Will It Snow Cone? Taste Test


  1. The Various Gamer Tag

    The Various Gamer Tag17 giờ trước

    I know you weren’t actually crying Rhett

  2. Mymindmaywonder

    MymindmaywonderNgày trước

    Links beard scared me

  3. kenzie

    kenzieNgày trước

    i know it mind sound gross but i would love to eat pigs blood like i have drank my blood before and it is not that bad it might sound gross but i like it

  4. GD Pho

    GD Pho2 ngày trước

    Last episode of the good intro :(

  5. cutecatpack1405

    cutecatpack14053 ngày trước

    I'd eat the blood one.. .;,,,,,;.


    Ellie Wood PANIC! AT THE EVERYWHERE3 ngày trước

    Isnt frozen chocolate milk just chocolate ice cream

  7. Reese Sollars

    Reese Sollars4 ngày trước

    11:43 wow they gagged at the same time! 😂🤣😂

  8. Michael Andreou

    Michael Andreou5 ngày trước

    Lmao. That simultaneous gag at 11:43 😂.

  9. TheGiantEgg

    TheGiantEgg7 ngày trước

    E.T. was always eating the Reese’s Pieces Well not anymore he’s dead

  10. Timothy Smith

    Timothy Smith7 ngày trước

    i drink blood

  11. Chooey Meme

    Chooey Meme8 ngày trước

    Link:smell it man Rhett:*gags* refreshing!..

  12. Candice Perry

    Candice Perry10 ngày trước

    I like these will it videos I like will it chocolate&will it icecream

  13. BenJjj Ericks0b

    BenJjj Ericks0b10 ngày trước

    Will it bong water?

  14. Joonie Aegyo

    Joonie Aegyo12 ngày trước

    Link: It's a delicacy! Rhett: NO IT'S NOT! *awkward silence*

  15. Joonie Aegyo

    Joonie Aegyo12 ngày trước

    *"It's scraped up maaaaaaaan"*- Link Niel 7th July 2017

  16. steggy unfossilized

    steggy unfossilized13 ngày trước

    10:03-10:13!! 😂

  17. Galazy

    Galazy13 ngày trước

    *boiled for safety*

  18. Dalton Collinson

    Dalton Collinson13 ngày trước

    QT has sold frozen hot chocolate for years and it's insanely good.

  19. Kalchimy123

    Kalchimy12313 ngày trước

    8:00 - "Just f*ck it*

  20. gamerultimatz56

    gamerultimatz5614 ngày trước

    You guys are so weak! Blood is my favourite meal.

  21. Rosyna Keller

    Rosyna Keller14 ngày trước

    Do Rhett and Link suffer from a form of pica disease?

  22. Brandy Walls

    Brandy Walls15 ngày trước

    will it oreo?

  23. Caileigh Long

    Caileigh Long15 ngày trước

    I really wish this was on tv

  24. DivistGT

    DivistGT15 ngày trước

    Last video with this intro. R.I.P.

  25. Jenn Dustrial

    Jenn Dustrial16 ngày trước

    I personally would have the reaction they did to blood with the hair, ugh. Blood is ok, hair not so much.

  26. Kate Gunn

    Kate Gunn17 ngày trước

    Rhett you better hope no vampire turns you...you couldnt handle the diet...i couldnt either lol

  27. Kate Gunn

    Kate Gunn17 ngày trước

    Link our tastes are so similar...I loves me some peanut butter, cereal, chocolate and I hates me some tomatoes.

  28. Sara Welt

    Sara Welt17 ngày trước

    do yourselves a favour and never go to the philippines and eat chocolate rice. hint: its not chocolate

  29. Lazar Radonjic

    Lazar Radonjic17 ngày trước

    Omg that beard

  30. Kaylee P.

    Kaylee P.18 ngày trước

    Will it grilled cheese!

  31. DiamondSam2003

    DiamondSam200318 ngày trước

    Link logic: Won’t eat the seaweed. Will eat churro elk penis.

  32. Neelesh Mungoli

    Neelesh Mungoli18 ngày trước

    Dunno why.. but link kinda looks evil with that beard😂

  33. Dej772

    Dej77220 ngày trước

    This is torture.

  34. Hannah Tran

    Hannah Tran20 ngày trước

    Um... Link’s beard😂😂😂

  35. RTM / RandomToyMovies

    RTM / RandomToyMovies20 ngày trước


  36. Carolina Hawkins

    Carolina Hawkins20 ngày trước

    You should do a will it juice q

  37. Carolina Hawkins

    Carolina Hawkins20 ngày trước

    The q was an error

  38. Jaelyne Molaison

    Jaelyne Molaison21 ngày trước

    Someone tell the lady addicted to drinking pigs blood about these snow cones

  39. Amor Amor

    Amor Amor21 ngày trước

    2018? anyone?

  40. Spicy Mufasa

    Spicy Mufasa22 ngày trước

    Link looks better with a beard.

  41. Alyssa Waith

    Alyssa Waith23 ngày trước

    I don’t think you can patent frieze next chocolate milk because it’s basically the same thing as chocolate ice cream.

  42. The Sicopath

    The Sicopath23 ngày trước

    The blood cone don’t look bad

  43. rami asaad

    rami asaad24 ngày trước

    Why is Rhett's mustache at 1:44 SO SATISFYING while he eats the snow cone?

  44. Drawing Is Cool.

    Drawing Is Cool.25 ngày trước

    14:05 THEIR FACES!!!!! 😂 😏

  45. Sally Otley

    Sally Otley26 ngày trước

    Link: "That's how E.T got food into the house Rhett: "Well he's dead so"

  46. Me JustMe

    Me JustMe26 ngày trước

    Will it coffee?

  47. kayla williamss

    kayla williamss27 ngày trước

    i’m from north carolina and i always call it north cackalaky, and ur the only other person i’ve heard call it that lmao

  48. Blake Yearwood

    Blake Yearwood27 ngày trước

    If you don’t laugh at “And that’s pretty much it” at 9:36, you’re not a true mythical beast

  49. Cara The Unicorn

    Cara The Unicorn27 ngày trước

    I've gone to buies creek NC before, it's an hour away from my city

  50. Hussain Abbas

    Hussain Abbas27 ngày trước

    dont ever grow a beard again link

  51. Eduardo Thompson

    Eduardo Thompson28 ngày trước

    This is that awkward fase where link tried a beard but him and everybody else knows it didn’t work

  52. Jeremy Hay

    Jeremy Hay28 ngày trước

    Shave the beard

  53. Sparky YT channel

    Sparky YT channel28 ngày trước

    L NP I P A D T B P O !

  54. Sparky YT channel

    Sparky YT channel28 ngày trước

    Ple ca moot za poo la con lop bre! Poo sha meh nerp ca? No shat cacalake pongo shart? Gooz pa toto het!🙄

  55. Mario Gamer12345

    Mario Gamer1234529 ngày trước

    Hmm. Huge surprise that pig blood doesn't taste good frozen. *quietly shudders*

  56. Matthew Westbury

    Matthew WestburyTháng trước

    Rip Old Intro

  57. Snake Pliskin

    Snake PliskinTháng trước

    Record amount of episodes per season lol love it!

  58. KiraTheWeeb

    KiraTheWeebTháng trước

    Link has a beard?

  59. Caitlin Sterland

    Caitlin SterlandTháng trước


  60. Alexus Gillam

    Alexus GillamTháng trước

    Anyone else notice the snowcone picture in the background?

  61. Fernando Barahona

    Fernando BarahonaTháng trước

    Die et die

  62. Layla Barker

    Layla BarkerTháng trước

    Links beard.

  63. Eric Munkhtur

    Eric MunkhturTháng trước

    Theyre kinda faking their gags

  64. xPronage x

    xPronage xTháng trước

    Now straight out of our nightmares its the blood cone AHAHAHAHAHAHA

  65. NöCh!ll.JJäy

    NöCh!ll.JJäyTháng trước

    ET’s life is way more valuable what do u mean???

  66. Matt Salvatore

    Matt SalvatoreTháng trước

    Who else never watches these in order

  67. ZK Pharaoh

    ZK PharaohTháng trước

    Will it coffee

  68. Hollie Savage

    Hollie SavageTháng trước

    When he said “wasabi” I was like “I recognise that from somewhere... where did I see that today?” (Writing this a few hours after I watched the video) a few minutes later I was in the mirror doing my hair and on my shirt I realised it said ‘wasa-bae’ and I was like OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  69. Gerald Dunham

    Gerald DunhamTháng trước

    1:31 he is baldi from baldi's basics

  70. Wosinska

    WosinskaTháng trước

    Do not eat while watching

  71. Lynn Himes

    Lynn HimesTháng trước

    you never smell boiled blood lol

  72. TheFroggyGamer

    TheFroggyGamerTháng trước

    When Link said “It looks like dead Daddy Longlegs on there” I thought Rhett was going to say “Daddy Longlegs was my nickname in Highschool.”

  73. Archerian Dhiaurrahman

    Archerian DhiaurrahmanTháng trước

    Link looks like a warewolf

  74. SnowPlz -

    SnowPlz -Tháng trước

    link with a beard is a link that I fear

  75. Zach A

    Zach ATháng trước

    Exactly 1 year ago lol

  76. The Queen Of Ideas

    The Queen Of IdeasTháng trước

    I was watching this while eating a slushi and it made me gag

  77. Shayna Nagy

    Shayna NagyTháng trước

    Retching Rhett

  78. Coopertropper 99

    Coopertropper 99Tháng trước


  79. sottile xdolan

    sottile xdolanTháng trước

    almost every one of the will its they try, its so obvious it won’t so there’s no point of a taste test 😂

  80. Jak Lak

    Jak LakTháng trước

    Nothing will ever beat Leo's Famous Yum Yum it's better than any other water ice ever made

  81. Luka The King

    Luka The KingTháng trước

    this was posted 7.7.2017. season 11 episode 111

  82. Alana Stallings

    Alana StallingsTháng trước

    To bad it's not 666

  83. Hannah Gottlieb

    Hannah GottliebTháng trước

    Does anyone else wonder what Rhett would look like without a beard?

  84. Lollipop Lou

    Lollipop LouTháng trước

    true friendship is gagging on a blood flavoured snow cone at exactly the same time...

  85. Mia Jackson

    Mia JacksonTháng trước

    I like tiger blood snow cones

  86. Jazmine Sanchez

    Jazmine SanchezTháng trước

    I feel like Link shouldn't ever grow a beard. It just doesn't suit him.

  87. Jazmine Sanchez

    Jazmine SanchezTháng trước

    Link when he said I'm just saying that I'm not gonna 😂😂

  88. Malhaar Thatte

    Malhaar ThatteTháng trước

    When Rhett bites the snow cone, his beard is like a broom!!

  89. Fortnite nooby

    Fortnite noobyTháng trước


  90. Woflie Wolf

    Woflie WolfTháng trước

    Rhett's bucket says "spit bucket" I think they must've had a typo and that it's supposed to say, "Vomit bucket".

  91. Narancia Over Heaven

    Narancia Over HeavenTháng trước

    Link is like maxmoefoe. Barfing.

  92. Gage Davis

    Gage DavisTháng trước

    It's a delelicacy

  93. Jennifer Smith

    Jennifer SmithTháng trước

    what episode does the "boiled for safety" originate from?

  94. AuroraAquarius

    AuroraAquariusTháng trước

    Link will you shave your beard you look better without it


    ITZYABOYMICHAEL123Tháng trước

    BUT ANIMAL BLOOOOOD???????????????????????


    ITZYABOYMICHAEL123Tháng trước


  97. Landon Bell

    Landon BellTháng trước

    Their over reacting blood isn't that bad

  98. Nick Timpauer

    Nick TimpauerTháng trước

    It's one thing when Link starts to suffer but when Rhett does it that's when you know it's bad

  99. Daniel LaTorre

    Daniel LaTorreTháng trước

    1:22 RHETT!!!! LOL

  100. Flufflemonster

    FlufflemonsterTháng trước

    The hair tripped me out. I can't stand hair in my mouth!!!

  101. AlphaWølfe

    AlphaWølfeTháng trước

    I’ve learned a long time ago not to eat while watching any GMM episode although I still couldn’t help myself.