X1 (엑스원) 'FLASH' MV


  1. Hi s

    Hi s10 giờ trước

    fake vote

  2. Hi s

    Hi s10 giờ trước

    i can only hear such motherfucking noise

  3. Hi s

    Hi s10 giờ trước

    dump ass piece of shi t

  4. -seulvelvet- C

    -seulvelvet- C10 giờ trước

    If they didn't put too much high notes in the chorus,I think this song is.good

  5. Hi s

    Hi s10 giờ trước

    totally shit and noisy

  6. Hi s

    Hi s10 giờ trước

    totally shit and noisy

  7. Hi s

    Hi s10 giờ trước


  8. Hi s

    Hi s10 giờ trước


  9. ssul1대따방

    ssul1대따방10 giờ trước

    X1 처음보는데 영상괜찮다 단정한 의상+ 절도있는 군무 좋음

  10. Suk Suklombok

    Suk Suklombok10 giờ trước


  11. Devi rizki Miranda

    Devi rizki Miranda10 giờ trước

    We almost hit 49M! Keep str34ming One Its! We can do it! Let’s fly high with X1 !!!

  12. 다린{다롱이분들}

    다린{다롱이분들}10 giờ trước

    너무 멋져요!!★♥

  13. Yukhei Kiwi

    Yukhei Kiwi10 giờ trước

    Please add eng subs

  14. chinh hoang

    chinh hoang10 giờ trước

    It is true that winning trophies is as fast as flash

  15. Ira Fira

    Ira Fira10 giờ trước

    Why is it increasing so slow this week? What happened One Ittt

  16. Yohan Kim

    Yohan Kim10 giờ trước

    How are all members of X1 visuals and talented this is too much we don't deserve you

  17. TE X OY

    TE X OY11 giờ trước

    Makin lama makin slow :'(

  18. idy u

    idy u11 giờ trước

    whole cutie

  19. Try Priyatno

    Try Priyatno11 giờ trước

    leader han seungwoooo

  20. Toto Toto

    Toto Toto11 giờ trước


  21. 자매's

    자매's11 giờ trước


  22. Yohan Kim

    Yohan Kim11 giờ trước

    I'm glad I stanned the right group ❤️

  23. 10110001 001

    10110001 00111 giờ trước

    Hangyul is so perfect

  24. 10110001 001

    10110001 00111 giờ trước

    I love Hangyul

  25. 10110001 001

    10110001 00111 giờ trước

    H A N G Y U L ❤

  26. Tân Lưu

    Tân Lưu11 giờ trước

    Did One It feel tired?

  27. Yohan Kim

    Yohan Kim11 giờ trước

    Fly high X1 🦋

  28. wannasiri __

    wannasiri __11 giờ trước


  29. Kathleen Cueno

    Kathleen Cueno11 giờ trước

    48M! One of the best kpop groups ever!! STAN X1! FLY HIGHER, X1 🎊

  30. 승우하다

    승우하다11 giờ trước

  31. 이서현

    이서현11 giờ trước

    차준호 턴 도는 장면은 몇초에 있는거예요?

  32. wchuuw

    wchuuw11 giờ trước

    is *LOONA* reference?

  33. Farhana Kamal

    Farhana Kamal10 giờ trước

    who is loona ? is that unpopular group ?

  34. 10110001 001

    10110001 00111 giờ trước

    Lol.loona who? X1>>>

  35. SyaHyung SyaJinHwi

    SyaHyung SyaJinHwi11 giờ trước

    Can I know how actually I need to do to str€am this mv?...

  36. SyaHyung SyaJinHwi

    SyaHyung SyaJinHwi11 giờ trước

    @Yohan Kim hahahah One It foreverr♡♡♡The boys deserves the love...I'm supporting them since producex101

  37. Yohan Kim

    Yohan Kim11 giờ trước

    @SyaHyung SyaJinHwi me too! But I hope our vi3ws count. Thank you for supporting our boys ❤️❤️

  38. SyaHyung SyaJinHwi

    SyaHyung SyaJinHwi11 giờ trước

    @Yohan Kim thanks...^^ you know what it's weird coz I'm here everyday, every hour but the vi€₩s stuck...if you scrolled at comment section you will found me...

  39. Yohan Kim

    Yohan Kim11 giờ trước

    Some say it also helps to interact in the comment section (like, comment)

  40. Yohan Kim

    Yohan Kim11 giờ trước

    I'm not sure how to do it right either but im streaming using playlists. I have one on repeat in my phone and in my laptop using diff. VIreporter accts. It has 2 songs between the flash mv bcs they said you have to watch 2 or more vids before playing the mv again so as not be seen as bot activity. You can try that

  41. Norazlinda Mohd nor

    Norazlinda Mohd nor11 giờ trước

    Omg 💗💗💗💗💗

  42. amira rara

    amira rara11 giờ trước

    Keep str3@m!ng one it! 50 v!3w at 2nd week!

  43. kim tae tae :3

    kim tae tae :311 giờ trước

    I love X1 :3

  44. Carol Fieneth

    Carol Fieneth12 giờ trước

    2 of them are younger than me and they're talented, and what can I do? Str3am their MV ofc

  45. KHANH LE

    KHANH LE12 giờ trước

    I feel satisfied yet sorry when hearing Seung Woo highnotes...he has polyps inside his throat (according to U Got It composer). Hope that he will rest well and his company will allow him to have a surgery soon though we won’t able to hear this voice for at least one month :((

  46. うみ。

    うみ。12 giờ trước


  47. Muhammad Hail Syahmi

    Muhammad Hail Syahmi12 giờ trước

    how is there a wau :o

  48. Army x1

    Army x112 giờ trước

    ONE IT!! Vote MNET COUNTDOWN and IDOL CHAMP!! X1, X1, X1, X1!!!

  49. Dew Inspiration

    Dew Inspiration12 giờ trước


  50. Good meow

    Good meow12 giờ trước

    Can we hit 50M today?

  51. Nelsione Kostta

    Nelsione Kostta12 giờ trước

    Love you x1

  52. mardiyah junanto

    mardiyah junanto12 giờ trước

    X1 fighting

  53. 은상이 하고 싶은거다해

    은상이 하고 싶은거다해12 giờ trước

    조회수좀 올려줍다 계속 4800만뷰에서 멈추네요 ㅠㅠ

  54. JUN_koala_KYU

    JUN_koala_KYU12 giờ trước

    Let’s get to 50M before the 3 week mark

  55. Sxrra JsJyM

    Sxrra JsJyM12 giờ trước

    ONE IT, Why are you guys so slow?? Keep on $tr3am1ng !!!! #roadtoIOOM1L


    DEYANIRA RAMOS ANGEL12 giờ trước

    Bts está temblando.

  57. Stanning Everyone

    Stanning Everyone12 giờ trước

    Among the member of X1, which have the closest birthday as you? Mine is Han Seungwoo! He's on 24th Dec while me is 20th Dec !! hehe

  58. Yohan Kim

    Yohan Kim11 giờ trước

    Whoa I'm closest to my bias Yohan. My birthday is on the 30th this month. Wouldn't have noticed that if you didn't ask

  59. mardiyah junanto

    mardiyah junanto12 giờ trước

    Dongpyo, he's on 9 sept and mine is 10 sept

  60. Top Fan

    Top Fan12 giờ trước

    Miss Wanna one 😭😭

  61. hyeongjunloves

    hyeongjunloves13 giờ trước

    Han Seungwoo Cho Seungyeon Kim Wooseok Kim Yohan Lee Hangyul Cha Junho Son Dongpyo Kang Minhee Lee Eunsang Song Hyeongjun Nam Dohyun EKSEUAN PEU LAI SHI!

  62. Min nie

    Min nie13 giờ trước

    tanto te pegan tus papas para no stanear x1?

  63. Clau Clau

    Clau Clau13 giờ trước


  64. chonamgyul crackhead trio

    chonamgyul crackhead trio13 giờ trước

    *Since it’s the weekend, I hope more ONE ITS will come here to stream.* If only we can get atleast 1M today then it’d be great so that we can reach 50M soon.

  65. Haru Rain

    Haru Rain13 giờ trước

    One it lets hit 50M

  66. Himma 89

    Himma 8913 giờ trước

    Sunday morning everybody... It's "FLASH" time

  67. Abby k

    Abby k13 giờ trước


  68. Mateus Gomez

    Mateus Gomez13 giờ trước

  69. Taehyung Kim

    Taehyung Kim13 giờ trước

    El chico del min. 2:27 es muy lindo, alguien me podría decir su nombre?

  70. mariana lemus

    mariana lemus13 giờ trước

    hola se llama Wooseok