Zoë Kravitz Gets Trippy While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones


  1. First We Feast

    First We Feast6 ngày trước

    Who is the most chill Hot Ones guest of all time?

  2. Jay L.BETTER

    Jay L.BETTER2 ngày trước

    Shia , zoe. Then everyone else

  3. Tyler Young

    Tyler Young2 ngày trước

    Rob Dyrdek

  4. Alexandra Sazonova

    Alexandra Sazonova3 ngày trước


  5. globalgourmand

    globalgourmand3 ngày trước

    @Chris Larson Did you not watch the Henry Rollins ep?

  6. Connor Hanlon

    Connor Hanlon3 ngày trước

    Zoe was right up there, but gotta be Halle Berry

  7. Michael in Awe

    Michael in AweNgày trước

    Sean "The Hot-Sauce Shaman" Evans

  8. Gary Mogollon

    Gary MogollonNgày trước

    make a video with jhon cena

  9. Anthony Gutierrez

    Anthony GutierrezNgày trước

    Zoe Kravitz is the friend we all need.

  10. Aaron Vela

    Aaron VelaNgày trước

    Wow all can say is she was a boss. I don't even know her but what I will say is this. Lenny & mom's you guy's did a great job.

  11. Lee McElhatten

    Lee McElhattenNgày trước

    Sean the Spicy Shaman.

  12. Sam Dilworth

    Sam DilworthNgày trước

    I went Highschool with Zoe Kravitz, Haha we were in all the same classes. Im glad to see how successful she has become. Catwoman soon.

  13. Ham4Every1

    Ham4Every1Ngày trước

    Having Skye on the show too is why you all are the greatest

  14. Ame Lezama

    Ame LezamaNgày trước

    I would love to see Miranda Hart on your show, she is one of a kind :D

  15. skullcrshr26 26

    skullcrshr26 26Ngày trước

    They should bring Adam Sandler on the show.

  16. wahab m

    wahab mNgày trước


  17. Celeste Adams

    Celeste AdamsNgày trước

    If you can do Ryan Reynolds, Vince Vaughan and Will Ferrell I will die a happy woman!

  18. R Shaw

    R ShawNgày trước

    This was a safe and sane episode! They didn't really bring the heat.

  19. arognt87

    arognt87Ngày trước

    Get the "worth it" guys in adam and steve. That be awesome.

  20. Pauline Busch

    Pauline BuschNgày trước

    She is the best! Love this episode.

  21. Chris Hegley

    Chris HegleyNgày trước

    I love the Donna Summers "The last dab... The last dab..."

  22. luqz0r

    luqz0rNgày trước

    Who was the very first celebrity that was on the show?

  23. chico221179

    chico221179Ngày trước

    DJ Khaled thinks ketchup is spicy

  24. Lauren Cahill

    Lauren CahillNgày trước

    Ok Jason Mamoa has to come on now that his stepdaughter has done it lol🤣 Also would die if Meryl Streep came on this show🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  25. Alejandro Davalos

    Alejandro DavalosNgày trước

    Get Henry Cavil on here pór favor

  26. L S

    L SNgày trước

    Am I the only one that's frustrated they don't finish the wings?

  27. deistmutt

    deistmuttNgày trước

    that Sky look was priceless

  28. Gabriel villafan

    Gabriel villafanNgày trước

    Cant wait for batman

  29. Maria H

    Maria HNgày trước

    I also have a life long friend. I'm a week older than her. Almost 34 years of friendship. ❤

  30. Jeremy Cole

    Jeremy ColeNgày trước

    I think he low key has a crush

  31. Desinteressiert !

    Desinteressiert !Ngày trước

    Get david dobrik here! he needs to be interviewed the right way :D

  32. Life Support

    Life SupportNgày trước

    When are we going to see David Goggins on this show ?

  33. Kaden Lai

    Kaden LaiNgày trước

    Try getting Todd gurley to your show

  34. tannor schaefers

    tannor schaefersNgày trước

    I feel like she is hitting on Shaun and then get mad at him for saying friend at the end of the video

  35. Reyna Anthnez

    Reyna AnthnezNgày trước

    Congratulations on your hot ones game show im glad to see you've made it this far🔥💯 hope u can fallow me on ig edu4rdo_broski

  36. Luke Huelsman

    Luke HuelsmanNgày trước

    She might of handled the wings better than anyone other than Chili Klaus. So here's an idea: roundtable with Chili Klaus, Zoe and Shia.... That would be a good one.

  37. Patrick Williamson

    Patrick WilliamsonNgày trước

    How do you know someone is a vegan? They tell you, again, again, again and again ...and again

  38. sgazzz

    sgazzzNgày trước

    Another great episode! Confirmation of the Prince pancake serving story and another person gets through the whole challenge with no water or milk!!

  39. Mayumi RageQuits

    Mayumi RageQuitsNgày trước

    aww so cute you guys let her bff try the wing! you guys are super cool!

  40. Standalone22x

    Standalone22xNgày trước

    I wanna see BC from the "Deuce and guns" youtube channel

  41. LowQualityMaggot

    LowQualityMaggotNgày trước

    Please get playboi carti on this show

  42. The Main Source Report

    The Main Source ReportNgày trước

    shes very androgynous . very sweet and cool .. good job ,,

  43. danielrc14

    danielrc14Ngày trước

    Why is she so cool though

  44. tk

    tkNgày trước

    Do competitive eater Leah Shutkever! She’s killing it these days.

  45. Sam M

    Sam MNgày trước

    She is a damn hot wing beast! Well done Zoë Kravitz!

  46. Christina Woog

    Christina WoogNgày trước

    It's really not fair to be that cool AND be good at spicy wings

  47. Biz

    BizNgày trước

    Damn Zoe soooooooooo bad!!! 😍😍

  48. ballsoutballistic

    ballsoutballisticNgày trước

    She’s not a loser for photoshopping herself into the bowling pic...they’re losers for taking it without her.

  49. moonlily1

    moonlily1Ngày trước

    I might be wrong because I haven't consciously been taking stock, but I feel like women mostly do a little better than men on this show. But definitely the most confident people are the ones who crash and burn, and the ones who go in humble actually make out like a champ.

  50. Miles Swint

    Miles SwintNgày trước

    PLEASE get Impractical Jokers on here!! I’d pay money to see them on an episode of Hot Ones! 😂


    GOLMII ARTSNgày trước

    So you mean to tell me every person has come up and threw here and some even had to do a lap around the table... this beautiful one comes in and eat this shit like a bag of chips!?!? Listen I want what she is having! Please and thank you

  52. curtsher11

    curtsher11Ngày trước

    We need... The Rock Keanu Reeves Will Ferrell Dave Chappelle Adam Sandler Craig Ferguson Who else?

  53. ZøSø

    ZøSøNgày trước

    She gone kill it as Catwoman 💪

  54. Black Unicorn

    Black UnicornNgày trước

    She is gorg

  55. naxo fruta

    naxo frutaNgày trước

    Get Kevin Parker on the show!

  56. ewartlambert

    ewartlambertNgày trước

    Wow she is stunning, and surprisingly grounded for someone of her caliber. Nice 😎

  57. Poop Trashbucket

    Poop TrashbucketNgày trước

    Man, Zoe and her mom have amazing genes yo

  58. Alex

    AlexNgày trước

    Have any previous guests flown through the sauces this easy?!? damn!

  59. Sebastian Eickhoff

    Sebastian EickhoffNgày trước

    Please : Elon Musk

  60. lucky ME

    lucky MENgày trước

    I bet is undoubtedly impossible to get Joaquin Phoenix

  61. Meatrose

    MeatroseNgày trước

    Could someone just let me know how virtually every single guest is more or less wrecked by 135K Da Bomb while not batting an eye (in comparison) to sauces that are supposed to be 5 to 20 times hotter? I know that Da Bomb includes extract, unlike a fully natural (and much better-tasting) sauce like The Last Dab, but shouldn't that affect the final tally of the SCU count for each sauce? I mean, what are the rules for the ranking of hot sauces? Could I make a regular bell pepper sauce (still a capsicum annuum like the majority of chili peppers) and market it as a "0 SCU sauce" and then add so much extract that it makes Da Bomb punch like a wet noodle in comparison?

  62. Ryan Ilagan

    Ryan IlaganNgày trước

    PASCAL SIAKAM aka SPICY P 🌶️ as a guest

  63. Cywlexeem Tacac

    Cywlexeem TacacNgày trước

    She is hot like hell

  64. Oli Tarrant

    Oli TarrantNgày trước

    Skye for president

  65. the witchfinder general

    the witchfinder generalNgày trước