Will It Nugget? Taste Test


  1. Kaitlyn J.

    Kaitlyn J.13 giờ trước

    Link: look through that neck hole, see your future. 😂😂

  2. 지 인치인

    지 인치인Ngày trước

    I got an idea how about potato nuggets! oh wait... hash browns

  3. Jeremy B.

    Jeremy B.Ngày trước

    Fun fact: A beaver's balls are actually inside his body. They're "monomorphs" meaning both sexes appear similar from an outside point of view. The more you know right👍😆

  4. Evie W

    Evie W2 ngày trước

    Will it waffle?

  5. Thor Christensen

    Thor Christensen2 ngày trước

    You know, instead of saying "Sour Patch Kuggets" you could very easily say "Sour Patch Kid Nuggets"

  6. ShadowShocker36

    ShadowShocker363 ngày trước

    Slug nugget more like slugget

  7. Chaos Gospel

    Chaos Gospel3 ngày trước

    "It's not as chewy as other testicles I've had on this show" I hate that that's a sentence Link can say

  8. Billie Sunderland

    Billie Sunderland3 ngày trước


  9. immortal yeti

    immortal yeti4 ngày trước

    this is basically , will it fry?

  10. Team BlazeTV

    Team BlazeTV5 ngày trước

    Rhett every food challenge 😐 link 🤢

  11. BurningMoreXP.

    BurningMoreXP.6 ngày trước

    Why not making a beef nugget

  12. •Møchi Senpai•

    •Møchi Senpai•6 ngày trước

    I love how Rhett shirt is from will it taco 😍

  13. AJ Carbajal

    AJ Carbajal6 ngày trước

    you guys need to do will it nipple

  14. Kathy Fr

    Kathy Fr7 ngày trước

    Link loves the word “potting soil”

  15. Caleb Buckman

    Caleb Buckman8 ngày trước

    When GMM reminds you to put on your retainers at 1 in the morning

  16. Ethan Rone

    Ethan Rone8 ngày trước

    Hey gmm this is Ethan. I would LOVE your channel even more if you did a ..........WILL IT KABOB!?

  17. social - disaster

    social - disaster8 ngày trước

    really? slug nugget? not slugget? really?

  18. Roasting Chestnuts Over an open Fire

    Roasting Chestnuts Over an open Fire9 ngày trước

    Please bring back the Caloric Countdown Poker episode!!!

  19. TheEliGuy

    TheEliGuy9 ngày trước

    You should do will it coffee

  20. Jo Kabasa

    Jo Kabasa9 ngày trước

    What did the beavers do to you?

  21. Trekkie Reacts

    Trekkie Reacts9 ngày trước

    "When it's a sore teeth day, you need someone to chew your quarter pounder for you" PREACH from someone who got braces on yesterday

  22. Victor V Madsen

    Victor V Madsen9 ngày trước

    They have eaten slugs so many times, it always tastes like dirt. And somehow im still excited to see what they'll say about it

  23. Blake Rodwell

    Blake Rodwell10 ngày trước

    See, I watch alot of these in succession and I wonder how you guys guts feel after these shows...

  24. Katio Official

    Katio Official10 ngày trước

    Also, in every video I think "Rhett and Link are the equivilent of me and my best friend" Me being Link, Sav being Rhett.

  25. Katio Official

    Katio Official10 ngày trước

    I have never related more to anything in my life than i did when Josh said I am Earl.

  26. Caiden Sheffield

    Caiden Sheffield10 ngày trước

    Lola rhetts shirt says will it taco


    ALPHA HOWLER10 ngày trước

    who ever made the “will it nugget” intro... good stuff 👌

  28. Javier Benavidez

    Javier Benavidez10 ngày trước

    The ceaser salad nugget should have been stabbed with more toothpicks

  29. J Fernandez

    J Fernandez11 ngày trước

    i dont subscribe to many channels because theres nothing but crap on youtube these days. I am however subscribed to you's guy's channel... i cant remember the last time i've left a positive comment on youtube... i wanted to let you guys know that i appreciate the natural hilarity that you two put out there... the gagging in this video had me laughing, laughing hard enough that i hadda tell ya's. Now im a funny guy, so i know funny... you guys are hilarious! Keep these vids coming! Thx!

  30. Rammed Bull

    Rammed Bull11 ngày trước

    Are they gay nothing is wrong with it

  31. Størm Kitten

    Størm Kitten13 ngày trước

    It's so sad that Logan Paul has more subs than you :(

  32. TSE Gaming

    TSE Gaming13 ngày trước

    Will it waffle


    PHOENIX14 ngày trước

    Hear me out, will it mattress? Use different things like, feathers, food, building materials, or dog fur, construct a mattress. Hop on it, or sleep, or something. idk I'm tired and I would watch that.

  34. Single Forlife

    Single Forlife14 ngày trước

    Don't eat slugs raw. A Brit got a horribke disease that way. He is now a vegetable

  35. reese lindsey

    reese lindsey15 ngày trước

    I love salad

  36. Qweem Soda

    Qweem Soda15 ngày trước

    It has a fish foodishness to it

  37. Quinn Yeomans

    Quinn Yeomans15 ngày trước

    Will it bath?

  38. Dave Kateridge

    Dave Kateridge15 ngày trước

    Lol earl needs his own show

  39. Dayegamer

    Dayegamer16 ngày trước

    Rhetts shirt is incredible

  40. Noah grey

    Noah grey16 ngày trước

    Question wut goes on in their heads to to eat these serously?????

  41. Sebastiaan Baks

    Sebastiaan Baks18 ngày trước

    Snails are way better then slugs

  42. ColonelKernelCob

    ColonelKernelCob18 ngày trước

    These videos escalate so fast. From sour patch kids to beaver nuts like how do they think of this 😩😩👌👌

  43. Stan Dijkstra

    Stan Dijkstra18 ngày trước

    Rhett's shirt is awesome! Way back to the first one

  44. solly and pow

    solly and pow18 ngày trước

    My testicles hurt

  45. Bosskoe Franklin

    Bosskoe Franklin18 ngày trước

    "leave it to beaver 'nutgets' to really surprise us" Rhett's memorable quotes.😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  46. Max Castellanos

    Max Castellanos19 ngày trước

    hate kids

  47. Partly Half

    Partly Half19 ngày trước

    Should've called it the slugget nugget. Failed opportunity

  48. Flash7904 2004

    Flash7904 200419 ngày trước

    Peep retts will it taco T-shirt

  49. gamerultimatz56

    gamerultimatz5619 ngày trước

    Well I hate kids so, Link you’re thing didn’t work.

  50. Dmitri Silkovskiy

    Dmitri Silkovskiy19 ngày trước

    Is just me or does link sound like a ketchup angle when he sings “with some ketchup on side” at 2:40

  51. Baylee Mullins

    Baylee Mullins20 ngày trước

    Rhett’s shirt was on the will it taco vid

  52. Dboyugb

    Dboyugb20 ngày trước

    Can you guys make an episode about the state fair of Texas!!!! EVERYTHING is fried!!! Look it up please guys we even got fried Dr. Pepper 😋

  53. RayBurger

    RayBurger20 ngày trước

    BTW fried salads (which are basically nuggets) exist at the State Fair of Texas.

  54. armouredcat23

    armouredcat2321 ngày trước

    i always cringe when they eat balls

  55. Cassidy Rae Doege

    Cassidy Rae Doege21 ngày trước

    It was weird hearing yall keep sayin beaver nuggets because down here in Texas, we have a chain of gas stations called Buc-ee's, and one of the snacks they sell are Beaver Nuggets, but they are just corn puffs covered in butter and caramel, much better than what yall had lol.

  56. Heather Earl

    Heather Earl21 ngày trước

    Hey my last name is earl

  57. EZ Sports1623

    EZ Sports162321 ngày trước

    We need a gmm booth at the fair, I want to try this stuff.

  58. xIRIPPYIx

    xIRIPPYIx21 ngày trước

    Will it nugget- CAROLINA REAPER Mystery bonus round... Missed opportunity. Because we loves you

  59. Russell Gillette

    Russell Gillette21 ngày trước


  60. Glenn Wright

    Glenn Wright22 ngày trước

    Where the hell do you acquire beaver balls?

  61. TreeOfCalamity

    TreeOfCalamity22 ngày trước

    Can a nugget nugget, nugget?

  62. Jake Garrett

    Jake Garrett23 ngày trước

    These always make me so mad, quit blending up the burgers! Why cant you just chop it up and put it in stuff, why do you always puree the full burger? Its obviously disgusting and will never work. But if you simply chopped the ingredients up it'd be 100x better. Making a burger/hotdog/anything into a paste will obviously be disgusting! You're not even trying >.>

  63. The Bad Guy

    The Bad Guy25 ngày trước

    n ugget

  64. Jarman Brown

    Jarman Brown26 ngày trước

    Will it nacho? Will it Chip?

  65. CButtonshaw

    CButtonshaw26 ngày trước

    Their meat guy is a magician with what he can get

  66. Eden Phillips

    Eden Phillips27 ngày trước

    Link...your hair...WHY IS SOME OF IT WHITE ISH? You guys are awesome by the way.

  67. Eleonore Meunier

    Eleonore Meunier27 ngày trước

    Personal wave match believe finish area instruction prominent rain shelf.

  68. Daniel Ellis

    Daniel Ellis27 ngày trước

    Yall should do something with the deliciousness that is Bucee's Beaver Nuggets

  69. Angela Layana

    Angela Layana27 ngày trước

    Link has gotten so much better at swallowing gross things.

  70. Angela Short

    Angela Short27 ngày trước

    I haven't watched them in 2 years but darn they changed a lot

  71. Camel TowTrucker

    Camel TowTrucker28 ngày trước

    Remake 2 girls 1 cup but use different animal poop and guess which animal it is. 😈

  72. LoveCats

    LoveCats28 ngày trước

    Oh come on why did you call it the slug nugget when it could have been the slugget

  73. Emilia Maria Santos

    Emilia Maria Santos28 ngày trước

    Do a will it Fish sticks

  74. Peter Parker

    Peter Parker28 ngày trước

    Wait is it me or is link greying??????????

  75. Annie Lynn

    Annie Lynn29 ngày trước

    I love how Rhett will agree something is disgusting as he keeps eating it lol

  76. turtlemangames

    turtlemangames29 ngày trước

    The slug nuggets' sause should of been just lots of melted butter, because it would of been slightly closer to escargot, snails, which is just a fancy delivery method for butter.

  77. Nathan Church

    Nathan Church29 ngày trước

    The chicken comes first because you need the chicken to make the nugget

  78. The cat Judge

    The cat Judge29 ngày trước

    With my retainer I’m the same

  79. Callum W

    Callum W29 ngày trước

    Dip it, dink it, consume it

  80. Shin Yeon Ji

    Shin Yeon JiTháng trước

    Will it fries

  81. Drawing Jamaa

    Drawing JamaaTháng trước

    chicken nuggets! turkey nuggets! bacon nuggets! LOBSTER NUGGETS!

  82. Mymyamo Senpai

    Mymyamo SenpaiTháng trước


  83. Mymyamo Senpai

    Mymyamo SenpaiTháng trước

    Caesar salad? no your supposed to smash that shit with a rock

  84. Cristian Amaya

    Cristian AmayaTháng trước

    link is growing old noooooo!!!

  85. Hyper Shadow Sniper 176

    Hyper Shadow Sniper 176Tháng trước


  86. coliXion

    coliXionTháng trước


  87. Clarthrasher

    ClarthrasherTháng trước

    The slug nugget new name is the slug nug

  88. Thunderkrux

    ThunderkruxTháng trước

    But we already know the nugget came first due to the existence of the dino nuggets


    STRICKERHAPPY 21Tháng trước

    Will it filet

  90. CR. MASTER

    CR. MASTERTháng trước

    Eat my nugget

  91. Kim Cobbs Da Chihuahua

    Kim Cobbs Da ChihuahuaTháng trước

    Well at least the bevar got netured....

  92. Kim Cobbs Da Chihuahua

    Kim Cobbs Da ChihuahuaTháng trước

    It should be called a slugget🐌🐌🐌🐌 too bad there is no slug emoji...

  93. Kim Cobbs Da Chihuahua

    Kim Cobbs Da ChihuahuaTháng trước

    Am I the only one that is watching this in July?

  94. atomickaiju123 pendragon

    atomickaiju123 pendragonTháng trước

    They should have call the slug nugget the slugget

  95. Sir Animator

    Sir AnimatorTháng trước

    The slug one is more of a muddy chicken finger than a muddy nugget

  96. Sir Animator

    Sir AnimatorTháng trước

    At 5:40 who thought about kitchen nightmare with that episode where a dish was a grilled salad which just was a head of romaine lettuce with vinegarette grilled with grilled chicken.

  97. Claire

    ClaireTháng trước

    I've eaten fish food

  98. Cesar Camargo flores

    Cesar Camargo floresTháng trước

    That shirt is nice

  99. Jocelyn Grider

    Jocelyn GriderTháng trước

    plz do will it glove.

  100. Jocelyn Grider

    Jocelyn GriderTháng trước

    that shirt tho! it's from will it taco.