

  7. skyler269

    skyler2693 ngày trước

    Omg, Rhett's wearing a Will It Taco? shirt! I love it!

  8. justin jordan

    justin jordan4 ngày trước

    I bet they were nuts for the beaver nuggets lol

  9. Jay Bird

    Jay Bird5 ngày trước


  10. Defensive Wounds

    Defensive Wounds6 ngày trước

    6:56 - Rhett, I hope you know that slugs and snails are Molluscs, those are eyes not antennae!!

  11. Sube Tube

    Sube Tube7 ngày trước

    It makes me angry how they pronounce it queasin art instead of cuisine art

  12. Elli Sowers

    Elli Sowers7 ngày trước

    I know probably no one will read this but today has been the worst day. I feel so overwhelmed. I’m moving for the first time all by myself to a new city. I’ve had GMM on all day and it’s helped me not have a total breakdown.

  13. Snowy 04

    Snowy 047 ngày trước

    #burger taco

  14. siracha sauce

    siracha sauce7 ngày trước

    Will it Zach king

  15. Val Wisler

    Val Wisler9 ngày trước

    It's the slugget!!!

  16. Leech based cure for the plauge

    Leech based cure for the plauge10 ngày trước

    Sluggo does a nuggo

  17. Arjon Ray

    Arjon Ray10 ngày trước

    Vocals 2:46

  18. brooke marleone

    brooke marleone10 ngày trước

    missed opportunity to call it a *slugget*

  19. Tobey Harbour

    Tobey Harbour10 ngày trước

    How about 'Will it Sauce?'

  20. BLACKOUT14138

    BLACKOUT1413810 ngày trước

    Lmao 9:14 beaver nut nuggets 😂😂

  21. Hisnameis IAM

    Hisnameis IAM10 ngày trước


  22. Mich H

    Mich H12 ngày trước

    Will it pizza? Will it yogurt? Will it pancake?

  23. Rayna Pollard

    Rayna Pollard13 ngày trước

    This entire time I literally thought they were saying "queezy nart" instead of cuisinart and Ive seen so much weird shit on this show I just went with it

  24. Meeps to Meep

    Meeps to Meep13 ngày trước

    They knew about Shoneys before Rick and Morty.

  25. Earl Hunter

    Earl Hunter13 ngày trước

    I did no such thing!

  26. The Ultimate Kpop Fangirl

    The Ultimate Kpop Fangirl15 ngày trước

    "That's how they float" 😂😂😂😂😂

  27. Mario YT

    Mario YT15 ngày trước

    That was Birthday!!!!

  28. William Hartig

    William Hartig15 ngày trước

    Wow missed opportunity to say "slugget"

  29. Insolentish

    Insolentish16 ngày trước

    Rhett takes the top and Link takes the bottom...I knew it.

  30. Grace Nevill

    Grace Nevill17 ngày trước

    Rhett really had a moment, thinking about falling on a baseball field.

  31. Raven Steward

    Raven Steward17 ngày trước

    Will it diabetes? Will it heart attack? Will it cardiac arrest? Find out in Good Mythical More!

  32. Nico Di Angelo

    Nico Di Angelo18 ngày trước

    Nugget knows no love

  33. Nuno M

    Nuno M19 ngày trước

    “That’s how they float...” 😂😂

  34. zachary williams

    zachary williams22 ngày trước

    Nugget of kindergarten would be pleased

  35. Luiz Gustavo Smolarek

    Luiz Gustavo Smolarek22 ngày trước


  36. 1337Se7eN7

    1337Se7eN722 ngày trước

    Link chews like a piece of shit

  37. Shene Van Aller

    Shene Van Aller22 ngày trước

    9:23 "thats how the float" lmfao

  38. Cas K

    Cas K23 ngày trước


  39. JavierisAwesome2001

    JavierisAwesome200123 ngày trước

    The slugget

  40. dylan foster

    dylan foster24 ngày trước

    Honestly surprised they don’t have their own restaurant with all of the will it foods that they have said are good. I would eat there

  41. Danish yatim

    Danish yatim24 ngày trước

    I'm glad they didn't get Cooties from those niggets

  42. Ayan

    Ayan25 ngày trước

    A minute and 30 seconds in, already eating kids.

  43. Val Tsipan

    Val Tsipan28 ngày trước

    Working his balls off

  44. Nathan Cox

    Nathan Cox28 ngày trước

    Were any beavers hurt in the making of this episode? Just want to know

  45. Fernando Ribas

    Fernando Ribas28 ngày trước

    You guys should make a separate channel only with the making of from those mythical foods! :)

  46. KiJustChilling

    KiJustChilling29 ngày trước

    rhett's shirt is amazing

  47. Thomas Rolle

    Thomas Rolle29 ngày trước

    Rheets shirt is giving me nostalgia! Am i right?

  48. Nick archy

    Nick archyTháng trước

    am currently eating nuggets

  49. Elytrius Ventra

    Elytrius VentraTháng trước

    I want that burger taco (Tacger? Burco?) shirt.

  50. Meggytheegg

    MeggytheeggTháng trước

    9:24 XD



    Rhett and Link ive watched your will its almost everyday and i would love to be on one of will its from Austin

  52. TheSparkyWriter

    TheSparkyWriterTháng trước

    Earl at Shoney’s. We love you.

  53. robert smith

    robert smithTháng trước

    In Texas, beaver nuggets mean something TOTALLY different. Lmao!! #buceeys

  54. Sophia Aristotelis

    Sophia AristotelisTháng trước

    who else thought rhetts shirt was photoshopped for the first few seconds lol

  55. Alejandra CH

    Alejandra CHTháng trước

    will it cracker?

  56. Nur-Aini Benjamin

    Nur-Aini BenjaminTháng trước

    Had the chance to say SLUGGET. Didn't take it. A large loss.

  57. Tory Benner

    Tory BennerTháng trước

    Bever balls look like hush puppyies lol

  58. L O

    L OTháng trước

    Using the suggested quick text, start a sentence with “Will it” and click the middle bar 20 times and see what sentence you make. Will it take a long long day for you and your family and friends to visit you and your dad?

  59. Kristian Nowak

    Kristian NowakTháng trước

    6:43 You could have called it "The Slugget" lol

  60. Dustin Jackson

    Dustin JacksonTháng trước

    Lmao “seriously @cuisinart”

  61. Ashlih Kassam

    Ashlih KassamTháng trước

    salt & moss 😂😂😂 the latest fab restaurant 😂

  62. Kegan Zulliger

    Kegan ZulligerTháng trước

    you really need to get someone who knows how to cook sweet bread correctly they are very good when cooked correctly not hard to do either

  63. Lecto A. Moyme

    Lecto A. MoymeTháng trước

    8:40 Rhett has the most sincere flashback

  64. FOX XXX

    FOX XXXTháng trước

    Will it Toothpaste ???????

  65. Joe Cashmore

    Joe CashmoreTháng trước


  66. EvanSmokes AlotPettway

    EvanSmokes AlotPettwayTháng trước

    "there's a real mustiness to the ball"

  67. Jimmy Steve Bob Joel

    Jimmy Steve Bob JoelTháng trước

    “It’s not as chewy and gristly as other testicles I’ve had on this show”

  68. Shadow Zaron

    Shadow ZaronTháng trước

    "Would you rather eat a slug or slugget?" XD why is that so funny?

  69. Alfonso Alonzo

    Alfonso AlonzoTháng trước

    Bet he never thought hed say out of all the balls ive eaten this isnt the worse

  70. Royce Provencher

    Royce ProvencherTháng trước

    Seema Khinda Johnson as Co-Founder of Nuggets is endorsing Nuggets ICO - vireporter.net/v/video-T4E633WFVdk.html

  71. Loki69 darren

    Loki69 darrenTháng trước

    I think the way they judge it is more on taste than actually will it turn out what it's mean to be more cases they do

  72. Blayne Peterson

    Blayne PetersonTháng trước

    Am I the only one who would be beating the guy who came up with the slug nugget to death

  73. Brandon Jackson

    Brandon JacksonTháng trước

    11:42 that’s what she said

  74. Jessica Enriquez

    Jessica EnriquezTháng trước

    A slugget if you will

  75. Space Wizard Pip

    Space Wizard PipTháng trước

    Sometimes I gag for Link or with Link.

  76. Taylor Gibson

    Taylor GibsonTháng trước

    You should do "Will it 5 Course Meal", and have each entry be a different course.

  77. Reagan 21savage

    Reagan 21savageTháng trước

    pls tell me i’m not the only one who heard link sing that little piece”with some ketchup on the side”

  78. Kimberly Rice

    Kimberly RiceTháng trước

    I just got my book of mythicality! So excited! Much love guys! You make mine and my daughter Maria’s day everyday!

  79. WARMACHINE_95K _

    WARMACHINE_95K _Tháng trước

    you guys should really make a video with HEALTHY JUNK FOOD it would be awesome

  80. Glitch Animations

    Glitch AnimationsTháng trước

    Why does nobody talk about Rett's T-shirt?

  81. Lunar Pitch

    Lunar Pitch18 ngày trước

    Look thru the comments

  82. James Knorr

    James KnorrTháng trước

    I like how for the first few, Rhett and Link say it will nugget, ice cream, etc., but when it gets to the last ones like straight up animal balls, they go “NAW IM GOOD”

  83. Steven 5000 Slater

    Steven 5000 SlaterTháng trước

    Is there alot of the fishy stuff in this

  84. Pac-Man Jones

    Pac-Man JonesTháng trước

    I've missed these vids

  85. Xbaxorzman Games

    Xbaxorzman GamesTháng trước

    Will it yogurt?

  86. Mo

    MoTháng trước

    The “EeEeEwW” at 3:19

  87. Merli Pacius

    Merli PaciusTháng trước


  88. Cameron Leslie

    Cameron LeslieTháng trước

    You should do "Will it straw" to find alternatives to plastic straws

  89. conspiracies are just great stories

    conspiracies are just great storiesTháng trước

    I just think of the dirt and grime that the beaver dragged his nuts across when he was alive.

  90. asomenarutofan5 69

    asomenarutofan5 69Tháng trước

    The nugget came first cause the chicken has no of the flavor evolron trate

  91. Gamer Noob

    Gamer NoobTháng trước

    6:44 slug nug

  92. Nandi Zakeeya

    Nandi ZakeeyaTháng trước

    The slugget.

  93. Sly White Wolf

    Sly White WolfTháng trước

    I tired a chef salad instead of the salad you used and did very thin breading with Italian or ranch for dip and it was really good

  94. Caliboss Nelson

    Caliboss NelsonTháng trước

    "Working his balls off" . Lmao

  95. Book Lover 326

    Book Lover 326Tháng trước

    It’s no question the chicken came first obviously Also I’m team chicken

  96. Bitch Cunt daddy

    Bitch Cunt daddyTháng trước

    I love sluggets



    There’s not many people who can say “It has a sort of Fish Foodishness to it” in such a normal tone that people won’t question it

  98. Cinder Woods

    Cinder WoodsTháng trước

    Slug nugget

  99. Aaron Cruz

    Aaron CruzTháng trước


  100. iseeflowers

    iseeflowersTháng trước

    Can you eat slug?

  101. LOVEIsDasani

    LOVEIsDasaniTháng trước

    Escargogets. LOL

  102. certified space bisexual

    certified space bisexualTháng trước

    why didn’t they call it “the slugget”

  103. certified space bisexual

    certified space bisexualTháng trước