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    What is the best and worst X-Men movie? Support this week's charity - pipfilm.com/ Animation by Kritken - vireporter.net/title-TheKritken X-Month logo by - vireporter.net/title-Grid17Productions

  2. Ricky May

    Ricky May5 ngày trước

    Best- X2 Worst- The Last Stand and Origins

  3. Marko Srbinovski

    Marko Srbinovski10 ngày trước

    Best: Logan Worst: X-Men Origins: Wolverine

  4. tompraeger

    tompraeger18 ngày trước

    Worst: X Men Origins Wolverine Best: Days of Future Part

  5. myungsook choi

    myungsook choi27 ngày trước

    Logan and Apocalypse

  6. thecouchgenie wtf

    thecouchgenie wtf27 ngày trước

    in the purge review what music was used for the title card?

  7. Diego Bareno

    Diego Bareno10 giờ trước

    The way they made Jean look she looks just like Mariska Hargitay.

  8. Big Duke

    Big Duke12 giờ trước

    Wolverine is the only one who's ever beaten Mystique in a fight. That's my interpretation of her sudden attraction to him. That moment totally worked for me and says alot abour both characters in a small amount of time.

  9. Lewis Davidson

    Lewis DavidsonNgày trước

    This is like a Cinemasins video, it’s fucking awful. Every question raised is sorted by common sense. Why can’t Professor X pick up the jet? Cause he’s not telekinetic, moron. The majority of this video is just saying what’s happening, it’s kinda pointless I’m gonna be honest.

  10. Brandon The Creator 13

    Brandon The Creator 132 ngày trước

    1:22 I gethe idea1:32 bigger bugget 1:40 the stupidest1:50 using the title twice it's stupid 2:26 it doesn't add up2:33 story lines 2:45 let's be honest the best part 3:00 fast pasted scene 3:33 lost and confused , character development you're going to get 4:00 GET USED TO 4:30 hypocritical stuff 5:00 get an idea like that 5:30 exact same age 5:52 completely abandoned him again 6:30 little control over his 6:55 nobody's powers make sense in these 7:11 villain cliches7:27 dead7:36 there's problem somewhere7:45 want children to die 8:05 totally prepared for that 8:27 facebook has better security than you 8:38 who can it be?8:57 sounds like the narrator from 9:17 totally something he can do now 9:53 singer film 9:58 captive 10:05 that's yeah sure 11:00 play this sound effect over it 11:32 thank you 11:45 you'll be fine

  11. Healer Force

    Healer Force2 ngày trước

    Arnold I need an Ice pun "FROSTY"

  12. Jorno

    Jorno3 ngày trước

    I might like the opening better (and I realize you guys probably did the best you could) if it didn't look like 2007 Newgrounds animations.

  13. A Frog

    A Frog4 ngày trước

    OMG stop talking about "realistic", it`s A FUCKING COMIC!

  14. Henry Smith

    Henry Smith4 ngày trước

    I know everyone has said these thing, but I had to say them. 1. The reason Jason made Charles think he was a little girl was because his power is not telepathy like Charles, but rather creating illusions, so he had to do that to gain his trust and it didn’t last as long as you said it did, and it was a sad moment when jason made Charles think he could walk again. 2. Pyro’s turn was not out of nowhere because throughout the movie he was guy that wanted to show off his powers and Charles restrained him, and remember that pyro attacked all of those cops in the film, so when magneto offered him to join him, he took it as freedom from xavier, so he decided to join him. 3. How is having a fast moment be followed by a slow moment a bad thing? Especially when you usually complain about when a fast moment is followed by another fast moment. 4. How is making rogue more compelling a bad thing? All they did was make her more interesting, and I don’t mind it because it makes sense that she would be scared and tortured by her powers because her power is if she touches someone, they die. Also, when rogue was originally introduced, she was a timid villain looking for forgiveness. 5. The scene with iceman’s parents was there to develop iceman. 6. The only reason you complained about the jet fight, (which was awesome) was because you are used to the animated series where they fight mutants and sentinels, but that doesn’t make the action scene bad. 7. Cyclops knew that logan and Jean had a thing because in the first film that was the whole reason he didn’t like logan. 8. Iceman is not nearly powerful enough by the time of that movie to freeze the lake. 9. Mystique making out with wolverine was a reference to the comics where they had a relationship. 10. I always felt like Jean wanted to die because she was scared of the power growing inside of her and knew about the Phoenix. So when she said it was the only way, to me she was saying it was the only way to stop the Phoenix, but little did she know that water would make her become Phoenix.

  15. Henry Smith

    Henry Smith4 ngày trước

    11. What he discovered was that he lost his memory because of the experiment. 12. Also, while they did have a bunch of characters they did choose the right ones to focus on, iceman, wolverine, rogue, magneto, Charles, and Stryker. You know, the moment you announced x month, I got worried because I realized that you were going to rip apart x2, because I saw your days of future past video where you said you didn’t like x2. The only thing that would have been worse is if you ripped apart Logan. And honestly, I usually agree with your videos with a few exceptions like this, Donnie Darko, and a few others.

  16. Henry Smith

    Henry Smith4 ngày trước

    Thank god x month is over because it was with the exception of wolverine origins just unfair nitpicking.

  17. niels dekker

    niels dekker7 ngày trước

    Make a video of the prince of the dinosaurs

  18. Starman Gaming

    Starman Gaming8 ngày trước

    7:40 Yeah, I kinda agree that a school that harbors a guy that can shatter glass with his voice, an old man that's damn well unkillable with animalistic sensibilities and razor-sharp metal claws, a mutant that has the combatics of the worlds best Marine platoon with three brains in his head, a girl that can create a sword with mystical energy and her walking tank of a brother that can smash tanks with one fist, a woman who can maniplulate the weather like it's hair at a salon and her nephew that can sprout and shoot bony spikes from his body, a girl who can create a full body of armor made of pure energy, freaking DEADPOOL (on occasion), the reincarnation of APOCALYPSE the first mutant, a boy with metallic wings that can shoot its bladed feathers abd use them as a shield, a woman who can probe your mind and create psionic weapons, a literal beast with the mind of Oxford's greatest intellectual, a girl who can sap away your life force in mere seconds while being able to mimic your physical abilities or powers, a girl who can project your worst nightmares, a boy who can become an indestructible and unstoppable ball of destruction, a girl who can shift between human and wolf, a boy who can create Glaciers out of nothing, the two most powerful psychics in existence with a third that can turn her skin into a diamond lattice, a guy who can turn playing cards into explosives, an acrobatic assassin who can teleport, a boy packing a laser cannon of death behind each of his eyes, a girl who can sap energy and create explosions, another who creates explosive orbs in the palm of her hands, whatever Hepzibah is, a telepath Super-Soldier from the future, a woman that can manipulate probability, a boy who's a One-shot wonder that can become a walking ATOM BOMB, a girl who can change ALL OF REALITY in a second, a girl that can sneak attack you by walking through walls and even more I can't even remember or list here CLEARLY needs a security system. I'm _pppprrrreeeeeeeeeeeeettttyyyy_ sure they're ok.

  19. AJ Banky

    AJ Banky10 ngày trước

    Dude. You missed a golden opportunity to make a Cardi B drugging people joke at the part with Mystique and the dude in the bathroom stall!

  20. Nick Wilde

    Nick Wilde11 ngày trước

    I swear to god Don Karnage is running at 1:13

  21. Brandon Condron

    Brandon Condron12 ngày trước

    I love Channel Awesome and i love X-Men 2!

  22. TheMetroRetro

    TheMetroRetro12 ngày trước

    I like Nighcrawler, but is german accent sounds like he's from Poland and his german sounds like a japanese guy immitating Hitler

  23. Archie Thomas

    Archie Thomas14 ngày trước

    you should've brought in hyper fan girl, devil boner and bill to defend the movie and act it out every now and then

  24. Daniel Witz

    Daniel Witz14 ngày trước

    Nice work fox screw up this one.

  25. Sam

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  26. Gage Peruti

    Gage Peruti15 ngày trước

    I hate to be that guy, but the song Bye Bye Bye is from the Backstreet Boys, not NSync.

  27. Vladimir Dragonov

    Vladimir Dragonov15 ngày trước

    Eehh Cox is 27 days older so not the _exact_ same age

  28. Кожурка от помидора

    Кожурка от помидора16 ngày trước

    About Jean's (here is your joke) sacrifice. Well, yeah, that, maybe, wasn't hinted enough in movie ("judge the film by what it have here and now" and other such stuff), buuuuut... Since Jean had Dark Phoenix inside her isn't this sacrifie looks like intentional suicide? So DP just won't be released and won't do Thanos' job too early. Jean felt she and Prof. X can't hold him any more and she won't be able to help X-Men properly (we'll imagine she helped them properly)+kinda convinient place and situation for burial of someone that strong as DP.

  29. The Komičar

    The Komičar16 ngày trước

    5:32 I think Stryker knew Mystique took the body of Senator Kelly and that’s why he said that line. Because he is technically speaking 26 years older than her!

  30. JMJ021

    JMJ02116 ngày trước

    Wolverine is the Batman of Marvel. Spider-Man is the Superman of Marvel.

  31. Jetgar Ace

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  32. James VanZanten

    James VanZanten17 ngày trước

    This is a great movie, but too many fans talk like its the "Empire Strikes Back" of Xmen trilogy (hope I'm not strawmanning too much, that is my perception though). I like all of the first five xmen movied about equally with a slight preference for X1. One advantage of X2 is that most characters and relationships have already been established. X2 gets to explore and expand these arcs and conflicts, as well a start a few new ones. Great action sequences too. In no particular order: Nightcrawler vs WH security, Wolverine vs the the invasion team, Magneto breezing out of prison the instant he is in range a few ounces of metal, Pyro finally rejects school and discipline(he's clearly fed up with holding back at the start of the movie) so unleashes his flame power at the police after they shoot Wolverine in the face, and Wolverine vs Deathstrike.

  33. James VanZanten

    James VanZanten17 ngày trước

    What I think this movie's big weakness is that villain's plan is too convoluted This is something X3 did much better. What is happening at the end of X3: The humans are making a cure for the mutant super powers from the biology of a young mutant boy. Many mutants regard this as certain genocide. The evil mutants are going stop this by killing the young mutant and everyone protecting him. The xmen have to stand against them. The evil mutants have also brought the most powerful and unstable mutant alive to the battle. Now imagine trying to explain the plot and stakes of X2's climax to someone who just came into the room. Here we go: A military scientist wants exterminate the race of super powered mutants. It just so happens that the leader of the xmen could (but wouldn't of his own free wiil) kill every mutant at once with his telepathic ability, if his power is augmented by his custom built telepathy amplifying machine. So the scientist captures Professor X and builds a copy of the telepathy amplifier. The scientist can control almost any mutant with a compound extracted from the nervous system of his own mutant son, whom he has lobotomized and who has a different kind of telepathic power. The compound won't work on professor X because his mind is too powerful, but the scientist's son can overpower him directly by proximity. So the scientist is going to put professor X and his son in the telepathy amplifier and use the mind control compound on his son to force him to force professor X to locate and kill every mutant in the world through the telepathy amplifier. The peaceful and evil mutants have to team up against the military laboratory to stop it. Then while the good mutants are distracted in battle, the evil mutants get to the telepathy amplifier alone. Instead of disarming the whole situation, the evil mutants use the shape shifter on their team to pretend to be the scientist to trick his son into forcing professor X to locate and destroy all of the humans instead. To me, this amount of complexity is harmful to a story. It may be valid to say that having to pay attention to the movie isn't really a flaw. On the other hand, Its my opinion that suspension of disbelief and immersion hold better when the plot doesn't depend too much on knowing the fictional rules of a story. Examples of Scifi that does this well include Batman 1989: The Joker is planning to attack the city with weaponized chemical gas Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1989: The Shredder is recruiting and exploiting already troubled teens to build a personal army of violent robbers and using them against the citizens of New York. Star Wars 1977: The galactic empire is chasing some rebels who have the schematics to their planet destroying space station, while also trying to find and destroy the last rebel stronghold. Again its an opinion, but I think many would agree keeping track of fewer details makes a smoother story.

  34. Gabe the Dead Fish

    Gabe the Dead Fish17 ngày trước

    X2: X-Men United must’ve been named by the same people who named Zenon: Z3.

  35. Angelarius

    Angelarius18 ngày trước

    10:45 Probably a little late to the party but... Yeah iron in the blood actually does pretty much work like this, you can manipulate the iron in your body with a magnet. The bullshit part is that the metal detector didn't pick it up... and the fact that no matter the stage of illness he would be VERY sick (like vomiting blood and liver failure) if not dead.

  36. рмрмр

    рмрмр18 ngày trước

    Mistique of X1-2 is the best Mistique ever. I'd rewatch the X2 again just to focus on her

  37. MikeDrop

    MikeDrop18 ngày trước


  38. рмрмр

    рмрмр18 ngày trước

    I'm russian so not sure, but X2 is the best of the series ever for me.

  39. JMJ021

    JMJ02118 ngày trước

    I fetishize blue myself as you can tell. Also, you can tell Bryan Singer is bisexual because of his closeups.

  40. Nerd Girl

    Nerd Girl18 ngày trước

    Dear Nostalgic Critic! Please give permission to translate your videos to JoShizo! We love your videos very much, but they all speak English at a sufficient level that you understand your jokes and wonderful critical judgments. With love, your fans from Russia

  41. mrfooxgame

    mrfooxgame18 ngày trước

    That scene with ice mans family, and his mom basically saying 'have you tried not being a mutant' is probably supposed to be a metaphor for homosexuality. Since one of the main 'theories' of mutants is that they are supposed to reflect how gay people are treated. Their feeling of being different and being treated different and often badly etc. If you keep that in mind that scene makes... Some more sense

  42. Sam Evans

    Sam Evans18 ngày trước

    Fact: in the uk it’s pronounced as just xmen 2 Yh not even x2 or xmen united

  43. mason man production coffey 2222

    mason man production coffey 222218 ngày trước

    this scene kicks ass won’t be surprassed it’s surprisingly damn good art

  44. Karstens Creations

    Karstens Creations19 ngày trước

    "Would you call it, 'T2?' They did. They actually did, if you recall...for the 'ultimate DVD' release...

  45. geoffrey herrick

    geoffrey herrick19 ngày trước

    I love that Airplane! callback.

  46. It’s Metroid man

    It’s Metroid man19 ngày trước

    Xmen apocalypse is a cool ass film

  47. Ryan Stewart

    Ryan Stewart20 ngày trước

    Storm being awful in all of these movies, should be DIRECTLY BLAMED ON THE DIRECTORS AND WRITERS. They went on record, saying "we never really got her appeal."

  48. Neo-Xgray87

    Neo-Xgray8720 ngày trước

    Well, let's just prey and hope that Marvel Studios will do better once the reintroduce the X-Men characters into the MCU after Avengers: Endgame.

  49. The Byron show 2.0

    The Byron show 2.020 ngày trước

    I think that animal farm might be one of Doug's favorite books just a thought though

  50. KaelHyun2

    KaelHyun220 ngày trước

    Actually, Mystique and Wolverine have had a history of flirtation that goes back to the old west in 616 canon

  51. WasabiSniffer

    WasabiSniffer21 ngày trước

    Funsies. I enjoyed it in spite of its flaws. Also I feel a missed opportunity with magneto and a flying joke, fly you fools.

  52. TrainerRED Charizard

    TrainerRED Charizard21 ngày trước

    This Month is awesome..would be fun if you Could Watch the Harry Potter Movies Doug..Tho that is a lot to do.

  53. Arsenik17

    Arsenik1721 ngày trước

    This movie is my favorite only because of Nightcrawler.

  54. soggy rocks

    soggy rocks21 ngày trước

    Will y’all ever go to L.A. Comic Con in October?

  55. Seth Klatt

    Seth Klatt21 ngày trước

    That’s the critic’s problem. He doesn’t know when a joke isn’t funny anymore. He needs to learn not to beat a dead horse.

  56. Dylan Ogg

    Dylan Ogg21 ngày trước

    I think Leonardo and Fred are just fine.

  57. Dylan Ogg

    Dylan Ogg21 ngày trước

    Brian Cox is Scottish? Cool.

  58. Andrew Cuthbertson

    Andrew Cuthbertson22 ngày trước

    Mystique revolutionized PG13 nudity.

  59. Andrew Cuthbertson

    Andrew Cuthbertson22 ngày trước

    Iron in the blood cells does kinda work like that tho. They’re just atoms. I was able to separate and measure the amount of iron in breakfast cereal for a chemistry experiment. No fancy acids or distillation or whatnot. Basically just a food processor, some water and some magnets.

  60. loner1878

    loner187822 ngày trước

    X men United is still the best X men film ever done.

  61. Diurno MX

    Diurno MX22 ngày trước


  62. loner1878

    loner187822 ngày trước

    Uh, no.

  63. Diurno MX

    Diurno MX22 ngày trước

    Worst Xmen movie

  64. Sassy Unicorn

    Sassy Unicorn22 ngày trước

    Why did you turn corporate? :(

  65. MichaelLeroi

    MichaelLeroi22 ngày trước

    Has he finally done it? Has he finally made a review worst than the Event Horizon one? History has been made

  66. Taylor Hensel

    Taylor Hensel22 ngày trước

    “Now it’s a Singer film.” Bruhhhhh.....😂

  67. Ciara Ross

    Ciara Ross23 ngày trước

    OMG these movies are ass 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  68. englanddg

    englanddg23 ngày trước

    I'm so glad you mentioned the heavy drops about Dark Pheonix. Oh man, did the next movie disappoint. I walked out actively upset. The next time I was this upset was when the Spiderman films tried to do....Venom.

  69. Star Wolf64

    Star Wolf6423 ngày trước

    7:45 When it's a code red but the teacher doesn't lock the doors or even bother turning off the lights

  70. Dai

    Dai23 ngày trước

    "I know X-Men fans hate Cyclops" Wait what???

  71. loner1878

    loner187822 ngày trước

    Its true. They pretty much made him into a dick in the comics.

  72. Fadzai Simango

    Fadzai Simango23 ngày trước

    Once again, we must remind non-X-men fans that Professor X is not a telekinetic (the Ultimate universe notwithstanding) and even in the films is never depicted as such.

  73. Nickolas Castaneda

    Nickolas Castaneda23 ngày trước

    nice review in 60fps

  74. Jed Olson

    Jed Olson24 ngày trước

    I'm liking this series on the X-Men.

  75. DrFlexenstein

    DrFlexenstein24 ngày trước

    X-Men fans hate Cyclops? You mean people who only watched the movies?

  76. loner1878

    loner187822 ngày trước

    They pretty much made him into a dick in the comics.

  77. klimmr3021

    klimmr302125 ngày trước

    10:03 Why does the inside of the dam look like the inside of the Matrix?

  78. klimmr3021

    klimmr302125 ngày trước

    0:37 His name is Dewey Duck and he stole my pirate crew....wait, wrong Don Karnage.

  79. Jack_ Daniels

    Jack_ Daniels25 ngày trước

    Critic , save djoshiizo Chanel !

  80. Ant Jones

    Ant Jones26 ngày trước

    I would actually like a Top 11 of worst educational establishments in TV and film. Sunnydale High? Xaviers school for the gifted? Yeh, I'm a party animal.

  81. Bulwark Tom

    Bulwark Tom26 ngày trước

    This review is a little nit-picky

  82. andrew sanders

    andrew sanders26 ngày trước

    I loved this film,watching it 5x at the cinema! Famke J was superb & i cried when she sacrificed herself,...& then jumped outta my seat with excitement with the glimpse of the Phoenix at the end,& promising so much for the next film. We all know how that turned out eh! 😞😕

  83. Haunted Knight

    Haunted Knight27 ngày trước

    That mansion attack though... *"If you wanna shoot me, SHOOT ME!"*

  84. Barry Madden

    Barry Madden27 ngày trước

    Ok, Animal farm isn't a book, it's an allegorical novella about Stalinism, and spoiler alert, it sucks.

  85. loner1878

    loner187822 ngày trước

    You're dumb.

  86. Draggo 2012

    Draggo 201227 ngày trước

    I love these X-Men movies.

  87. lcodfan

    lcodfan27 ngày trước

    Leonardo was my favorite ninja turtle

  88. Stanger_in_the_Alps

    Stanger_in_the_Alps27 ngày trước

    Nightcrawler was able to save Rogue because she was free falling through the AIR. He is scared about teleporting into an object... since he has no idea what the room looks like inside, it's always possible he'll teleport into a control console, or a filing cabinet.

  89. M Balazs

    M Balazs27 ngày trước

    Are you off on your anti depression pills or it it that time of the month? or is it both? :D This film is awesome, you just forcefully nit pick and twist things.

  90. GrassValleyGreg

    GrassValleyGreg27 ngày trước

    I'm willing to give the X-Men the 007 pass- it doesn't necessarily HAVE to make sense. But the original X-Men TAS WAS better than ANY of the movies.

  91. Nova JT

    Nova JT28 ngày trước

    For all the ones who say that Xavier doesn’t have telekinesis didnt xavier tell logan that jean had the same powers has him? I know he meant the mind reading thing but couldnt he just have been confused and taught that in this universe that they made it so that he had it

  92. Michelle Tackett

    Michelle Tackett28 ngày trước

    You swung and missed on this one. X2 has been one of the best games of all time and it still holds up.

  93. Coco Lime

    Coco Lime27 ngày trước

    ... you mean films?

  94. Gilligan Lewis

    Gilligan Lewis28 ngày trước

    Why not just manipulate the electrons in every atom if magneto controls magnetism his abilities therefor control or at the very least be able to manipulate electricity. Scarlet Witch, reality wrapping.... well if they every dueled just disable her atoms bit by bit! I wish they could implement real science 101 into this. Science is OP as....

  95. mattwho81

    mattwho8128 ngày trước

    Superhero movies have come a long way but at this point this movie had the edge on character development and story arcs. Compare to others of the time and it has so much more heart.

  96. James Boyd

    James Boyd28 ngày trước

    it's got tons and tons of hits, cuz the guide dog teacher is super thick

  97. AlexVonWolfstein

    AlexVonWolfstein28 ngày trước

    What's the guitar riff near the end from?

  98. Паисий Пчельник

    Паисий Пчельник28 ngày trước


  99. Gavin Gwinn

    Gavin Gwinn28 ngày trước

    10:22 my favorite part so far

  100. Den Gmirin

    Den Gmirin28 ngày trước


  101. Will B

    Will B28 ngày trước

    "He could have picked up the plane from inside" Since when is Xavier telekinetic? I thought he could mess with people's heads, never throw things with his mind.

  102. lightkingz

    lightkingz28 ngày trước

    Are we counting Deadpool as X-men

  103. lightkingz

    lightkingz28 ngày trước

    Please add in the shows

  104. BroTheDude

    BroTheDude28 ngày trước

    This guy does such a good job at making entertaining and actually thoughtful reviews of old movies. I appreciate your work very much friend.

  105. rash b

    rash b29 ngày trước

    "Now it's a Singer film." Well played!

  106. 42nd Blaze

    42nd Blaze29 ngày trước

    Literally every problem Doug has with this movie is solved by scenes he doesn’t take into consideration or just by logical deduction. There’s a lot of wrong in this movie however Doug mentions absolutely none of them

  107. QueenCheetah

    QueenCheetah29 ngày trước

    X2 is definitely my favorite X-men movie; in part because it confirms what 'Evolution' taught us: that Nightcrawler is the sexiest mutant of all time.

  108. Peter Parker

    Peter Parker29 ngày trước

    Mutants aren't only blue.

  109. inuome92

    inuome9229 ngày trước

    I actually really like watching your paid promotion commercials. They’re always really funny xD

  110. Miguel de Lima

    Miguel de Lima29 ngày trước

    7:14 "This isn't over, Bears!" in the bottom right XD

  111. DigitalFulcrum

    DigitalFulcrum29 ngày trước

    *sigh* I feel like I'm probably the only Scott "Cyclops" Summers fan out there. He's a very important character to Xmen but I guess no one likes the daddy who has to enforce discipline and rules.

  112. Abel Mantor

    Abel Mantor29 ngày trước

    "This is the only way ." Lol.

  113. fan films

    fan films29 ngày trước

    Or nightcrawler could of morphed out of the plane and grab jean