Zombie At School! / 12 DIY Zombie School Supplies


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    iamblessed7 giờ trước

    How zombies are not dieing in sunshine. Like what?

  3. Abhy Alvarez

    Abhy Alvarez8 giờ trước

    I notice that the zombies can eat bones too,,, I know zombies eat brains

  4. Fluffy :3

    Fluffy :38 giờ trước

    1:09 gurl, you use the top part , not the wooden part. smh. not wondering why troom troom gets do much hate...


    KIM TAEHYUNG9 giờ trước

    The definition of *B R U H*

  6. Mai Ngọc

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    Why is the voiceover girl yelling through my earbuds

  9. ItsPandashow

    ItsPandashow10 giờ trước

    Yeah, lets SAND DOWN chalk so we can mess it up.

  10. Ria Cirineo

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  15. Susan Chin

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    The cookies look like dog bones🐶🐕.Lol🦄!

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    what the fu-

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  26. DIY Juniors

    DIY Juniors21 giờ trước

    Paper Pikachu Pokemon | Easy Origami vireporter.net/v/video-1N6lklJz6w4.html

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    I'm handsome boy from South Korea and now 179.1k likes I wear that zombie makeup with piercings and tattoos this is so nice you guys both are nice

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    Who does these or even asks for them

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    It is not that much good

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    Who see's this all then hit the like 5 minute craft then comment Troom troom India then like 😎😎

  38. 5 in one

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    It's nice

  39. Mel Libed

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    To be honest,I ship zombie girl and that boy

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    Mel Libed same 😂😏

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    Please sounds like hind 😭

  44. Munaf Shaikh

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    in my school zombie will come so, i will be very happy because then we have to leave the school.

  45. Guadalupe Valdez Gonzalez

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    Krystal usual racialism

  46. Kylah Wright124

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    It’s not a flask it’s a Beaker. Omg get your school supplies right

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    Bens face at 7:08

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    It's weird how i shipi the zombie and the human XD

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    I like it very much

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    7:07 Mini sized red hed zombie

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    No teddy bears were hurt during the making of this video!

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    Beauty but stupid friend

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    I need to get this out there. I SHIP BEN AND ZOMBIE GIRL. Okay I think I'm good