Wrestle Like A Girl- Cultivating the whole athlete in the development process...

  • 10 Th02, 2017
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  1. doris Rodriguez

    doris Rodriguez5 tháng trước

    The strength, confidence, and resilience that I learned wrestling in high school got me to Stanford but more importantly helped me truly believe I can be whatever I want.

  2. Good Old Wrestling

    Good Old Wrestling7 tháng trước

    Here’s this French Bulldog guy again talking about how girls shouldn’t wrestle boys. He has a negative comment about all girl wrestlers. He’s even coming on here to say negative things about girls wrestling girls. He just has a real problem with girl wrestlers. Don’t worry young ladies he knows nothing about wrestling. He uses this as a political argument. This guy doesn’t know anything about wrestling. He’s proven it in other videos that he comments on. Have fun and stay positive girls. Wrestle like a girl keep up the good work.

  3. PDXAlicia

    PDXAlicia10 tháng trước

    My daughter wrestles, and she has a winning record. She's only wrestled a girl one time. It's not just a boys sport, it's a sport, sport is for everyone. She also plays football and starts on both offense and defense. She's just a tomboy, she enjoys those sports and is talented. There are several videos of her on my husband's channelvireporter.net/block-UCYHcO19iv3-HSN2ELr3gBOQvideos

  4. G Houser

    G Houser8 tháng trước

    Yes I agree with this completely Im a girl and I wrestled and played football also. Not once did I wrestle a girl and I was the only girl on the whole football team. I feel like it gives you an extra challenge but I like that its hard it makes life interesting.

  5. rrzzvp

    rrzzvpNăm trước

    if Girls want to participate in wrestling,more power to em. good luck have fun.

  6. French Bulldog 1

    French Bulldog 1Năm trước

    Just because they organize some sort of camp or whatever . Doesn't mean they can sanction shit . That's bullshit feminist propaganda .

  7. Wrestle Like A Girl

    Wrestle Like A GirlNăm trước

    Thank you for highlighting the negative mindsets that our athletes face in wresting. I will not delete your post because you provide detailed explanation on why we are advocates effecting positive change in the sport of wrestling so that our sport maintains viability for the future.

  8. French Bulldog 1

    French Bulldog 1Năm trước

    Feminist brainwashing agenda . They are trying to hide their indoctrination. There are not 10 s of thousands doing this . More people trying to make money off of unsuspecting sheep .

  9. William Anderson

    William Anderson6 tháng trước

    You are sadly mis informed, my daughters middle school team is almost half girls. The team has 6 boys and 4 girls going to states.

  10. Marc W

    Marc WNăm trước

    I coach 4 high school girls and the tournaments we go to are growing about 20% a year in northern California. Some of our high school tournament have 250 girls wrestling.

  11. Delia Rose

    Delia RoseNăm trước

    That's false I I wrestle my sister wrestles and every tournament we go to big or small there are many girls there. Girls Wrestling is the fastest growing sport.

  12. Dawna Wardell

    Dawna WardellNăm trước

    Watching this video impresses me how the exercises strengthen the girls physically which is great...but... why is it that females are always trying to out-do or overdo men? Wrestling to me is a boy's sport. They need to learn to be strong and take care of themselves. Girls need to do that too, but there are other sports that keep them being girls. It bothers me to girls advertised on how they beat a boy. It bothers me to see girls rolling around on a mat trying to overcome another girl, but putting a boy in that kind of situation is not fair. We're losing the beautiful feminimity so precious to women.

  13. BeverageGuzzler Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53212

    BeverageGuzzler Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53212Năm trước

    Dawna Wardell Well, I'm a guy and I'm only speaking for myself. So, I say if the girls have a genuine interest in this particular sport and honestly not buying into the recent pop cultural phenomenon of "girls are superior to boys" "anything you can do I can do better" nonsense that's drilled into so many girl's heads nowadays from male hating feminist propaganda then I really don't see why it's a problem that girls and women in general participating in the sport of wrestling. But with that said, the only problem I have with the girls and women being encouraged to wrestle in this day and age is that they allow mixed matches which I'm against. Both of the males and females should each have their own matches and wrestle with their own gender. That's just my input regarding this particular matter here.