YouTube Removed One of My Videos... Viva Frei Vlawg


  1. Muffin Man

    Muffin Man2 giờ trước is this the Alex Jones vid? If so, I searched and found it in Australia.

  2. Viva Frei

    Viva Frei2 giờ trước

    That’s the video. VIreporter reinstated the video. Remonetized the video. I take all of that as an admission of wrongdoing. Nothing in that video justified demonetization, removal from the platform…

  3. Alex McMeeken

    Alex McMeeken8 ngày trước

    Your sandman video got demonetized?!?! I thought that was very objective. This speaks more to the platforms and their bias than it does your content.

  4. Sergei Bash

    Sergei Bash9 ngày trước

    1:59 Its ironic that Viva constantly uses "unless you've been living under the rock" and then goes on about "i have done nothing to break the rules!" and "The more vaggue the rules the better".

  5. Kyle Farrell

    Kyle Farrell14 ngày trước

    Vid is back up. Watched basically all your law vids these past two days.

  6. Dal V

    Dal V14 ngày trước

    VIreporter, EBay and Facebook are killing their brand

  7. MyWordsAreTheTruth

    MyWordsAreTheTruth15 ngày trước

    Welcome to communism.

  8. Gary Randalls

    Gary Randalls15 ngày trước

    So, now that your appeal was rejected and your non-controversial video was removed, what other platforms do you post on, so that we can flee VIreporter custody?

  9. Gary Randalls

    Gary Randalls15 ngày trước

    That's because VIreporter has peer reviewers operated by immature, inexperienced children! It's the Salem witch hunts all over again!!!

  10. fillinman1

    fillinman1Tháng trước

    ASFP below said. you spoke of Alex from a neutral viewpoint. You didn't criticize Alex so you are the enemy. One of his replies said that he saw a channel punished when the host criticized AJ during a live stream. Here is something controversial - the rules Shifft has for his "court" are very similar to those at the Nuremberg trials, just in case you have drunk the special NBerg is holy koolaid. And I understand those laws are still in force to some extent when laws are applied that have derived from those trials. Like anti Hcost denial laws. Now that is a tough row to plant peppers in.

  11. fillinman1

    fillinman1Tháng trước

    Kind of like Stalin's kill orders -

  12. Vince Campolongo

    Vince CampolongoTháng trước

    you are breathing. and for some that is inappropriate. what can you do to that is more affirmative?

  13. russellnc

    russellnc3 tháng trước

    getting a taste of the liberal mind, eh? You need to read Catch 22...


    BTFOOMNY4 tháng trước

    That sounds like libel to me. Anyone in favor of a new platform: ?

  15. First Last

    First Last4 tháng trước

    Pavlov had dogs. VIreporter has creators...

  16. New Leaf

    New Leaf4 tháng trước

    Yeah I haven't seen anyone talking about AJ

  17. Platypus Paws

    Platypus Paws4 tháng trước

    Where can I see the video Google has suppressed? Anyone? The Streisand Effect is a great thing.

  18. Platypus Paws

    Platypus Paws4 tháng trước

    Thanks for this. IMO, Tyranny of Big Tech is one of the biggest issues of our time, like Climate Change. Just like Tyranny of Govt or Corporations were in the past. And Google's internal culture has shown that they have the traits of arrogance, superiority & entitlement to do that.

  19. Chuck Rannacher

    Chuck Rannacher4 tháng trước

    ...I anticipate that it will get worse as we approach the 2020 election -

  20. Jolan XBL

    Jolan XBL4 tháng trước

    You should take Google to court for defamation of character & misrepresentation :D

  21. Joe Mills

    Joe Mills4 tháng trước

    It's time to take the "you" out of VIreporter. It's no longer about people, hasn't been for years. When something like BitChute takes off properly and makes sites like MSMTube irrelevant I wonder if they'll regret the last few years. They have a real cash cow here but they've chosen censorship and favouritism to major corporations over their own customers. The future is in open source, not this centralised, big corporation friendly model.

  22. anus finger

    anus finger4 tháng trước

    anyone have the url for the vid?

  23. IBEW70

    IBEW704 tháng trước

    Reality is a new crime, Part and parcel of the dumbing down of society

  24. Ian Irwin

    Ian Irwin5 tháng trước

    What you did wrong was talk about things VIreporter don't want people talking about.

  25. Tim M. Bradley

    Tim M. Bradley5 tháng trước

    I doubted you just because you're a lawyer not because the video was removed for content violations. 🧐🧐🧐🧐 Just kidding, VIreporter is an authoritarian kid making up the rules as it goes to coincide with its political motivations. Keep up entertaining vids. I'll try to hit them before they get demonetized and removed. 😜😜😜😜

  26. Helix Rune

    Helix Rune5 tháng trước

    You don't have to violate the rules to be punished. Take the red pill, man. Take it.

  27. Atila Hunn

    Atila Hunn5 tháng trước

    Immunity for you tube needs to be lifted and they need to be broken up. They have too much power and the vertas video shows their arrogance.

  28. rm1 rm1

    rm1 rm15 tháng trước

    Liberals are all Nazis... you've been Nazi"ed" by youtube. Be grateful they're not violent YET. The global LEFT have been responsible for a stunning level of violence and destruction! Wake up... this is just a modern day NAZI BOOK BURNING.

  29. geo-george2

    geo-george25 tháng trước

    You can't discuss Sandy Hook on youtube because Sandy Hook was faked. Any discussion of it is taboo. How this lawsuit got off the ground is a mystery to me unless Jones is in on it himself. You can't defame people who are fakers.

  30. sparhopper

    sparhopper5 tháng trước

    Here we go... They've erased your video? Well, they're *a Private Company **_(right?),_* who don't have to play by the rules (not even of _the Constitution_ in America, because our rights end at the LOGIN screen which is absolutely unbelievable). But, *I'll tell you why...* it's b/c you had *_Alex Jones_* in the title, and they were on a _scorched Earth campaign._ And you weren't even "friendly fire". No, you were censored outright, and they don't have to so they never will explain why.. And it's not that they _should_ explain, it's that to put it in print would give it "standing" (or whatever the legal term is that means "put in stone"... sorry IDK). This way, all you creators just wind up saying the same thing, over and over, without any explanation and nothing forthcoming, ever. *_Atheism Is Unstoppable,_* is a channel you might appreciate for the same reason (and who rarely talks about _atheism_ anymore as that Horse has been trampled into the ground, and who is now more about Censorship than anything). I doubt they *_(VIreporter)_* will ever put _anything_ in print to *Count Dankula, AIU, or you* to use for ammunition against them. They will continue to ride the line you've discussed between Editor & Publisher & Platform etc (I forget the exact phrasing). Well damn, for being this long, and this vague, I've said very little. So Good day, and good luck! But,, it'll never change. Everyone who mentions certain topics or People *_without intentionally destroying them_* is censored. Honestly. Links are to show you're not alone: AIU explains what you're saying too (OCT 2018): Atheism is Unstoppable's page terminated (1 year old):

  31. Iosif Dan Eugen Sechelea

    Iosif Dan Eugen Sechelea5 tháng trước

    You should move to lbry or BitChute. I recently discovered this channel and what you do is awesome, and in no way even close to politically incorrect (not that these should be removed). Anyway, VIreporter is dying, lbry and BitChute seem to be the next platforms to go to.

  32. RenaissanceRecorders Water of Life

    RenaissanceRecorders Water of Life5 tháng trước

    They who shall not be named were making millions per month in ad revenue. Google simply wants it all. They want Viva's too; nothing to see here...

  33. Surma Sampo

    Surma Sampo5 tháng trước

    The common excuse from the social media platforms is that if they actually provide detailed and specific rules that bad people will learn how to avoid breaking them. They much prefer to operate a court of opinion hidden behind closed doors. I believe the appropriate term is "Star Chamber".

  34. OldBillOverHill

    OldBillOverHill5 tháng trước

    It's the idiotic think tank at UCB working from the state of mind of "social justice warrior". I like to tell them that regularly in comments. I've termed the influencers as the Neo-elite business people. History is repeating itself in the info age, similar to the way the big oil, telecom, and electric monopolies messed around during the industrial age. Being a child of the 60's and 70's I've lived through the censorship of our music and political opinions by nefarious actors behind the veil. With VIreporterrLaw (another vlawger having already spear head a complaint with the FTC over possible anti-trust behavior as collusion with Patreon over AJ, they must have soiled their britches when you started making noises of litigation. We need to keep the pressure on to force Alphabet to divest VIreporter, Google search, and other companies they have been acquiring, imo.

  35. J. Philip Jimenez

    J. Philip Jimenez5 tháng trước

    The creation of fear and insecurity is the INTENT--ESPECIALLY with respect to content that provides objective analysis, legal or otherwise. Objectivity IS the worst form of "hate speech" in the estimation of those whose agenda MUST circumvent fairness in order to prevail.

  36. Tzs Lung Nip

    Tzs Lung Nip5 tháng trước

    Don't let Theytube stop you. If you're being censored, then you're probably doing something right.

  37. Christina Sellers

    Christina Sellers5 tháng trước

    @Viva Frei You shouldn’t be upset. Law #5 of the “48 Laws of Power” (Robert Greene) is to “So much depends on reputation, guard it with your life.” In the US, the Gibson v Oberlin College settlement shows just how valuable reputation is, regardless of anyone’s opinion on the matter. You don’t have to be conspiratorially-minded to believe Conservative creators are being censored when @Project Veritas is publishing clear evidence to prove what Conservative creators have been complaining about. You ARE very fair and try to be non-biased on your channel. But because you don’t openly state that the “approved way of thinking,” as stated by Google, you must be silenced. There is a faction that appears to be made up of tech and press that has apparently realized their power, and have veered so far left that your attempts to be fair and non-biased are lost upon them, and you have received (or are well on your way to receiving) the label of “far right.” Whether or not you agree with Jordan Peterson or Ben Shapiro, you are now lumped in their camp (and even if you don’t agree with them and are a left leaning individual, don’t be afraid, they aren’t bad people. You don’t have to agree with a person for them to be “good”). The problem is that “the game” isn’t intended to be “fair,” as you & I understand that word to mean. It is “fair” in a way that favors one particular way of thought. The rules are intentionally vague for a reason; so they can be interpreted to mean whatever the “publisher” (platform) wants them to be. I don’t believe the playing field was EVER intended to be level. My personal wish for you is that you don’t act or feel like you are hurt by this. I would love to see you “damn the torpedos” so to speak, and realize that while you might be a victim, you don’t have to behave as one. “The 48 Laws of Power” is not a handbook by which anyone with any sort of moral compass should behave, but it seems to be the set of rules by which we now must play by, and I suggest that you at least review them, so you know what you are up against. You are a casualty of a war of thought that is currently being waged, and I sincerely hope that you continue along this path and make content fearlessly and don’t allow yourself to be silenced. My best wishes, sir, and good luck.



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